The Devil

It looks so innocent, doesn’t it?  This weekend was a horrible weekend for sweets.  I ate my weight in chocolate chip cookies, then joined my mother and sister and niece in an early Mother’s Day brunch at Los Patios in San Antonio.  Los Patios does a buffet-style brunch.  Buffets are the devil in disguise, you know.  Tables and tables laden with food, and there is something about the all-you-can-eat mentality that makes you want to prove just how much you can eat.  So I had a huge lunch and topped it off with this puppy.  Today’s penance:  Four miles.

How was your weekend?

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One thought on “The Devil

  1. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Saturday I met a good friend and attended an awesome, local, annual book sale. Nothing dangerous there, right? Well, after 3 and a half hours of scouring through boxes upon boxes you build up quite a thirst. So 2lbs. of crawfish and 2 hurricanes later, you need to wash it down with a lovely cappuccino. Come home to find old neighbors who moved were in town and a favorite bartender/fire breather was working at the local watering hole, so a few more cocktails, games of pool and local diner visit ended the evening.
    The next day we head to a festival that the news reported was “this weekend”… just to find out it was only on Saturday. Since we were downtown and an Astro’s game was staring in 20 minutes, my husband couldn’t pass up the opportunity. This resulted in stadium nachos, a foot long margarita to be followed by some of his cracker jacks and a coke.
    I did the Monday morning jog/walk of shame but it’ll definitely take a few more of those to repair the damage.

    Jeeze, it looks so much worse in writing. Think I’ll go hit the road one more time tonight.