August Giveaway

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289 thoughts on “August Giveaway

  1. I spend a perhaps unhealthy amount of time watching Meg’s Cozy Tea Time.

    … If you will excuse me, I need to head off to Target!


  2. We went and visited Disneyland and my husband and daughters got to meet my dad for the first time!

  3. I have been swimming a lot and also reading a lot. Those are my two favorites!

  4. I’ve spent my summer (besides working 🙄) reading and heading to the shore every chance I’ve gotten. It’s been a rainy one in New England.

  5. Loved you as an actress and can’t wait to read some of your books. Wonderful interview!

  6. We live in Arizona, so we’re inside appreciating the fact that we have working a/c😊

  7. On my gosh, just realizing who she is! I loved the Big Chill. We lived in Beaufort in 1983-84, my husband was stationed at Parris Island. We’d drive by the house and just dream!

  8. I am 79, so I spend 90% of my time reading books! Curled up in the air conditioning traveling to all different places, wherever the book takes me!! My love of books started when I was 3 and I am so lucky to be in love with books!!

  9. So glad you’ve found this wonderful outlet for your creativity. Love your acting & look forward to reading ypur writing

  10. All I can say is thank goodness for air conditioning! This past 5 days have been hot & humid in the Northeast. Trying to each moment I can to hold onto summer for as long as possible 🙂

  11. Fun!! That was a great interview. This August is busy! I’m a 1st grade teacher so I’m just finishing my summer job and getting my classroom ready for the new school year! I also just had a birthday a couple days ago and it’s always so nice to feel special even if it’s just for a minute!! Thank you 😊

  12. I have enjoyed both of you as authors and these authors interviewing authors are always great fun.

  13. I absolutely loved reading the questions and answers!
    I have been to Florida with six lady friends and just enjoying the summer.🥰
    Thank you for your wonderful giveaway!!!

  14. celebrating lots of family birthdays in august, my anniversary, and doing lots of gardening and swimming

  15. Trying to stay cool and soak up time with my kids before they go back to school September 1st.

  16. Cleaning ,trying to get more organized. Baking & Cooking,new to me recipes & family favorites. One of my all time favorite hobbies, Reading ,either by listening to audio books or by reading books & physical books .

  17. I spend the morning doing little cleanups while the temperature isn’t too hot. Afternoon in New Orleans is scattered thunderstorms,of which my chihuahua is scared. Her safe space is the bed. She’s also a professional sleeper. We spend many afternoons in bed. I read while she trembles in my lap or sleeps. 😂

  18. What a collaboration! Meg Tilly’s teatime teams up with you! What a fantastic summer romance duo!

  19. I am reading in my patio with 2 ceiling fans and a box fan directly on me! It is hot, some days in the 90’s, but I love to read outside watching the birds come to feed in my garden peaceful zone.

  20. Mostly reading, knitting, and working on puzzles. It’s nice to have a relaxing end to the summer.

  21. Spending the summer and more assisting in the care of my father-in-law who has advanced Alziheimers/Parkinsons. Use my reading as a great escape from the stress his care incurs.

  22. Spending this summer and more assisting in the care of my father-in-law with his advanced Alzheimers

  23. Spending this hot month trying to stay cool, read and re-read, and catch up on movies

  24. I’ve spent the summer reading, gardening and trying to stay out of trouble 😺

  25. Spending time at home getting ready for school while easing the heat with air conditioning and cold drinks.

  26. Spending these hot days in the shade as much as I can. When I can’t find shade, it’s the pool for me!

  27. Meg, keep up the fantastic writing. It just makes MY DAY. Love to sit on the lanai with one or your books in hand, sip my tea and relax and read, read read.

  28. After my Shih Tzu was shaved by the vet (there really was a dog under all that hair!), he was much happier snuggling up to me in bed! He has been a great bed buddy while I am reading!

  29. Starting the month in the Jackson Hole area for a wedding. Then a county fair in upstate NY, my sister’s camp on a beautiful small lake . . . It’s great to finally be retired!!!

  30. Enjoying the summer heat with a nice relaxing drink as I continue to read my way thru the summer just like as when a kid.

  31. School is coming time to pull out ice cream maker. Mint chip is a favorite.

    Thanks for the hint to pull it out , I’m Lucky to have an authoress to pull us through.

    So Very Lucky!

  32. We will be going on a family camping trip 🙂

    Thank you for this chance. God Bless.

  33. I am spending the hot August days reading books by my favorite authors and drinking a lot of iced tea.

  34. It’s hot and smoky here from the fires in Canada. I will be spending time inside reading and donating or throwing away stuff that I do not need.

