Wear Blue For the Fallen

Wear Blue for the Fallen was brought to my attention by Facebook friend Kim Myers.  On Memorial Day, the organization is asking all runners to wear blue to remember fallen soldiers.  You can pledge a certain number for miles to run for them, too.  Here is a link to the details.

I am not running in a race, but I pledged to run five miles in blue for fallen soldiers.  If you are a runner, will you join me?

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One thought on “Wear Blue For the Fallen

  1. Hope you you get well soon.I’ve only recently direevoscd the rather excellent Addicted to Race’ web site and have been working my way through the podcasts. As a resident of the UK and someone who has become deeply cynical about the intense desire NOT to address racial issues t over here the work of yourself and your team has been like a breath of fresh air.Thank you so much!