April Giveaway

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981 thoughts on “April Giveaway

  1. Very Stormy last night , lightning thunder strong winds and large hail! Somehow we got bypassed again. Real cool this morning with high north winds, good staying at home and reading weather

  2. A real warm and balmy night and the morning is starting the same! Shelter at home is starting to ease a little but in my humble opinion it’s just too soon to open back up. I’ll still enjoy my reading today

  3. The fly over yesterday by the Blue Angels and the Airforce Airplanes was just so beautiful! They tip their wings in acknowledgements of all the Front Line workers!

  4. we have been doing a kitchen reno, staying in the basement while the fellow works upstairs, calls down when he is leaving for the day. We are watching TV and reading

  5. Back from getting my Blood drawn!!!! Let me tell you the 30mph wind blew me and my walker right in and back out of the hospital!! The one good thing the sun is still shinning! Will check in later.

  6. Thanks for the chance at an amazing giveaway! It’s extremely windy with rain right now. Hopefully this will pass by quickly. It sounds like the siding might come off the house.

  7. It’s a brisk ,windy, sunny morning! After all the rain yesterday afternoon our grass looks so much greener! Have to mask up this morning and let my daughter take me to get blood work done up . Then back home to read ,relax and rest.

  8. It’s been quite the evening!! All around us were severe storms with big hail! Again someone up above watched over us and we got well needed rain some lightning and thunder but we survived all else.

  9. It’s almost 4:30 pm and we are now under severe thunderstorm watch with hail the size of baseballs! Just went outdoors to secure my lawn chair and it’s stifling out there. More to come later.

  10. Reading, cooking, playing with the dog, and watching TV (something I do not typically spend much time on) occupy most of my stay-at-home days. Hope all are well.

  11. Been a beautiful sunny day even though the wind stayed above 25 mph all day now it’s time to call it a night . Hopefully tomorrow will bring another great day.

  12. I have been able to finally fix my contact list as it got mix up the last time when I need to change from my beloved iPhone to a android system phone, every morning I have meetings in zoom with both companies I work with, house chores and helping my mom in several things some days I have also zoom meetings nights so is very busy, I always find a bit of time to read a bit.

  13. Good Morning All! Cloudy and really trying to rain! A little rumbling in the background and the wind is picking up! Real good reading, relaxing and resting kind of day!

  14. Oh, golly! We bought a new house in a new state, closed on March 26, just before social distancing started here, so we have been unpacking & trying to get settled!

  15. This day has gone by reasonably well and the evening just as good. Got in quite a bit of reading I do enjoy it ever so much. I am still hoping to win this wonderful Giveaway that you, Julia have going. What sweet hours of enjoyment I’d have then!

  16. Almost 3:00 o’clock the temperature is at 79 now and the wind picked up to 21mph. Absolutely no more sitting outside for any length of time for me today. Maybe tomorrow.

  17. Good Morning!!!! And it sure is a very good morning here! I just came in from sitting outdoors with my dog for a little while. The temperature is 70 and the wind s from the South at 4mph. I could only sit awhile cause the pollen is terrible. Can’t wear a mask because it’s hard enough breathing without one on. But did so much enjoy my little bit of time I spent outdoors!

  18. Good evening! It was a beautiful sunny day today my only complaint was the strong wind it just didn’t let up. With my health problems I have a very hard time catching my breath in the wind so that leaves me just one choice , stay indoors. Now we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

  19. I am going to work with reduced hours. On my off time I am learning new recipes; reading more and watching more YouTube videos.

  20. Good Morning Sunshine! And according to all weather reports the Sun is to shine all day long!! And the temperature is to reach 75 today! Here’s hoping they hit the nail on the head today!

  21. A surprisingly nice day all in all. No thunderstorms just real high winds 30 and 40 mph. Now we wait and see what tomorrow will bring. Finished one book today and now took a new one to start with hopes I’ll get tired enough to sleep. Good night .

  22. Good Morning! So far! Thunderstorms throughout the day! Still Good reading for me! Thank You for this wonderful Giveaway! If I should ever be lucky enough to win it, and I’m really, really hoping I am, I’ll have many, many hours of Great Reading.

  23. Early to bed tonight. Should be much more restful then last night. Still taking my book with me and will read until it falls from my hands. Good night to you!

  24. Thank the Good Lord we made it through the night and today we have beautiful blue skies, very wispy clouds and sun shine!!! we are still on shelter in place, so I’ll get some more reading in today!

  25. Always reading my favorite and new romance authors when not working at the hospital as a nurse.

  26. Back again it’s 7:26 pm and our Sun decided to peek out before it’s time to set! It’s even quite a stormy day above where I live a Tornado came through and a real big one below me. Someone up above must have been watching over us because we only got small hail strong wind and lots of heavy rain during that time. But living in Tornado Alley anything new happen. Safe again for another day.

  27. Not a very nice morning today! The lightning that is streaking across the sky is beautiful but treacherous ,the heavy rain has some hail mix in and the thunder seems to be right over head! Once it runs it’s course it’ll be much more relaxing. Then it will be more enjoyable and easier concentrating on what I’m reading. Will check in later.

  28. I am working from home with reduced hours, but I’m thankful to still have a job. My husband is retired and we’re used to being together and staying home isn’t a big deal for us. I spend the extra time I have reading and sewing masks, which I’ve been giving away to friends and family.

  29. 7:10 pm and the scanner just warned of severe thunderstorms and extra severe weather starting at 9:00pm. All we can do is wait hope and pray. Visit with you again tomorrow God willing.

  30. It’s almost 10:30 am and it’s 70 now to reach 80 today. We lucked out last night we on had rain with some thunder and lightning. But tonight around 9:00pm severe storms are forecasted. We will just have to wait and see. Still on complete lock down here, so that means more reading for me, which by the way makes me very happy!

  31. Here it is almost 6:30pm and our weather is changing drastically! Coming into us is quarter size hail. During the night lightning and thunder also! Oh well this is Oklahoma and if you don’t like the weather right now wait a minute and it will change!!! That’s for sure…

  32. My home caught on fire about 3 1/2 weeks ago. Cleaning, sorting, saving, washing, packing, unpacking into a new apartment. Nothing is open to go buy furniture & the stuff we need. Busy Busy!

  33. Even though it stayed mostly cloudy all day the temperature peaked at 66 and the North wind is now at 12mph. Read most of the day now hoping for a sunny day tomorrow!

  34. Good Morning. A very cloudy morning with no sunshine in the forecast for today! Will have to make my own sunshine by reading your book and relaxing Best medicine for all!

  35. I’ve been catching up on my reading while ordering even more books and working on my genealogy.

  36. It’s almost 4:00 pm here and we reached our peak at 64 the sun is still shinning brightly and our winds are from the SE at 13 mph. Turned out to be a very beautiful day!

  37. Spending my days trying to stay calm amidst our governor’s stay at home order (which I totally agree with!); doing some neglected cleaning (not a lot!), working on some craft type projects (yes, that quilt I started about 40 years ago- 2 squares only so far..but…) and YES! I have been reading! I have been relying on Skype and Zoom to stay in touch with my family (especially grandbaby). I have been enjoying the little jokes I have received by email or text (its nice to smile sometimes rather than be on the verge of tears all the time…). All and all, the husband and me have been especially kind to one another (after all, he is the only person I see in person every day!).

  38. Beautiful morning as I look out my window, the sun is shinning in a blue sky with just painted wisps of white clouds! The temperature is now 50 and is to reach 63 this is late January early February not April! At least today the winds are from the SE at 10 mph, a little calmer than the have been. Will just thank the Lord for another day and enjoy what he gives us.

  39. I’ve been working on lots of organizing projects (and making a mess as I do) – watching some movies (my cable company has opened up some of the premium channels for a week or month) and of course I’ve been reading! Also have some Zooms with the family – yesterday we had a zoom birthday celebration for my one year old great-niece Jessie.

  40. I am considered “essential” since I am in the financial business. I spend my days at the office- fun! lol I then come home to become “teacher” and help my children with their homeschooling. I definitely wish i could be curled up with a book though!

  41. I’ve been catching up on TV show episodes, live streaming music, staying in contact with friends and family, and dejunking my house.

  42. Like you I’ve done a lot of cleaning and purging of old stuff. I’ve also done more cooking than I’ve done in forever! I’ve had the chance to finish several books, puzzles and TV shows. Doing whatever I can to keep from losing my mind. Just pray that we are back to our “new normal” sooner rather than later. Stay healthy and safe.

  43. It’s past noon here and not getting much warmer only 41 but feels like 34 and that North wind is still blowing at 28mph . It’s cold. Good reading weather and still hoping to win this wonderful package you are giving away!

  44. I am calling all elderly relatives to see how are they. Also see if anyone needs anything
    I am also going into each room in my house and are decluttering
    If I win your. Book it would be a luxury for me to sit, relax and enjoy your book

  45. We did it!!! It reached 70 now but still a 30 mph strong wind but will take it. Having breathing problems I can’t stay out inthe wind any length of time just long enough To take my dog out

  46. Reading, cleaning, walking, cooking, and binge watching tv shows. Nothing new just way more of it 🙂

  47. I have been watching The West Wing and reading a lot!
    Plus I’m still working! Ack!

  48. I am a disabled senior and unable to get out for reading materials. A gift like this would keep me in reading materials for awhile. I love your books and miss being able to go to the store to get them. Wish me luck!

  49. Getting so much organization done as well as cleaning and cooking and baking and outdoor work. Keeping so busy that I don’t have time to think.

  50. We are home schoolers anyway, so we are pretty much doing the same things as usual.

  51. I’m trying to stay busy, to keep the worry at bay. I’m spring cleaning, organizing my kitchen cupboards and craft room, crocheting, drawing, reading.

  52. I have all intentions of cleaning and organizing my home. So far, it’s not going so well. I can’t seem to focus on chores that need to be done. I am however watching a lot of Netflix and reading is getting being accomplished! Thank you for the opportunity to win and read all these great nooks. 💕📚

  53. Woke up this morning to Ice Pellets hitting the window. After about an hour I took out my Living Room window and low and behold it’s snowing!! Now mind you this is supposed to be Soring in Oklahoma, guess someone forgot to tell Mother Nature!!!

