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  1. I love your all kind of books julia especially Regent Street’s Rogues and Scandalous series. I’m re-reading that books again and again. and I’m looking forward to reading your new books :)

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  3. I must confess that i am a late bloomer to your books. Your writing absolutely captivated me and i just could not wait to fisnish. I can’t wait to read the rest of your books. Thank you so much for making it such a wonderful adventure escaping the every day life for a little while! You’re great at what you do!! :)

  4. Just finished The Revenge of Lord Eberlin. Absolutely loved it. I haven’t found a book of your’s yet that I could put down. You have to keep on writing!!!

  5. Hi Julia! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your books. Really looking forward to “Homecoming Ranch”! I haven’t read the Lear Sister’s Trilogy, but as I am one of those that likes to feel the book in my hand, I will wait until the reprint! :) Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much Nancy! The books are available in paper right this minute. You can order them directly from any retailer on line.

  6. Hi Julia! I just got thru reading The Last Debutante! It was so good I love anything about Scotland!! This was the first book I have read by you and will continue!! I was wondering though do you plan to write a story about Geordie Campbell??? I would love to know does he get his voice back and fall in love!! That would be a great storyline!!!!

  7. Hi Julia,
    I just finished reading The Last Debutante and really loved it.
    I have a huge fondness for all things Scottish. Thanks so much for writing such entertaining stories, I can’t tell how much I enjoy reading your books. I can’t wait for your next
    book to come out! :D

  8. Hi, Julia Just finished reading The Last Debutante , it’s my new favorite. After I finish reading one of your books, it becomes my new favorite . I so glad that you decided to write a fourth story, because I really enjoyed Daria and Jamie. If only I could met a real Jamie. Oh I would tell my husband but I have found a new love. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me through your books , I have loved them all.


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  10. Loved your scrapbook page for The Seduction of Lady X – very clever and creative.

    Especially love the fan created video trailer and am wondering which movie the images and videos were pulled from?

    Can’t wait to read this story – nothing like forbidden love made to wait!

    Keep up the superb writing!

    A Canadian Fan!

    • Thank you! We will be adding some new images to the scrapbook for The Last Debutante very soon.

      I am not sure what movies those images came from. But wasn’t it fantastic? I loved it so much

  11. Hi Julia,

    I love your Thrillseekers Anonymous series! I am so happy to hear that you will be writing Cooper his own book come 2014. Now if you can just find more characters in that series to write it would be even better. I don’t want it to end :) .

    Thanks so much,

  12. Ms. London,

    I just recently finished reading Snowy Night with a Highlander and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the Lockhart family. I was looking on your site to see if Jack Haines has a story yet. What little of a glimps you gave him left me very intrigued as to who would be lucky enough to tame the rouge he is. I was also curiouis if there was a chance that The Christmas Secret would be released on paperback. I am rather old fashioned when it comes to my reading I simply love to hold and feel the book in my hand as I read. I am in the process of purchasing the remaing books in this series however, I would love to have the entire collection if at all possible. Thank you for taking the time to share you talent and passion for story telling with the rest of us.


    • Thanks, Darcie! I am so glad you liked it. Jack Haines, that irrepressible rake, is the hero of Highland Scandal. If you look under the “book” tab here, you can see the series and who is in what book.

      I doubt the Christmas Secret will ever be in print. Unfortunately, the world is moving in the other direction :-( . But the foreseeable future, my full length books will be in print and as ebooks!

  13. I’d love a book about Stanhope and Harrison (Lord Middleton’s buddies) even if its a short story…I’d love to see them fall in love =)

    • Maybe one of these days, I can squeeze that in, Susan! I will have to go back and familiarize myself with those guys. Stanhope was a rake, and Harrison a great guy is my recollection.

  14. Will you be writing more contemps? I loved A Summer of Two Wishes and A Light at Winter’s End. And One Season of Sunshine.

  15. Julia,
    Do you ever speak at conferences? If so, I’d love to send you an invitation to speak at ours. Could you email me if you’re interested?
    Thank you,
    Pattie Ball

    • You can find them at and They are available only as digital books right now, but next year, you should be able to order the books in paper. Hope that helps!

  16. Julia – My profound apologies for my very first Tweet showing up on your page – I have one follower and picked four people to follow, and somehow my tweet went only to you. My dear friend, Pat Pritchard, w/a Alexis Morgan, gave me the names of some tweeters to follow and I was supposed to follow Laurie London. What can I say, except I am very sorry and know that promoting one’s self on someone else’s page is very poor form.

