2020 Holiday Giveaway

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613 thoughts on “2020 Holiday Giveaway

  1. My favorite part of the holidays is being with my family, grabbing hot chocolate and driving around to look at all the holiday lights

  2. My favorite part of the holidays is putting up the Christmas tree and having friends and family over to celebrate. We have the tree this year..hopefully next year we will be able to celebrate and share the holidays with our loved ones!

  3. My favorite part of Christmas is fairly new. Watching my granddaughter enjoy the Christmas season! She has the best mommy, who includes her in decorating cookies, hanging stockings and all the parts a 4 year old can do.

  4. My favorite parts of the holiday – singing holiday songs, butterball cookies and decorating cut-out sugar cookies. I remember mom used a gingerbread house mold and we baked it, then used royal icing to make the candies stick and to make icicles drip from the roof.

    • Congrats, Sunny!

      You’ve won the Holiday Giveaway.
      My assistant will be reaching out shortly to get your goodies to you 🙂

      Merry Christmas!

  5. This is a fantastic giveaway! My favorite part of Christmas is my whole family getting together on Christmas Eve for food, fun, gifts and then Mass. A beautiful way to celebrate!

  6. My favorite part of the holidays is the time spent with family in the kitchen baking, talking, laughing, and listening to holiday music. I lost my dad the week before Christmas 2019, so these memories are cherished. This year I also lost my brother-in-law of 25 years, so the creation of new memories with my mom and 2 sisters is helping heal our hearts while remembering the memories of past holidays.

  7. My favorite parts of the holidays. Listening to Carols. The generous and giving nature of people this time of year. Thinking of others and bringing smiles to their lives. Indulging in my favorite baked goodies. Snuggling under a blanket, reading Christmas romance stories while sipping my favorite hot beverage. Baking cookies for Santa. Writing letters to Santa. Believing in the magic of the holidays.

  8. My favorite is on Christmas Eve we have our traditional seven fishes. We sing Christmas carols, and the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas is read. Later on I wrap my gifts by the Christmas tree watching Hallmark movies. Thank You for this chance of winning this prize.

  9. My favorite part of the holiday is the Christmas tree. When I was a child gifts for Christmas were very rare, my parents did not have the money. Our gift from my Dad was always a tree he would pick out, cut and bring home after running trap lines. We used homemade decorations and sang carols as we put it up.

  10. The Lichts, the candles, our beautiful christmas tree, the christmas songs, the meal on Christmas Eve with the family

  11. My favorite part of the holidays is seeing and hearing how happy the family is by being together (joking, laughing and showing the love they have for each other).

  12. Watching Christmas movies while baking Christmas cookies (particularly Christmas in Connecticut!)

  13. I love all the lights — this year especially we need them! Some years I wish they’d stay up till spring. Thanks for the chance to win —

    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  14. Tree decorating with my three grown up kids become my favourite those last year’s. It’s so much fun because they love joking, and each year they read their old letters to Santa…I am happy that live this as much as I do, that they are so close and can enjoy together. ❤❤❤
    Happy Holidays to all

  15. Prepandemic my favorite part of the holidays was eating home cooking, but now with restrictions on travel I’m going to have to find a new thing. Cocoa and a good book?

  16. My favorite part of the holidays is baking gingerbread cookies and making the house smell like Christmas.

  17. The beautiful tree and all the lights. Sharing all things Christmas with my Mom and my family! This year is different since I recently lost my Mom. But she left the memories of how happy she was making such wonderful memories for me to carry in my heart this year!

  18. One word: Anticipation! From wrapping pretty presents to baking those family favorites (and introducing one or two new recipes!) to seeing the pure and uncensored delight on our young grandson’s face to reading holiday cards received from friends across the country, all are treasured pieces to the grand scheme I look forward to every single year!

  19. I’ve always loved getting together with my family. But, not this year, unfortunately.😐

  20. My favourite part of Christmas is having the children and grandchildren over for a traditional dinner and watching the grandchildren open up the presents. They are 4 and under so the reactions are wonderful to watch. And they are so appreciative and vocal in the thank yous.

  21. I really like decorating the outside of our house with lights and I also like that we all get to sleep in over the break.

  22. I love when I get home from work and I turn on the Christmas Tree Lights, it just make’s me smile and feel Happy.

  23. I love all the lights, decorations and the magic of Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  24. I don’t need a excuse to bake to my hearts content! And you get to throw out concerns for the most part about sugar intake.
    Happy holidays! Take care, stay safe!

  25. Family getting together even if not by blood. Favorite recipes. Making these recipes with the younger generation. Decorating the tree, wrapping gifts while listening to music. Remembering those who have left us in some special way.

  26. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with friends and family who we aren’t able to see the rest of the year (unfortunately, that will have to wait till next year!).

  27. My favorite part of the holidays is the lights twinkling at night and also Christmas romance books.

  28. Favorite parts of the holidays are seeing my granddaughter and my great-granddaughter who is one year old. Favorite foods that I usually only cook for the holiday is enjoyed by all. It’s nice to hear they really like my cooking.

  29. Teaming up with the local police and fire departments to adopt senior residents from a home for the elderly for Christmas. We bless them with presents, stockings, sweet treats and a catered meal ❤

  30. Going to see the lights wherever they’re available to see. There are usually some neighborhoods to drive through where the residents go over the top. It’s magical.

  31. The best part is all the extra family time. Also making all the Christmas cookies.

  32. I love that all my children are back under one roof for even just a few days. The smells that start coming out of the kitchen. The joy and laughter. To many favorite parts to list them all.

  33. The season of giving ! I enjoy paying it forward but the feeling is REALLY all around this time of year!

  34. Giving gifts to loved ones!
    I just love to shop, especially for my granddaughters! And there is another grand baby on the way! YES!

  35. My nephew and his kids have a Gingerbread house decorating party and invite everyone who lives on the block. He provides all the houses and candy for decorating. It’s a great way to meet all your neighbors and the kids love it.❤

  36. My favorite part of the holidays is when we light a white candle on Christmas Eve at 6 pm. It’s in memory of all our loved ones who have passed & can’t be with us to celebrate. It’s so peaceful & calming, & beautiful, too!