  54. Hello, I mostly spend my mornings helping out with homework and the rest of the day reading and relaxing.

  55. I don’t have a television and my work has supplied a wifi hotspot so I can work from home so I’m catching up on various Ken Burns series I(currently in the middle of Jazz), listening to podcasts, watching RootsTech and Legacy Family Tree webinars, working on the family history–Ancestry is free from home via my library card (part of their COVID-19 efforts) and reading, reading, reading with the occasional foray outside to get the mail, walk around the subdivision, feed the birds and feel the sun on my face, when it’s not raining or snowing. Yes, it snowed on Friday and is the forecast for tomorrow

  56. I have been spending a lot of time cleaning, organizing and my favorite thing of all reading.

  57. Working full time without the commute and still trying to get all kinds of stuff done

  58. I am doing a lot of reading plus making & sending a lot of handmade cards. Also cleaning closets!! What a job!

  59. I read e-books and paperbacks, as many as time allows sometimes 5 a week. A Texas Fan.

  60. It was 28 this morning and now it’s 34 with North wind at 29 mph. It’s cold outside. These 81 year old bones don’t like this kind of weather at al. Asthma and heart condition makes it very hard breathing inthe wind. So staying home reading fits the bill perfectly!

  61. I was recently laid off due to COVID-19 so I spend a good part of my day looking for a job. I’ve also been on a cleaning-spree and reading a ton – both physical books and audio. Stay safe and well!

  62. I am spending time reading, scrapbboking and just catching up on things around the house. My place of business has been shut down

  63. I sure hope that I am pick for one of your amazing gifts. Thanks for doing this.

  64. Walking more, sewing, movie in the afternoon, baking bread, gardening, and reading. Thanks for asking!

  65. I have a heart condition so i have been mostly staying at home. I have spent most of my time reading with video streaming coming in second. I have been getting books thru the library’s ebook service, old favorites off my bookshelves and a couple I bought new.

  66. I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home now. I work at a call center and our call volume is the equivalent of that at Christmas! So I’m not experiencing the boredom that some people are right now, thankfully. I am trying to fit reading in whenever possible! Stay safe & Happy Easter to Everyone!

  67. Reading as many books as I can, spring cleaning, decluttering my house, spending time/babysitting my grandson while his mom works, FaceTiming with extended family and spending time with my husband.

  68. I spend my weekdays working alone in my office. And I spend my weekends scavenging one or two grocery stores looking for food early on Saturday the morning, doing my banking at the drive through, “attending” church via Facebook – and spending lots of time outside enjoying the Spring air. Stay safe and stay well.

  69. I have been making veterans quilts, face masks, reading which I am down to my last book and my library is closed, so have to find another outlet.
    Cooking some but because I am alone, I have to watch what I cook or I will be in big trouble. I love reading your books and I am hoping that I can get those that are on sale. May you and yours be safe during this trying times. Happy Easter.

  70. I lost my job – and now I stay home full time. My husband and I are in the age group at risk. I take care of my husband and my 9 year grandson who lives with me and his mom – my daughter works in the pharmacy and is still very busy working. I have stock piled books that I bought at the library and now I am reading them and enjoying the escape from all the stress. I count that I may have enought to get me thru.Reading to me is more like an addiction!

    I never had enough time to bake when I worked full time now I have time. I also have time to do yard work and have done some – not so thrilled about that! I have also caught up talking with friends that I have not talked to in a while.

    • I hit post too soon. I am working from home, watching a lot of YouTube (so many theatres are posting plays and musicals to watch during isolation), and working on my family tree.

  71. I am spending most of my time completing the second course in Public Health & Epidemiology. This is a 3-course MasterClass program.

  72. Reading,watching TV, going for walks,exercising and spending time on Facebook and Instagram. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank You!

  73. I’m doing a good bit of reading. Can’t do as much gardening as I would like as I don’t have a compost bin and the municipal dump is closed for the time being. Same goes for the DIY. Housework never goes away though, and happily the weather has been great for drying the washing.

  74. This will keep whoever wins busy! Love the selection of books.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. I’ve actually been working – job is related to taxes so deemed ‘essential’. Our desks have been spread out, at a socially distant and acceptable 6 feet apart. The work helps keep my mind occupied and not focused so much on the worries of the world!

  76. Happy and a Joyful Easter to you!!! Severe Lightning and Thunderstorms all during the night and continuing now during the day. Wind is really picking up too. Good reading weather.

  77. I teach ESL online and am agoraphobic so not much has changed in my routine. A lot more worry and anxiety though about events.

  78. We’re reading, watching many movies and TV shows during our social distancing time. Stay safe everyone!

  79. I’m spending time with my husband & kids. I’m trying new recipes. We are all eating a little too much. I’m caught up on The Last Kingdom on Netflix. Of course, I’ve been sneaking in extra reading time too!

    Stay safe everyone!

  80. Hello,
    I am a nurse. I was working at a facility with incarcerated individuals up to 2 weeks ago. These individuals were discharged .
    Since that time, I practice social distancing, pray for the well being of others, and read a great many books.

  81. I am reading, of course. But today I watched a good movie – light and funny and completely enjoyable- that I missed when it first came out…..Failure to Launch.

  82. Most bored and hating i have to stay home
    Mostly reading
    Board games
    Cooking and trying new things

  83. Doing a lot of FaceTime with my grandkids. Haven’t seen them for several months and talking and “seeing “ them makes me happy.
    Doing lots and lots of reading and zoning out at times with the tv

  84. Doing a lot of reading, some puzzles, now that the weather is breaking getting out in the yard more. Also getting some house projects done that didn’t have time for before. Trying to stay productive and keep busy while staying in and safe.

  85. I’m working from home, homeschooling my kids and keeping up with all their online extracurriculars (taekwondo and piano). To keep my sanity, I’m jumping on the trampoline and reading anything I can get my hands on!

  86. I am a teacher, so I am working on remote learning with both my students and my own children. It has been keeping me busy!

  87. Reading and playing cards on my phone. A lot of messages between siblings. But mainly three puppies that are five months old. So sweet and so rotten.

  88. Mostly getting incredibly angry over the covid19 mismanagement detailed on Twitter, learning new Whole Food Plant Based recipes, lots of TV, watching my cats, then staying up till 2 or 3 am to make sure reading time gets in there too.

  89. I’m spending my days bingeing on new movies, and chocolate and spending all the time I can with my fiancé and our rainbow baby Liliana Rose

  90. Doing a lot of crocheting and knitting. Have to get started on those Christmas gifts while I can do them uninterrupted, lol. I’ve also been binge watching a few tv shows.

  91. reading, reading, reading, clean, reading, reading, reading. my week is booked full, lol.

  92. Work at a Walmart store usually 4 am to 1 pm . With the problem of keeping the shelves stocked we have to work 3am to noon. Today I left work at 1:30pm. Walmart takes our temperature at the start of our shift and gives us face masks and our own personal bottle of sanitizer. Being a super center the store limit is 900 people. Grocery aisles get a little tight. Six foot rule does not apply to some customers. When home I play with and feed my two cats.

  93. Severe Thunderstorm storms are to hit us tonight and Easter Sunday is to be even worse. Hopefully I can still get to watch the Mass on TV. Later I’ll get to sit back relax and read.

  94. I’m taking care of 2 grandsons (8 and 18 months) out of town since 3/22 so tomorrow will be 3 weeks. Both parents work now at home and one also goes to school full time. It’s a learning curve to do online webinars on Zoom and SeeSaw for actual school assignments and reading. It’s very lively here.

  95. We are staying in and doing Wal-Mart pick up for gro.We did both go to the dr last week .We were seen in the car.Being very careful .Husband has copd and I have kidney disease and asthma

  96. I’ve been working from home. Besides that I try to do online gym lessons and I read and watch tv.

  97. When I see the name Julia London on the cover, I know there will be a good story contained in the book.

  98. I’m doing a LOT of reading, working puzzles and thinking about all the projects I could be doing.

  99. I’m still working, but remotely. I have also read lots of books and spent time scrapbooking. 🙂

  100. I wear many new hats these days, Short Order cook because the Kitchen is always open with 2 bored hungry kids. I’m a Teacher to my now homeschooled girls. 6th and 11th grades. My daily outfit is PJ’s and I haven’t worn makeup in 28 days. I’m a counselor when needed, Jack of all trades when thing need fixed. My car is getting a Month to the tank so I’m not a chauffeur anymore. I limit trips to stores and haven’t seen any friends since March. Socially Distancing is keeping us safe but Lonely at times. Many tears as my oldest misses Prom.

  101. Working from home, doing lots of puzzles, catching up on reading and spending time with family.

  102. I’m an essential worker but when I’m home with hubby I’ve been reading, working on my crochet or doing puzzle with hubby.

  103. I work in healthcare, so I am an essential worker. They have cut our hours back, to help keep us safe and well in case this gets worse. My husband’s work is currently shutdown and he is enjoying the ‘stay at home dad+ homeschooling life for now. We have been getting lots of fun time outside on pretty days to keep from losing our minds and just enjoying being together with no plans to interrupt our time together.

  104. Reading, eating, lots of emails and a little telephoning. The town is small so I can walk and sit outside in my swing with a book. That’s a lovely selection of things.

  105. During the Michigan Stay Home Stay Safe order from our govenor, I have been doing more cleaning than usual-but not going overboard. I have been working a little on a quilt started over 40 years ago, and yes…I have been reading the books I have downloaded on Kindle for “someday when I get time!”

  106. Mostly reading, packing up for a remodel and cross stitch. Oh, and every once in a while, I might actually work!

  107. I am in my craft room ,reading ,and looking after my mum and two crazy Minature Schnauzers.

  108. The best part of my days is getting messages,calls and photos of my grandchildren in S Korea. I was able to spend almost 3 months with them before heading home to continue social distancing. I’ve been watching tv and doing lots of reading. I would love to get some new books!

  109. My husband and I have been spring cleaning and working on fixing up the house. It keeps us busy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. Well, in general, on normal days, I spend time fixing up my craft/work room. And spring cleaning of the house. And I’ve loosely plotted a series and a spin off book, which is pretty awesome, considering I’ve struggled with this book/series idea for over a decade. Lol I cook, and bake, and atm, I’m making bunny butt cake pops, for Easter. But tbh, I struggle with auto immune issues, so this has pretty much been my life for the past six years, since my occasional illnesses became every day ones. Stress snd anxiety just make them worse, so because of this forced isolation, I’m definitely in a flare. Otherwise, it’s not that horrible for us. We’re all adults, one senior, and so we know the risks. And they aren’t worth taking for a couple hours freedom. Not yet anyway. Lol

    • Cooking…playing video games with my daughter…listening to music❤❤

  111. I’m working during shelter in place due to working in a business essential company . Practicing social distancing at work & outside. Still reading my fave novels historical romance genre whenever I am able. My distraction from all the covid-19 epidemic anxiety.

  112. I’ve been able to finish some of my to-do projects from who knows when. My reading and tv time has gone up too. I think the only ones enjoying the self-quarantine time are my cats. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

  113. Alas, I’m working as our retail business is seen as essential, but we’re implementing as much social distancing measure as possible to help keep both customers and employees safe!

