IKA (I Kick Ass) for August

Wow, this month was a challenge to pick one person – there have been some amazing accomplishments! Because of this, I will admit I had to pick a name at random – everyone kicked ass this month!

So without further ado…. Jennifer Cameron, YOU are the IKA person for August! Congratulations on reaching your goal weight!

Thanks to everyone who is a part of Running for Burgers. You all help keep me motivated and on track – I hope it is doing the same for you.


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2 thoughts on “IKA (I Kick Ass) for August

  1. Thanks so much for picking me! I am walking on air right now with how very blessed this makes me feel! I’ve heard it’s always fulfilling to share your accomplishments and I have been doing it since day one. Since losing as little as a half a pound to two or three pounds a week, I still shared with all of my Facebook friends and family so they could continue cheering me on. Now that I’m at the end of my weightloss journey, I am starting to turn to wanting to become more fit and toning my new body. Once again, thank you for this. It’s just another thing that inspires me to keep up the great work! By the way… I have loved your books since I was in high school! 🙂