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The Accidental Plus-One

The Accidental Plus-One
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  • Series:Novellas, Book '0' (a Novella)
  • Genre:Contemporary Romance and Women's Fiction
  • Publication Date:November 05, 2021
  • ISBN:978-1728260273

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Please note, this is a re-release of The Bridesmaid and One Mad Night published together in one book.

Fate is about to give them an accidental plus-one.

Two delightful romantic comedy novellas in one book from New York Times bestselling author Julia London.

One Mad Night: In a modern twist on the hit TV show Mad Men, Chelsea and Ian are high profile ad execs who couldn't be more different. When a blackout puts NYC on lockdown, the two rivals are stuck in the office together overnight, only to discover the ways in which opposites attract...

The Bridesmaid: In a twist on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Kate and Joe meet for the first time in the midst of a storm and a transportation strike, while they are both trying to rent the last car available... As they race across the country―Kate to be a bridesmaid, Joe to a life-altering job interview―they discover that together is the only way they'll make it at all.

Both stories take place on the same snowy night―one in New York City, the other in a mad dash across the country.