  114. Praying for everyone and doing the normal spring things like cleaning an cooking and yardwork., reading and enjoying spring from my gazebo.

  115. Getting to know my two rescue kitties, praying for a vaccination soon and praying everyone stays safe. Staying home and watching spring come alive.

  116. I’m playing teacher to my 7 year old grandson; going through boxes that accumulated throughout the years; taking morning/afternoon walks with my favorite guy.

  117. I am spending my days getting to know my two rescue cats that we got from the animal shelter about a month ago, watching from our gazebo spring come alive , enjoying the spring colors, doing yardwork, organizing the closets and pantry. Staying home to save lives, reading to relax. Praying for a vaccination soon.

  118. Inventoried freezer and pantry to help me do pinpoint grocery shopping when necessary. Been attending online Holy Week daily worship. Walking with husband and dog.

  119. How awesome! Definitely would be nice to have these to read in my down time 😊

  120. I have spending my time traveling to my son’s to watch my granddaughter and soon to be new grandson. My son and daughter in law are considered “essential” so they have to work.

  121. I did my spring cleaning, baked, and on nice days my husband and I go for walks.

  122. I am working from home, cooking (a lot) for my two teenage boys and husband, walking our dogs, and finding time to keep reading! Also just finished a jigsaw puzzle! And doing zoom check-in’s with friends and family.

  123. I am checking on my neighbors at a safe distance to see if they need anything. I have some elderly neighbors I go to the store for. When I’m notdoing that I am taking walks, reading books, doing yard work, calling my family to check up on them. I have been watching some movies on Showtime. Coloring some pictures. Trying to just do my part to stop the spread of the virus.

  124. I’m working remotely. I’ve been reading a lot more books and I’m crocheting a temperature blanjet.

  125. Thank you for writing your books. Love the ‘coronacation’ word. I plan to ‘borrow’ it!

  126. April is my birthday month. This would be fun, as it does support social distancing, whuch really is no fun on a birthday.

  127. I really enjoy reading- And I have enjoyed read your books, keeps my mind young.

  128. I’m spending my days reading, watching television, planning distance learning lessons, and spending time with my family!

  129. Hello!

    We are a homeschooling family; so this is business as usual for us. Also, my husband is working from home and we are enjoying his input into what we do each day.

    We are enjoying this wonderful Spring together and we can take the time to really see it and enjoy it.

    Also, we planted a small square foot garden with vegetables. We will enjoy the bonus from this downtime all summer when we eat the fresh produce (as long as we can get to it before the deer and raccoons do).

    Have a wonderful day!

  130. I am still working, but I work alone so not much has changed for me. I am grateful I don’t have to worry about loss of income, but I do miss going to the library.

  131. I am still working part time, but other than that I am heading, cooking, and walking…lots and lots of walking

  132. We just bought a dog, so we are spending lots of time, getting to know him, a 5 year old Sheltie. Lots of cooking, reading, and spring cleaning, gardening, and online shopping to fix the shopping bug. Plus donations to local groups, including first responders.

  133. I’ve been reading more, cleaning more, and watching tv more for sure. It’s also helped me to organize my pantry and freezer better, creating lists of what I have. It’s a good way to use up access, save money, and minimize store trips.

    Plans to work on more personal art projects and such as well.

  134. Hi Julia, hope you and your family is staying healthy and safe?
    I’ve been doing so much ready, watching the news and playing games on my phone.
    We trying to stay home to keep us safe and healthy. God Bless us all 💙❤️💐

    • Sorry….I meant to say
      ” reading” romance novels on my tablet keeps me sane 😉.

  135. Spending time with my family, homeschooling my kiddos (aka pretend school) and enjoying the sunny weather that finally showed up! Stay safe and healthy!

  136. I take a long walk early every morning. I am doing some Spring cleaning as well as cleaning out for the twice a year charity yard sale. I am also reading and knitting.

  137. I’m doing a lot of blogging and reading, working outside in my yard and enjoying the pool. Summer is my favorite time of year and I have no problem entertaining myself. Mr Wonderful is here all day, every day, but we are having no issues. We have always done things together. Stay safe.

  138. Hi there:

    Thanks for the chance and I’m doing a lot of reading and practiving my lettering and calligraphy.

    We’ll se, lol.

    Take care and stay safe!

  139. Fortunately, I am still able to have a job, I work at a hospital. When I am not doing twelve hour shifts, I clean, exercise, and read

  140. Social isolation has me reading many hours each day. I particularly love historical romance and satisfying my passion for the genre has been a life saver in this difficult time.

  141. I am currently working from home, which has been an adjustment, but a nice one at the same time. My cats are loving having someone home with them 24/7

  142. I made a long list of all the things I had been wanting to do. Still looking at the list! Will need to get serious and do something on the List!

  143. I’m spending my days working remotely during our current situation, then making mask to donate and send to family and friends. We have been having family dinners since my daughter is finishing her college classes on line.

  144. Hubby and I are catching up on some home projects. I’m also catching up on some sewing projects. I haven’t even thrown the sewing machine out the window yet! We do our daily walks with our pups as well. Also reading of course.

  145. The house has never been this cleaned, never watched so much Netflix in my life and my dog is fed up of me…:)

  146. I am a Circulation Librarian at our local library. We are still working to provide books to our patrons through curbside service so I have been working during this time of social distancing.

  147. We are retired so don’t have to worry about jobs; we do have a disabled daughter who lives with us and we are her caregivers. We play games and watch our favorite TV shows. House is cleaner than ever before and I am cooking a lot more. Using up freezer contents and trying to stay away from the grocery store. Walking the dogs and reading takes up alot of my time.. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  148. I’m working around the house cleaning, organizing, reading, playing games on my computer and tablet. My granddaughter and son live with me so I’m not by myself which is a good thing.

  149. I’m doing my spring cleaning in my closets: clothes, crafts, coat and linen closets. Fun stuff!!! Also going through the filing cabinet-I read that one should not keep greeting cards but I just could not throw them out. So this keeps me busy!!! Well of course reading !!!!

  150. Living here in Oklahoma is like living on a roller coaster!!! One day it’s in the 90’s the next day down in the 40’s!! One thing for me that’s good about this is that I get to do a lot of reading!

  151. I’m doing okay. I am spending my time catching up on my reading list. 📚
    This is an amazing giveaway! Everyone stay safe!!!

  152. Cleaning and reorganizing the garage/house. Teaching online and finishing 2 online classes for my MLIS.

  153. Well I still have to work but when I get home or have a day off I’ll just either do chores or read unless I have to make a trip to the store which I always dread lol

  154. We are painting the rooms we have been putting off for 2 years. Thankfully, we had the paint waiting in the basement! And reading.

  155. Working. We are an essential business and have remained open (with a few scares). I have a corner office and no one comes in, they just stand at the door if they need to talk.

  156. I’m spending my days during this time of social distancing taking care of my Mother (post stroke, 2018) & trying to keep 2 houses running. I live about an hour away from Mother & StepDad but have been couch surfing so I can do direct care for her & help him. I try to fit in reading when I can & try to keep the family well. Stay well all 🙂

  157. I have been reading books that a friend gave me from her “friends of the library” bag sale. I am now down to my last book so will have to start rereading from my book shelves. Always happy to try new to me authors. If I would win, these new books would keep me reading though the fall!

  158. I have been teleworking and trying to stay sane, I mean safe lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. I am an essential employee! I work in a grocery store. I got covid 19 about 2&1/2 weeks ago. It was rough but I managed to stay out of the hospital. I got the green light to go back to work this coming Monday. I need my job, but I’m also scared to go back!

  160. I am spending time with my kids trying to work on Jigsaw puzzle with them and playing board games. And I am reading the books I have had on my shelf which I didn’t have time to read before.

    I have read all your books so far and thoroughly enjoy them and would love to read your new series .

    Thank you and stay safe

  161. Julia, I’m doing well, watching TV, reading and doing some crafting. Watching a lot of Facebook live in my craft groups. Thanks for the chance and prayers for you and your family.

  162. I decided to adopt a puppy so I’m in the midst of potty training and trying to work. But better to do this now when I’m home and can monitor!

  163. Quarantining hasn’t been easy, but when you have kids at home they give a daily dose of hilarious moments. Two beautiful daughters full of sunshine and two handsome sons full exuberance are enough to keep me centered and positive during this difficult time. I am also grateful to my favorite author for during the quiet times, (i.e. kids in bed), I get to go on adventures through reading. Thank you for bringing joy through your books ❤

  164. Listening and reading books. Spring cleaning, baking and trying new recipes.

  165. Currently I am working from home, mixed in with walking the dog and helping with homeschool homework. Depending on how long this goes on, I might run out of work to do from home. Then hopefully I can catch up on my TBR stockpile. :0)

  166. I work in construction so I’m essential and working. When I’m not working I read. My friends are organizing their homes while I read!

  167. During this pandemic time, as I am retired, I am spending my days with reading more and more books, painting my house inside and planting my wildflower seed garden, feeding the birds and squirrels.

  168. I’m mostly reading, playing video games like Skyrim and the Sims 4 and cross stitching. I find that I’m spending more time on the video games than I should be and not enough on house cleaning.

  169. I’m stuck doing my own house cleaning, since I won’t let my cleaning lady come in to clean. She was my Christmas gift. Due to my chronic health issues, cleaning has become very difficult to do but I’m trying. I’ve also been reading and loving on my four cats.
    If this is the worst that happens, it’s a good day! Life is good!

  170. I’m making myself get to tasks that I’ve put off doing. Also, trying recipes in my Instant Pot and Vortex.

  171. I still go into the office to work Monday-Friday but the evenings and weekends are filled with reading, crocheting, watching movies, long rides and walks

  172. I was working from home, until yesterday & now I’m unemployed. I’ve been hanging out with my family, doing some yard work and doing some reading!

  173. Trying to read as much as possible in the evenings and during nap time!! 😉

  174. I love your term “coronacation”. I’ve been baking a lot, reading a lot (still so many books and not enough time!) and of course, Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video!

  175. My husband and I are both retired and we watch our 2 year old grandson 4 days a week. The only people we have contact with is our daughter and grandson. Our shopping is done for us but we take our dog Penny for walks about 4 times a day. I have been reading, cleaning and crafting the time away. Hope everyone is staying safe!

  176. Thank you for this great prize package to boost spirits during this strange time for us all. Stay safe!

  177. Besides spending quality time with my 4 dogs I am still going to work. Don’t like to leave the house during this time but fortunate to have a job with wonderful people.

  178. HI, i have been lucky to be able to work from home , but now- the work is all done and i am reading. All the libraries are closed, the only place i can get books is at the grocery store and the selection is very limited. I would love to be able to receive all this wonderful price pack. thank you.