  37. I love watching my grandson get excited about the gifts he has gotten and also excited about the presents he got for grandpa and grandma that he picked for us.

  38. The feeling of hope in the air is my favorite part of the Christmas season. Beautiful light displays, cozy blankets, cookie baking, and snuggling my children are all examples of the general cheer that breezes through everyday life during the holidays. No other time of year compares.

  39. The overall joy people seem to find for this season. The extra care we take we each other and the warmth of the season.

  40. My fave part of the holidays would have to be the fabulous food!! Sooo many goodies that we only prepare this time of the year! (I don’t know why!!) Plus curling up in my cozy chair with a hot cup of chocolate, awesome snacks & a great romance book is so wonderful! Merry Christmas!!

  41. My favorite part of the holidays used to be the shopping. Finding that one perfect gift for each individual on my list, taking the time to make each gift special. Now that I’m in my 40’s, a grandmother, I’m more interested in making and maintaining those family ties. Blood ties, heart ties, my favorite thing now is simply MY FAMILY. Time and attention, you can’t replace those with gifts… no matter how thoughtful.

  42. My favorite thing about the holidays is the overall feeling of festivity. The lights, the colors, the music playing everywhere. Christmas time is the one time a year where you can feel the holidays all around you.

  43. My favorite part of the holiday is looking at all the Christmas decorations. It’s fun when whole neighborhoods participate.

  44. getting together with friends and family this year will be extra special as it is my granddaughters first christmas

  45. My favorite part is family time,the excitement, the decorations, and the nostalgia of it all.

  46. My favorite part of the holidays is making cinnamon rolls for breakfast while everyone is still asleep. I love this quiet time before the insanity of 12 people opening gifts and enjoying Christmas dinner together! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  47. Sending more time with my daughter and grandson and my fur kids. AAll the food we make and eat.

  48. My favorite part of the holidays was always getting together with my children and their families for Christmas. We would eat, exchange gifts and enjoy the day. This year it will be entirely different. Everyone is staying home for Christmas. Lucky I have lots of books on my Kindle to read.

    I hope your Christmas is great no matter what you do.

    Stay Healthy!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  49. My favorite part of the holiday was the special candies we only made at Christmas time.

  50. 🎄 Not just one part : family first, local with Grands and Great-grands across the miles; lights,out early this year bringing much needed sparkle,; and all the carols and Christmas music. A big pleasure is the hope of and implementation of a vaccine for COVID 19 ❤️

  51. The good will and cheer that seems to affect everyone, even in the smallest of ways, to bring a smile to a face, and some happiness to our hearts.

  52. This year, I think it has got to be that it means a new year is only 1 week away – this year has not been good for anybody.

  53. my favorite part of the holidays are…….. my Birthday 12/14!! also i love all the Christmas lights and festive vibe. what would make it awesome would to live where it snowed a lot, i love snow weather!

  54. My favorite part of the holidays is celebrating the birth of Christ. This specific holiday brings so much happiness to people of all ages.

  55. My favorite part of the holidays is the decorating. We usually turn on Christmas music and start decorating. It is fun to see all the Christmas ornaments we have collected over the years.

  56. My favorite part of the holidays is the Christmas spirit that many people have during this season. It is something that makes you feel good and is contagious.

  57. Usually, it’s getting together with family and friends. This year, it’s an extra couple of days off and ordering some stuff on the good holiday sales.

  58. All the decorations, Christmas music and movies, goodwill and my late Morher’s sweet potato casserole and pecan and caramel nut pies.

  59. I believe gazing at the stars on a hopefully clear Christmas night, as I always try to do but this year I shall be praying for my husband of almost 42 years whom I lost to ALS in July…and praying for the isolation of our current time to end soon. And Next I will sit quietly in the silence I have come to know and begin to be lost in yet another author’s words.

  60. I love the decorations and the happiness it brings, the lights and the cooler weather that makes me want to snuggle up by the fire and read a book.

  61. My favorite part of the holidays is being able to see my extended family. Seeing them won’t happen this year, but I’m hopeful that I will have a nice holiday with my mom and the few close family I have here.

  62. I just love the holiday music and decorations. It’s the best! Plus, all the holiday books that’s comes out this Christmas time 🙂

  63. I love getting together with my family. We have a big meal and open presents and spent time just talking and being together.

  64. Christmas eve has always been my favorite part of the holidays. My family gets together and we all bring a dish and we eat and exchange presents. Then we sing Christmas songs and go to midnight mass. It’s absolutely wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  65. Putting up a tree with bubble lights and ornaments that were my parents and grandparents, mine through the years and those made by children and grandchildren.

  66. My favorite part about the holidays is spending time with extended family and celebrating Christmas morning with my 4 children. We love to bake Christmas cookies together.

  67. My favorite part of Christmas is playing Secret Santa. I love surprising people with little things I know they’d like.

  68. Normally it would be to get together with family and friends for Christmas parties. I just don’t see that happening this year 😕

  69. I loved A Princess By Christmas. I think the ending was perfect for the whole story, but it is a bit of a shift from the other 2. I would love to win this just so I can have the mug and the other book, and donate the book to the local Library. Merry Christmas.

  70. Happy Holidays! I love Christmas Eve. We grab a candy cane and drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas carols. Then we come home and have appetizers for dinner before settling in to listen to German Christmas carols while we watch real candles on the (artificial flameproof) Christmas tree with all the lights turned off. Its one of the most peaceful moments of the year that recharges my heart with love!

  71. I enjoy the decorations, the gifts, and the general happiness/good wishes from everyone.

  72. I love having both my sons home and being together as a family. Spending it with my Dad, sons and husband, oh and our cat too. No matter what we are doing, doing it together is what is important. Spending time baking with my sons, and having grandpa watching, and sneaking, as we make. Sitting in the living room talking and laughing. Just being together is enough.

  73. well this year it will not be but in years past we would have a party on boxing day with raclette and Fondue. This year with the lockdown Christmas will be different but we will still be thankful.

  74. My favourite part of the holiday is time to spend with my girls bundled up together watching Hallmark/holiday movies. Or reading a good book enjoying a hot cup of tea and a sweet treat 😊

  75. Getting together with family is my favorite part of the holidays. My brother hosts Xmas eve at his home every year. We have a secret Santa in which the names of family and friends get picked on thanksgiving weekend and on Xmas eve we eat, dance, distribute the secret Santa’s gifts and some more dancing. Sadly, I’m not sure we are celebrating at that magnitude this year.

