The Pictures Don’t do it Justice, but….

I wanted to wait until the whole re do was finished, but I am still waiting on a little clean-up things, doors to some cabinetry (in another room) and the front door.  And I don’t have my very cool new chairs and ottoman!  But I wanted to show you the wall, and the no wall.  It looks a little different than it looks and feels in person.  The stone is cool, and I had my fireplace redone to match.  It doesn’t look quite as cool here.  But nevertheless, the room is so open!  The lighting is soooo much better! (pendants and new under-cabinet lights, as well as a new chandelier).  Great paint, holes and several years of babies and kids all painted over. Looks so good I think I’ll clean the carpet upstairs and wash the outside windows. Amazing what a little fresh paint will do for the room. But okay, back to the useless half wall. Here we go: Stupid half wall.  No Stupid half wall:

15 thoughts on “The Pictures Don’t do it Justice, but….

  1. Thank you all so much! You know how it is when you embark on something like this – you really don’t know if it will turn out. There is still lots that needs to be finished, but I am so happy that the room has opened up so.

  2. Ok, I’m TOTALLY jealous! I love the stonework, love the open look — what a transformation!

    Kudos for such a modern, classy design and now I’m itching to do some things to my house, too. I think I’ve caught the remodel bug. Thanks! :)

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