  179. I am now online teaching till the end of the school year as an elementary special education teacher. I have been trying to organize my house and finish things I’ve been meaning to do!

  180. I have been doing a lot of reading, walking my dog and catching up with the show Shameless.

  181. I’m a teacher, so I’ve been spending my days working on my website and communicating with students and parents. I miss my second graders so much that any message from them makes my day. At night, I love to sit for a bit and read. That way I can enter the book’s world and forget about mine for just a little bit. I feel blessed to be safe at home during this, but sometimes I like a break from all of it.

  182. Catching on reading and discovering new authors. Praying this will soon be over and appreciating everyone on the front lines and those helping family, friends, neighbors and even people who are in our lives everyday we might take for granted. The extent people have gone to help others is so refreshing after the last few years. Stay safe.

  183. I am reading and doing crafts but I also babysit my grandson for a few hours four days a week. His parents are both in essential jobs.

  184. Happy Holidays and enjoy your family thru the internet and stay close that way, while staying safe and healthy

  185. I am probably doing what a lot of others are doing. Cleaning, reading, puzzles and am going to try my hand at a paint-by-number project. My biggest disappointment during this time was not being able to be present at my first grandson’s birth three days ago. And now I won’t be able to hold him until who knows when. I will be visiting him looking through the door glass. So sad.

  186. I start off my day with a swim. Then I watch the news and read. After lunch I take a walk. Then I go on the computer, we have two places for rent. Do chores , read some more, check Hallmark movies. make dinner, READ before bedtime. Talk to my husband and try to make future plans.

    You are so sweet to share all of these wonderful treats! I do enjoy Lori Foster and Cindy Dees.

  187. Reading, jigsaws, trying to keep fit on my exercise bike, baking (and trying not to eat it all) and face timing my gorgeous grandsons. Fingers crossed for a fantastic prize.

  188. I have been doing some purging in my big file cabinet. I have also been doing a lot of reading.

  189. Well I now realize my normal life was called social distancing. The only difference for me is I don’t go to work. So I “work” everyday at home by doing much needed spring cleaning. I will feel like I have accomplished something if I can get into my garage with out a survival plan.

  190. I have been spending my time reading, sewing, and loom knitting. I have also been praying for this terrible virus to end and that my cancer doesn’t return. I have only been in remission for a short time and I have a test coming up soon to see if it is back or not. Please say a prayer for me 🙏. Thank you very much. You are my favorite author. Sincerely, Mona Cunningham

  191. Of course, I’m reading a lot, but I’m also embroidering, trying to refresh contact with old friends, a little mentoring via text, some Zoom, and a bit of overeating.

  192. I’ve been “in training” for this all my life. I’m like a hermit! Because of a problem with my spine, I‘m pretty much On the couch all day, except for a doctor-ordered walk, 1500 steps, OUCH! I also read a whole lot.

  193. I’ve been reading, watching movies, doing spring cleaning, cooking, talking on the phone to friends and family and going for walks around my neighborhood.

  194. Catching up on my DVR watching and binge watching Diagnosis Murder when I’m not working from home.

  195. I am spending my days doing homework since my quarter started on Monday. Before that I was entering capture the flag contests (cyber). I am clearing my emails, cleaning, and crafting.
    I crochet and have been getting ahead on gifts. I also have been making masks for friends that work in critical positions. I have a friend that is a pharmacist, classmates working as couriers, classmates working in emergency management, a nephew working at the amazon warehouse, and etc.
    My friends and I have been having watch parties for Picard and we have been collaborating on projects in anticipation for the end of all of this…

  196. I have been at home with my 3 kids and husband, cleaning, reading books and crotcheting a blanket for one of my sisters.

  197. Hi! I am a teacher and I teach online and on my free time I read, walk the dog, DIY educational stuff for my nephew, watch Netflix and try to avoid as much as possible food.

  198. I got furloughed from my job, and my daughter is home from school for the rest of the year, so we hang out at the house all day every day. We play games, watch movies and shows and go play on the lawn when the weather is nice.

  199. I’ve been rereading some of my favorite book series from the first book all the way through to the last…like binge watching, only with books. It’s like visiting with old friends I haven’t heard from for awhile.

  200. I’ve been rereading some of my favorite book series from the first book all the way through to the last…like binge watching, only with books. It’s like visiting with old friends I haven’t heard from for awhile.

  201. I am making lots of birthday and Easter cards, playing games on my iPad, reading and re-organizing my craft room

    I am also FaceTiming my 6 an 7 year old grandkids and doing projects with them

  202. I am helping my kids with school work, and missing my mom, especially with her birthday next weekend. She was a almost daily visitor at my house before mandatory distancing.

  203. I had four hours of surgery at Mayo Clinic mid-January. I had to keep my foot above my heart on a wedge pillow – so I read. Today makes twelve weeks since my surgery and other than going back for cast changes, I had only left my house three times in twelve weeks. Until today. I had to get
    x-rays and on our way home, we stopped at Aldi’s. They had an electreic cart and I went in the store. It was so exciting! My husband put things in the cart and bought things I pointed out. My 1st store in twelve weeks!

  204. in doors mostly with my family reading cleaning cooking alot ,when it warms up more i hope to plant a garden and spendmore timeoutdoors,be safe!

  205. I’m not working so I’ve been doing some cleaning around the house but I’m also doing a lot of reading. Unfortunately I have barely put a dent in my reading list but, hey, one book at a time. I’ve also been catching up on some movies that I’ve wanted to see. My husband is not working either so the two of us have been spending some quality time together too (along with our cat Snickers).

  206. I am a 911 dispatcher and work overnights. My days are spent sleeping and my nights are spent trying to keep my officers, fireman and the public as safe as I can. #cantsayhome

  207. Reading, playing games and worrying about hubby who has an essential job and leaves the house everyday.

  208. Keeping busy during quarantine reading, sewing and a little hand embroidery. I like keeping my hands busy.

  209. Staying in and contact with friends and family by phone, text and Facebook.

  210. I am really tired of staying inside, but rather safe. I am a 72 yr and know I must be cautious at this pandemic. I am a quilter and am working on several projects while I’m inside. When my fingers get tired, then I read one of my many Kindle books. Either or both give me much pleasure. Oh, mostly I am washing my hands and keeping a safe distance from others. STAY SAFE.

  211. I’m trying new recipes I’ve saved but never made, as well as re-reading my favorite books and reading some new favorites 🙂

  212. I’ve been crocheting small lap blankets to give to residents of the nursing home before winter, reading, and doing puzzles.

  213. I’m mostly reading or on Facebook. Not much different since we’re both retired.

  214. Reading a lot. Being as old as dirt has advantages, so I staying safe and staying in my home. My family is scattered all over the place so I’m used to being alone.

  215. I am packing up my mom house who passed away in Dec. I can back over 5 years ago to take care of her. I will once again leave the house I grew up in.

  216. Thank goodness for technology! Telework fills the majority of my time, and now I’m finally able to hit up my TBR pile!

  217. Im working but its hard to feel save when there is so many people around you

  218. I am able to work from home and my department has been extremely busy so there has been a lot of OT available….I haven’t actually had a day off in 3 weeks

  219. I am home schooling my 3 nephews in the morning, taking walks in a different park in the afternoons with my niece and nephews and catching up with my reading in the evenings.

  220. I’m required to work from home for four hours a day. Then I spend time reading and cleaning.

  221. Working from home, homeschooling, providing daycare, moving to a new house, and trying to se our old house. It’s a mess.

  222. A lot of prayers for our chaotic world and all those suffering take up a good amount of my time. Definitely “Social Distancing”. Being disabled I only allow my caregivers into my home as I am in a high risk group. The best part about all this is catching up on my reading. I have been able to get books read which have been at the top of my list for a while. If there is a film adaptation, streaming it (only after finishing the book) has also been enjoyable. I miss my family and friends and regularly check in with them every few days.

  223. Since my Husband and I are retired, life hasn’t changed much, other than the fact that it’s awfully quiet around our house!! Because I have health issues I’m battling, on my good days I’m up and trying to play catch up with a few projects around here that have been bothering me. The rest of my time is spent reading, knitting, spending time on the computer, and resting, to get my strength back up. It also leaves time for reflection and prayer. Hope everyone is safe and healthy!!

  224. I had just started seeing someone new so since we were together many days before all the lockdowns began we continue to get together. Shopping trips. Now one of us may have to stay in the car because of store limits. Cooking and eating in. Tv nights. Sometimes just grabbing carry out and eating in the car

  225. I’m still going to work 4 days a week – only my boss & I – everyone else working from home. When I’m not working, I’m reading – a lot. Thanks.

  226. I am reading a lot and doing some very much overlooked cleaning projects around the house. Watching the world go by from my front porch. 🙂

  227. I’ve been spending time with family, reading a lot, and taking up gardening!!

  228. Since we moved not too long before all this took place, I am unpacking.

  229. What an amazing haul! Anyone would be overjoyed to have it. Please pick me…over here..me me me ☺

  230. I am doing good! I am retired, so not too much has changed for me. I am reading LOTS more, doing more reviews and cooking every meal at home now instead of going out (that part is getting old, LOL). Our grown daughter still lives with us and she is an online English teacher who teaches ESL to kids all over the world (has been for over a year now), so her schedule hasn’t changed at all. Social distancing is the top priority for me, my husband (who is disabled) and my daughter. Happy Easter and I hope you stay well!!

  231. Unfortunately I’ve been sick with the Corona virus for a week now, so I’m spending my days resting & sleeping. Be well- stay healthy!

  232. I’m spending my days as Acting Teacher for my kids, cooking, cleaning, and sleeping. I have been bored out of my mind without any face to face adult interaction as my husband is stuck on his deployment overseas until the travel bans are lifted.

  233. Alternating between reading romance novels and watching 80’s sitcoms!

  234. I started out upbeat and got my chores done. Lately, I have been sleeping too much. I am prone to depression and waves come and go. I still want to clean out my closet.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  235. Wow, that looks like an incredible package!! Love it! Whoever wins it will be thrilled, I’m sure.

  236. Since my home internet is horrible, I am the designated person from my office to go into work every day. Basically my work days have not changed except that I am the only one in my office. My co-workers stop in periodically to pick up mail or to do any work that they cannot do from home.

  237. I am doing a lot of reading, cleaning my house a little cleaner, and doing a lot more taking to my friend Jesus.

  238. I am the accounting manager for a pharmacy so my days are pretty much the same. We are essential. I still like coming home and reading my romance books.

  239. I have been teleworking from home, cleaning, trying new dishes to cook and trying to caught up to myself.

  240. I am spending my days of social distancing with my mom. We play board games, read, go for walks at a local park with a lake. We do yard work, tend her rose bushes and flowers and just try to stay busy. We are both on fixed incomes so it is not possible to go many places even without the need for social distancing in place. Books are a great distraction for my depression especially when I have no means to go anywhere. Thanks for the chance to win!

