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Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen
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Rebecca, the middle sister of the prominent Lear family, is pretty, privileged, and popular. She even married well. You’d never know it, but the former Miss Texas is a perfectly poised mess. Her marriage is a sham, her life is empty, her friends are shallow…and when her husband leaves her for another woman, her self-esteem is shattered. But she moves to Austin to pick up the pieces, volunteering as a campaign strategist for a family friend… Matt Parrish has a reputation for being a tough litigator-and a real heartbreaker. He’s just agreed to help an old frat brother with his statewide campaign…but he didn’t count on sharing the spotlight with a former beauty queen who just stepped out of a limo from another planet. He thinks she’s a socialite with no common sense. She thinks he’s an arrogant hot shot lawyer. Neither can deny there’s a fire burning between them. But where there’s fire, there’s smoke-and the smoke might just blind them to the trouble they’re about to step straight into…