IKA (I Kick Ass) Halloween Edition

How were YOU awesome in October?

Did you outrun zombies?

Resist the onslaught of caramel apples, “fun size” candy and spiced pumpkin lattes?

Do enough weight training that you easily hauled that giant jack-o-lantern in the house?

Share your stories below and we’ll pick one person to be our IKA person!


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17 thoughts on “IKA (I Kick Ass) Halloween Edition

  1. Pirate Accessories: Turtle Shell helmet or some kind of Rabid mammal on a stick.. maybe small badger… Pirate Names: well i would never want to tangle with the dreaded pirate “Rusty Muskets” with his ship “The Floating Timber”Pirate Pickup lines: ARG!! Down below deck with you winch.. you make it hard to navigate at night with all those stars in your eyes..ARRR..

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  4. Last month I had my ass kicked, but in October I definitely kicked ass. I started up with my “regular” running again and went from long runs of 3 miles to running 4 miles my first Saturday, then 4.4 the next, and two days after giving blood managing 5. (Granted, the 5 required a stop every ten minutes or so because I was still recovering from a blood donation, but I did run the full 5.)

    I am very excited to have gotten a taste for longer runs and am hoping now to start speeding up my 2 or 3 mile runs during the week. I still haven’t run a race but maybe that can be my challenge for November. 🙂

  5. I was cleared to start running again and I DID! I’m only doing run/walks in my return due to the knee surgery but still I’m running! I am also cycling with intent again instead of easy spinning. It feels SO good to be back to a real workout schedule. This is making me feel like an athlete again which I’d lost in my months in injury purgatory.

    • There is nothing worse than injury purgatory, and nothing harder to come back from! You feel like you never did it, you are starting from scratch…but getting out there is 9/10 of the battle, at least for me. Once I get going again, I generally get back to where I was pretty quickly. Good luck!!

  6. My friends and I kicked ass this pass weekend with a marathon relay… all four of us had personal best records. It was the first time for all of us doing a relay, a first time for one person to have run that far, and it was a great weekend to remember.

    • How fun! Congrats to all four of you. We do this marathon relay (six of us, three men and three women) in the spring. It’s so much fun, and something about being part of a team makes you run a little faster, doesn’t it?

  7. I upped my cardio this month by simply walking my daughter to and from school when possible despite the colder temps and snow (I live in Alaska…). I’ve also managed to get better portion control and minimize my caffeine intake for a total of 10lbs lost this month!

    • Regina, congrats! I found your 10 pounds, by the way, nyuk nyuk. I feel sorry for people who live in tundra states — I don’t think I’d be running if it was cold more than it was warm. I’m a wimp.

  8. I ran my second half marathon in NOLA on Saturday, October 27th! Despite cramping up REALLY bad at mile 11.3 – I still finished! I made myself run across the finish line.
    I logged Over 60 miles of running in the month of October and burned over 7,000 calories! Surely that was enough to counteract all the Halloween candy I consumed yesterday??? 🙂

  9. After training for 9 months, I ran my first half marathon, which ended up being in a weekend of freak weather in NW Arkansas. It was 30 and sleeting through most of it and there was one hill from Hell that had to be traversed twice. My family was so proud when I finished (I was elated)! Meanwhile, even after all that training, it took me 2 days to quit walking funny…

    • Mandi, congrats, congrats! I hear you. It took me two days to recover. I was so wiped out. Like more than usual. And there were hills. But I had trained on hills and thought, piece of cake. Maybe not so much.