  241. During this time of social distancing, I have been reading, sewing, video chatting with family, and walking around our neighborhood and local state park.

  242. Not dwelling on all the sadness , deaths( yes its hit my family) and shortages of neccessary items.
    Spending quality time with my son and grsndson, wearing masks and feeling like a bandit when i venture out ….and lets not forget the handwashing , disinfecting, and sanitizing everything…
    Ohh and were are getting SNOW right this second as im typing this …lol…and ive packed the snowchains away…rofl

  243. I am spending my coronacation by getting us and dressing like I am going somewhere. I read my emails, do a little cleaning, work in my garden and READ!

  244. Social distancing has not really change my life. I retired about 2 years ago & have just enjoyed doing very little! I’ve enjoyed physically, mentally, & emotionally healing from life’s stresses by reading, sleeping, playing with my cats, catching up with friends on FB, & glad to get a cup of coffee & use the bathroom whenever I want or need to! Then this comes along! 😃 I have discovered that I’ve been social distancing before social distancing “was cool!” Will need to get out after this & participate in life! 💜💜

  245. I am grateful that I’m retired and “at home” anyway. One of my favorite hobbies is sewing. I made quite a few Christmas gifts this past Christmas, as well as curtains, and a few clothing items. But, I’m beyond grateful that I’m now able to use those sewing skills to make face masks to be used at a local hospital. I try to pick fabrics that are pretty, some patriotic, and sometimes whimsical. There have been quite a few with cats, dogs, Orioles or Raven (Baltimore teams), and even Teenage Mutant Turtles. I hope that each one provides an additional layer of protection, and maybe even bring a smile to someone. Makes my heart glad. 🙂

  246. My husband and I have painted 2 rooms. I am organizing my crafts and finishing up some projects that I started and didn’t finish. I am also cooking a lot more then usual but we do try to order out 1 night a week to support our local restaurants. I have been listening to books on audio while I am doing my crafts and cooking because I am tired of the TV! Thank you for this opportunity and stay safe.

  247. I reading books and trying to make a dent in my TBR pile. Slowly but surely but there are so many good books.

  248. I’m an essential worker for the State of Michigan. But when I come home I read or check out all the new release books. I also FaceTime with family and my grandchildren.

  249. I’m reading, cooking and messing on the computer on FB and Ancestry. Since I’m disabled and now have COPD also, it’s pretty much the same as any other time for me.

  250. I’ve begun reading different historical and romance books. I have been reading all of one authors books before moving to the next one.

    I always look forward to new books and authors for their perspectives/spin on stories. Thankful for my iPad and is getTing so full from my downloads.

    I live to read 💜💜

  251. I am considered an essential worker so I am still at work. When not working, I stay home with my 2 special needs son’s. From time to time I take things to drop off at my parents house. I also FaceTime with my grandchildren.

  252. My bi-monthly Bible Study is now on-line. I’m also reading through my personal library. I’m watch teachings from ministries I follow on YouTube.

  253. Due to having Stage 4 Lung Cancer, I am on lockdown so I am reading alot and posting reviews. I do get to set on my deck and that is where I do most of my reading.

  254. Lots of reading, the kids reading to me, me staying up way too late to read to myself. Listening to the 12 yr old play saxophone, working on writing with the 7 year old.

  255. I’ve been retired for 4 years, and I’m an introvert, so things haven’t changed much: cruising the net and playing alligator on my Kindle, watching old episodes of various shapes like Law & Order and CSI, trying to make a dent in my TBR pile and digitizing old family photos so I can take the originals to our family reunion for my cousins to fight over.

  256. i am spending 3 days a week working 12 hours a day. Other than that I am home reading and trying to catch up on house work – occasionally cooking.

  257. I’m reading, writing, cleaning and organizing the house. Keeping in touch with family and friends via emails and text messages. Also, getting more exercising daily now that I’m not at work.

  258. I have a job at one of the local hospitals in my area. Fortunately, my job is necessary, so I haven’t lost any work time. I’m thankful for that.

  259. Was already retired so life didn’t change too much. Can’t get out since hubby has cancer & is immunocompromised. Son is getting our groceries. I read a lot & do jigsaw puzzles. Everyone stay safe.

  260. With my mother recovering from the flu and broken hip and my coworker staying home due to also recovering from the flu and being over 60. I’m doing 2 jobs at work and going home on weekends to help take care of Mom. So I guess I’m surviving the days of social isolation and hoping for a vacation when the stay home order lifts.

  261. I love your Texas books but I really love your royal series too. They are all so interesting and some scandalous too.

  262. Tending to my animals, (goat, chickens, cats, and dogs) caring for my elderly father and reading, lots of reading.

  263. I am fortunate to be working from home. Staying active with my team has helped tremendously via zoom and facetime. In my spare time I have been baking, cleaning, and reorganizing everything!!

  264. I’ve been reading new books, re-reading old “friends”, cleaning and baking.

  265. I am working from home (I am very lucky) and the kids are schooling from home. Other than that, books, movies, and actual conversations 🙂

  266. I am actually working more than usual as I drive an 18 wheeler delivering groceries to Walmart stores!

  267. I work at a hospital, so we are considered essential workers. I’m still going to work.

  268. I volunteer at the Salvation Army every day helping with serving sack breakfast and lunch and also answering phones in Social Services department

  269. Reading, Sorting cooking talking on the phone a lot , taking care of my family members here.

  270. I’m quarantined with my 81 year old mom and 6 cats and we are so bored! We have been cleaning every day and have been watching movies, but boredom has definitely set in. My son doesn’t want us going anywhere because both my mom and I have compromised immune systems so we are stuck at home. We try to spend time outside every day, but Mother Nature just doesn’t want to cooperate.

  271. Hi! I’m cooking, cleaning, walking 3 to 6 miles a day, and entertaining my mom who lives with my husband and me. Oh, and I also worry about my son who is an ER RN in Los Angeles. So far we’re all good! Be safe! Be healthy!

  272. My days consist of a lot of cooking. When I am not cooking you will probably discover that I am reading.

  273. Doing a lot of reading, writing, and knitting for my granddaughter, who will be making her debut in three weeks.

  274. With my kiddos , we’ve been baking, cooking, cleaning, laundry , trying to organize and reading.
    I’ve been binge watching Cagney and Lacey with my son.

  275. Julia, I hope you’re staying safe.

    I am busy preparing and freezing meals in advance of my total knee replacement surgery. I was scheduled for 3/18. I received a call 3/16 telling me that 3/16 was the last day for elective surgeries. I was rescheduled for 4/22 which has since been cancelled and I have a tentative date for 6/24. We’ll see. My knee doesn’t feel like it’s elective.

    Other than pain I know I am very fortunate to not have to work (I retired 3 years ago from being a cardiac monitor tech where I was an essential personnel). My prayers go out to all hospital workers. My daughter-in-law is a speech therapist. She loves her work but also feels very vulnerable right now.

  276. I am having to cook more, and I have almost finished my queen sized quilt that I am embroidering. I am also reading more books than usual.

  277. I’ve been playing a LOT of Nintendo with my 82 year old mother. She’s a gaming fiend!

  278. We renovated our 100 year old house, moved from Tx to Washington, sold our house and life has been in an uproar for 6 months prior to Nov 1, 2019. That’s when we moved into our rental in Redmond WA. Since the stay at home order, I have been walking the dog, reading books, binge watching TV, quilting, cooking nice meals that take all day. I may be the only person in the world enjoying this time in history. Im loving having my husband working from home. My dog loves having her people home all day.

  279. I’m working from home. I work at a textile museum, so we’ve been helping coordinate mask making efforts, (virtual) community quilt projects & collaborations with other museums. I’ve been taking lots of walks with my pup when I need a break! And Friday Zoom wine nights with friends keep me connected.

  280. I’ve been reading, sewing face masks for family members anf to give away. I guess I’ve also been baking and cleaning.

  281. I’m reading a lot; about a book a day! I’m also sewing for my 19 month old grandson – shorts and rompers, appliqueing the rompers and onesies to go with he shorts. It actually makes me happy to accomplish so much, but I miss people horribly!

  282. Being a reader makes social distancing so much easier. I am still allowed out for my daily walk.

  283. I’m dividing my time amongst reading, cross stitch, and clearing out my files of paperwork. Would love some new reading material! Thank you!

  284. I am playing lots of games with the kids. We live in the boonies and we take lots of walks as well. Thank you

  285. I’m so happy to have a backyard, to escape the 4 walls of my house. Getting my garden ready for planting.

  286. I work for an ag service company so it’s busy season but I’m mostly working from home!

  287. Spending my time listening to audible and e but books. Also doing puzzles with my kids.

  288. Our family adopted a puppy. I’m spending most of the time training and cuddling the fluffy sweetie.

    • Congratulations, Pam!
      Your comment was chosen via random. org and you’ve won this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be in touch with all the details.
      Stay safe and thanks for all you do!

  289. I have been fighting a bad sinus infection for 2 weeks now. Went back to the doctor yesterday and got another antibiotic. Other than going to the doctor and grocery store, I have been isolating by myself with my beloved dog, Lucky. Also Face-Timing with family and friend, which is wonderful.

  290. I’m spending my time with social distancing is by working. I’m an essential worker I work in a grocery store has a bagger and I help people out their groceries I still do a lot of reading and keeping my distance at work. May you and your family stay safe and healthy

  291. Walking through my neighborhood every day with my husband, cooking and reading more.

  292. Glad I have a big supply of yarn. Our church food truck will have lots of hats and headbands to give out next Winter. I am also catching up on my reading and trying some new recipes.

  293. Well as I’m an essential employee I’m still working. And I’ve been reading a lot of books at work, and at home. We just moved last month so we’re still getting settled, boxes here and there and everywhere.

  294. Working from home. Doing Zoom meetings to stay connected with friends and family.

  295. I have a large to be read stack of books, About a hundred . So I thought I would alphabetize them. Haven’t gotten very far because I see one I want to read right away and read a couple of chapters. If this situation lasts much longer, I will have to separate them by color of the covers!

  296. Working from home, reading a lot of books, and finally going through the plethora of things collected over the years.

  297. During these wild and crazy times. I have my 2 grandsons 10 year old with Down Syndrome and a 14 year old. I am at my camper in Newland NC…at least we are able to enjoy he scenery in the campground. BUT, is this Remote School hard. I am 65…and there work on there computers is difficult for me and them But, we are happy together.

  298. Getting ready to read the 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers series that you are part of.

  299. I’m lucky to be able to continue to work from home. Helping my kids with their schooling online. Enjoying all the extra time with my husband and kids and trying not to worry too much about things.

