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273 thoughts on “APRIL GIVEAWAY

  1. I’ve had so many favorite pets! But, my heart dogs have been my border terriers. I first learned of them from James Herriot’s books. Then, I met a few at a dog show and was hooked. They are the most unterrier of the terriers and have been my partners in so many activities from dog shows, agility, tracking, earthdog, therapy visits… They can be as active as you want… but also make great lap dogs. If you’ve ever seen the movie, There’s Something About Mary, you’ve seen a border terrier. 🙂

  2. I have a rescue Havanese named Rocky. He has such a sweet soul despite being rescued from bad puppy-mill physical abuse.

  3. We live on a farm and always have had a dog. If I could not see the children or my husband all I had to do was call the dog. He would come running and then I knew where they were.(The dog had better hearing than they did).

  4. I have had three wonderful dogs and nine beloved cats. I would not be able to choose a favorite. All were loved and cherished.

  5. I have had pets most of my life but I don’t actually like living with them.

  6. Zacarias was the sweetest cat! He was an outside cat but during the winter, at night, he would knock at the kitchen door and, when we let him in, he would sleep by the fireplace. He never once tried to steal food from the table, he just wanted to be cozy and warm. He was also very friendly, which is why he was stolen… I still miss him.

    • We had a Pomeranian named Bear who was the sweetest little guy ever! He lived to be 14, and we miss him a lot.

  7. I’ve had 3 long-term pets while growing up. The first was a blue tick hound named Sparky who was a hunting dog, but chased rabbits if they were around. The second was a border collie named Barney who had a huge number of words he knew. He also herded everything people and the cat included. The third was a Maine Coon Cat named Gerald who let us dress him in doll clothes and a bonnet and sat in the wheelbarrow looking regal. He was a big cat as all Maine Coons are and liked to bring to the door presents of baby birds, moles and mice. We appreciated him for other gifts and he came running if the electric can opener was running, thinking it was food for him.

  8. All my pets were my favorite at the time. But Sonya holds my heart. She was a wolf lab. A very sweet girl that I will miss forever.

  9. I have had many different pets over the years… my best friend growing up was a parrot named Oscar… he would give me kisses, guard my room from intruders, and play peek a boo with me… loved that bird.

  10. My favourite pet was once of our barn cats when I was a kid – she wasn’t the friendliest with strangers, but she got along very well with me.

  11. I’ve never had a pet, but a favorite book pet is Red the hamster in the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. It’s very touching how Stephanie always thinks of Red first when disaster strikes, as it so often does.

  12. My favourite pet was a wild snowshoe hare. It was rescued, near death, at a couple of days old. I gave it kitty milk from an eyedropper, every 4 hours, round the clock, for a month. She thought I was “Momma”, and would follow me around the house. She even turned white, every winter, even though she was exclusively inside. She lived 10 years, with lots of love.

  13. While my daughter was growing up, we had a black lab mix named Max. Max loved children and was the perfect dog for our family.

    Currently, we have four (yes, four!) cats. One cat, Cheerio, was a feral that we new from the time her mom brought her to our porch to eat cat food we provided to some area stray & feral cats. Cheerio adopted our porch as her second home, and eventually, with lots of patience and coaxing, we got her in the house. She has fully adopted our family and is the most affectionate, snuggliest, lap kitty I have ever known.

  14. The best dog we ever had was “Trisha” which was a cocker spaniel. She really thought she was human and I am sure it was because she was so spoiled. LOL She died at 12 but had a very good life. Enjoyed going for boat rides and camping with us all summer long. We just could not replace her and I don’t think I could go through the loss again. So enjoy what ever pet you have when you have them. They do leave a lot of good memories.

  15. I don’t currently have a pet. Bear was a sweet, spoiled Yorkie who was full of energy.

  16. My current dog, Dobby, is a rescue I adopted last summer and he’s amazing! He couldn’t be a better fit for our family and we can’t imagine life without him.

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever had a favorite pet since they’ve all been amazing fur babies, but right now I have 3 cats: Thomas, Jack and Baloo.

  18. Blazer was a big Siberian husky that was given to us. He grew up with us, slept with us, knocked us out of bed when he stretched. Layed on us when we layed on the floor or ground. He was just one of us. So loved him

  19. My favorite pet was a dog named Scooter that I had when I was a little girl. I picked him out from the animal shelter and he was missing an eye. He was about to be put down because nobody would adopt him, so I chose him to save him. He certainly wasn’t a traditionally “pretty” dog, but he was oh so sweet. I loved him so much and he was my best friend.

  20. My cat Sabrina was a feral rescue. She was 5 weeks old, and lived to almost be 11. She became my constant companion, which I really needed. A couple years before I lost her, I almost died from H1N1 complications. She went from sleeping at my feet at night, to sleeping at my side so she could put her head under my hand. When it got cold, she’d do the same but under the quilt 🙂 I still miss her. I have another little feral rescue now, years later, but I won’t forget Sabrina.

  21. Sparky was a rescue Australian Cattle Dog who loved my family unconditionally. As a blue heeler, Sparky loved nothing more than working outside on the farm, but Sparky’s world changed dramatically in 2017, when my dad died in a farm accident. After that devastating event, Sparky adopted Mom as his #1 person and protected her ferociously until his own death just two years later.

  22. I have wanted a Shetland Sheep Dog, male, Bi-Blue color, with the name of Dorian. Hoping I live long enough to get one.

  23. My best pet was a basset hound. He would eat when we ate and loved to play and go on walks. He was a great champion.

  24. I’ve had several rescue cats over the yeats . One of my favorites was Bean, an adorable calico, who loved everybody and whenever someone came over she would appear and look for petting.

  25. We had a dog that we inherited from our son—a rescue dog—that we feel had been whipped before he got her. But she was the best dog ever for us—she did not however like UPS or FedEx trucks or thunderstorms. But she was the most loving dogs for all of us including grandkids. Was so patient and minded so well. Learned tricks and commands. So sad when she passed. Her name was Ann, but I called her Miss Ann.

