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3 thoughts on “How Julia Meets Her Deadlines

  1. Akkurat det samme her.. det er sååå kjedelig med pirkemaling!!Begynner Ã¥ nærme meg ferdig i gangen her, er bare ett strøk pÃ¥ rekkverk pluss noen lister, men fÃ¥r jeg det gjort?? Neida, er i gang med neste prosjekt istede.. 😛 Tror vi er mange som har det sÃ¥nn..Ha en fin (og kanskje pirkefri?) helg 🙂

  2. Heather, I love your Emerson quote, Every artist was first an auaetmr. A friend, who also attended the conference, and I were just talking about that subject. In any creative endeavor, periods of verbal self-flagellation are inevitable. When I was painting, we called it the Uglies. That term still works in my writing. I force myself to work through it. Writing everyday (with occasional exceptions) is a rule. I put pen to paper, or fingertips to keys for at least an hour. That usually turns into two or four. My mantra is Just do it. (By the way, I used that term before Niki!)

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