Name That Street Team

Kim here. Julia is still is a place far, far away for a few more days.

I’ve convinced her that she needs to start a street team for her awesome readers. Woohoo!

Most importantly is a super cool name and we want your help. Leave your suggestions below. The team name should contain her first, last or full name. Julia and I will narrow down our favorites and then run a poll on her Facebook page.

Next, would you like to be part of a street team? We’d like to keep this fun and easy — ask you to post reviews online, share bookmarks and spread the word at book release time.

In return, (no not a bribe, just a thank you 🙂 ) what do you think would be fun?

Tell us your thoughts, we’d love to hear them.

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20 thoughts on “Name That Street Team

  1. London’s Ladies In Waiting, Julia London’s Book Lovers, Lady London’s Gems, Miss Julia’s Jewels, London’s Ladies on the Ton.

  2. Julia’s Gems – I would love to be a part of your street team. SOme of the things I’ve received from another one I’m in is ARC’s, book marks, books to hand out to friends/co-workers, pens, wine charms, post it notes.

    • Not ignorant at all, Donna Jo.

      A street team is a group of readers who really love an author and help them to spread the news about their books. They post online reviews, FB, Tweet or use other social media to chat about the author or their books. At book release time they pass out bookmarks to libraries, bookstores and book clubs.

  3. Julia’s Junkies? I love it! I belong two other author’s team and I love it! We do the same spread the word about release days and review. Any kind of swag in return is so much fun. Bookmarks, books, postcards etc. I would love to help spread the word about Julia!! Great idea I think it really gets the word out to other readers!!