  26. My sister has 2 English Bulldogs, Bruno Uno & Zoey Bella! They are such characters! Bruno, especially, is so sweet, he loves to cuddle! They are my niece & nephew puppies!

  27. I loved our Havanese, Java. She loved raw carrots for a treat. When I was in the kitchen, she would ignore me when tearing lettuce, chopping onions, or peeling potatoes. As soon as she heard the first scrape of the peeler on a carrot she would be at my feet. She was a funny little thing!

  28. I love all my fur babies, both past and present, and each was unique. My sweet boy Harvey, an yellow english lab, was probably the most lovey and seemed to really connect with whatever emotion you were feeling at that time. Can’t imagine my life without a pup or two in it.

  29. My favorite pet has been all the different animals I have had over the years but I think the one that has my heart the most was my rabbit Smoky. He had such personality, we would let him hop around in our backyard and he would come and pull your shoelaces untied to get my attention. He would also come under the lawn chair and thump his foot until you reached out to pet him. He accidentally ran into our outdoor fireplace one day and got some burns but survived. He was a great bunny. I had several more bunnies after that all with their own personalities and very beloved by our family.

  30. I have had quite a few! But my current baby is Checkers. I think he really thinks I am his Mom. I have had him since he was a baby and he has always been mine, since day one! He is a little Siamese/Manx who can be sweet but is also moody and gets mad when I leave him! I love him though!

  31. My favorite pet was a Sheltie, Sandy Mac. From 2nd grade until my first day of college ,he was always there for me providing comfort, playtime, hugs, kisses and unconditional love!

    He died by my bed the day I left for college! What an emotional day that turned out to be!!!

  32. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a cat! I have loved them all!!

  33. I had quite a few pets growing up but last year I finally got a pet for my own house. He is a 2 year old cat that is more dog than cat. He prefers to hang out people and loves car rides. He is so awesome.

  34. I currently have a 13 yr old 60lb lap dog named Gracie. She is so sweet & knows how to keep me calm.

  35. Would you ask me to name my favorite child? How can I choose one pet from among so many in my heart? I can tell you Midnight was the most laid-back cat, who would let me dress her in doll clothes and push her down the street in a pram. My only dog, Snoopy, who thought he was a cat. My cat Taminar who once backed up to me and sprayed, but I couldn’t be mad; he was marking me as his own. And the dear, sweet, crazy cats I have today, Kali and Pippin. All so very special.

  36. Lucy was the best, sweetest border collie. She was a girl that knew what she wanted and could wear you down until she got it. She was the best.

  37. We had a dog named Dingo. He was half Australian Dingo and half retriever. We had him for 17 years and we still miss him.

  38. Never had a pet, but I really liked my friend’s chi Tessa. She would climb up on my lap and hang out.

  39. I’ve had a lot of amazing pets. Still have 2 pretty cool cats (any typos can be blamed on the chonky ginger boy currently on my lap & arms right now . 😉 ) We had to say goodbye to our golden retriever, Bounder several months ago. He was a big time momma’s boy and would follow me around the house. The cats miss him as much as we do. He helped raise them after we brought them in when they were only a few days old. My tortie decided I was her person so both she and Bounder would hang out with me whenever I was home – we’d make a little train moving room to room.

  40. I’ve had many dogs thru the year but I have to say the most affectionate one I have had is a rescue. Lacy was a German shorthair pointer that we rescued when she was about about 3 years old they thought. She is now around 9 years old thinks she is a lap dog and just loves everyone and shows her love.

  41. I have loved every single one of my fur babies. I now have 2 pups. Fergus my Scottish Terrier who ruled the home and Sydney my Blue Heeler mix. There’s no way I could pick just one favorite. They are all my favorites in some special way!

  42. My favorite was our dog, Hoosier. We got him just before our 2nd child was born. However, when our 4th was born 2 years later they immediately bonded. He was our son’s “best bud”. They were fantastic together. He was a skipperkee/heeler mix and was such an amazing dog. He passed away a few years ago, but will never be forgotten.

  43. three months ago I lost my baby, Casey, who was a tea cup Yorkie who was my purse riding companion for 13 years. I loved him so much. My son made a way for him to get up into my bed with me and he always climed up and crawled under the covers to sleep against the back of my knees, I miss him so very much!


  45. Smokey was a cat I adopted and he became a member of our family. We had him for 19 years until his kidneys began to fail. When I read stories to my two grandkids every night, he hopped up on the bed and listened too. I miss him every day.

  46. I have had several wonderful dogs over the years and each and every one had a very special and unique personality. I cannot just pick one as they all were wonderful, loving dogs.

  47. My favorite pet was a Yellow Lab named Maggie. She was my constant companion and protector. She’s been gone for 18 years but not forgotten. Our present dog is an Irish Setter but she is a Daddy’s girl!

  48. I’ve had numerous dogs over the years, but my favorite has to be my old Lab/Husky mix, Tasha. She was a rescue and from day one, she was MY dog. No one got close to me without her approval. She passed away years ago at the age of 17.
    I’ve also had too many cats to mention, and they’re all my favorites!

  49. Our dog Andle was just that a real angel that came to live with us! A Welch Springer Spaniel, she had a wonderful personality. The neighbor child would come and get her after school to play ball. There were never enough kids to have a catcher so Angel was the catcher. If a batter missed a ball Angel would get it and take it back to the pitcher she generally came home tired and hungry from all the excercise!

  50. I adored every book I read about Jim Qwilleran’s cats. I laughed out loud and fell in love with their life.

  51. My favorite pet was my kitten, who passed away in 2018 at age 14 (not really a kitten at that point, I know, but she was to me). She was my baby. I miss her every day.

  52. I had a little white fuzzy dog named Hocus and my friend had her sister named Pocus!!

  53. My favorite pet was a pet bird which landed on my daughters head while we were drinking coffee outside.
    I ran got a cage for him , food gravel and a bell and ball.
    He lived eleven years. He said a few words.