  76. My favorite part of the holidays is doing things with my grandkids. The day after Thanksgiving, they decorated my tree. Yesterday they decorated gingerbread houses. (More candy and frosting than house!)

    Next week we make cutout sugar cookies and decorate them. Then we will make cards for their parents. I take the youngest kids shopping at the Dollar Tree. They wrap those presents here and take them home to put under their tree. I love every minute —- and all the memories we create!

  77. My grandchildren come over before Christmas and we make Tea Caked. We make a mess but they have so much fun. Memories! We have been doing this for years. They are 20, 14, 13 and 10.now

  78. Family, lights, food,… it’s hard to just choose one. When it comes to Christmas, everything that makes the world happy makes me smile too. 🙂

  79. Baking and giving away Christmas cookies to friends and family. Receiving Christmas cards and catching up with friends living far away.

  80. My favorite part of the holidays is spending with my family making Christmas candy, watching Christmas movies, buying gifts, and giving! Thank you so much for the chance!

  81. Hearing all the special music at church and participating in it. We usually have an orchestra and choir doing a Christmas cantata, this year will have to be different as everything will have to be virtual as all our services have been since March.
    I also like getting together with whatever family members we can. Growing up it was my family and grandparents. Then it became my parents, my sister and her family. most recently it was my sister, brother-in-law with one of their daughters and her family and in-laws. This year with COVID it will be just me, my sister and brother-in-law and ZOOM session with the girls and their families.

  82. Sitting before a fire with a spiked hot chocolate, fuzzy blanket, good book, and my sleepy cat.

  83. I always make sure I read at least one Christmas Story during the season. Hopefully to make things more blissful than the actual world.

  84. Other than spending time with family, my favorite part of the holidays are Christmas carols. There is such a comfort in the traditional familiarity which is especially needed this year.

  85. Celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with my family which consists of my sister and two cats. We lost our oldest sister in July from complications of covid19.

  86. I just love gathering with my family but this year I will be by myself because of the coronavirus. Thank you for this chance to win !

  87. I am a huge Christmas fan. I love everything. The music, decorations, ugly Christmas sweaters, eating gingerbread cookies and spending time with family.

  88. The magic and joy in my kids eyes. The wonder of it all and the possibilities of what could be. Most of all just being with family.

  89. My favorite part is decorating my entire house top to bottom (and outside).. I am definitely an over decorator. Even if I’m the only that sees it this year, that’s okay. I’ll just sit and look at it while listening to Christmas carols.

  90. I love decorating the tree! Seeing my favorite ornaments and the memories they stir is the best!

  91. My favorite part of the holidays might be missing this year. It is getting together with friends and family and sharing delicious food and treats! I don’t think the weather in my part of Central Texas will be warm enough for outdoor socially distanced get together. Plus, I don’t think my in-laws will be willing to do the distancing. . . .

  92. I love making a gingerbread house with my kids. It makes it seem like Christmas. Then the next week we put up the tree. Family is so important to me and these are symbolic of family

  93. Attending the Christmas eve service in our beautifully decorated church and remembering the real Gift!

  94. I have purchased and read all of the Princess series and loved them! I have been sharing them with my friends. You are awesome!
    I enjoy seeing Christmas decorations and baking Christmas cookies.

  95. being with family especially this year as I have rarely left my apartment so reading has been a God send for me.

  96. I enjoy spending time with my family. We have a special Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. It is so much fun watching our grandchildren open their presents.

  97. My favourite part of the holidays is making Christmas cookies and ornaments for the tree.

  98. My favorite part of Christmas is baking favorite cookies and a great new Christmas book to read..

  99. Thank you for the giveaway. I love The Princess Plan book. Can’t wait to read Princess Christmas.

  100. My favorite part is seeing my loved ones open their presents that I spend hours picking, so they get the perfect gifts.

  101. My favorite part of Christmas is the Christmas tree all lit up in the early morning hours while it is still dark outside and inside. All really is calm and bright.

  102. I am moving soon and I need a good book (or 2) to read at night when I am tired from packing. Thank you! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

  103. My favorite part of the holidays is baking all the goodies to give family and friends.

  104. My favorite part of Christmas is being with family. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening this year.

  105. Love your stories
    Can’t wait to read the next one. Thanks for all you do. Stay safe.

  106. My favorite part of the holidays is usually seeing family that we rarely get to see during the year but that will be different this year. So I am reading a little more and talking on the computer a little more. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hopefully things will get better and next year we will get to spend time with distant family again.

  107. I have read seven Christmas themed books this year and I would love to read these as well.

  108. My favorite part is having my whole family together. Especially this year! We bake together and spend all our time together. It’s wonderful.

  109. I love reading a book with some tea (or a drink!), with the tree lights on and the candles burning. Calm and quiet.

  110. Celebrating Christmas with my children. We have a tradition of decorating the tree and the house together. It is a time for us to remember our previous years of decorating as we tell stories about each of the ornaments we place on the tree.

  111. My favorite part of the holiday is the spirit of the holiday and seeing it through children’s eyes. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  112. Of course we aren’t getting together this year, but I like getting together with the family and remember Christmas’ past.

  113. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love everything about it! My favorite part I guess would be the tree. I love the lights, the ornaments, and the excitement my family has while decorating the tree. I love just having the tree lit up and the rest of the lights off. It’s a cozy and wonderful feeling. When I was little I would sit by myself by the tree and sing Christmas songs . While decorating the tree and on Christmas Day we make Grinch punch. It’s a big family favorite. To me the tree brings more of the holiday spirit into my home.

  114. My favorite part of the holidays is driving around looking at all the decorated houses. My family hops in the car, we put on some Christmas music and drive all around looking at the lights.

  115. My favorite event during the Christmas season is extending helping hand to someone else. Our neighborhood High School has a list of students in need. My family picks name of student and become involved in shopping for student’s wish list, meeting student and family. Continue to support student after.

    • Being with family going to Christmas Eve srvice is best part of the Christmas holiday.

