IKA January Winter Fun

The month filled with New Year’s resolutions, cold weather, after effects of too much holiday fun and a whole lot of newly opened gym memberships that won’t be used passed March.

It’s kind of depressing, don’t you think? So let’s celebrate our awesome January accomplishments and help each other remember our awesome accomplishments!

Part of this month I had the flu. It was nasty and horrid and I felt like crap for what seemed like forever. It hit me right after my relay half marathon and knocked me out of reality for a bit. Now I am back to normal and actually took my bike out for a few rides and Moose out for some runs. It was slow going and I still feel a little weak, but I’m getting back in the groove.

What are your accomplishments this month? Did you make resolutions or just sticking to your usual plan? We want to hear about it! The IKA (I Kick Ass) winner will receive a coveted silver burger charm AND a signed book!

For those not familiar with IKA and Running for Burgers – this is a group I started for encouragement and advice on my own fitness and health adventures. I wanted a place to talk amongst friends about things – but not in an overly serious way. I run so I can eat more burgers, hence the name “Running for Burgers.” I wish I had loftier and more profound reasons, but I don’t. I would love for you to join in the discussion! Check us out on Facebook.

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15 thoughts on “IKA January Winter Fun

  1. I have been working more on watching what I eat. I have found some very low calorie but delicious snacks and meals to get that going in the right way. I have cut out all softdrinks a few months back so that is much better (they had way too many empty calories). I diet for pizza, lol. That way once or twice a month I can eat pizza (but still try to make it as healthy as possible).

  2. I continued my pre-surgery weight loss, dropping 24 lbs. between Nov. 1 and Jan. 22. Had surgery on Jan. 22, got home late on the 23, and ended up back in the hospital on the 26. Finally got out just before midnight on the 28. Every day, whether in the hospital or not, I walked. Two weeks post-surgery and I’m up to 1 mile loops!

  3. I think I kick ass this past January.
    I usually go 4 times a week to the gym, where I take bootcamp classes.
    As last year I had problems with the few aerobics classes I took (mainly with my breading), in January, I changed for only aerobic classes (zumba, spinning, etc). By the end of the month I was able to breath with out a problem after a 2.5 hr class.
    This month I am going back to bootcamp and joining a running group.
    Wish me luck girls. 🙂

  4. I just found out about this. I can’t say that I made any specific resolutions but I have been feeling the nudge I need to exercise more. So this will be a good motivator for getting up and doing more. I have a gym membership I haven’t been using.

    As far as January, I did manage to complete my entry for a writing contest. I didn’t sleep very much for a number of days making final edits. I work a full time job during the day and write at night and weekends.

    Wow! Amber and Robin, you two are really doing a great job! Keep it going!

    Julia, I am glad you are feeling better.

  5. I started weight watchers last March 2012 and I lost a total of 50 pds by New Years. My goal for this year is to actually get up and move! I have started walking everyday. I am hoping I can work up to a run! I have lost another 14 pds in January! I walk for Cookies!

  6. I totally kicked ass in January! The day after Christmas I joined a bootcamp class. My fitness had kind of fizzled in December and I was gaining weight instead of losing. I went every other day, dragging my ass out of bed at 5am for the class.

    I stayed out until 2am on New Year’s Eve, but still got out of bed at 5am New Years Day and went to class. I was the only person who made it to class that day.

    After going to boot camp all month, I have lost an inch around the waist and hips. My body fat went down 1% and I lost 1/4 inch in the neck and arms. I am so happy right now!!!!