  300. Unfortunately, my job is considered essential and is still open and I am working. My mother is home everyday and reads and reads and reads!!!

  301. Hey Julia! I moved in the middle of December & I am still unpacking & organizing stuff.Had not moved in 17 years & moving is just a ton of work. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  302. I have been doing a lot of reading and just got a jigsaw puzzle to get started on. I am quarantined alone so I am definitely bored with my own company.

  303. I’ve been reading and spring cleaning. Hope you stay healthy!


  304. I am an essential worker, so my employer says! Anyway, I have been working my 3 days a week, shop once every two weeks and stay home focusing on reading, writing and painting.

  305. It’s been a long five weeks in the house but I’ve become used to enjoying myself with books, movies and even managed some spring cleaning! Video chatting has been a joy! Love seeing my kids and grandkids. Wishing all good health.

  306. You really want to know? I spend part of my day doing one cleaning type chore to get to things I may not do often. I do a lot of reading, since books are my passion. I spend time on emails, as that is the best way to keep up with friends and feel connected when I am home by myself. Several phone calls also to family and friends to keep connected. I take walks around the neighborhood and sometimes I get in the car and just drive around to enjoy a change of scenery. This is my 32nd day of social isolation. Try ordering food and things I need and deliveries are a long way off and many products unavailable.

  307. I’ve been spending a lot of time FaceTiming my family. I miss them so much. I’ve also gone on outdoor walks with my husband to get out of the house for a bit.

  308. I have been doing some crocheting, and reading and a little bit of spring cleaning.

  309. Please excuse the previous comment, I need to read directions better! I’ve been spending my time working at a residential program for teenage girls and teaching my own kiddos when I’m home. Trying to find time to do other stuff like sewing masks going for walks and generally trying to keep the crazy away

  310. I’m having some luck social distancing, but am still working at my job every other day and teleworking from home the others. Any spare time I have I try to put a dent in my ‘need-to-read’ pile.

  311. My young daughter is home from school so we do some school work. We also have reading time and of course outside play time. My husband still goes to work. I’ve enjoyed my extra time with my daughter.

    • Well I should read directions. I’m spending my time still working in residential program for teenage girls. Trying to find time to sew masks and teach my own kiddos as well.

  312. I’m still working (“essential,”), and staying close to same with tai chi classes on Zoom. I’m not doing as much reading as I anticipated, because my mind is so unsettled.

  313. I still do quite a bit of reading but I’m currently doing a 21 day ab challenge. I’ve been going through stuff and getting rid of a lot. Also working on redoing my laundry room to update it.

  314. I’m still able to work and taking care of my 3 year old, who is a super active, inquisitive little girl. I enjoy reading and listening to true crime podcasts in my free time.

  315. I’ve done a little of everything from watching tv/movies, reading, working out and deep cleaning my house! I have enjoyed sleeping in too!

  316. My husband and I are elderly and have immune disorders and or cronic health conditions.
    My husband is trying to do some yard clean up and small chores outdoors in our yard.
    I’m trying to keep the home fires burning by cleaning , cooking laundry etc. I love to bake so that is a regular project finding new recipes to try. Baking bread also. We both love to read , so we’re exhausting our stash of old books.

  317. I am putting a stuffed tiger in the window chasing a fuzzy mouse. I also baked cupcakes and decorated them like frogs for my neighbors. In the spirit of keeping a social distance I placed them on their porch, rang the doorbell and waited at the end of their driveway to wish them a nice day. We are following all precautions in the house – wiping down with the approved products, washing hands much more than is even necessary and have already cleaned out every cupboard, closet and drawer in the house. Garage is next. Oh, and the patios have even been re-arranged.

  318. Bible studies, reading and walking and either riding my indoor or outdoor bike.

  319. I have my coffee in the morning, check e-mail, & read the newspaper. Exercise on the elliptical is next, after stretching. I do some light housework & then spend some time reading on my kindle. I retired 7 years ago & I am a homebody, so nothing really changed for me during the shelter-at-home order, other than not running errands a few days a week. Our kids live on the mainland, in CO & CA, so we talk on the phone or FaceTime several days a week to keep in touch.

  320. I am working from home and super sad that I won’t get to see my daughters since they are away at college and can’t travel home due to the quarantine. In addition, my younger daughter is a health care worker, so I’m very worried about her, so I guess that’s how Ive mostly been spending my time lol

  321. I am reading a lot, making my family masks, and watching Netflix shows. LOL

  322. When I don’t have my nose in a book, I’m finally getting some long overdue home projects done.

  323. I am spending my time by reading. I also love to crochet so I am making face masks. But there is always cleaning to do.

  324. My intentions every day are to get some things done around the house that I need to do but alas, I succumb to the old adage ” the best laid plans of mice and men” and I find I am really not getting anything much done house wise. But I enjoy spending time with my little fur baby Gizmo and I enjoy playing my game online and at the end of every day propping up in bed and reading. I trust that you and yours are safe and I thank you for this opportunity.

  325. As I nurse I have been spending my days at work caring for patients and trying to keep my community safe. When I’m not working I’ve been doing a lot of reading.

  326. I am cleaning out closets, trying out new recipes , listening to new podcasts and reading.

  327. Cooking more, not eating out, reading more emails and fb news feed, sitting in the shade with my large, loving Great Pyrenees/White Labrador, and working in the yard!

  328. i am spending my days of social distancing being a chef and teacher to my fiver year old son. when i have a moment to myself i am trying to keep the house clean and read.

  329. When the the Coronavirus first started, I believe that both my hubby & I were caught off guard. We are a retired couple and live up in northern Ontario, Canada and don’t see our families every month other than the occasional FaceTime or Skype. To see the family it is a 5-6 hour drive south (in good weather) so before the pandemic we checked with the families to see what their plans were for Easter and we ended up inviting them all up here for the a good 3-4 day long weekend of family and fun!

    Unfortunately though the Coronavirus changed our plans in a heartbeat …. Since we couldn’t be all together in person we’ve got everyone on board to do a major SKYPE on Sunday morning after church. It isn’t the same as being able to give them all a hug and kiss, but at least we have got the electronic smarts now to be able to do this connection.

    My hubby and I are managing to stay sane in this trying time. We try to go for a walk everyday, even if it is just to walk the driveway (175 feet) him on one side and me on the other side of the driveway. We find it hard to listen to all of the news about this pandemic, but we know that it is important to know what is happening in the world and how it will affect us. We do worry about our daughter & family who live down in a city just west of Toronto. It is just a Mom being a Mom.

    Julia, I hope that all of your reading fans are all being safe and well wherever they may live. Hopefully I just might have a chance at winning this amazing package.


  330. I’m working from home full-time as opposed to three days a week so not a lot has changed in that regard. I’m limiting the time I watch the news because it is just too much hearing the numbers every single day.

  331. Still working. When not working I have been making masks and doing LOTS of reading!

  332. I am spending my time at home. I am a senior (75 yrs. old) & I have asthma. If, I am going to die & I know that I will someday; this virus is not the way I what to go. Family & friends have been calling & bringing us things to help. We appreciate everyone. Pray, you & your family are staying safe & healthy also. Thanks, for the chance to win. I enjoy your books & newsletters.

  333. I am an essential worker – so I have to go to work everyday – I also take care of my Dad who is a vulnerable individual –

  334. Spending my days working every day as a nurse. This would be a great item to have when I get a day off to relax.

  335. I am fortunate to be able to work from home, and my husband and I are juggling our phone calls and video conferencing so we aren’t impacting each other!

  336. I am 81 years old and spend my days at home resting,relaxing and reading. It’s always been my favorite thing to do and now I have lots of time to just read

  337. I am doing my spring cleaning and catching up on my reading. Staying in and preparing my pots for planting next month.

  338. Social distancing is a curse and a blessing for everyone. For me, it means very differently. I gave birth to our first baby prior to WHO announcing COVID-19 as a Pandemic. It was 2/25 when our baby girl came to our lives, and we’re blessed to have her! These days are spent with my husband and our baby girl. Although, we have not seen our extended family due to social distancing, this gave my husband an opportunity to spend it with our baby girl.

  339. Checking with family and friends by phone, reading and playing with the cats.

  340. Going on walks in the park, working on a cross stitch project and reading!

  341. During the coronacation (love that, thanks, Julia) I’m doing some necessary housekeeping and enjoying reading more than usual!

  342. Spending more time reading, watching movies with the family, and eating meals together.

  343. I’m trying to keep my teenagers on schedule with their virtual education, doing some work at home, walking, and lots of reading!

  344. Been doing some spring cleaning, reading, dabbing at some crafts and yard work. Since my husband is home and getting him to finally do his to do list.

  345. I am on lockdown due to healthough issues so.. I’ve been spending my time – caring for my hubby and my furbaby ( chi) When I relax – I spend my time reading – it’s my escape from this horrible reality for now! It’s my way if taking a vacation without leaving my recliner! I’ve traveled to some amazing places!

  346. Work from home so really not much different. No extra time to read or anything but thankful to have a 2 month KU trial.

  347. Hi! I work at home and have been for a few years so I am blessed because my company is still very busy. Working long hours and weekends which has been happening for awhile. When I do have downtime of course I am reading or listening to audible. Talk to my family more and close friends. Just feel as everyone does, a little disconnected but thankful!! Hope you are doing well also!

  348. I’m reading, sewing, playing games, cooking, cleaning and eating. Anything to keep my hands and mind busy.

  349. I am working from home. Spending time with my husband and kids. Taking my dog on many, many walks. Reading and listening to audio books!

  350. Helping my kids do their school work online. Kindergarten classes are easy-my son loves doing his work. Forth grade classes are hard. Math is killing me-what is up with the boxes? It’s so hard. Watching YouTube to teach myself, so I can teach my daughter.

  351. I am in the process of knitting an Afghan for a couple who are getting married soon! And when I am not knitting I am enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee and reading a book! Weather here in Maine has not been the best at all especially now we are quarantined! If the weather was sunny and warm would be nice..nope rainy southern ME and snowing like crazy in mid to Northern ME!!! It is April, Mother Nature!!!! Hope I get picked for a goodie!!! That would be nice to have another book to read or even a bookmark or coffee cup!!! Not fussy just like to win!!!!

  352. When I’m not at work, I’m working thru my TBR pile. I’m also sketching out a book idea.

  353. I’ve been watching television, playing games on my kindle, only going out to the grocery store. The best part is talking with family and friends via cell phone. Take care 🙂

  354. This lovely package will help me get through the days ahead. Thank you for this offer.

  355. This week would technically have been our spring break…so I decided to choose a theme for each day to make it fun! Monday was sports day, Tuesday “recreated” a trip to the local German Themed town, Wednesday was garden day, today is beach day and tomorrow is a camp out…we plan the meals to fit the theme and do an activity and craft. Something different!!