    Liz Osborne

  17. I love your books. Have you written any book about Arthur Christian Alex’s brother in your book Wicked Angel? Please tell your publisher to use Ms. Rosalyn Landor as your audiobooks performer not Anne Flosnik. It make a big difference. Keep writing great books and stay healthy and happy.

    • Hi Mina. The book Beautiful Stranger is about Arthur Christian’s journey into Scotland. Alex also appears in that series (The Rogues of Regent Street – Dangerous Gentleman, Ruthless Charmer and Beautiful Stranger).

      I am sorry you don’t care for Anne Flosnik. I thought she did a great job. I’ll have to listen to Rosayln Landor.

  18. Dear Author,

    I am an avid reader living in northern Europe. I have a fairly eclectic collection of books but as I live in small apartment I have started to shift from printed books to e-books. I am not sure if you are aware that the availability of e-books is very limited. These same books are able to be purchased by readers in the United States and Canada as well as other regions. This makes me feel like a second class customer. In some cases I have been waiting for several years for the books to be released. I have contacted several publishing companies and have asked that they make moves to release these books in Northern Europe, however they have made no moves in this direction.

    In searching for where to buy these books I have found that the only place I could access these books is from semi-legal sites. There is a fee involved associated with these sites. I have not downloaded from these sites as I do not trust them. I also respect your work too much to deprive you of your rightful income for all of your hardwork.

    I am now contacting you to ask you to put pressure on your publisher to release all your books in all regions.

    Leena Ahvenainen

    • Hi Leena. I appreciate your interest and I am happy you have found my books! It doesn’t work exactly like you think: My US publisher makes my books available to publishers all over the world. Some choose to buy the rights to publish in their countries and some don’t. But my US publisher does not publish in other countries. It’s up to publishers in your country to buy the rights and make them available electronically. I encourage people to buy the books from Amazon in their country if there is no other way to get them. I am sorry that it’s so difficult to get them. I wish there was more we could do.


  20. oh julia – i just started reading your books & am about to finish the highland lockhart family series. omg – i love them. i love the women in the books & the men just sound dreamy (where can i find one?). i have cried at less than a handful of books but when i got to chapter 31 in highland unbound i cried. the love between ellie & liam was amazing and at the end of the chapter when he unbound her hands & removed her blindfold was so endearing to me i just had tears running down my cheek. i have read these in large print which is the format i really prefer because i have cataracts & sometimes blurry vision and i know most of your books are in paperback so i don’t know if i will be able to read a lot more of your books but this series is wonderful. please talk to your publisher about doing more large print books because i do so want to read some of the other series. keep up the great work & thank you!!

    • Debbie I am so happy to hear you are enjoying my books! I think most of them (at least the later ones) are in large print and on audio. But I will keep reminding them to produce in large print :-)

  21. I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your books. Up until a month ago, I hadn’t read any. My daughter suggested you and bought & downloaded about a dozen on my Nook for me. Well, I have read them all and am desperate for more…lol. My favorite series so far were The Rogues of Regent Street. I especially liked Sophie’s book..when Caleb told her to wait for him by the pond at the end..I lost it. Cried like a baby! Keep up the wonderful stories. You have a new devoted fan!

  22. I was enjoying the audio book ,One Season of Sunshine, until the errors started cropping up. I think you said that Port Arthur was near Corpus Christ. Then, Schlitterbahn was located in San Antonio. These were two of the more obvious mistakes. Don’t think I will finish- it is irritating to find such glaring errors.

    • Mistakes happen, Ann. Port Arthur was solely my doing. I don’t know how that escaped me but I meant Port Aransas! Yikes on that mental slip. And yes, I intentionally moved Schlitterbahn 15 minutes down the road to San Antonio. Most readers don’t know where New Braunfels is, and but they do know San Antonio. I didn’t mean to offend any Texans (of which I am one).

  23. Dear Julia:

    I´ve been reading your books since the first one I got in my bag: “The devil´s love”. I think it has one of the best “endings”, I´ve ever read. And trust me, I´m a compulsive reader of romance novels.

    You are just great author, and I really like the characters also the descriptions of the times. It´s like you capture the readers emotions and start shaking them like waves, until the calm comes leaving just a big smile because of a wonderful work.

