Beach to Bay Marathon Relay

You are looking at the winners of the Senior Mixed Masters Division of the Beach to Bay marathon last year.  It was a hard-fought race, one that included a baton hand-off miss fire that cost us 12 minutes.  And still…still…we managed to beat the other team in our division by 45 minutes.  HA!  That’s how you win trophies, my friends!  You wait until you are so old that no one else is running in your division!  Unfortunately, this year, the competition has stiffened up.  Literally and figuratively, nyuk nyuk.  There will be 6 teams (including ours, Someday is Now) vying for the coveted Beach to Bay Marathon brick tile trophy.  We’ll be running in Corpus Christi this Saturday, trying to avenge our title.  Wish us luck!

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