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The Beautiful Stranger

The Beautiful Stranger
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Arthur would never forget that tragic day: Lord Phillip Rothembow, his cherished comrade, killed senselessly in a duel.  In an attempt to clear his late friend's name, Arthur leaves behind England - and the woman who broke his heart - to journey to Scotland.  How could he know tht his travels would lead him to the most enchanting woman he has ever met?

Desperately fighting to hold on to the land her late husband lost ina foolish business venture, widowed Kerry McKinnon cannot believe that this beautiful stranger has come to seize her home and leave her to a horrible fate.  yet from the moment they meet, something powerful ignites between them.  Theirs is a passion that is reckless, scandalous... and impossible to resist.  But a shocking crime will force Kerry to flee with Arthur to England, where propriety rules, and where desire can show a world-weary rake that a life without love is the greatest scandal of all...