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Praise for:A Courtesan’s Scandal

From Booklist

*Starred Review* Grayson Christopher, the Duke of Darlington, already had a mistress; he didn’t need another. But when the Prince of Wales, who is currently entangled in a bitter divorce, asks Darlington to take courtesan Kate Bergeron as his latest amour—but in name only—Darlington realizes George wants Darlington to take Kate “off the market” until the prince is free to take Kate as his own mistress. At first Darlington is determined to have as little to do with Kate as possible, but the more time he spends with Kate, the more Darlington discovers just how tempting the practical, kindhearted, and surprisingly sharp-tongued woman is. Suddenly, Darlington, the very definition of restraint and decorum, finds himself risking scandal and social ruin for the one woman he can never have. London deftly brews up potent chemistry between a heroine who knows her place in the world and a hero who discovers his world is not complete without her. Another superbly written addition to London’s exquisitely entertaining Regency-set Scandal series. –John Charles