  35. Adjusting the AC temp at the library where I work often and otherwise reading and grilling.

  36. In this hot weather, the only thing that gets me out of the house and away from my books is a walk (early in the morning) with my husband. At the age of 85, I’m lucky to still have my husband.

  37. I love to read. All the years I worked I never had the time and now I can’t get enough. Because I have buried two husbands, I am alone quite a bit so reading fills many of my hours and I find it very enjoyable. Yes I have family and friends but you can go anywhere in the world and never leave your house when you read a good book!

  38. during the pandemic I made a vow to read the unread books I’d accumulated over the years. Every time I finished one I donated it to othe
    book hungry friends. We exchanged, explored and found so many great authors we’d collected. It was great fun and we learned so many new
    favorite authors that we wished we’d done this sooner.

  39. Except for when I have to go to work I am hiding out in the air conditioning at home. Right now it is an Olympics marathon, enjoying all the stories as well as the games themselves. Since the high temperatures have been 100-114 degrees it is just too hot to be out running around.

  40. Taking care of my fussy infant twins. I love being a mom but Reading is really the only me time i get anymore

  41. I enjoy your books and also Meg Tilly’s. I am still reading out on my patio even though the temperature is in the 90’s. I have ceiling fans and ice water! Thanks for the chance.

  42. Went to Atlantic City with my daughter and a friend. They make it look so exciting in their TV promo, lots of lights and action. But it is soooo boring. Not much on the Boardwalk but psychics and T-shirt/souvenir shops. It ain’t Vegas!! Waiting for a few sunny days in a row to give a Wildwood a try. Happy Summer Everyone.

  43. Hi, thank you, I’m spending my hot August days, praying for summer to end! LOL! I live where it is hot and we are going on 40+ 100+ degree days. Thank goodness for A/C and reading.

  44. Purging all the stuff collected over the years (keep, donate, toss). Getting together with family and of course, reading!

  45. HOT 🥵🔥☀️ July & August Days are spent in the luxury of A/C! ….This allows you to sip on Tea and read a Great Meg Tilly book Tea Time and bake bunny Cookies!

  46. I’m so exciting for this book!! August is full of ankle surgery recovery for me and post production for my first completely independently written short film! Very excited, but lots of time to read 🙂

  47. Love to read! Due to my advanced age, I don’t get out much! Church and garden club are my limits!

  48. Making lots of ice cream in my Cuisinart 2 quart ice cream maker. Once you’ve had homemade ice cream, nothing you can buy seems worth eating.

  49. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your current contest. I love ice cream, too! Never ate a flavor I didn’t like!

  50. My son finally won me over to the joys of an Instant Pot. And of course, knitting helped me through a lot of the pandemic.

  51. I enjoy spending the days with family and friends. Having cookouts and big family dinners. These hot days make for great indoor activities!

  52. I am so looking forward to reading The Runaway Heiress. You have proven that writing a book is something that one must do if a story is calling them to do so.

    All the Best!

  53. Reading and crafting are my favorite things to do. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Beach days, running thru the sprinkler with my pups, ice cold drinks and ALL the ice cream!!

  55. we have a large veggie garden, I’ll spend August canning green beans, carrots and tomatoes

  56. We are spending our hot August days at the lake! We have been doing a lot of kayaking at different lakes, rivers and reservoirs around us! I absolutely LOVE the summer days! I also LOVE tea and will have to try this tea! I drink hot tea year round and iced tea is all I drink in the hot summer months…now excuse me while I run to Target for a cuisinart ice cream maker… 😉

  57. I am staying mostly at home. I am having a family bbq/birthday party for my youngest niece this month and I hope to get away for a few days to visit my BFF. But mostly I hope to be reading in the backyard.

  58. My backyard has a beach! I am taking beach walks. Watching the grandchildren play in the water, admiring the beautiful sunsets.
    Summer is lovely here.

  59. Hi! As a librarian, I am spending August at the beach, reading new releases from my favorite authors.

  60. Vacation time from work and hitting the roads with hubby on our motorcycles. And of course stopping for ice cream 😉

  61. I am reading a lot of books and walking and trying to stay above the weeds in my flower beds. Thank you so much for writing stories.

  62. August started with a trip to the Dippy Dog stand with my Honey. We’d enjoyed an awesome fireworks display at the campground across the road from his house the night before (July 31st). My cuz & I are going the city to get pedis later this week. Hopefully there’ll be several nice days on the beach at my uncle & aunt’s camp at the lake.

  63. I take my daughter to the pool pretty often, and we’ve gone to the amusement park a few times. Going to hit up a water park soon too before it’s too cool to go.

  64. August in Florida means taking a break from the heat with a good book, serious AC, and a big glass of sweet iced tea!

  65. We take city transport to Coney Island and walk the boardwalk. People watching is fun. We also head out to youngest daughter’s house to check on our youngest grandkids. Age 5 – 15. 2 girls and 2 boys.