  116. I like that most people have a sense of love and friendship at this time of year. Heaven knows, we need that especially this year.

  117. I love everything! Being with my family (although it probably won’t happen this year), the cooking, baking, decorating. And most of all, I love the reason of Christmas, the story of the birth of Jesus, which is meant to give us all hope, something I think we can all use a little of right now.

  118. I can’t separate my two favorite things – being in church and being with family. Both may be harder come by this year, but I’ll try.

  119. Setting out the holiday decorations while listening to Perry Como – on the original LP record!

  120. My favorite part of the Holidays is getting to see my grandchildren at Christmas time.

  121. My favorite part of the holidays is being surrounded by those I love. Of course this year will be a little different, but just knowing my family is safe (even if not together) that will make me happy.

  122. I have many favorite parts, especially around Christmastime. First, my birthday is 2 days before so I’m lucky in that everything feels so magical already on top of my birthday excitement. Second, I love giving gifts and seeing the recipients open them and smile! And third, I LOVE sitting by the fire wit a cup of coffee or hot cocoa surrounded by festive decorations and everyone I love.

  123. I love seeing the look on my grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s faces when they open their presents. My oldest grandson once told me, when he was quite young, that I was the best present picker-outer ever.
    Thank you so much for the chance.

  124. My favorite part of holidays is family/friends gathering… laughing, chatting (catch up with the news), singing, eating, drinking, opening thoughtful presents, play silly games and be grateful & blessed for beautiful people in our family and friendship.

  125. I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy seeing all the lights and decorations, especially when there’s snow.

  126. 100% the food, I live with most of my tiny family and we stopped the presents many years ago when there were no more kids.

  127. My favorite part of the holidays is three fold. First the decorations, love having the house all lit up! Then comes baking the goodies. Once those are done, having loved ones visit. Of course this year, we’ll have to do without that very best part.

  128. I love seeing ornaments on Christmas trees and continuing the tradition of serving plum pudding and pulling Christmas crackers.

  129. I love the spirit and the “feels” of the season! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I feel it in my heart! I enjoy the get-togethers, the food (gingersnaps especially!) and the smiles on the faces of everyone!

  130. My favourite part of the holidays is the pretty lights & sharing seasonal treats with family & friends.

  131. Even when I was a little girl getting a Live Christmas tree was the most important purchase even more than receiving presents.

  132. I really love the atmosphere of Christmas–the songs, the tree, the light displays, the classic movies, new and old.

  133. My favorite part of the holidays is reading the Advent,St. Nicholas ,ST.Lucia .Chanukah and all the religious and holiday Christmas books.

  134. My favorite is being with my family my ex husband kept me and my daughter from my family for over 10 years and he was very abusive I left almost 9 Years ago ..So now for the last almost 9 years Christmas is amazing with my family making All both my Grandmother’s recipes for the Holidays All together as A Family Christmas now is amazing with family.
    I love All your books lately though haven’t been able to buy any financially its really tough right now…God Bless You for being an Awesome Writer ..Your books are a way to escape the chaos for a little while

  135. My favorite part of the holidays is decorating and listening to Christmas music. Being with family for a big dinner at Christmas was also my favorite. So now with 7 children who have their own families , virtual is how we have to do now. Stay safe and Happy Holidays.

  136. I love to ride around the town looking at holiday lights. I enjoy going to our church Christmas program, helping families who need a hand up at Christmas through my church, and eating all the yummy food!!

  137. My favorite part of the holidays is the joy of my grandkids at the lights and displays and of course the presents

  138. My favorite part of the holidays is watching friends and family open gifts, especially the kids. It gives me great joy just to see the happy faces and surprised looks when people see their gifts. It’s just so much fun, and I love to answer kids questions about Santa Claus, because, you know, I’m old and I’ve gotten to know quite a bit about good old Santa.

  139. I love everything about Christmas! I love decorating the trees and house – that’s kind of meditative. I love looking at our own decorations and others in the neighborhood. I love finding the perfect gift for someone. I love watching that someone open the gift so I can see what they think. 🙂

  140. My favorite part is all the love I see around this time of year! Just warms my heart!

  141. My favorite part of the Holidays is being with my family. I just enjoy the pleasure of being together and sharing memories of past Holidays. It’s such a feeling of Joy and Happiness being together.

  142. Celebrating the birth of Jesus, singing and sharing and rejoicing in His love with family and friends.

  143. Watching people open the gifts I picked or made for them is my favorite part of the holidays.

  144. I work as a certified child life specialist in a children’s hospital and love being able to play Santa for our patients and families. Their joy is contagious.

  145. my favorite part of the holidays is family – watching my kids and grandkids open gifts, everyone together to eat a great dinner! it will be a little sadder this year with the death of my dad, but we’ll make new traditions and get through it the best we can!

  146. Our family has a Christmas Eve dinner of Lasagna, then we all go to Midnight Mass. My sister-in-law is a cloistered nun, and the last few years she has been able to stay with us for a couple of days and go with us.

  147. In normal times, my favorite part of the holidays would be gathering with family and friends. But during this pandemic, I’m relying on Christmas TV specials and music to get me in the mood.

  148. I think it’s doing family traditions with my nephew for the first time – well, the first time he can remember as he is 1 and 1/2. He’s such a sweet boy and his face lighting up and his laugh bursting out is ine of my very favorite things.

  149. Listening to Christmas music while driving around looking at the holiday lights. I find it peaceful.

  150. The best part of the holidays is that they are a ray of hope & light in the darkness of winter. When Christmas comes, it brings colors, sounds, sparkles, and emotions that pave the way towards a new year and towards warmer days. This year, especially, we need that hope that next year will be better than this one was.

  151. Thanks for the chance to win! I will share books with my daughters and daughter in law.

  152. Hi! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win! Stay safe!

  153. I love to sing Christmas carols, attend worship services, and celebrate with family. All of those things will be limited this year, but our hearts will be together.

  154. Watching the wee ones look of surprise, fun and wonder of gifts piling up and Elf on the Shelf popping up here and there.

  155. I love getting together with the family but I also love that we have extra days off work just to be together.

  156. Thank you for this lovely Holiday gift package. I collect fun mugs and we are inveterate tea drinkers. The books will be read and shared with the rest of the family and then go to live with our local library branch.

