My Favorite Christmas Gift

I received my favorite gift of all time many many MANY years ago.  I can’t remember if she was under the tree or out in the drive.  She didn’t have gold rims, but she was green, a glorious, spring-fresh green, and she had the little ribbon-thingies that hung from the handlebars.  I named her Elizabeth, and I rode that trike all over the dirt drive.  She was a horse, she was a wagon in a wagon train, and she was a car.  To this day, when someone asks what my favorite Christmas gift was, I think of Elizabeth.  What was yours?


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Gift

  1. Years ago I wanted a Ballerina doll. Don’t know if anyone remembers it she had brown hair and pink and white tutu and a crown on her head you could push and her legs moved. i wanted her so bad and this christmas all presents had been open and I tried to smile, but I didn’t have that doll. Then dad told be to go go open wall unit with christmas music and there she was. I still have that doll.

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