  356. I’m catching up on organization and projects, and packing up my mother’s house. She recently went into memory care at an assisted living facility. While I can’t visit her, I’m doing what I can to continue to take care of her. For health and avoiding cabin fever, I’m walking around the neighborhood (always maintaining social distance). Stay safe!

  357. Spending time with my two dogs. When working we didn’t have much bonding time. Now we have loads of time. We go outside for walks versus just to do their thing. There’s lots of cuddling and watching tv.

  358. I go for 2 walks a day (dr’s orders). Learned how to make an orange loaf, face mask, and not put on my jammies until 4p

  359. My husband and I are keeping ourselves busy. Since we are retired, we are used to being home. We take an early morning walk for about an hour. We completed a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. We also have been doing a lot of texting and face timing with our kids and grandkids. It is hard not being able to see them.

  360. I’m still working full time at my laboratory. I’m my downtime, I’m finally working on all the projects I haven’t gotten around to doing. I have a cross stitch Uranus, a miniature house model, online dance class, getting back into practice on the piano, and lots of cuddles with my dog!

  361. Virtual Pilates, walking our two older dogs and walking the husband. Oh, and cooking & reading!

  362. I am laid off so I am reading as many romance novels as possible and making art!

  363. Reading, reading, reading . . . just finished Billionaire in Boots. Can’t wait for the 4th in the series.

  364. With kids and husband dragging the bandwidth down, have retreated into books and music. Thank goodness for noise-canceling headphones!

  365. I am splitting my time between reading and sewing. I made face masks for myself and some others. Mostly I am piecing quilt tops. Some of my reading is actually me reading printed or ebooks,. Sometimes while sewing, I am listening to audio books. Great when I can do both my favorite activities at the same time!!!

  366. I am reading 4-5 books a week, walking in my Texas neighborhood, staying in touch with family & friends via text & Skype, mulching the flowers & cleaning closets.

  367. My grocery shopping is changing to delivery service as we’re over 65. But other than that, our lives continue to be quiet. Homebody and introverts. And grateful for all those on the front line.

  368. I am spending my time with my pets (2 Newfoundlands and 3 cats) and also cooking and reading…a lot!

  369. I’m walking, cleaning, writing letters and rereading favorite books.

  370. Spending time catching up chores and projects I’ve wanted to get done. Spent time making some masks for our nessessary trips out for food.

  371. Thanks for the chance! I am spending my time playing video games and reading. However, I am going to break down and start some spring cleaning next week!

  372. In quarantine I’m trying to keep my autistic son on a normal schedule, keep my 2 year old from teasing and bothering her big brother, and only seeing my husband when he emerges from the locked office every 12 hours we’re he is “working”. It would be nice to win this great prize package and read something more adult then Clifford the big red dog.

  373. My husband and I are senior citizens so we are staying in except for grocery shopping which I let him do as he has cabin fever!!! I’m very content to settle in and do some Spring Cleaning and various other jobs I have overlooked. Enjoy your books very much. I usually get them from the library and I have 2 ready for pickup but the library is closed due to the COVID19.

  374. I have spent my days reading. So far this year I’m at 110 books and a little over 28,000 pages.

  375. Wow! What a haul full of great prizes! Thank you Julia for the chance to win such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  376. Unfortunately, I’ve been eating a bit too much comfort food so far. Trying to ease off of that and replace it with more fresh air and sunshine.

  377. I’m still working. Considered essential but wearing my fabric mask and social distancing. When I’m off work tackling all the cleaning like under sinks that needs to be done.

  378. I would like the chance to start reading some of your books
    I read by author so that If I enjoy your writing style & storyline I will read all your back issues of books & keep up to date on new books being published

  379. On the days that I am not freaking out, I read a lot!! I have even gotten a little cleaning done.

  380. I have been doing a ton of cleaning, cooking and organizing! As soon as things warm up outside I plan on washing our windows. At the end of the day I read to escape.

  381. I am spending my days trying to work in my garden (accept its snowing today). I also spend time reading.

  382. I’m decluttering my bedroom, clothes and garage. I’m also reading a lot and baking:)

  383. Working from home during the week but in the other free time we have been reading, playing card games and doing lots of baking. Oh and Netflix of course!

  384. I have read 36 books thus far this year–mostly in March. Thank goodness for my kindle. I have painted chair rail, washed windows, polished kitchen cabinets, cleaned out the freezer, and have completed a ton of yard work.

  385. I’m spending this social distancing time cuddling, walking/hiking and playing games with my two wonderful kids and when I have quiet time I love to read.

  386. I love your books. You were one of the first authors to get me into this genre. I must admit, I prefer regency romance to present day. May 5th is my daughter’s birthday. Maybe I’ll be lucky again on that day. I hope!!!

  387. I are working from home and going to work every Tuesday. My husband is still working along with my middle daughter. My son is schooling at home and can’t wait to return to high school.

  388. I’m a teacher, so I’m working mostly from home while my husband and son are working online in other rooms of our small house. Playing with our dogs and going through storage tubs from Hurricane Matthew – hoping we will be done with them by the end of this! And cross stitching. So. Much. Cross stitching.

  389. I’m spending my days making sure my kids follow their new online learning schedule, working on my bachelor’s degree, keeping the house going, and checking in at work every now and then. Lots of Zoom meetings for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and 4-H, and waiting for our new chicks to ship!

  390. Reading, crocheting, cleaning, and keeping kids on track with school stuff.

  391. Passing each day catching up on reading and challenging Sudoku.

  392. My TNT stack is going down faster than usual during this corona virus stay home vacation, looking for more books to add! Love your books.

  393. My three grandkids with my son and my DIL moved in with us around the end of February. I have been helping the oldest to do schoolwork because school was suspended for the rest of the year. I know that I could not have been a teacher! I have been doing a lot of reading. Authors that I have not read before. It has been a nice change of pace. I have also tried out a slew of new recipes that were pretty good.

  394. I’m spending my days working in my new home office, and on weekends I read and binge watch TV.

  395. I am watching television, reading, listening to the radio and playing Sudoku. I wear my mask in public and keep my trips to town to once a week. I hope everyone stays healthy and happy!! Thank you for the contest!! Good luck to everyone!!

  396. I have been retired for some time, do my routine has not changed much, except for shopping for groceries. We’re trying the grocery delivery service. I’m not an organized, so I have added to the list a few times!! Too used to dashing out for an ingredient!!

  397. My backyard garden is already looking very promising with the extra time I am able to put into it. My ” to read” list of books is getting smaller. Also, delicious baking going on. Staying positive and hope everyone out there is too!

  398. I’ve actually caught up on my reading some, spent more time with my husband & neighborhood walks with my dog.
    I’ve also used this time as Easter approaches to spend more time with God, either praying the rosary or attending daily Mass on EWTN.

  399. OMG! This is an amazing gift package. I have just been diagnosed with some type of yet-undetermined Lymphoma, and thinking that this might help keep me busy throughout treatment.

  400. Thank you for the chance,
    Penney Wilfort
    3131 Watkins Drive Apt 209
    Riverside Ca 92507

    Stay safe

  401. Working. Dealing with horse emergencies (4!). Dealing with Human emergencies (1 broken hip). Doing all the shopping and cooking for elderly parents. And needing to escape. I am binge watching and binge reading.

  402. 560 61st Street South
    St Petersburg, FL 33707

    Would love to win. I read every day. Thanks for the giveaway.

  403. I’m working harder than ever – from home. I’m an elementary school librarian and getting resources and activities posted online, and dealing with parent and staff requests, is a nonstop job!

  404. I’m working from home, full time. Mostly data entry, some Skype training & meetings. My husband & I walk every day in the neighborhood. I’m doing a lot more cooking and dishes than usual.

  405. My job is considered necessary so I am continuing to work while taking care of my elderly parents who are self-isolating due to their age and health conditions. So my days consist of work, cooking, cleaning and doing the errands and shopping. Mostly normal for me and I realize I have it much easier than a lot of other people. However, due to the fact that I am still working and doing all the errand running I am diligent about social distancing for fear of transmitting it to my parents. Also, I have a Red Cross donation appointment coming up and I researched to see what precautions they were taking at the collection site and I plan on wearing my own mask that day.

  406. I’m working from home. Reading and watching movies when I’m not working.

  407. I have been working from home. Cooking more and taking my dog to vet to change bandages.

  408. I work in health insurance so, I have become extremely busy updating insurance policies to show coverage for COVID-19 testing. My husband and teenaged daughter are essential employees so I am constantly cleaning and keeping up with laundry. On the weekends I am enjoying a movie or two on TV, reading and my crafts; sewing and painting.

  409. At home with the family: middle college kid, youngest kid, and husband. Oldest kid is out of the house and married.

  410. For me staying in isn’t different because I’m disabled and I mainly go out to doctor appointments and family on holidays. What is so different is when I go out to doctor appointments the city hardly has traffic and I don’t see college students. I can feel things are different and there is an eerie feeling about. I take time to check on family and friends more than I normally do and expanded on those I call. I’m getting more calls from people who say they are bored. Welcome to my world I tell them.

  411. Aside from working, I’m getting in some extra walking and reading.

  412. I’m spending more time planning fewer grocery store runs – checking with my in-laws and daughter if they need anything. I’m also being more creative with meals and recipes since the stores have weird random outages. I pulled out my sewing machine and have been sewing masks so far still only for family members but once everyone has a couple so they can wash them, I’ll make ones to donate. Oh we’re also picking up lunch a few times a week to support local businesses.

  413. I have been doing some cleaning, organizing & cooking. Reading, reading, reading 🥰

  414. A lot reading, cleaning out closets and yard work, when the weather cooperates.

  415. I have been doing a ton of reading and quilting. I find both to be relaxing. I have finished 5 wallhanging, 4 other quilt tops and sandwiched, layered, one of those today. I have read about 15 books since social distancing started. I have also gone on a few walks keeping my social distance by crossing the street when necessary.

  416. Well, since I’ve been under the weather for the last four weeks, mostly trying to rest, watching some TV, listening to audiobooks, and trying to read my paper books as well. Trying to stay sane! ☺️ Thanks for the chance!

  417. Watching movies, reading, playing board games with the kiddos.
    I will be starting a new job on Monday. Its at our local hospital in the food service department.

  418. I am staying at home with my wife and reading books that I have downloaded and getting caught up on my to read list. Haveing a lot of fun and don’t mind all that much about just going to the grocery store for groceries and then back home.