  157. Visiting family and friends. Driving around looking at peoples lights and decorations

  158. My favorite part of the holidays is the laughter, food and family gather around the festive table of celebration. My heart swells with love and happiness. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THAT!

  159. I love the feeling of family, love, and celebration that the holidays seem to bring to everyone.

  160. My favorite part of the holidays is seeing the wonder on little ones faces… and sometimes on the older one too!

    I also love taking some downtime to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book, a holiday cookie or two, and a warm beverage.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  161. My favorite part of the holidays is the family relaxing after the hustle and bustle of opening everything and eating everything and talking about friends and loved ones who have left us. Thank you.

  162. My favourite part of Christmas is the holiday spirit! Spending time with family, and friends who are my family. I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies, classic Christmas movies and reading Christmas books. It really fosters my creative side of cooking & baking and making Christmas cards.

  163. I love everything about the holiday season! It starts by going to the Christmas tree farm to cut down our own tree. Then decorating it as a family while Christmas music plays in the background. Later we’ll put out my mom’s snowman collection, my cookie jar collection, & many other assorted decorations, like Rudolph and Clarice stuck together inside a wreath. We’ll put up the snowflake lights on the porch & decorate the outdoor pine tree with colored lights – a tradition that started when my neighbor across the street was ill and we wanted him to have a Christmas tree. As it gets closer to Christmas, there will be lots of baking and presents to wrap. To me, the season is all about family & giving, be it big or small things.

  164. Can’t wait to read your new book! Christmas with the family is not happening this year, due to COVID, but reading has helped pass the time and taken me to places I could never imagine.

  165. My favorite part of the holidays is our family getting together and sharing good memories and food,

  166. My favorite part of the holidays is everyone seems a bit nicer, families get along a little better, and let’s not forget all the decorations!

  167. My favorite part of the holidays is having our son visit and all of us going to church Christmas Eve,

  168. The best part of Christmas is spending time with family. And if there are little ones, watching them open their presents !!

  169. Normally it’s going out and seeing all the decorations and watching The Nutcracker. This time with staying home, I’m happy to watch holiday movies on tv and drink hot cider! I’m also happy to be able to spend more time at home with my mom. Happy holidays!

  170. I have a couple, decorating the tree with my kids and grandkids and watching the grandkids get excited when the gifts are being passed out. Everyone is laughing, talking and just having a good time.

  171. My favorite part of the holidays is everyone being together. I will miss that this year.

  172. Getting together with family and friends. Of course, this year will not allow for a lot of that, but hoping and praying that next year that will happen.

  173. Because I live on my own and have no family, I put up my old Christmas tree, decorate it and then put gifts I bought myself over the past few months and gift wrapped them so I can’t remember what I bought myself (I like surprises), I have logs in the fireplace ready for Christmas. I make my favorite foods the day before Christmas. I always buy myself new Christmas books so that I can sit and read by my fire every Christmas. I always have a bottle of Champagne at hand and I toast my lost family. I think toasting my lost family is probably the best part of my Christmas. I miss them so much.

  174. My favorite part of the holidays is basking cookies in our pajamas with my mom, making all of our childhood favorites and the smell of cookies baking is ju st so unbelievable it really makes one feel the spirit of Christmas along with scent of Christmas throughout the whole house. To win this contest would just be the icing on the cake for my mom loves to read and Julia London is one of her favorite authors, yes I would give the gift box to my mom.

  175. It seems that the older you become the more you miss the special feeling that the Holidays bring. Kids are gone, no need for tree and all the fun of decorating, and the festive meals and company. So now I am really enjoying the music of the holiday season. It brings back such fond memories.

  176. What a spectacular prize package. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea on a cold wintry day. A great way to celebrate the holiday season.

  177. I love the Christmas lights, the Christmas music, the holiday baking…..and the anticipation! ⭐🎄🎁☃️❄

  178. My favorite part of Christmas is the joy, excitement and hope that is built during advent. Christmas Eve and day is then a true heartfelt celebration ❤️

  179. I really enjoyed the other two audiobooks in this series and really look forward to listening to this one too! Three cheers for Wesloria!

  180. Really liked “The Princess Plan”, looking forward to rest of the series.
    My favorite 2 parts of Christmas are: I’m an RN and seeing my patients well enough to go home for the holidays is wonderful; and the other is sharing holiday meal with my 2 daughters.
    Thanks for your generous offer, Chris.

  181. Usually, my favorite part of Christmas is going to Christmas Eve mass when the church is all decorated, there is an abundance of singing and it is standing room only. Not so much this year.

  182. My fav part of the holidays is reconnecting with family and friends I may not have spoken to much during the year.

  183. Celebrating the true spirit of Christmas. Celebrating with those we love.
    I enjoy your books. They are a lift especially during this time.

  184. Hi Julia,
    Please enter me into your contest thank you very much, I hope you are all doing well? We are all fine here hubby and daughters are home working hubby will be for good now since he had a heart surgery I’m home Dr says I’m a at risk cause of my asthma. I been reading and my “to read” pile is almost finish so that means Buy more books
    Take care and have a Merry Christmas!

  185. No matter that this year it’s my partner and children, I simply love being with family during the holiday season.

  186. I love the music. I love everyone from the Vienna Boy’s Choir to A Jazzy Little Christmas.

    It is a good thing and it makes me feel cheerful. This year, feeling cheerful is a big deal.

  187. Everyone seems more pleasant to each other. I work in an elementary school and love to see how happy and excited the kids get.

  188. My favorite part of Christmas is the extra time I get to spend with family. This year is more special because I became a Mimi, I can’t wait to see how he enjoys Christmas.

  189. Gathering with family and seeing Christmas through the eyes of my grandchildren. Passing on traditions, Grandma’s Moon cookies, roasting chestnuts, eating pomegranates, Going to Mass together and celebrating the true reason for Christmas! Blessings to you!

  190. I am getting so bored being homebound. I am 73 and my kids think I should not go out in public because of the virus. So. would love to win these books and the tea would be a relaxing finish.