    I´m from Guayaquil, Ecuador. And I got your books while I was living in Europe. Your books were my best company in my trips and dark days. Thank you for take the challenge to write and publish your books every year.

    With a warm hug,


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  24. May son (Jay) is a plumber working for ABC who serviced your home and he got talking to you and told you that I probably have read some of your books. Well he is right, I have read 18 of of your books. I love the historial romance books. I want to thank you for giving him 4 of your books. I always look forward to your next book. I also look for older books at the half price book stores or go on Amazon .com for your books. Keep up the writing I love your work. Marcia Benjamin

    • Marcia, thank you! What a small world, huh? I will keep up the writing and I was very happy to send books to you through him. Thank you for stopping by!

  25. I just LOVE the way you write, Julia!! I have not come across any other author I love more. No matter what the story line, your heros are soooo romantic and every scene with the heroines are so electrically charged! I’ve been a fan for years and have read all your past works that I am so disappointed there are no more to read other than to wait for new ones to be published.

    • I wish you didn’t have to wait! I am writing as fast as I can.

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I really needed to hear that right now :-) . Sometimes, writing gives me fits (today), and it’s great to hear that sort of feedback. Thank you!

  26. Hi Julia, I’m currently enjoying the Hadley Green series and I’ve read some of the book of scandal series. I’m trying to find descriptions for your other books but cannot locate the book descriptions on your website.

    It would be good if you could add a link to the book list which provides a description of the book. As it is now, I’m using Amazon and Goodreads and it takes quite a while to look through the books as they do not easily sort by series.

    Anyway, I enjoy your books and look forward to reading more.


  27. I finished reading The Revenge of Lord Eberlin and The Seduction of Lady X(yesterday); read both books one after the other. Both books were excellent and well written and I loved both books (though Tobin’s character pulled at my heartstrings the most).

    My favorite minor characters are Lucy and Rue – both of them so adorable.

    If I may, I have a question. Now that we know what happened to the jewels, reading between the lines was Tobin’s father cleared of the crime in the eyes of the law or does that knowledge remain with only Tobin/Lily, Harrison/Olivia and Mr. Fish. I guess for me, I want the world to know that the father was innocent of the crime.

    I’m glad you decided to write another book in the series and that the adventure will be in Scotland, my favorite setting. I’m glad Charity will also be in book and hope she finds happiness with an Highlander.

    I’ve been reading your books since 2003, and I loved each one. My favorite is Wicked Angel.

    Thank you for the postcards you have been sending whenever you have a new release. Really like the last one.

    Looking forward to your next release and wish you all the best.

    • Thank you Polina! There were a couple of loose ends I wanted to clear up in the series, so that’s why the fourth. I really appreciate your long-term loyalty! And I will keep sending postcards as long as I publish books ;-)

  28. Dear Julia,

    I finally finished reading The Revenge of Lord Eberlin and it was excellent!

    Even more interesting and surprising was the use of the name “Mr. Bechtel” for the stable master in the book. While I have no illusions that you took his name to use after we had communicated earlier about another book, please allow an old man the happy thought that perhaps you did. In all my years of reading this genre of books, the name has never been included. Needless to say, if it was by design or by accident, I was very pleased. I no longer need to seek “revenge” on you for the various other plot twists I have enjoyed while reading your books.

    Continued good luck and success.

    Mr. Bechtel, in person

    • Well hello Mr. Bechtel! I didn’t consciously choose your name, but they kind of pop into my head, and usually because I have heard them or read them somewhere. So chances are very good that YOU are the inspiration behind Mr. Bechtel, the stablemaster! Thanks for not being bummed that you didn’t get a greater supporting role, LOL

  29. Julia,
    AS usual I have loved your recent releases.
    I think Declan O’conner with his black hair, green eyes and
    Irish brogue is one of my all time favorite heroes and I love
    Keira too. She is so spunky and prone to trouble. I am also
    in love with Tobin –he is so tortured and needs Lily so badly-
    you can’t help but love him! I have purchased The Seduction
    of Lady X and it is next on my reading list. Keep up the Great
    work. I am also mailing you an SASE for some bookplates if
    you don’t mind ! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to find out
    where the jewels are and what actually happened to them!
    Always a Fan

    • Thanks Traci! I am very happy you like the series. I am writing one more: The Last Debutante, and it’s about a little trip Daria Babcock and Charity Scott take to Scotland.