  54. I don’t have a pet anymore, too difficult with me living in an apartment now. However, my daughter and her family have an adorable miniature schnauzer, 3 years old, named Kona. I just love him, he’s so sweet and bad! He takes off with any possessions at the door when you arrive, a shoe, boot, slipper, glove, etc. which he is unwilling to give up.

  55. My favorite pet is my grand-dog Smokey. He’s getting up in years, but is always up for a contest of strength with his favorite rope – or one of the other toys we keep for him. He never barks in the house, gives hugs and puts his toys away before he goes home with our son.

  56. My favourite cat is rent a cat. Kiki is the neighbors cat who comes for a visit every day and to get a treat….sometimes twice a day. I have allergies to animals so Kiki brings me joy. I so wish I could have a cat or dog.

  57. We have three dogs. Summer is a 15 year old curly hair Maltese. Storm is 15 and is an American Eskimo. Snow is a mixed breed and could be a sibling of your dog!He’s 5 as best we can tell. They are lovable and entertaining and run the house. Wouldn’t know what to do without having a dog.

  58. I love your pups especially the black one as we have a girl Daisy Mae that looks just like yours!Happy Easter to all of you.. We also have a chihuahua that is a boy D.O.G. and he is a loving energentic sweet little 2 year old boy that looks like a black and white baby cow. He has markings on his side one looks like a crab claw that he was meant for me love crab and underneath he has spots

  59. My favorite pet is our dog, Cooper. I’m not a huge animal lover but he’s so personable and loving, he’s broken down my barriers. He has such a way about him that you just can’t help but interact with him and then fall in love with him.

  60. I have loved all my cats that I have had. They each had/have their unique personality. Who can’t help but fall in love.

  61. My favorite pet is my beautiful little basset hound. She is so sweet and lovey and fun.

  62. During my college years we adopted a mutt my brother named Alphonsa. She was a big dog and so we trained her not to jump on people. Even so, we could always count on a warm and loving welcome whenever we came home.

  63. Favorite? How can you pick? However… my first two dogs, sister Labs Molly and Lucy, were the loves of my life. (And that made me all teary.)

  64. I love books with pets. I lost my cat last year and haven’t found a another one yet, but I will. I had a dog for 14 years and I still miss her even though she has been gone longer than that. Keep writing good dog books. Thank you for lots of good reading.

  65. My favorite pet was a Toy Poodle named Pebble. She had been bred by her owner to be a show dog, but hated being in a cage. My Mom saw her when she took her 2 poodles to be groomed and commented on how cute she was. The owner told her the story about hating to be caged and showed that the poor thing had chewed all the hair off her tale! She offered to me – free of charge. The catch was I had to let her be bred one time and they got to keep the litter. Done deal! We brought her home to meet our 3 children who fell in love with her too. One problem – we couldn’t even close her in a room – she totally freaked out. Funny story? My middle child was about to start kindergarden and was upset that her younger brother got to stay home and play with the dog.

  66. Have had a variety of pets. Dogs, cats, white doves, & fish. I currently have a mystery snail in my aquarium. Pets are members of our families & enrich our lives.

  67. I have two cats, both rescues. Chance is 14, Charlie is three. Chance is a crotchety old man. Charlie just wants to play, and he’s bigger than Chance! Never a dull moment around here with lots of howling and yowling. Love them to the moon.

  68. I can’t choose a favorite pet. All the pets I had hold a special place in my heart. right now I do have a pom mix, name Lady. She is going on 9 years old. She is very sassy, sweet, and very spoiled.

  69. Our family dog was a mixed mutt and we adopted him from the animal shelter. He was a rinky dink of a dog, so we named him Rinky. He was a playful, gentle dog and so full of love for all of us, a family of nine. Unfortunately, he died after being bitten by something one night and died. I still have great memories of our rinky dink of a dog.

  70. We had 2 siberian huskies. They were the funniest dogs I have ever had. I miss our 2 girls so much. We have a great dane now, but always think of our huskies.

  71. Mimi was a black cat that came to live with us after the owner had to move to where no pets were allowed. She in no time had the whole family at her beck and call.

  72. Love all books about pets but liked the Magical Cats Mystery Series the best! Awaiting the next one!

  73. My favorite pet was a little Siamese cat named Katie. She was the sweetest cat I have ever owned. But I loved all of my cats, really, including the one I have now, a Maine Coon named Bugsy.

  74. When I was a child, we used to have 3 dogs, all mongrel but absolutely delightful. Hey, I grew up on Lassie!

  75. Well, I’ve had many dogs and cats over the years so far, so I’m not sure which to really wax poetically about here. Currently, I have two cats and a dog, so I’ll tell you about Mel, the eldest cat. There is a chance, very small and possibly all in my head, that he is some kind of crossbreed with a puma. No lie, this cat is massive. Lol And he stalk and hunt and lies on furniture like a puma does. His colouring is this extremely odd silver/sable/beige colour and when we first got him, I kid you not, the cat resembled a malnourished puma. He’s also a big bully and an aggressive snuggler. And seems to be attached to my hip most days. He’s not good with normal cat foods and treat, they all bother his tummy, and he climbs everything in the house and then perches on the ledge like a puma on a rock. Lol Even my vet isn’t convinced he’s a normal cat breed. But regardless, I don’t want anyone freaking out over my sweet jerk of a big cat, so we keep it to ourselves. Whether he is or not, doesn’t matter to us, he’s just my growly guardian. Lol 💕🐱🐆

  76. I’ve had a few puppy loves over the course of my life. The current lovey is a Heinz 57 rescue. He’s kind of short and stocky, maybe a corgi/beagle/cattle dog/bulldog cross. We adopted him at 2 or 3 years old and have had him for 8 years now. He’s a character, full of himself, happy, and everyone loves him. He trots in a room full of dogs, grinning ear to ear. Loves to play toys, but only for a little while because…naps. He loves everyone but hate the UPS truck. 😄 Never be afraid to adopt a grownup dog. Mine is THE best dog and we love him beyond measure.

