IKA: Year end recap!

This year has been one of many accomplishments, both mentally and physically. Overall, I ran 719 miles and walked Moose 268.72 miles which adds up to 987 miles covered in 2012! I sucked it up and ran my relay half marathon in the rain and even went out when it was cold or rainy and really hot. Okay, so I also skipped a few runs here and there, but overall, I am really happy with my accomplishments!

For this edition of IKA, I want to hearyour year end recaps! What goals did you achieve? What milestones did you reach? What is putting a smile on your face as you think about it?

In addition to the fabulous and coveted burger charm, I am giving away an assortment of signed books to go with it! So bring it! It can be exercise, diet, meeting a personal goal, a new job… whatever you kicked ass in in 2012!

And stay tuned…. Goal setting for 2013 is coming up!

Happiest of New Years to you all and thank you for being a part of RfB. If you think about it, what would you like to see on the site or FB page that would make it even better?

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14 thoughts on “IKA: Year end recap!

  1. I can’t run due to knee problems, but I can fast walk. Five years ago it took me just under an hour to walk a 5K. This October I did it in 44 min, 40 sec. I can now do a 5K on the treadmill in variations around 40 min, 25 sec. I walk a 5K 3 or 4 times weekly, and combine walking/work outs 3-4 times weekly. Stronger than I’ve ever been before, and for almost 60 I think that’s pretty good.

  2. After losing first my dad a year ago and then my mom 30 days later my goal for 2012 was to take care of me and get in better shape. I got moving and then started losing weight. I’m happy to report I lost 40 pounds and dropped from a size 14 (tight) to a size 6 soon to be a size 4. I’ve logged a lot of miles running and biking and feel better at 53 than I have felt for years. My goal for 2013 is to continue firming up and defining muscles and continue running and biking.

  3. This year I accomplished quite a bit. I started running again Jan. 10th 2012 after suffering a severe ankle sprain in September of 2011, which took me out of all physical activity for 15 weeks. Recovery was slow and training was even slower. I had lost my muscle tone, gained 20 pounds, and my tendons and ligaments in my ankle had been compromised for a third time.

    My first run was barely a mile and it took me 13 minutes from start to finish. I couldn’t have run another step at that point and it took everything I had in me to even run the full mile. I was in pain, both from my ankle and my breathing. I was also pretty frustrated. But, my hardheadedness prevailed and I was able to participate in my first race in Trinidad CA the beginning of February. It was only a 5k, but it was then that I started to believe I was going to be able to get back to running half-marathons.

    Looking back through the year, I realized that I participated in an organized race in every month except August (it’s too hot!) and January (just started running again). I was able to post my personal best in a half-marathon in September (2:10:34) and I posted my best splits running in a 52 mile sprint relay in December (8:32 mile). I didn’t know I had it in me. I logged 750 running miles, not to mention the cardio kickboxing class I take one a week, the salsa aerobics class I love to go to twice a week, and the recreational volleyball I try to play as much as possible. One weekend I even played in a volleyball tournament and then ran a 10 mile race the next day. My team didn’t win, but we sure had a great time!

    This year my goal is to run 1000 miles and play more volleyball. I’m also trying to get my (nearly) 12 year old daughter to start running with me. I spend so much of my time pounding the pavement, it would be nice to have my daughter there spending that time with me.

  4. After a year of running 5ks, I decided that I wanted to run a 1/2M. I have never been an athletic girl, so seeing myself as a runner is still an ongoing process. I still visualize myself as a dachshund running with gazelles! Then last summer, I was asked to take over as director of our local children’s choir, who churns out 2 musical productions a year. Having never been to one, it was a bit overwhelming for the first 3 months. In the midst of this transition was the half marathon. Having to juggle homeschooling my kids, my husband’s crazy law enforcement schedule, church volunteering, musical directing with 60 kids and training for the half was completely insane. Looking back, I have no idea how it all fell together. But it did. I finished my half in 2:04, my kids are doing great in school, my husband still remembers who I am and has clean uniforms, I love my enouraging church family (who cheered when I crossed the finish line), and the musical on Dec 2 was the best ever. I am so thankful. Finally, I can look back on a year and not see my failings, but my accomplishments.

    • Mandi, I have always felt that way. I am very active but not very athletic. I’m a slow runner, I can hardly touch my toes in yoga, and I am just learning how to rid a bike again. But I get out there every day.

      Your schedule is insane though. INSANE. So you get double pats on the back!

  5. 2012 turned out better than I thought it would. According to my Nike tracker, I ran 248 miles, but I’m missing the entire month of April, so no clue what I did then. I did the couch to 5k program, and was able to run a 5k without walking for the first time on Thanksgiving. Granted, it was way slower than I wanted it to be, but that’s now my goal– to cut a bunch of time off. I also lost 15 lbs, 2 inches off my thighs and an inch off my arms; want to keep going with that. All in all, I feel so much healthier and more fit!

  6. 2012… The only milestones I hit were my first times running over 3 miles, then over 4 miles, and I think I hit 5 once (but it included a few quick stops for breath). I did not accomplish my original goal to run a proper race (probably a 5k) but that had more to do with timing and planning and finances than with the ability to run. Each time I got derailed from illness, too much work and not taking time to run, sick kids, or weather, even if it was for weeks on end, I’ve picked back up and gotten my pathetic rear moving again, even if I had to start back with a mile and a half.

    I’m still hanging on to way too much “baby” weight from my 21-month-old, I worked so much the last few weeks of the year that I didn’t run at all, or exercise, but I did take a Christmas Day 2 mile run. If nothing else, I’ve got a break routine at work that allows me to go for a run without really having to decide to go for a run. I probably can’t ask for more than that for now.

    • But Mitzi, that’s the biggest part of the battle! Making it part of the schedule instead of fitting it in takes a LOT of discipline and willpower, and if you can do that, you will definitely run more.

      So congrats to you for getting back in the program after work derailed you. I’ve had deadlines do that to me and it is sooooo hard to come back.

      • My lunch alternatives are:

        a: Not taking a break at all (and just snacking while I sit on my rear). b: Taking my full hour each day and sitting on my rear in the lunch room whiel I talk about stuff I don’t really care about with people who happen to be there.
        c: Taking a short nap while sitting at my desk and “clocking out” that will not actually make up for my lack of sleep or give me an energy boost for my afternoon.
        d: Taking my full hour and turning at least half of it over to a run or a walk, with or without a co-worker, and then cleaning up and eating something healthy.

        I have found that option d is preferable for me. 🙂 I have a co-worker whose position just swtiched to full-time at the desk instead of on the road/on her feet, and she’s typically very active. Like me, she has young kids at home and little time for exercise. We’ve agreed to start running together on the days we can coordinate it (at least 2 or 3 days a week), which will help us with the mutual motivation.

  7. This year I hit a lot of milestones. I finished graduate school to become a nurse-midwife, finished my first solo half marathon and an olympic distance triathlon, and helped to grow Wear Blue: Run to Remember. This coming year I have registered for my first FULL marathon (which will be ugly) and I will start working as a certified nurse-midwife. I will be working on strength training and catching up on all the books I’ve longingly looked at on the shelf while having to read for school.