I Kick Ass – July edition

It’s been hot this month and I have been traveling. And have a slight injury (we’re going with “slight” to be optimistic about its recovery) and I have not had the chance to do all I had wanted to do this month, but I am still going to acknowledge that I have done some great, long runs and am learning more all the time about technique, endurance and nutrition.

But enough about me – this is about YOU! Time to share how you kicked ass in July and we’ll pick out the July IKA (I Kick Ass) winner!

Time to brag, everyone! I’ll pick someone to receive the coveted silver burger charm and a signed book!


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9 thoughts on “I Kick Ass – July edition

  1. I managed to keep up running at least once a week and during a weeklong conference in Michigan, in 95+ degree weather, I walked 2.5 miles to my workshop and 2.5 miles back on day one, and took the morning bus and walked the 2.5 miles back for three more days. While I was not doing the running I had hoped to do, I was staying active on a work trip (which was more like a vacation as I didn’t hear “mommy” every ten minutes and I got to hang out in an awesome used book store on my lunch breaks). For all the walkers out there–walking is TOUGH!!!!! 🙂

  2. I wanted to share what worked for me this month. I started marking on a calendar, in bright red, the days I work out. It’s on the fridge where the world can see and it is totally working for me. I went from 4 days of exercise in June to 15 in July!! I mark the gym, walking, biking, swimming, Pilates..whatever gets me off my butt.

  3. I totally did not kick ass this month. I was horrible. Which is *bad* because I have a race Saturday night. Yep. At night. In the desert. In the middle of Nevada. Area 51, actually. And I am in no way prepared. But I will stand by my mottos of “You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go” and “First or last, it’s the same finish line” and remain confident that I will definitely finish my 10K before the ones doing the 51k (including my hubby) finish!

    • Deb, we’ll be rooting for you! And we won’t make fun! Not much, anyway. :-). No seriously, it’s fantastic that you will get out there and give it your best regardless of how bad you were this month. Go Deb!

  4. I maintained my sanity being sidelined with injury. That said I went up to Lake Placid for the Ironman and did 2 volunteer shifts for the race. I did the women’s changing tent for the swim-bike transition (holy insanity) and then the finish line food tent (basically set up and get everything ready). It was a real change of pace from last year when I competed but really rewarding to be able to give back. The volunteers do so much and they can really make the race experience go smoothly. Hopefully I was able to do for this years athletes like they did for me. I also bit the bullet and registered for next years race.

    • Goooooo Jen! I am very appreciative of volunteers in a race. I know I wouldn’t get up before dawn to go hand out water because I am self-centered that way :-). But I really do appreciate them so much. Kudos to you. And WOOOT for signing up for next year!

  5. Been on vacation the last two and a half weeks, but I hiked and biked in the Tetons, paddled Jackson Lake, Two Oceans Lake, the Snake and the Green Rivers. Back home started running daily again– be back up to speed in a few days and then start lengthening my runs.

    • Okay, you are officially my inspiration. I ran 12 miles then got a foot injury. So I just started back this week and struggled through three and four miles. I was thinking I’d probably never run more than five miles again, it’s impossible. You have renewed my faith that maybe it IS possible 🙂