I Kick Ass – September

I am running a few days late in putting this up – see what happens when you leave the country for a bit?

Each month as part of my Running for Burgers group, I ask that people share how they kicked ass over the month and I select one to receive the coveted burger charm and signed book.

Whether chosen as the IKA (I Kick Ass) person of the month, it is a wonderful way to share your accomplishments and get some kudos from others who are also working toward their health and fitness goals.

Those of you reading this on my main blog today – consider joining our little group! I created this group for support, information and motivation. Beginners and seasoned athletes alike are welcome (and you don’t have to be a runner. Walkers, cyclists, yogis, weight lifters, swimmers, zumba dancers and any other fitness category are more than welcome!)

So, without further ado: Tell me how YOU kicked ass in September!

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16 thoughts on “I Kick Ass – September

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  4. September was an awesome month. I have been trying to lose weight so I can get pregnant, but this summer I lost my motivation with the heat. Then I spent all of August being horribly depressed over the fact that I was turning 30 and still hadn’t lost the weight or gotten pregnant. Then, on Aug. 20th, I turned 30, and it was like a switch got flipped inside of me. I became super determined. The first week of September I joined Curves and went every day. Then, I saw an ad for the Foam Fest 5k, a 5k obstacle course, and I signed myself up for it, despite the fact that I was not in any kind of shape for it yet. I couldn’t get any friends to do it with me, and my husband was out of town. I almost chickened out, because I hate doing things alone, and people kept telling me I probably wouldn’t be able to do all the obstacles. I went anyway, and it was the most empowering thing ever! I slogged through mud pits, I belly crawled under electric wires, staying as low as possible while I heard other unlucky people getting zapped around me. I climbed a structure that was over three stories high and slid down the death drop slide, screaming all the way. I climbed over the twenty foot cargo net, and relived a childhood nightmare of getting stuck at the top and had to coaxed down by a kid half my age. I climbed over a ten foot wall, ran through tires, and slid through a 50 foot slip n slide piled high with foam. I totally kicked ass!!!

    • Amber, that is awesome! I am trying to use wanting another baby as my motivator for losing weight, too. I keep being told that if I want another one there is no point in trying to be healthier right now when I’m just going to gain it back. I want to be in my best shape ever for any more kids I have, not only for them but for myself. I still haven’t done any kind of race, but that one sounds like fun. I hope you had someone take pictures!

      • I did get pictures!

        The thing is, I have a condition that makes getting pregnant super difficult and also makes me gain weight. It feels like a losing battle sometimes, but I am determined. My husband is awesome though, and sets aside money each month for fitness. I get to choose one 5k a month to participate in, and he does them with me. It gives me a goal to look forward to, and I try to improve my times, so it’s fun.

  5. I kicked ass on my first half marathon. I finished in 2:16:58. My goal was to finish in under 2 1/2 hrs, and I did!!!! now three friends and myself are going to participate in a marathon relay at the end of October… go us!

  6. My ass was kicked in September when I had a NASTY head cold which was shared with my children. I had to stop running for lack of time, energy, and lung capacity. However, I tried to stay active by getting them outside whenever I could. My oldest started kindergarten this year so I’m trying to spend more after-work time playing when I can. We made some obstacle courses in the back yard and ran around as much as possible in spite of not feeling well. I think I only ran a few times early in the month, but this week am starting up again. In some ways maybe I have kicked ass this year because a year ago I was still in the early stages of trying to start running and now I can still pick up after a break with illness and run 2 miles. It’s a slow 2 miles, but I certainly couldn’t do that a few years ago.

    • Mitzi, I was there, too, with a sinus infection. I kept running, but I might as well have been running in sludge. It’s so hard to keep going when you feel so rotten! Kudos to you!

  7. I kicked ass this Septemeber by running a 1/2 marathon and shaving 6 minutes off my previous personal best. Total running time was 2:12:02. That’s an 10:07 average, which was pretty good for me! Particulalry since it was a week prior to this same run last year that I severely sprained my ankle and was completely out of commission for 4 months – no exercise what so ever. So when I started back running in January, I could barely run one mile at a 12 minute per mile speed. Next year I’m planning on hitting that under 2:00 mark which has been out of my reach for the last 2 years. I can do it!

  8. Hi Julia! I am a member of your Running for Burgers group and I love it. I kicked ass in September because I ran my first ever half marathon on September 30th. I have been overweight and admittedly, a couch potato my entire life. In January of this year, I decided to do something about it, and began the Couch to 5k program with the goal of *maybe* someday running a 5k race (athletic events are intimidating when you are overweight and decidedly non-athletic). I started going to my local YMCA every day on my lunch break to do the walk/run program, and when I started I could barely run a lap. Somehow, I kept at it, and by May, I could run a mile without stopping, which seemed like a huge accomplishment at the time.

    One day, talking with a friend who had signed up for a half marathon, I said “I could never do that.” She said “well why not?” So I decided to sign up for one – at that point, September 30th seemed far away. I started training, doing my long runs early on Sunday mornings while my husband and son were sleeping. Sometimes I asked myself “What am I doing? I could be in bed right now.” But I kept at it.

    Finally, the big day arrived and I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. My only goal was to finish the race. I ran most of the first 8 miles, miles 10 and 11 were total hell, but once I got to 12 the excitement got ahold of me and I ran to the finish line. I started tearing up before I even got there because I just kept thinking “Oh my gosh! I have been a couch potato my entire life and I’m about to finish a half marathon! How crazy is this?” I will never forget the feeling of crossing that finish line. I get emotional now just thinking about it almost a week later! It was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I have ever done. Running has helped me to lose weight, but more importantly, helped restore how I feel about myself.

    Thanks so much for your Facebook page and especially your books!

    • What a story! I also started running just this spring, and it’s my goal to run a half marathon for NEXT year, (as well as trying a triathlon). You absolutely kick ass, you did it!!

      I second the thanks for the Facebook group that keeps me positive about exercise for the first time in my life. I don’t post often, but I do check in and get inspired to keep it up.

      • These are great stories! Catherine, you can do it. Like Samantha, I never thought that would be me, but I announced it on FB last year that I was going to run my first half. I had to do it then–public humiliation and all that. But I did it, and this month, I will run in my third. Congratulations to you both!