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Praise for:The Perils of Pursuing a Prince

From Publishers Weekly

Bestselling author London works a charming Regency twist on the story of Beauty and the Beast in the second installment of her Desperate Debutantes series, following last year’s The Hazards of Hunting a Duke. Impoverished socialite Greer Fairchild has set out for her childhood home in Wales to collect a badly needed inheritance, which is thought to be controlled by the glowering Rhodrick Glendower, earl of Radnor. An unctuous fellow traveler named Owen Percy tells horrifying stories of Rhodrick, known locally as the prince of Powys, and when the pair arrive at his gloomy castle, the hulking Rhodrick confirms Percy’s most troubling stories. Domineering, vulgar and possibly even murderous, Rhodrick holds Greer captive until she can produce proof of her identity. Eventually, Percy sets off to get help, and Greer reluctantly settles in, waiting for the letter from London that will validate her claims on the inheritance. As Greer and her host overcome their animosity and succumb to rising passion, further complications arise in a mystery from Greer’s past. London’s love story is tense and tender, held aloft by endearing, dynamic characters. (May)
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From Booklist

Greer arrives in Wales thinking she is finally about to locate her much-needed inheritance only to find that instead her money has been given away to Rhodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor and the Prince of Powys. Greer’s traveling companion, Owen Percy, who claims Rhodrick has also stolen his inheritance, convinces Greer to accompany him to the Prince of Powys’ estate, where they will demand their rightful bequests. Once they arrive in Llanmair, Greer quickly discovers the infuriatingly arrogant prince refuses to simply hand over her money until Greer successfully proves who she is to him. Now, until a letter from her cousin arrives, Greer finds herself trapped in a castle with a dark, brooding prince, whose kisses are almost enough to tempt Greer to completely forget why she came to Wales in the first place. Two superbly matched protagonists clash with splendidly sexy results in the second in London’s latest wickedly witty, smartly written Regency romance trilogy. John Charles
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