      I will look for the mail :-)

  30. hi julia,
    i love your book just read one of them and fell in love with it at once “the courtesans scandal” and i would love to read all the scandalous series, i’m writing way back in cameroon i just found this one in a friends library and i love it and was just wondering if your books are available in my country lol

    • Thank you Hermann! I do not think my books are published by a publisher in Cameroon. I think the closest to you might be Johannesburg. Or, you may order from Amazon. I wish they were available there. Thank you so much for writing

  31. Love your contemporary romances, finished the Lear sister trilogy awhile back and am now starting on the Thrillseeker Anonymous books, I fell in love with Eli and Marnie. Saw at the end of that book that you had not written one for Cooper,I am pleading with you to please, please write one for Cooper he was one of my favorite characters in the 1st book.
    High hopes,

    • Hi Sheri! I am going to do a book for Cooper. It will probably be out in 2014. I know that seems a long way away, but I think we are taking early in 2014. And I have some new contemporaries coming. I am so happy you like the books — I have some news about contemporaries coming soon!

  32. Love all your books Julia…….just finished reading The Seduction of Lady X and read the one before that one……I must find all the others……….I laughed my butt of with this one……..

  33. Hi Julia,

    I was wondering if you could help me. I am currently updating all of my eBook files onto my eReader, (I’m over 7500 books so far) and I have recently received some book plates and other stuff from other authors who kindly signed them for me. Do you do anything like this?? I have a number of autographs from different authors and would love to add yours to my collection. I know that due to the fact that I have an eReader instead of a paper book (and I live in the UK) it is hard for me to get a signed copy of your books, but I would appreciate it if you could consider my request.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my email and for hopefully thinking through my request.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    • hi Tracey. Generally, readers will send me a self-addressed and stamped envelope, and then I will send them a collection of what I have. You can send it to Julia London, P.O. Box 228, Georgetown, Texas, 78627

      • Hi Julia,

        I live in the UK, and I have spoken to the Post Office here and they tell me that I cant sent a stamped addressed envelope for anything to anywhere outside of the UK because of the different prices on postage.

        Is there anything that you can do for me?? Its ok if you aren’t able to do.


  34. Julia,
    Let me first start by saying that I have really enjoyed reading your books over the years. I recently picked up a copy of “The Revenge of Lord Eberlin” and was really disappointed when I realized that 30 pages were missing at a “crucial” point in the story. The pages go from #266 to #91-122 and then picks up at #299. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but I thought you would like to know about this.

  35. I don’t “nit-pick” most writers (note: most). I have read some of the previous comments and understand their points of view but I read your genre of books for the enjoyment factor not the absolute spot on historical accuracy part of things. I just really really enjoy the Julia London experience.

    I listen to audiobooks, I use to do it on my computer but when I got my MP3 player it freed me to do other things like gardening and driving and still enjoy the experience. It also allows me to rest my eyes. No one told me getting older (LOL) would be such hard work!!!

  36. Hey Cynthia!
    My name is Lulu White, and I’m a junior in high school at an art boarding school in Napa, California. I am currently doing a research project about the social and cultural status of romance novels. I would love to know your personal thoughts and relations to this subject and how you feel about romance novels being proclaimed as “trashy” or “unnecessary”. Please don’t feel like you have to be super elaborate, I understand you probably have a busy schedule and I don’t mind a brief response. Thanks!!
    Your fan,

  37. Hi Julia, I just had to share some comments with you about your Book I just finished The Seduction of Lady X. This is the very first historical that I have read that I really felt the marriage of this kind of arrangement for the time. I HATED Edward. His insecurities were so dark and ugly that I just wanted to punch him in his throat to keep him from ever speaking again. I went through many emotions while reading this book and a lot of it had to do with us as a gender and how the perception of power can change in a relationship. You did an excellent job of Olivia’s fate of her life and ill advised marriage to this vile man. It comes to light that at the time your so called parents were depending upon the situation of their lives, they essentially PIMPED THEIR CHILDREN to the highest bidder and or so called fine man or his familial connections. Society and even more so Gossip were the true coins of the realm. Nothing more or less than that. Harrison suffered the same cut direct as it were,but his dignity and real love for Olivia always held TRUE. Excellent Read Julia and Much deserved Kudos to you. Later Days. With much Regard and Respect. Monica T.