  77. My heart dog was Daisy, the sweetest, most loving pug I’ve ever loved. I got her at seven weeks, and we were best buds for sixteen years. I swear she understood everything I said to her. She didn’t know a stranger and even when she was unable to walk on her own and had to ride in a stroller, she would grin ear-to-ear at everyone she met. I miss her everyday.

  78. The best dog we had was Pixie she was a small pekenise such a wonderful dog she loved everybody and everyone loved her she just finally passed of old age still miss her. I love books with dogs in it adds a lot to the story.

  79. Our cat Bella, she’s 13. She fends for herself … she tells us when she wants something by meowing and leading us to the answer. She’s the master and we are definitely her servants.

  80. My dog Bentley. He was a one person dog. I was constantly amazed by his skills.

  81. Not fair to choose just one but I will have to go with my first dog, Sweetie. She was a black tri-color collie. After her we had an Irish Setter and then I lived in places that I could not have dogs so cats have been in my life ever since.

  82. my favorite pets are Beagle and Siberian Husky, both dogs are very affectionate and animated that I just can’t stop laughing at their antics

  83. I’ve had many pets, dogs, cats birds (of all sizes), rats, hamsters, fish, aqua frogs, etc..
    So many favorite memories with them all.. I have a Siamese cat who is the boss of the dogs. One of my favorite dogs Lucy Lou used to like to walk herself, just put the leash on and she would pick up the end and off she’d go.. I have a lot of good stories with all of my pets, a Macaw who would mimic me perfectly, so as when we first met are neighbors, that they thought I was always screaming Shut Up, when in actuality it was my Macaw, and if on cue he yelled it while outside when I was talking to the neighbors, so there was no doubt..

  84. Sadie was a mini yorkie at just under 3 lbs full grown she would curl up on my lap while i read my books. She was a grwat companion dog.

  85. My favorite pet was a white German Shepherd named Echo. We had a very special bond. I will never love another dog like I loved her.

  86. My daughter has a sweet dog and her name is Bailey. She is 5 years old and absolutely loves my 7 year old son as well as her (mom) which is my daughter.
    We met up and got her as a new puppy when she was 10 weeks old. Bailey is a Wheaten Terrier.
    Bailey aka Bailes LOVES to play and run outside with the kids and go on walks in the neighborhood with us. She loves to play with her toys and loves to take naps and snuggle. We absolutely ❤️ Her a d are BLESSED to have her as part of our family.

  87. Last year we lost our beautiful 8-year-old cat Daisy to cancer. It was agonizing for the whole family as she was truly one of a kind and the best companion.

  88. Sorry no pets except the birds & squirrels in the backyard. Great animal book – The Art of Racing in the Rain

  89. My dog was Queenie, an Irish Setter that was actually my Dad’s hunting dog. Lots of great times.

  90. Mizz Tee, a 125 lb. Newfoundland, was my favorite pet. She was bright and a queen bee in the kennel. When she retired she became a house dog and at night took up residence on the bed between my husband and myself. We have a full-size bed so, between my husband and Tee, there wasn’t much room left for me!

  91. My favorite pet is my 14 yr old Yorkie, Buddy Buds. He has us trained and makes us laugh each day. His black lab girlfriend, Issie died this past October and he still watches for her, breaks my heart, his health has gone down since she passed…

  92. Lost our beautiful Maggie after 16 wonderful years. She was a husky/black lab mix. Now we have Molly, who was abandoned outside my son’s apartment – she’s a mix of everything & a real goofball.

  93. We had a dog for 17 years, a “shoodle”, a poodle-sheltie mix. We called her Mistique (Misty for short). She was 15 pounds soaking wet, had long wavy hair that didn’t shed, and until she was 6 months old, had a Sheltie tail (she looked more like a poodle so the tail was clipped when she was spayed).

    Now I have a granddog, Finley, who looks like a Westie but is actually more Dachshund!

  94. Too allergic for pets. My favorite horse books were The Black Stallion series.

  95. Over the years, I have had four Newfoundlands. Training each of them has been an adventure. Although they have earned many
    titles in Obedience, Rally, Draft and Conformation, I am most proud of the Therapy Dog work that they have done.

  96. My favorite pet was a German Shepherd named Fritz that grew up with me by my side.

  97. When my children were young we adopted a stray black kitten which my kids named Jasmine. Had to change the name to Jazzman when she turned out to be a he. Jazzman was very protective of our children. He would patrol the yard when they were outside and chase away any other animal that came close-people too if they appeared threatening to him. If the baby would cry he would get our attention to check the baby. He often lay in watch as the baby slept to be sure the baby was safe and not disturbed by others.

  98. I’ve had several dogs growing up so it is too hard to choose just one.

  99. I love the advice she suggested in your interview and I so love books with dogs in them.

  100. Our SWEET and LOVING Wheaten Terrier . Her name is Bailey and she is 5 years old. She is my 13 year old daughters dog and her little brother who is 7 they absolutely LOVE HER AND SHE LOVES THE KIDS TOO! She loves to run with the kids in the backyard as well as through the house.
    She enjoys going on walks too! We ❤️ Her to the moon and back. Couldn’t have choose a sweeter dog and we are blessed to have her in our family. We got her at 10 weeks old .

  101. Every book I read, with a few non-fiction books excepted took me away from the daily bad news. Brenda Hiatt’s Starstruck series was a great escape. I really enjoyed it.

  102. Socks is my 15 year old cat. He is a long haired cat and his fur is black, white & brown . He has 4 white paws. He’s such a good cat. He follows me around the house & loves to sleep on my lap. He is extremely friendly to all visitors. He’s definitely my pal!

  103. I started a library during furlough in my loft building. Its very popular and I love books with animals in it.

  104. I have a wonderful pet. His name is Nemo. He is a mix of Jack Daniel’s and Chihuahua.

  105. These books sound good. Love to read books with dogs in them. Had a dog named Snowball, another dog named Shadow, a hamster named Fred and a fish named Finley. Animals bring a lot of joy.

