Bring on the awesome!

Summer has certainly made her presence known with a vengeance in some parts of the country, hasn’t she? But even with the heat, we try to persevere and Running for Burgers wants to celebrate that dedication and achievement.

So send in everything you want to brag about this month so we can celebrate you and your accomplishments! One person will be selected as the I Kick Ass! person for June and will receive a lovely little hamburger charm and a signed book!

(comments will be considered for the IKA award through Friday, July 6)

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13 thoughts on “Bring on the awesome!

  1. essalam alykommon fre8re sid ahmed j’ai de9ja lu ce vous avez e9crie allah ma3ak et nous somme les e9lement de aiebienlda derrie8re vous pour toujourston fre8re Samir

  2. I ran in a an 8k race on July 4th, even though I had almost talked myself out of entering. I had a great time, felt great all day, and I’m so glad I did it!

  3. When I got pregnant, I gained 50lbs(!!!). I started consistently working out about 5 months after my first little dude was born with the goal of getting back into fightin’ shape by his first birthday – beat that goal by 3 months! I’m still working out, and with his birthday at the end of the month, I’m actually 3lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight!

  4. I ran a ten mile race on Fathers Day without any of my usual partners in crime. It was not as bad as I thought it would be running alone~surrounded by people!

  5. I was lacking motivation so I started keeping track of my workouts on a big calendar on my fridge. In bright red I mark each days accomplishment..W for walk, B for bike, G for gym. I also talked my trainer into adding an extra 1/2 workout every other week. I am finally finally gettting back in the groove, 8 months after my husband passed away. Your Facebook posts have been a great little boost!

    • That’s fantastic, Colleen. First, I do the same thing – I have a calendar in my kitchen and every day I post what I did in red. You can see from anywhere in the house those days I did NOTHING. ha! Second, kudos to you for getting in to the groove of being kind to yourself after such a loss. My husband didn’t die, but he left, and running and exercise helped save me from deep doldrums. My red is R for Run (with miles), W for walk (with miles) and Y for yoga. I feel extra special when I do two in one day. Usually that means I get a brownie.