Designing Women

Remember that show?  I wish I had some designing women right now.  I have knocked the wall down, and…ahem…I’ve ordered some new living room chairs and an ottoman, and now I am thinking the whole room needs a new look.  Fresh paint, a new rug, maybe some new art.  But I am not very good at that sort of thing.  I have to get a bunch of magazines and start studying them.  I have wanted to write about an interior designer, but I fear she would come off as clueless as me.  What about you, are you a good interior designer?

7 thoughts on “Designing Women

  1. Have you been cutting out photos of what styles you like? Grey is very popular right now… head out to HGTV and check out some of the design sites!

  2. One of the shows I love on HGTV id High/Low and she designs the room with very expensive things and then takes a picture of it and replaces everything with way less expensive things. You could find a picture of a room you love and then make it over in your room with less expensive things, so it’s kind of like you have the designer from the magazine. You just find things that look like the ones in the picture( it doesn’t have to be the exact thing) and you have designed your room. It sounds easy when I watch it, but I am sure it is not. LOL!

  3. I am a hopeless designer. My husband is the one who does our designer. But in another post I had posted…our design is hunting…in living room he has our deer antlers plus my Mexican long horn hanging on the walls. The rest of the house is pretty much filled with guns and hunting designs. All but for one wall and it is set up with my husband and his dad’s Army medals and their DD214′s…discharge papers.

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