  106. My new Corgi puppy Jackson all my animals have been my favorites but he came at a perfect time and brings me such joy❤️

  107. My favorite pets are Bailey Dirrty (siamese) and Sally Ashes (Nebelung) They were half sisters born four months apart. Unfortunately Bailey Ditty crossed the rainbow bridge in July 2019 at age 15.. So it just me and Sally Ashes here. she just turned 17 on March 13th. Once in awhile we see or get signs that Bailey Ditty is visiting us.

  108. Lori Foster does a benefit book every year that the proceeds are for an animal adoption foundation. I always buy and they always include a dog in the book.

  109. I love animals and books with animals. Sara was my favorite pet. She lived to be 18. Now I have 2yr old Amber.

  110. Excited about reading both books
    I have a 1/1/2 year old puppy Beau and he’s taught me so much:)

  111. I’ve had hanpsters, rabbits, and dogs as pets throughout my life. They were all adorable and great little additions to our family, but I’d say my last dog, Gus, was my favorite because he was with me through big life events like graduating from high school, graduating from college, moving out on my own, and my parents retirement (and subsequent move 1250 miles away.). He was a huge lab mix who thought he was a tiny puppy, but he always seemed to know when I really needed a slobbery kiss or furry, four-legged snuggle. I miss him every day!

  112. My rescue dog Einstein! He was found in a trash can when he was 8 weeks old. With the help of our wonderful vet, he was brought back to health and found his furever home with our family. He is a pitbull and is the sweetest, loving dog (now 2 years old!) He has given us great joy and been a fun addition to our home! Love all kinds of animal books!

  113. We have an 8 year Boxer mix. His name is Havoc. We can’t have kids so he is our baby. I spoil him like crazy lol. I’ve had tons of animals over the years but Havoc has my heart. ❤❤❤

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  114. My favorite pet was my dog Abby. She was 14 and has been gone a year! She was so smart and such a special girl. I still have such a heavy heart everyday as I struggle to move on.

  115. Our cat is named Boots. She is grouchy and complains a lot. But she is still lovable and funny. She is 13 years old. Her brother CJ passed away last year. He was so mellow and funny. We miss him.

  116. Hi , being a mother of four fur babies it’s never a dull moment. They all have there own personalities. I have two dogs and two cats. Two boys two girls one in each category. I have a Siberian Husky named Storm, a Chihuahua named Trixie, and the cats are Gryphon and Jade.
    My Husky is such a joy to have he’s so loving and so funny, he entertains himself by pulling all of his toys out and tossing them around and catching them in the air. He sasses me when I get onto him, and sings with me when I’m singing. It’s never a dull moment with him. However he’s the worst watch dog ever!!! Lol Happy Easter and thank you for the giveaway.

  117. My favorite pet is my current kitty, Bella. She is solid black, very petite, and the most loving and sweet cat I’ve ever had!

  118. I had a black dog who was half Golden Retriever and half black Labrador. Both parent dogs were thoroughbreds, but got out one day ——- and she looked just like Dad.
    She was a sweet loving creature, and my neighbour called her a thinking dog, from the way she would tilt her head and pause, thinking, before she would spring into action. She lived to be 13.

  119. We’ve always had both dogs and cats but I have to say my most favorite was a pup that adopted us and when the breeder was moving and she needed a home, she offered her to us. She was an 18th month old St. Bernard who was the best pup I ever had. We also wound up taking her two siblings and giving them homes too. They were a lot of work and drool but by far the most fun!

  120. I have had so many different pets since I was a child, it’s difficult to choose a favorite. We currently have a large dog, Chip, who is a sweetheart. He just celebrated his 12th birthday this past week. He’s very smart and a really good boy. We love him!

  121. I have two rescue beagles that are 10 and 8 years old. They were “failed hunters”. Tennley is a spunky girl who loves protecting her yard and is the perfect, teenage older sister. She wants her space from my younger beagle, Penny but is very protective of her. Penny looks to Tennley often for guidance and follows her everywhere. Penny is super sweet and loves to snuggle. I can’t choose between the two, my girls are like night and day and the heart of our household.

  122. I have had many a pet that I have loved! The one I brought up from the day she was born was Rose a Lab. Her mother was Ginger and unfortunately at 5 years of age Ginger passed away from cancer. I had Ginger from the time she was 6 months old and she was a Mama’s girl. I spent $5,000 to save her however, it did not help. The doctor said she would live 6 months and she did.
    Rose was my sweetheart! She was also Mama’s girl! I had Rose for 15 wonderful years! I am crying just thinking about her. She was the love of my life!

  123. We are lucky to share our lives with our senior dachshund Tara. She is blind and mostly deaf, but still manages to rule the roost and our hearts.

  124. My favorite pet is all four of my dogs, I have Dad , Mom and their two babies~ Stache , Coco, Blue and Scooby.

  125. We have a yellow lab “Dixie”. She is very sweet and seems to know what you say. All you have to do is say the word ride and she is off like a shot toward the car, she loves riding.

  126. My favorite cat was a Persian we named Disney. He was so beautiful and very smart.

  127. My favorite pet was Bootsie. He was an elderly border collie when I rescued him. He couldn’t see or hear very well but loved with all he had. I didn’t have but a few months with him before he had to be put down due to failing health but I wouldn’t have traded my short time with him for anything and he will always hold a special place in my heart!

  128. My favorite pet was my yellow lab, Sandi. All 90 lbs of her. She was my hero and always so loving, cuddly and could speak to me with her eyes. She is in doggie heaven now, but there are times I still feel her with me. (especially when I’m eating a banana that she always knew she’d get the last bite of) 🙂

  129. we currently have three rescue dogs and of course being a good dog mom – they are all my favorite –

  130. My favorite pet is the cat that I have now. He has been with up for almost six years now and a read sweetheart. He follows me all over the house and he is laying next to me right now. He is a real mommies boy.
    A feral momma cat had her kittens in front of our house and we found homes for the kittens and kept one of them.