  191. All the generous giving!
    The Salvation Army Angels, Giving Trees at church, giving to homeless shelter, nursing homes, senior centers, children hospital, foster care group homes and so much more.
    The gift really is in the giving.

  192. My favorite part of the Hoidays used to be taking each of my grandchildren to buy a new ornament for them and also pick one for a charity tree to donate. Now that they are all grown and in college, it’s a blessing to be able to see all of them at one time at Christmas. This year, of course, will be lonely since we won’t risk anyone’s health. It will be patio visit or phone calls.
    Be Well and Stay Safe…..wishing you a beautiful, healthy Holiday Season.

  193. I love spending time with friends and family this time of year. There is something special about having dinner on Christmas Eve with family at the grandparents’ house!

  194. I always enjoy watching the faces of those to whom we have given gifts…surprise, appreciation, and always a smile. That means more to me than anything. This year we’ll do it via zoom with virtual hugs!!!

  195. Church services on Christmas Eve night; the hustle and bustle is over and you can think of and feel the true meaning of Christmas!

  196. My favorite part of the holidays are the decorations (in particular all my snowmen!) and the opportunity to drink egg nog.

  197. My favorite part of the holidays is getting together with family. But sad for two reasons this year. My mom passed away on May 16th. So this is my first Christmas without her in 60 years. She was 86. The second is because of Covid 19. Ohio is restricting get togethers. Only get together with people in your own house. Which for me would be two. But maybe next year things will be better. I will just count my blessings I am healthy and my family. The lights are beautiful to look at. Would love to read your book. Merry Christmas and stay safe.

  198. Spending time with family, although this year it will just be my husband, the dog and I. In a normal year participating in the Big Bike Build a charity in our city does for underprivileged and underserved kids in the community. That’s always the start of our holiday season.

  199. My favorite part of Christmas is the lights strung up in the neighborhood, they make me smile whether I’m going for a walk or a drive

  200. I enjoy the lights and decorations. Don’t have many relatives left to have a big Christmas but I do have a lot of heirloom ornaments and decorations made by my parents and grandparents. Displaying all of them and reliving the memories each year is a true treasure.

  201. My favorite part of the holidays is being together with loved ones & seeing everyone so happy.

  202. I love everything about the Christmas season, but I would have to say my favorite part is all the time I spend with my daughters. From making cookies, homemade ornaments, paper snowflakes, and picking out our annual family ornament, I love it all!

  203. I look forward to the day my husband and I make cookies together.
    My mom and I use to spend a whole day making cookies. We would listen to Elvis and Kenny Rogers, she would tell me stories of her youth and about our family, and we would eat way too many cookies.
    She passed away in 2015 from ALS, but my husband and I still carry on the tradition. 🙂

  204. My favorite part of the holidays is getting together with family and friends. Decorations, good food, presents, and fun!

  205. My favorite part of the holidays is the traditions of Christmas in our family. Christmas Eve dinner with my parents, sister and her family, and ours. Full formal Christmas Midnight Mass followed by Christmas Day spent with my best friend and her full, extended family. Family and friends – most important things in the world.

  206. Giving thanks for my many blessings!
    Usually spending time with my daughter and family (hopefully they won’t have the flu this year). 🤢 Talking to the rest of the family on the phone since they live far away.

  207. Delightful and beautiful giveaway. I love tea. Perfect for the winter and all year with the special mug to treasure.

  208. Love picking up hot chocolate and driving around looking at Christmas lights with husband and teenage girls – doesn’t matter your age, something about Christmas lights always brings joy and wonder!

  209. My favorite part of the holidays is seeing family we don’t get to see at other times of the year. This year will look different for most people I expect, but the thought is still there and Zoom can be a wonderful thing.

  210. My favorite part of Christmas is getting together with our kids, grandkids and my brother and having an appetizer contest. It is a lot of fun and we get some pretty tasty food.

  211. I love picking out a fresh tree and bringing it home to decorate. Putting ornaments with memories on the tree is nostalgic and fun! Once done, I turn off house lights leaving only Christmas lights on and lay under the tree marveling at the wonder of the holidays. I also love wearing my Christmas clothing & jewelry so I can share my joy of the season with others!

  212. Christmas is such a beautiful time of year! Enjoy your family and thank you for this chance.

  213. My favorite part is good food and enjoying the food with family and friends. I know it will have to be in smaller groups this year, even if it just ends up being myself and my husband.

  214. Doing Volunteer Work at a local school. We make sure EVERY student has a book as a Christmas gift.

  215. My favorite part of the holidays is any time I get to spend with my family. Of course there’s not much of that this year. Now that I think about it, most of it revolves around food. On Xmas Eve there’ll be sand tart cookies and egg nog.We’ll be together for our traditional Xmas morning breakfast of oyster stew. Then we’ll have our “lucky” meal on New Year’s Day.

  216. Decorating the tree with my kids and putting up the Christmas village. My son still puts his little green army men in the village and he’s 23 now.

  217. It’s the perfect time to snuggle in with a holiday-themed romance — whether on TV or with a book. (While I know I can do this anytime of year, I always feel a little off.)

  218. seeing everyone watching the little ones oohing & ahhing over their gifts and having your family all together.

  219. Getting to spend time with my family. It’s been a long tough year. Family is the best medicine in the world!

  220. My favorite part of the holidays is the food and sharing it with loved ones. It has been a challenging year for everyone but we will still manage to eat holiday season foods and treats, and we will zoom, skype, or FaceTime.

  221. Giving to others especially if it is something I made for them. They like it and it makes me feel good too!

  222. My favorites of the holiday season are the lights and the choir at Christmas midnight service.

  223. Getting together with my family although this year it will not be in person which is extremely disappointing.

  224. I absolutely love the holiday season although this year will be a bit different! I love spending time with our family eating good food and catching up. And I love seeing the pretty Christmas lights!

  225. My favorite part of Christmas is when all my family is together. I love watching the happy interactions of the cousins.

  226. I love to decorate the Christmas tree with my family and listening to the Christmas music. Love to watch my grandkids opening their presents. Relax on my favorite chair with a cup of hot tea and reading your books.

  227. My favorite part about Christmas is finding and buying gifts that my family members will be surprised about and that they love!

  228. My favorite part of Xmas is decorating the tree and cooking. I love making the holiday meal. The smells and the lights.

