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Homecoming Ranch

Homecoming Ranch
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In Florida, pretty, dark-haired, blue-eyed real estate broker Madeline Pruett learns that the father she never knew has passed away and has left her a Colorado ranch. The news annoys Madeline--it's too little, too late.  She has a fuzzy recollection of a man who smelled like cigars and gave her candy and took her to see some puppies when she was a very little girl, but since that one visit, she has not had any contact with him.   This news is a wrench in her works, and while Madeline is processing, the man tells her even more:  Madeline has inherited along with two half-sisters she also never knew she had.  Together, they must decide what to do with it.

Madeline’s perfectly ordered world is upturned in that moment.  Did these two out-of-the-blue sisters have a relationship with him?  If so, why them and not her?  The idea that this man had two other daughters and a life that she was excluded from bugs her.   She puts everything on hold and goes to Colorado to see this ranch and these mysterious sisters.

In the meantime, Luke Kendrick has been called home from Denver to a small town in the mountains of Colorado.  Through the years, Luke has had big dreams derailed more than once by ongoing family issues. Luke has made the best of his situation, but he can't get his life off the ground.  And now, he has been called home because his father has done something stupid.  There is only one thing standing in his way of fixing this colossal mistake is a dark haired, blue-eyed woman with a pink highlighter.