  131. Your dog training sounds so interesting. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  132. My dog, Bogie who I obtained from Lap Dog Rescue is a strong, sturdy mix and extremely smart, energetic and a loving companion. He is 16 years old and can run like the wind and is very aware of people. What a handsome and intelligent dog that people remark on when we go for our walks. He looks like a small German Shepherd but isn’t at all. He remembers and knows all. We call him the little philosopher since he is sensitive and sensible.

  133. I had a poodle named Brandy and a cocker spaniel named Whiskey! Loved them both.

  134. My favorite was a chocolate lab named Buster. He was a rescue when we got him he was about 7 so old for the breed. My son wanted him because they were going to put him down because no one seemed to want him. So I agreed and he turned out to be the best and he out lived his expected life span so we must have been good for him too. Since all dogs have been compared to him and none have come even close in my mind.

  135. I’ve had two wonderful cats. KC passed away far too young, at the age of 9, about two years ago. Her silly face and weird meows made me laugh every day. My boy, MikeRowe, is hanging in there at 14. He’s my sweet boy who loves a cuddle on his terms.

  136. Two kitties… Moochie n Max… they both picked me… Moochie liked stein beans n cake.. Max loved dry cherries.. so much personality… miss them much

  137. My current love is a mini-labradoodle named Bonnie. She’s 2 1/2 yrs old and is my best buddy. My husband and I have been married for 37 years and have always had at least 1 dog and I can say they are all my favorites. Please don’t make me choose. My favorite right now is laying on my feet as I write this waiting so we can go outside and play ball or maybe go “walkies “. She is the best companion!

  138. I love my dog Koda! He’s a collie-retriever mix that we rescued from the local pound 10 years ago. He has changed our life for the better. We are now an active family that is experiencing life outside as we take walks with him through the neighborhood or at the park.

  139. My favorite pet was a beagle named Tippy. He was a gentle dog and was really good with our children when they were very young.

  140. Missy, was a beagle/terrier mix I had when I was a kid and Joe and Sheba were tabby cats that I had when I was a in school. They were all very special!

  141. I have two pooches, both 13 years old this year. Love them to pieces! They make me so happy and they bring such joy from morning to night.

  142. My favorite pet was my Shadow. He was a brown mixed small poodle. I was recently divorced & living alone. One day after talking to myself I knew I needed a pet. Shadow’s name was given to him by my Mother because of his constantly being under my feet. He lived until he was 14 years old. He gave me the love I was missing.

  143. My favorite pet is my Rescue Dog Holly. She is a mix of Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, and Fox Hound. Holly just turned 10 this past January. She is special to me because Holly has a way of reading my emotions. If she senses I’m sad she will come over to me and put her head on my lap. If I’m happy she joins right in by doing something cute or silly like taking her toy and flipping it up in the air. Holly is a sweet and caring dog who loves me unconditionally 🐕❤ Thank You for this opportunity of winning both of these books!

  144. As a kid, I had an orange and white striped kitty named whatever else but Tiger. Cute little kitty. Loved him. Unfortunately, at age 21, I developed an allergy to furry animals. But, I have my memories of Tiger.

  145. I am a cat person. I have had as many as 7 at one time! We are down to 2 right now. One is diabetic and doing okay. They are both 15!

  146. Look like really good books. I love the Dogfather/Dogmothet series by Roxanne St. Claire. More dog books can’t be bad.

  147. I had a sweet Corgi named Dreamer and a wonderful Aussie named Charlie- I am so glad they were in our lives!

  148. Our beloved boxer Powwow, he rode all the way across the country with us when we relocated. He was so sweet and loving, he leaned against my legs when I did the dishes. He passed away from cancer about a year after our move. Miss my buddy so much!

  149. One of my favorite pets is my goldendoodle, Bailey. She is so sweet with all animals and is my walking buddy! She’s great at snuggling!

  150. I love books about libraries/bookstore cats. One of my favorite’s is Dewey, the Small Town Library cat Who Touched the World.

  151. My favorite (don’t tell the others) was my very first pet, my cat Bella. I grew up in a house without pets so adopting her meant a lot. Definitely hurt when she passed but I’ve been able to open up my house and my heart to more furry friends since then.

  152. My favorite book/books about pets and animals is the All Creatures series by James Herriot.

  153. My favorite pet was my Old English Sheepdog, Daisy. I had wanted one ever since I was little and watched Please Don’t Eat the Daisy’s on TV. She was perfect: sweet, big and goofy. She passed 4 years ago and I miss her every day.

  154. I think everyone remembers their first pet. There were 6 in my family, me the oldest, 3 younger brothers and mom and dad. I was 10. We got a German Shepherd puppy. We named her Queenie. She was a great dog. Since having Queenie, we had another GS named Cookie and another named Max.
    Now my daughter and her family have a GS named Kingston. We love him, too.

  155. We have adopted shelter cats ever since we got married decades ago! Each of our cats has brought great joy to our family over the many years that we had them in our lives. Currently we have brothers Harry and Marv. They’re three years old and quite the handful!

  156. When I was younger, I had a purebred male German Shepherd. He was the most lovable, loyal, and protective dog, especially towards my mom and me. I miss him a lot!

  157. I’ve read the dog father books written by Roxanne St. Claire and they are centered around a dog training farm & a large family and each have multiple dogs- they are some of my favorites.

  158. I have had many cats and dogs and no possible way could I pick one of them to be my favorite. They each had their own personality and al were very much loved by me.

  159. Our current fur pet is Bella. We lost our elderly Beagle and decided we would just volunteer at the animal shelter while we grieved. At an adoption event we met Grace, a older boxer, but she was adopted before we could even get our application in! We found our boxer at PA Boxer Rescue – she had been surrendered and had health issues but she captured our heart. She was named Bella and we thought about changing it because we had a family tradition of naming our pets for movie stars. We have had a Bo (Derek), a Rambo and a Dolly (Parton). But my husband joked he would like to change it to Mercedes so he could tell our friends he got me a Mercedes for my birthday!. Upon a little more research I discovered that Bella starred in the Twilight series so Bella she stayed and is – she makes us laugh everyday.