  229. My favorite part is just being with family, we have tradition of all of us helping to make a big breakfast. All of us in our Christmas pjs. We sit together and just enjoy being together. Lots of laughter and smiles. Best present ever!

  230. My favorite part of the holiday is two fold, the first part is being with my family. I am isolated in a small town with my parents (not that I mind I love living here) so when the holiday come around we get to visit with others and see friends and family. Second is giving of gifts, I don’t care if I don’t receive anything but I love to give gifts to others especially if it’s something I’ve made. Seeing the look on someone face when you hand them a gift is priceless.

  231. My favorite part of the holidays is reflecting on the birth of Christ and how His birth and death gives me eternal life with God.

  232. My favorite part of the holidays is decorating the tree with my husband Shawn and putting out my Christmas village.

  233. Traditionally my favorite Christmas memory was Christmas morning around the tree, laughing and watching everyone’s faces as they opened gifts. Last year my kids were all grown up for the first time and Christmas Eve dinner out was the winner. No clean up and everyone was able to relax. I hope we can do that again this year.

  234. Before this year, favorite was attending the Nutcracker w/daughter & granddaughter; then, having Christmas Eve dinner with whole family and attending church.

  235. The best part of the Holiday is being surrounded by my family. Having my children home to spend the holiday.

  236. My favorite part of the holiday is gift giving! I also really love all the decorations.

  237. Decorating for Christmas and being together with family…..not so much with family this year, but decorating has uplifted my Christmas spirit.

  238. I love the Lights on the houses and the trees in the houses and outside the houses. It makes me feel calm and peaceful.

  239. My favorite part of the holidays is upholding family traditions. We are trying hard this year, even with Covid.

  240. I am Jewish and for the last 41 years, I have helped put up the tree of my best friend and her family. It is tradition to us.

  241. Having my family all together. I’m 83 years old and don’t get to see my family very often , so it’s very special to see them all at Christmas.

  242. My favorite part of the holidays is (usually) getting together with family to celebrate. We’ll see how things go this year!

  243. My favorite part of the holidays is watching the children’s faces Christmas morning opening their gifts and then being with all the family for Christmas dinner. I can’t forget the lights I love all the lights and decorations.

  244. The family being together, at least for a short while before my girls go back to college.

  245. What a lovely giveaway! What goes better together than books and tea! Love the book covers! So pretty! Favorite part of the holiday for me is reflecting on what the birth of Christ means to me, and how I can best serve Him. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  246. I love Christmas treats and carols, but more importantly, Christmas is a time to remember the gifts with which God endows us and share happy times with family and friends.

  247. My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family, and filling up stockings with little gifts.

  248. Being with family and seeing the joy on there faces just to around each other when we are in the USA at the same time.

  249. I like it because the wintery feel and all the kindness in the air. I also like it because of the holiday spirit. All the decorations, trees, and lights make me feel cheered up! One of my favorite parts about it though is that my family comes together and celebrates every year.

  250. I love our family holiday party that includes much of the extended family and friends. I am single so thi s my opportunity to enjoy the holidays with so many of those I love. We won’t be doing this this year but I look forward to next year.

  251. A friend and I exchange books as gifts and have done so for many years. I love unwrapping them to find out what she’s picked out for me that year.

  252. Christmas Eve services. So beautiful, with the music, the message, and the candlelight at the end, as we sing Silent night.

  253. I’ve always loved the food….. making things that have been handed down from mother to daughter. The cookies, the wedding soup, the Christmas dinner. I had taken over most of it in recent years, but including my mom in as much as she was able to do so that she wouldn’t feel left out. This year is the first year without her and it’s breaking my heart that she won’t be there to make pizzelles or to add all the ingredients I get ready into my great grandmothers giant pot.

  254. Spending time with family and friends are what the holidays are about. This year we will be doing that virtually. Not the same but better to do this way so that next year we can be together.

  255. My favorite part of the Holidays are being with family, the food, traditions, overall spirit of the season. People seem more cheerful.

  256. My favorite part of Christmas is watching my grandchildren open their gifts and all their excitment

  257. Cozying up by the fireplace on and the only other light is the Christmas tree lights on. So peaceful…..

  258. The love and happiness of the holiday season which usually brings the best out of people!

  259. My favorite part of the holidays are getting together with my family for a Christmas party. My siblings, their spouses and all my nieces and nephews. I have a big family and it’s lots of fun!!!!

  260. My favourite part is cooking with my parents. Sadly, it won’t be the same this year, as Dad passed away recently, but still well try and make it special.

  261. Looking forward to Zoom family book trivia night!
    We can’t get together in person but we can still share fun and laughter.

  262. This year my husband and I will be alone for the first time so we are trying new traditions. I love all the decorations and in our neighborhood people have gone all out with lights this year! It’s fun to ride around and see all the beauty.

  263. I love feeling like a kid again.. decorating, looking at lights, wrapping presents, watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. I love finding the perfect gift for everyone. I’m hoping Christmas cheer helps this crazy year.

  264. Besides celebrating the birth of or Savior, Jesus Christ, my favorite part of the Holidays is how everyone is in a happy mood and doing nice things to help others.

  265. I love everything about the Holidays! Christmas is a magical time of the year. I love the decorations, the lights at night and music. The time with family and the traditions that never get old and pass down from generation to generation. This year is hard with the pandemic but we are trying to hold onto as much of the traditions and time together as well as we can. Even if it means Zoom to the rescue.

  266. Hot Coco, hot Coco with peppermint, seasonal decorations and the smell of a live Christmas tree,. Uplifted spirits (for most people) and time spent preparing donations for those in need, either human or animal. Time for pondering how fortunate we all are here in the United States, even in the midst of COVID-19. Reading Julia London books are top on my list of things to enjoy!

  267. My favorite part of the holidays is baking dozens and dozens of cookies so that I can deliver them to our closest friends! Since we live far away from family, I love showering our friends with love. Thank you for the chance, and I love tea. 🙂

  268. My favorite part of the holidays is seeing family and friends. For me that is the joy of the holidays.

  269. I love cuddling on the couch with the fire going and watching Hallmark movies with my daughter. 🙂

  270. Love decorating for Christmas and getting together with family and listening to music.

  271. I love the family traditions we started and my adult children (in their 20’s), love and look forward to them!

  272. My favourite part are the decorations. I love a decorated tree and lights outside in the snow.

  273. I love everything about Christmastime! The food, the music, the change of season and most of all the spirit of giving!