  38. Hello Julia,
    I have read all your books and i so very much loved them. Please i just finished reading “the revenge of Lord Eberlin” . I was wondering if you could please indulge most of your readers who re in my book club by maybe writting about “CHARITY” (eberlin’s younger sister) and VISCOUNT MEVERICK (The Darrigton). We were hoping a love interest would develope from them maybe meeting at the opera house. we can make up our own imaginations but we love the way you tell it BEST.
    PS: I really am the biggest fan and adore your books

    • Thank you, Chioma! I am really happy your bookclub has enjoyed the book. Charity is definitely going to appear in The Last Debutante. But probably not with Merrick. She and Miss Daria Babcock are going on an adventure.

  39. I read and enjoyed The Year of Living Scandalously but ask that your editor check the horse references. You refer to a gelding as female and a mare as “he”. Not correct.

    • Oh Dianne, I know. That was all me. For some reason that will never be known to even me, I decided to change the horse midstream. I changed the horse, but not the pronouns. Why? Why did I change the horse? Gah.

      Who knows.


    • Gladys, we hold contests all the time.
      sometimes here, sometimes on
      facebook, and sometimes on
      twitter. I have readers in all places and try to accomodate them all. So stay tuned…we will do one here again soon.

  40. Julia–will the Hadley Green series have anymore books after THE SEDUCTION OF LADY X? I have the e-book from this series downloaded on my new Kindle Touch. When THE SEDUCTION OF LADY X is out, then I plan to read the series.


    • Yes, Janet, there will be one more. The Last Debutante will be out next spring. That book is sort of a bridge between Hadley Green and a new series, but features some familiar characters :-)

  41. I absolutely love audio books, they take up the dead air space when you are doing something that you don’t need your mind to think about. It’s amazing how hooked you can get.

  42. I’m for both forms of media. My mind may wander as yours does, but because I have the audiobook, I can listen to it over and over again and really never miss a thing. Audiobooks are a great way to make tedious mindless projects go by quickly. Some audiobooks I’ve listened to 4 times! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enjoy one of your books on audio.

  43. Hi Julia! I just finished THE SEDUCTION OF LADY X (a review copy), my first book of yours, and I loved it so much! It was unique and fresh and so romantic, and I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I’m going to have to go on a backlist glom now. =)

  44. I have a friend that listens to audio books all the time. That way she can multi-task. She is an artist and has commisions to do and shows to prepare for, so it works for her.

    • I have always believed people take in information in different ways. Sounds like your friend can absorb it in every way

  45. I listen to audio books when I’m in the car. I also put them on when I’m doing hisework, it makes the time go faster!

  46. I haven’t tried audiobooks yet because they are usually very expensive, but I would like to try your book to see if I would love it as much as I loved the written ones :) thanks for a chance!

  47. I am almost exclusively listening to audiobooks. It started in my car on my commute of about an hour a day. Radio stations are too annoying. But I enjoy the interpretations by the readers and get more “time” to read that way.

    • Maybe if I drove more. Nah. I tried it walking the dog and I find that my attention gets drawn to other people, new plantings – I miss whole sections.

  48. I like listening to audio books, enjoy a different voice in my head and my imagination goes out of controll…giggling.

  49. I am listening to a audio book on CD in my car, am listening to another one on my MP3 player (while I walk on the treadmill) and reading a book on my Nook ( I check them out from the library) and am also reading a hardcopy book from my favorite author. You would think it would be confusing, but I love having several stories going at the same time.

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    • hi Angela. He had a weak heart that led to a weak immune system. But the fevers were what weakened his heart further.

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    • Thank you so much, Amy! I really appreciate that. Can’t wait to see what you think of The Seduction of Lady X.

  57. Hi Julia,
    I’m writing to invite you to promote The Seduction Of Lady X
    in a guest blog at RomCon.  You would have the option of offering an original blog or a sneak peak of your new release to our avid romance readers.  If you’re interested, please visit our “be a guest blogger” under the blog section of

    CJ Snyder
    Blog Assistant

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    I had the Amazon Kindle PC but something happened with my computer and after downloading about 54 books, THE CHRISTMAS SECRET included, I wasn’t able to access it anymore so Amazon kindly refunded all my money. I’m asking how I might be able to get the e-book at another place. I have an account at and those are downloaded by PDF method, which works great. Is there any chance I might be able to obtain it from there? I would really like to have it to go with the rest of the Hadley Green series. Will THE SEDUCTION OF lADY X be the final book in this series? Any info you can provide me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    • Janet, have you tried They offer it in a variety of formats. I don’t think Smashwords would have it.