  160. Lasty July we lost our cat Tom to cancer he was very sick, but didnt suffer long he passed away within 2 days of the illness taking over, so sad but we are so glad that he didn;t suffer long, we do miss his a lot

  161. My favorite pet was my Scottish Terrier. Her name was Mitzi and she was the only pet I have had as an adult. We got her from a shelter and I have always wondered about her life before me. She rarely barked, never licked and only played with toys when we weren’t in the room.

  162. It would be impossible to choose a favorite. I love dogs and have had 2 as a child. Now I’m around quite a few with family and friends and I love them all.

  163. We only had carnival goldfish and a couple of turtles (Georgina and Otis) when I was a kid.

  164. I have two best “pets” (they are more like family than pets) – brother and sister cats that I got for my two kids in 2005. Both cats became mine when my children moved and could not take their pets with them. My daughter’s cat passed away this year and is sadly missed. And her brother is as healthy as when he was a kitten.

    And I wanted to mention that I love Victoria Schade’s stories. Thank you for offering this great giveaway of not only her latest book but also yours too!

  165. I had a full blood white German Shepherd who sadly passed when he was 8 that was a very loyal and protective dog. He is missed greatly. Cujo Von Baron The 3rd.

    • Congrats, Lynn!
      Thanks for sharing Cujo’s memory with us 🙂
      You’re the winner of this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be reaching out shortly to get your information.

  166. I adore my labradoodle Lucy! She is my shadow and is so smart and intuitive. Before her, I was totally a cat person but she has converted me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. I love my sons dog that he got from the shelter. He is such a good dog. He is a mix of German Shepard and something else (not sure).

  168. I enjoy all your books, especially the dog books. I am a dog lover from way back.

  169. My favorite pet is my dog, Indi! He’s the first dog I’ve ever owned, never had one as a child and he’s wonderful with my kids. He’s an excited squirmy beagle mix and fits into our family so well 🙂

  170. My pet’s name is Snoopy. He is named after the Charles Shultz character and acts just like him.

  171. I have labs and lab mixes. Did rescue for over 20 years and now have four from previously having eight.

  172. It’s difficult (impossible) to pick a favorite, but ONE of my favorites is my current cat, a polydactyl, named Empty. I rescued her and she is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known.

  173. I love cats and dogs and have had both. I think my favorite pet was a cat named Puccha. he loved to spoon with me at night with his head on my pillow. He was a real love.

  174. I’ve loved all my dogs but my border terrier mix held onto my heart the hardest. I still miss him.

  175. My cat Judo passed away last year and I miss him dearly. He was the little bundle of orange fur love!

  176. It’s hard to pick a favorite, I have had dogs all my life. Right now I have a blue heeler named Bella she is 9 and went totally deaf last october. She loves to sit beside me at night and watch tv and go on walks during the day. We lost our other heeler last feb. he was down in his hips and starting up his spine, so we had to put him to sleep, he was going blind and deaf, he was 14. That was really hard to do. We all love our fur babies just like our kids.

  177. We had 2 Italian Mastiffs. Bleu and Baer. They were the smartest and best dogs ever. Sadly we lost them both within a year of each other, but they’ve been hard to replace. We have waited over two years but we are definately needing a dogs presence in our lives again.

  178. My favorite pet was my cat Baby. She was sweet tempered and she taught me how to get up out of a chair while holding her and not disturbing her. That came in handy when I became a mother. She was my confidant and constant companion. I miss her terribly!

  179. We have been ‘pet-less’ for a few years now because we had succession of cats that didn’t live more than a few years and my husband is tired of the pain. He wants a dog — I don’t, so as much as I miss having a cat around, it is simpler in the long run.

  180. My dog Candy from my childhood will always be my favorite. I miss her all the time. She was a lover, hugger and protector. I loved her so very much.

  181. I am a cat person and when I move out of my current apartment I am getting another cat. I miss having one sitting by me when reading.

  182. My grandmother’s dog Timmy was my favorite dog. He was a German Shepard but as gentle as a Lamb.

  183. My pet was a Parakeet.It was my cousin’s bird but when my Aunt became terminally ill the bird bothered her. my sisters and I would sing to her. when she died we buried him in the back yard. His name was Rudy. Rudy Kazootie we purchased after but he never was a bird that acted crazy.

  184. Every pet has been my favorite. To choose just one is impossible. They have been my best friend, my family. I have been so blessed throughout my 62.5 years. I had dogs during my childhood:
    Zigi (Sherman shepherd) was my first as a newborn.
    Then came Angelique(toy poodle) at 10 , I only had her for a year when she was hit by a car.
    Then came Sanko(medium poodle) , my 12th birthday present. He was with us til I was 27, old age took him. He was my last dog.

    Next came Heidi Marie ( a Russian blue cat, my first”baby”). Heidi blessed our house for
    17 years , old age took her.
    Abbigail, the tabby was Heidi’s cat. She died 3 months after Heidi.

    Now I have MoMo and MaeMae , American shorthair and tabby. Who have been with me for 15 years
    Last, but not least, is LilyDragon- a calico of 14 years.

    I think these will be my last furbabies. As I approach my 63rd birthday, I don’t know if once they cross that Rainbow bridge , if my heart will be able to take any more loses.

    Thank you for listening to my memories😊

  185. I have Asthma so I am allergic to all animals. Black Beauty and all horse books I love.

  186. All my previous cats were favorites but I’m espcially partial to my cat Seraphina who has been with me for 12 years now.

  187. I’ve been blessed yo have had many pers ovee the years and still have quite a few. But of all of them, my favorite and its hard to choose because I love them all, would be my Sheba. She was a stray puppy from a litter my husband found and I kept. We were inseparable for a wonderful 7 years.