  274. My favorite part of the holidays is staying up late catching up with a friend or relative. It is so wonderful to hear their voices.

  275. Everything! Christmas is my favorite. I love friends and family gathering, the joy and surprise and excitement! Baking and decorating!

  276. I love to cook and see family that I normally do not get to visit with; this year we are not getting together.

  277. I absolutely love your books and reread it them all the time. Thanks for giving us a moment in our busy lives to escape and dream a little.

  278. Thank you for this contest. My favorite part of Christmas is decorating. Putting up the tree, decorating the house, inside and out. My two kids and I have done it every year since my oldest was born and then my grandson when he came along. It’s something that I know we’ll all do together every year. Thanks again.

  279. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family and watching Christmas movies.

  280. My favorite part of Hanukkah is eating potato latkes and lighting the menorah.

    Happy Holidays.

  281. My favorite part of Christmas is attending Christmas Eve mass with my family and then heading to the in-laws for presents and dinner.
    Love watching my adult kids open presents.

  282. My favorite part of the Christmas season is spending it with family, especially this year where that has not been possible.

    I miss my grand kids and all our Holiday traditions.

    I love your books.

  283. My favorite part of the holiday is seeing the decorations and seeing all the reactions of all the little ones with the lights and the Christmas trees and what the see on Christmas morning. Also see how many books I receive.

  284. My favorite part of the holiday is seeing the decorations and seeing all the reactions of all the little ones with the lights and the Christmas trees and what the see on Christmas morning.

  285. I love the shopping/hunting for the perfect gift to give my loved ones then having that family time. 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  286. I love spending time with family. I feel so happy when we are all together.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  287. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family, enjoying good food, and lots of laughs.

  288. spending time with the family and catching up on old movies that we all love. also getting them to help in household projects that were put on hold. 🙂

  289. My favorite part of the holidays is being with family. This year has made it rather difficult for people to get together as often. Christmas is about sharing love and laughter and spending time with loved ones.

  290. My favorite part of the holidays is all of it. The lights, the magical feeling in the air, friends and family (although we’ll be online this year), the food, the peace and goodwill of strangers, and the reminder of the newborn babe who saved the world.

  291. I love reading Christmas romance, watching Christmas movies on TV, seeing our kitties look at the tree, and spending time with my daughter on Christmas. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just spending time together is the most special part of all.

    Merry Christmas!

  292. I love seeing the lights of Christmas all around, but my favorite part of the holiday is visiting with family and seeing the little ones enjoy the magic of it all. Sadly, that isn’t possible this year, but I’ll enjoy a quiet celebration and look forward to next year. Thank you for offering this giveaway. It will be a lovely surprise for the winner.

  293. My favorite part of the holidays is being able to spend time with family, unfortunately this year that won’t be happening. So this year I guess my favorite part will be buying and sending gifts to them.

  294. My favorite part of the holidays is seeing my nieces and nephews and seeing their excitement about Christmas. This year I won’t get to see most of them in person, but we plan on seeing each other through Zoom and FaceTime.☘️

  295. I love the feeling of happiness that everyone has at the holiday season – a true joy to the world belief in the real meaning of Christmas!

  296. My favorite part of the holidays is baking my gifts (biscotti) and sending them out to friends and family around the country.

  297. This wedding series leaves me breathless. It keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait to read a Princess by Christmas……………

  298. I really enjoy reading your books. Happy Holidays to you and yours, and may 2021 be a true blessing to all.

  299. Loved reading A Princess by Christmas from the library having my own coy to read again and share would be great.

  300. I love spending time with family the lights on the houses and all the great food. Thanks for the chance.

  301. My favorite part of Christmas is a family gathering and this year celebrating my 40 th wedding anniversary!!!

  302. I love all things that involve the grandkids. We have Grandma Craft Day, and we decorate together, we look at lights, we shop, and go to lunch. We start doing stuff right after thanksgiving and do stuff all December up to Christmas Eve church. (Will miss that this year).

  303. I love all the Christmas lights. I love having my family all in one place for a few days. Now that my boys are grown it’s hard to have everyone home at the same time especially this year.

  304. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family and enjoying all of the holiday treats.

  305. My favorite part of the holidays is the “holiday spirit”. People are more giving during this time of year. And with the house decorated, cookies baking in the oven and Christmas carols being sung on the radio and by everyone in the house it is such a joyous time of the year!

  306. My favorite part of the holidays are going out and looking at lights while listening to holiday songs!!

  307. My favorite part of the holiday is usually spending it with my kids. However, they live out of state and cannot visit due to the pandemic. Making do with a video call is just not the same.

  308. We like to drive around looking at Christmas lights. Pack everyone in the car and just go on a random night.

  309. I love the spirit of the season. I love spending more time with family, watching their faces light up when they receive their gifts, sitting by the tree playing board games or trivia or playing outdoor activities if the weather permits.

  310. Getting to see the joy in the kids faces when they open some little gift that is much more special than what it cost!

  311. My favorite part of the holidays is being with my family. During the year, our four kids are heading their directions as we are heading ours with so few moments that we are actually together for quality time. It seems like daily living and hustle of life gets to slow during the holidays so we can enjoy each other. My heart is full always, but the days we get to spend together without having to “run” are really special. Seeing extended family, when we are again able (post covid), is also super special to me.

  312. I love all of the beautiful Christmas lights & creating new traditions with family & friends!

    • This year my oldest son and daughter-in-law are expecting our first grandchild-a girl! We’re not sure how Christmas is going to look yet with Covid, but we are excited that our younger son who we haven’t seen since last Christmas will be home for two weeks. He will Covid test before coming and work from our house. Lots to celebrate this year while we pray for those who have lost loved ones.

  313. My favorite part of the holidays is just spending time with family and seeing how excited they are when they open their presents.

  314. My favorite part of the holiday is decorating a tree and enjoying it daily while reading and also listening to Christmas music. Sometimes, I will sing along.