      The Seduction of Lady X was going to be the last one, but I have decided to do one more. Miss Daria Babcock is going to get a Scottish adventure :-)

  60. I was reading a Rogues of Regency Street title the other day and would really like to know where the quotes “Know ye the quality of love…” & “And the quality of life…” come from. I searched afew sites, no luck. I write down the interesting things I find, yes, I look up words, too.

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    Romance fiction is something I like to read when I need an escape, but I still like it contemporary and not quite into the ‘bossoms heaving’ stuff!!

    I am hoping to read some of your other books over the next fee weeks, I will be using your website to check out each title.

    By the way, I am from the City of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and a very avid reader, and former bookseller for many years.

    Wishing you all the best, and I will email you again, when I have read more of your books,
    cheers and congratulations,
    Maggie Ewing

    • thank you, Maggie. I am so happy you found them. I wrote three in the Cedar Springs series. The previous six contemporary romances were lighter in tone. I’ve written nine in all.

      Hope you can find them!

  62. Please note change of address:

    Old address 4755 Paseo Manloete, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

    New address 1984 Town and Country Dr, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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    • hi Danielle! We typically do them on my Facebook page. We’ve got one going right now! Click on the little heart with the F on this page to go to my Facebook page.

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    Oreo Cookie Dessert

    1 cup powdered sugar
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    1/2 cup margarine or butter
    2 pkgs. (3 oz.) instant vanilla pudding
    3 cups milk
    1 carton frozen whipped topping
    1 pkg. Oreo cookies

    Bring cream cheese and margarine to room temperature. Cream together sugar, cream cheese and margarine. Beat until light and creamy.

    Meanwhile, mix together pudding and milk. Stir into cream cheese mixture. Fold in whipped topping.

    Crush Oreos (you can break them into quarters with your hands like you’re crushing crackers into soup or put into a plastic zip-lock bag and crush with a rolling pin.) Put half the crush Oreos in the bottom of a 9X13 pan. Spread cream filling on top. Put remaining cookies on top and refrigerate until serving.

    • Wanita, it doesn’t look like it. The full-length novels will all be available in paperback, audio, and digital. But the novella was published only as a digital release. So sorry about that. It’s 80 pages or so long, if that helps you decide about reading it on computer. You can download it as a PDF file from Simon and Schuster.

  67. Julia, I wanted to email you about this in stead of posting it, but couldn’t find any address with which I could do so. I won your May contest and never rec’d anything yet. I know that it is not your fault, but I have to contact you directly about it since I have emailed “Susan at Writerspace” and rec’d no response back. This was the beginning of her original email to me: In a message dated 06/11/2011 2:06:28 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
    Hi LISA,
    Congratulations! You are a winner in the Julia London Writerspace MAY contest!
    It said to wait 6-8 weeks, but then I emailed her again since I didn’t receive anything and got no response at all. I’m wondering if it wasn’t just a hoax. I’m so sorry to post this here, but didn’t know how else to contact you. Again, I know it is not your fault or problem, it is with Writerspace, but I thought I’d just check with you as I was elated to learn I won. I’ve absolutely LOVED all of your books. Thank you, Lisa

  68. Congrats on being named District 5 rep on RWA Board! Continued success in all your endeavors: runnin’, writin’, and governin’. ;-)

    ps. Got a new rescue dog in May–he barks at the cat’s photo and at cement lions flanking a neighbor’s driveway. And he’s afraid of thunder. Can I pick ‘em or what :-)

    • Thanks! I’m not sure if it was the smartest thing I have ever agreed to, but I’ll soon find out :-) .

      Your dog sounds like a winner! I think he’d be great friends with Moose, who is deathly afraid of a blow up turkey on the neighbor’s lawn

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    • Dale, it’s not generally up to me. I did publish my old backlist, but I have no way to make them paper and distribute them again. The new one (The Christmas Secret) is my publisher. That was their decision. I do have pity on the electronically challenged, and fortunately, my full-length novels are always paperbacks as well as digital and audio!

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    • Eve, I think you have me confused with someone. I’ve never had an “ask the author” or “writing tips” on my site. (and I don’t know who AJ is?)

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    • Sure, Sharon. I always put up an excerpt. But timing is kind of key…if it’s up too early, people may read it more than once, and then when the book comes out, they think they have read the book. So I usually wait until a couple of months before hand.

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