While I’m Away…

I am leaving this morning for Jacksonville, FL to participate in the 26.2 with Donna (half) marathon.  100% of proceeds go to fight breast cancer!  While I am away, you can get ready for the publication of The Revenge of Lord Eberlin on 2/21.  I will be hitting you over the head with it when I get back, because that’s what advertisers say I must do:  Keep reminding you!  You can start here with the first book,  Year of Living Scandalously, which is on sale until the 20th for 5.99 in print, 3.99 in ebook.  You can hang out at my swanky new Hadley Green page.  And you can read an excerpt for all the books on their respective pages, including the March book, The Seduction of Lady X.  You can pre-order the paper or digital versions of these books right now, right here, at my website!  Just choose your button of commerce when you click the links in this post.   If I could dispense diet Coke and coffee too you, I would!  I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “While I’m Away…

  1. Good luck on “The Donna” Gonna be a weird weekend here in Jax weatherwise. Hope you packed something warm to run in! Today will be the warmest day of the weekend, by Sunday, highs are only in the 50s!

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