IKA – I Kick Ass

One of the goals I have for Running for Burgers is to encourage, and even reward, accomplishments for achieving goals and rising to personal challenges. As part of that, the “I Kick Ass” award is something I came up with to give an extra little “high five” to someone each month who has worked hard, or achieved a milestone or done something that deserves a little extra awesomeness sent their way.

Without further ado, RfB’s first I Kick Ass (IKA) person is Kim Myers! In addition to keeping with her own fitness goal this month, she helped gather more than 14,000 pledge miles to honor the US military on Memorial Day – including five from me!

I have a few goodies I am sending her way, including a little hamburger charm – which will be the official IKA “trophy” and one of my books.

Congratulations to Kim and to everyone else who is putting one foot in front of the other toward their own goals!

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