  419. Thank you for giving your fans a chance to win!!
    Desperate for a new read!!

  420. I already work from home, so that hasn’t changed. But, I am taking online classes at night and getting to put up my house for sale. With my three daughters home from college I need some serious escapes!!

  421. Hi Julia….during these challenging days I’m working at home and cooking a lot.

  422. I have been working from home for almost four years now, scheduling appointments for Veterans that can’t get care at VA so I’m still doing that. I have been reading, sewing, making jewelry, more.

  423. I’ve been working at the local VA hospital. Starting teleworking this week thankfully. But with three separate issues that compromise my immune system, I need this!

  424. I’m organizing my house! Things I let slide is now front and center as I’m working from home, so I’m getting some serious organizing on

  425. My husband and I are living in an independent living apartment in a Continuing Care Community. The administration has done everything to keep the virus away but it means none of the activities that were offered before. We go to dinner in shifts to pick up the meal of the day and then return to our apartment to eat. Can’t go out for shopping but staff has opened a market and stock it very well or they will get special orders for us. I am doing many memory games and getting a head start of counted cross stitch wedding samplers for 2 grandsons. I also still do a lot of reading.

  426. After an entire month of taking care of my 2 grandsons, 6 & 8 which is gratifying and special each day I look forward to this continuing for months. For the 8 hours we read, play outside in the backyard, do our lessons, watch t.v. and read more. I go for long walks in the foothills in the sunshine. In between on the weekend I read, and enjoy many book escapes.

  427. My husband and I have spent the last two plus weeks helping our daughter move to a new house. Her landlord sold her old place out from under her and she had no choice. So, of all the times to move, it had to be now, but thankfully not much contact with anyone except to pick up take out food. Now, it’s stay-at-home time, which I will be thankful to do some of. Love your books, so would appreciate being able to receive some for free. Thanks,

  428. Already into week four of my Corona social distancing. Luckily I’m in a ‘fair weather’ rainy part of California with many sunny days supporting my activities as a ‘street walker’ to get me out of the house with some opportunities to stay well over 6′ away from like-minded neighbors as a few of them randomly pass with their dogs on the sidewalks. It’s great to have momentary contact with people!! I, too, have been able to dedicate time and attention to putting my monumental downsizing tasks into action. And, I’m making intentional contact through phone, text, and mail with people I have not been in touch with in more time than I hate to admit. My positive style puts all this activity into my ‘blessings’ column – far outweighing whatever inconvenience I have to survive. I wish you a huge smile when this is all over – Consider yourself hugged by one of your best fans!

  429. Have read many of your books and still reading them! Love your story telling. Look forward to reading many more! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  430. I have been making protective masks for family members. almost 45 this week alone! that, and reading, of course, and some spring cleaning since I have my teenage son home, and my husband also laid off. I was very sick the middle of March with want we highly suspect was Covid 19, but here in Michigan, there were absolutely no tests available at that time. stay safe everybody!

  431. I was working but now for 2 weeks I am laid off for lack of parts. I have been spending this week working on yard work when the weather cooperates and inside work when it doesn’t.

    I have been reading a lot of books from different authors and keeping in touch on FB with different groups.

  432. I have been lucky that I am still working. I already work from home so I am very blessed.

  433. I’m spending most of my time on Facebook and also by reading books. Thank you for the chance to win.

  434. Thanks for your wonderful giveaway. I have been spending my time sewing face masks for my local hospital, caring for my husband who has Alzheimer’s and doing outdoor yard work.

  435. I’m knocking out home projects that have been on my to do list for a long time. I’m also taking walks around my neighborhood, watching more TV and reading of course.

  436. I’ve been spending my time self isolating in Chapel Hill NC while I’ve been taking CEUs in order to reactivate my nursing license to help with the crisis. Currently interviewing for positions and taking walks around a pond in our community. I often see a beautiful blue heron and will sit and talk to him while he fishes. He’s so regal and graceful. And so brings back my mother as she told us she would return as a blue heron. It heals my soul in these trying times.

  437. I’m walking my dog a lot more these days and he is loving it. I’m also crocheting more.

  438. Housework, yard work, sewing masks, cooking a lot more, talking on the phone a lot more, reading a lot more, trying to stay positive and hopeful.

  439. Fortunately and unfortunately I am still working. I work for Roto-Rooter and we clean sewer lines. So I still get up and go to work everyday!

  440. I am sending my time with me 4 children who are now at how as well. We have been tackling the task of school from home and it’s been a challenge. I would love to escape into your books once a day, just for a short break from my new reality. 🙂

  441. I am spending more time with family and getting long over-due home projects done.

  442. I am spending my days playing Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch and reading – including re-reading some old favorites, finishing books that have been sitting for a file, and reading new favorites.

  443. I am retired, so I’ve been used to staying at home more. However, I miss going out shopping when I want to or out to eat with my husband. We are cooking more of our meals and I’m spending a lot of time on the computer or reading a book. Now that spring is here, I will spend more time outside flower gardening.

  444. fortunately I am one of the lucky ones that still have a job and I spend my days working from home. In my spare time I read and listen to Audible books.

  445. We are in total lockdown in New Zealand and only leave the house to do grocery shopping. It is ok and our numbers are going down so it is all worth it.

  446. Well it’s giving me an opportunity to declutter and much needed yard work accomplished, along with getting the garden ready for planting.

  447. I am reading a lot of books, watching a lot of tv and listening to music. I can’t work because all the schools are closed and I am a preschool teacher’s aide.

  448. What a wonderful prize package! My fingers are crossed for extra luck in my chance to win!

  449. Spending time during this coronacation reading even more than always. Thank youfor sharing your creative gift with us!

  450. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, laundry and organizing while under the stay at home order in my state. I also am the designated shopper for myself and my parents, so that’s fun…not!
    Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway. I hope that you and your family stay healthy!

  451. Just the kind of books I love to read: mysteries, mysteries, mysteries!! I will be in seventh heaven and won’t sleep a wink reading all these mysteries and books. Please announce me as a winner. Thanks!!!

    • Just the kind of books I love to read: mysteries, mysteries, mysteries!! I will be in seventh heaven and won’t sleep a wink reading all these mysteries and books. Please announce me as a winner. Thanks!!!

  452. I am doing lots of reading. Checking in with friends and family to be sure they are doing okay. But also working on my bracelet helper craft, embroidery work, garden glass art from recycled cut glass vases, platters etc. And when I tire of that I am gardening and working on new gluten free recipes. Making my first batch of gluten free sour dough starter. This shelter at home has really been positive for me as a new retiree from a full time busy executive position at 75. I am taking full advantage of not having to be some place at a certain time. Stay safe, stay home, stay well.

  453. I am reading as much as possible, painting, reorganizing closets and containers.
    I facetime my sister each chance I get as well as my brother. One lives in Bermuda the other in California.

  454. Hello Julia. My husband and I are watching television together. I have also started spring cleaning. I sit outside for a bit whenever the New England weather allows. I read in daily. The best part of the day is talking to our 2 daughters knowing they are fine. I hope you and your family continue to be well.

  455. Catching up on all of my reading, spending time with my family,baking and airing out the house 🙂

  456. Reading books on my iPad. I’m a family Child Care Provider so I’m taking care of 4 littles. 5 are home due to this Coronavirus hoping that we can all be together soon!!

  457. Reading and working from home. But I don’t tell my boss I’m mostly reading! Hope you and yours are safe and stay healthy.

  458. Thanks so much for all the wonderful books – I am an avid reader and now that I am retired I just love making up for lost time for all the years that I worked and wasn’t able to.

  459. Running, family walks, playing outside with my boys, movie nights, game nights. Reading books and watching hallmark movies.

  460. Connecting with friends via FaceTime that I haven’t talked to in awhile.

  461. Staying calm by trying something new and old. I love to take pictures so I have many of flowers and butterflies. I printed one of my butterfly pictures onto material. I then embroidered the picture like it was a pattern. I love the finished product and now plan to do more.

  462. I have been getting things ready for my garden and doing some spring cleaning as well as reading more. I also spend a lot of time facetiming with my kids and grandkids.

  463. I have been working remote from home. During the in between times I have been cleaning and keeping my grandchildren up to date on their school work as schools are closed. Any time after that is devoted to the Princes series. I get so lost in all my books. I never want them to end. I wait anxiously awaiting more.

  464. I have been cleaning the house, taking walks and reading. I am a stay at home mom so I am here with my kids.

  465. Reading, which I already do all day everyday lol and playing with my 2 dogs.

  466. working from home and spending quality time with my husband and fur babies.

  467. I have been staying at home and reading all the books I haven’t had a chance to read. Actually finding isolation isn’t as bad as it could be. I am not alone. My husband is here as well and is great help by doing the shopping.

  468. My husband was just laid off, so we are planning to spend a lot of time as a family. Maybe get the house more organized and check off some projects.

  469. I’m spending time sheltering in place with hubby, playing Yahtzee and Phase 10.

  470. I have been able to thankfully work from home during the days for the past three weeks. My mom is currently able to work in the store she works at and we live in the same apt complex so we have been meeting for our daily walk. I’ve also been reading, currently another romance novel by Diana Palmer, and doing lots of cross-stitch! 🙂

  471. Some quilting, lots of reading, face timing & ph calls with family & friends.

  472. Trying to read 1 book a week. Am taking my 2 rescue dogs for walks every day. Feeling blessed to wake up to another day, praying that this virus will finally leave. Praying for the families that have lost loved ones, being thankful that grocery stores are still open and thankful for all the essential workers!

  473. I am working from home, and on my breaks and lunch time getting my yard work done , and then in the evenings I can read and crochet.

  474. I am making pit holders for our church Christmas bazaar, spending time with my husband, and loving my dog and husband

  475. Thank you so much! I’m spending my days cleaning, watching videos, surfing the net and cleaning! I’ve been reading a little. I’ve been a little stressed and haven’t been able to get into reading, but that doesn’t stop me from trying!

  476. Getting rid of stuff I don’t use to make more space. Finally getting a chance to read books hours at a time so I don’t loose what was going on. I’ve read so many books in the last few weeks I finally feel justified in all my big purchases at the book store that everyone would say, ” Are you really going to read all of those.” Well, yes, yes I am as a matter of fact while you clime the walls going buggy. Sure you don’t want to borrow a few of my books now? Could be that’s what I need the space for.

  477. Writing on my Sci-fi,reading and writing some more. And a little catch up TV on the side for good measure.

  478. Spending my days with my family. Some days we pray, make masks, do jigsaw puzzles, read……alot, pray, bake, get projects done around the house, pray, take walks! Praying for everyone out there!! We will get through this!

  479. I’m trying to get some projects done around the house. When the weather is beautiful, like today, I love to spend time outside in the yard. I hope you and your family are well. Stay safe.

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!