  188. I had a beautiful part Persian cat named Cocoa when I was a kid. When I would lie in bed, he would lay on my chest and purr.

  189. Sorry — my favorite pet is all of them. We have had, over the course of my 67 years 8 stnadard poodles…they were all quite different, but they were all very special spirits. Pierre-black, Bart (Black Bart)-black, Zellie (Mam’zelle) blue-black, Bridgette-apricot, Suzy-grey, Danial- black and white, Jake-brown, CURRENT: Bear-black. I love/loved them all…for different reasons.

  190. My dog was a schnauzer and his name was Schotze. We loved him so much after he died we bought another one and named him Schotze also.

  191. We used to have cats when I was a kid. I might get one, one of these days, but for now I have to settle for my brother’s dog.

  192. I’ve been blessed with many pets in my life. I have two cats right now, Leela and Dio. Leela is loving, playful, and sassy. Dio is my chill little dude. He likes his space but he’s becoming a lap kitty as he gets older.

  193. I recently lost my precious Pearl, a 15 yr old black pug. We adopted her when she was 6 mos old. She was the matriarch of our home – funny, bossy, cuddly and sweet as can be. 15 years is old for a pug but it’s never enough time. The only creature that gives unconditional love, I believe everyone needs a dog!

  194. We have had three dogs in our adult lives and loved them all. Clarity lived to 17, Bear lived to 18 and now we have Max. Max is the sweetest dog we have ever had. But he is scared of everything! People, dogs, paper towels….well, so much. Oh, and he is not either treat or food motivated. This dog is an enigma. But we live him to pieces!!!!!

  195. My boy Havok is a black lab that loves to cuddle with teddy bears. His name fit him as a pup, he got into everything but now that he is 12 years old he is more settled.

  196. I love reading books that include quirky pets. As to a pet, or dog i have known, i currently have two very sweet Shetland Sheepdogs, one is almost 7, the other is almost 2. Last year we lost a 10+ year old, Lola, after failed surgery for a liver tumor and gallbladder. Despite all interventions attempted, she had a stroke and couldn’t be saved. She was a very sweet girl, but really loved her vegetables and fruit. She also had bad arthritis since a pup, and went frequently to the vet for acupuncture, which was very effective for her.

  197. Favorite pet? That is like asking who my favorite child is. I’ve had 2 favorite dogs and 3 favorite cats. Then there was the one cat …

  198. My first puppy came from New Mexico! Fluffy ( a peek-a-poo) flew before me!

  199. I am always ready to tell anyone about my 3 wonderful Yorkie siblings. Rosie, Tinkerbell and Oliver. They were a family within a family. They did everything together and had such fun. They gave our family such love and many laughs. The last one, my precious little boy, left us just 2 months ago when his heart gave out. The girls have been gone a bit longer due to illness. Our lives have an emptiness still and always. We do have 3 new Yorkie siblings now. Chloe, Gracie and Teddy. They are silly and sweet. They are very different from the first family and that is a good thing. We can love them all for their specialness. Thank you for asking. I love talking about them.

  200. Throughout my life, I have had several dogs of all different breeds.
    My chihuahuas were good watch dogs.
    My terrier was fun and frisky.
    My Norwegian Elkhound was so sweet and lovable.
    But the smartest dog I owned was a lively Jack Russell terrier. He was my soul mate and i mss him a lot

  201. When I was a kid we had a black collie. She was the best. I still think of her now.


  203. We have a rescue dog named Sophia. She’s such a great dog. Doesn’t bark – she communicates by whining. LOL She’s a lover…and a huge shedder. She’s afraid of thunder and other loud noises. What she likes to eat one day, she usually hates the next. She’s great company.

  204. My dog Cody passed away last April and was the love of my life. He was a rescue dog and looked like he was part poodle and part Bichon. He was very sweet. Everyone loved him and when we took walks people would always greet him and gush over him and finally say Oh Hi Jackie. I miss him so much it is hard to imagine having another dog but I hope to get one soon. They are a lot of company.

  205. I had 2 wonderful Boxer girls. Both had several bouts with cancer. And that is what took both of them within months of one another. I was devastated. I did not want another dog.

    But, if I got another dog, it would be a female, short haired, medium sized dog. In a neighborhood news letter, I saw a story about a dog who had been abandoned – twice- and abused. No one wanted him. After the second story, I could not allow that to happen again.

    So, I got a male Pekingese. Got that – male -small – long haired. I have never even lived with a dog that small – I grew up with big dogs. Athletic dogs. Playful dogs.

    His name is Sonny. He is the perfect dog for me. He is sweet and loving. But, he also is not the least bit playful. It is like living with an inanimate object who eats and needs to walk. I love him. And every day I thank God for finding the perfect dog for me, no matter what I thought I needed.

  206. Roma. She was a German Sheperd and I trained with her. We won medals together, she was my best friend and the best dog a person could have. She died of age and I miss her so much.

  207. I lost my pet baby a year ago. Maggie was the best! I’ve had 2 other precious dogs and loved them just as much, but Maggie was dear to my heart.

  208. I have had beagles most of my life. But Sammie, my last one; she crossed the rainbow 🌈bridge 2 years ago, was just the best. My late husband and I found her at a beagle rescue and she had been a wild beagle and had no idea how to be a house pet. My husband asked why I chose her and I told him it was because she needed us most. We had her for 13 years and she only waited one year after my husband died to make sure I was ok before she went to be with her favorite.

  209. A dog that I remember the most is Spunky. He was my dad’s dog. My dad adopting him from a litter in his hometown. His sister picked out another one. We’ve had him for about 16 years. Sadly, due to cancer, my dad had to make the decision to put him down as he was no longer able to walk. It was hard on all of us.

  210. How can a mom have a favorite. I grew up with a German Shepherd who was like my big brother. As an adult I have been adopted by many cats. Plus I tend to care for area strays, a few wild critters