  66. I really like Meg Tilly in Agnes of God and in Bomb Girls. How am I spending these hot days of summer. Well, unfortunately today I was pulling weeds. Hard to keep up with them where I live. Two homes being build next to ours and the lots were full of weeds, so the weed seeds flew and grew in this yard. Making sure to have lots of ice on hand to keep water and tea nice and cold. Wearing hats to keep my head from burning to a crisp. LOL.

  67. August- I will running around in the heat going to my husband’s many doctor’s appointments.At least this month I will still be able to go inside with him instead of sitting in the car. Sitting in the heat while my husband goes to so many appointments is horrible but now I can at least go in the building with him instead of waiting in the car. I live in NM and the heat can be brutal.

  68. Spending August ferrying my budding actress to daily rehearsals for a semi-professional rendition of “Footloose” a few towns over. Mom’s work is never done supporting the dreams, is it?

  69. I’m spending August sitting in front of my electric fan…Also took a week off work and hope to be able to try some seafood restaurants by the water during that time. Happy Summer- stay safe & healthy!

  70. Harvesting cucumbers & tomatoes from my garden on the deck & looking up new recipes to try.

  71. I am doing a lot of reading. It is so hot here in Oregon, that i have my favorite chair, a bunch of books and an icy drink. Heaven!!!

  72. Just enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies from peoples gardens and loving all the beautiful flowers!!

    • I should have said working and finishing a masters degree at 63! I can’t wait to retire!(i’ll be able to read more I hope)

  73. I’m spending these August days inside with the air conditioning. It gets super hot and humid and I don’t do well outside.

  74. It’s been a. unusually rainy summer here in Texas, but I’ve enjoyed taking my latest read out to the pool whenever I can. We’ve also enjoyed watching two broods of baby barn swallows grow up.

  75. Interesting interview.
    What am I going to do during the hot days of August? I’m not completely sure, but part of that time I will be in my basement trying to sort things into keep for now, keep forever, keep because it’s my daughter’s stuff and give away. There’s enough down there to keep me busy for a while.

  76. August is one of the hottest months so trying to stay cool even with no a/c. While I love we are still working from home at my work, I do sometimes miss escaping to the air conditioned office! Hope to do few fun things since my bday is later in the month : )

  77. Reading! I would be lost without AC and my books. I burn way too easily lol.

  78. Great interview. I hope to be able to see friends since it is my birthday month and drinking tea of course.

  79. I am spending my summer RVing with my husband and 2 dogs trying to get out of the heat but it just seems to keep following us🤣

  80. I am walking 4 miles a day at 6:30 in the morning in 90% humidity! It’s definitely dog days in Virginia!!🤪

  81. I am recovery from surgery, going to physical therapy and wondering if I’ll ever regain the use of my right arm. The upside is that I have been able to stay inside with the A/C running and read so many great books. There is always a silver lining if you look for it. I am delighted to read that Meg Tilly is an author. I look forward to reading her books.

  82. Hopefully I will be spending time with my family in August. My oldest brother will be coming home for a visit . Pre-COVID days he came home twice a year. With COVID we have not seen him in a year and a half. Definitely a cause to have a celebration! The only cause for concern is that COVID is starting to rise in our state.

  83. My husband and I and our 4 kids have been swimming in our pool alot and having bbqs outside!

  84. Reading of course. Also streaming opera and concerts, but I’ll attend my first indoor opera performance at the end of the month.

  85. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, so I am trying to stay cool during the very unusually hot summer we are having.

  86. Early morning walks before it gets too hot & then reading in the air-conditioned house

  87. We’re having some unusually cool and rainy days in CT this summer -perfect for a cup of tea! When the sun comes out, I will be in the garden or in the kitchen turning cucumbers into pickles.

  88. hmmm how am i spending these hot august days?? well working and looking for work. i am in a job i love but a situation that is slowly destroying me so i am trying to find a new job, not easy ever but extremely difficult during a pandemic. just trying to keep up hope. on august 20th, it is my 16th wedding anniversary. i am hoping that my husband is planning something special for us. then i am looking forward to my birthday on sept 4th. i turned 4o last year, but didn’t really celebrate. i am hoping to see a few friends this year.44

  89. I am spending a lot of time getting a new puppy acclimated to my house and routine. Time consuming. I am also reading a lot and trying to shorten my stack of to be read books.

  90. I am spending these days trying to stay cool. We are going to evening outdoor concerts and museums.

  91. Thank you! I’m celebrating August with my 5th anniversary to the love of me life. Wait! WHO gets married in August?.. I know, I know… crazy!

  92. Just doing my best to stay cool… chilling in the a/c and reading. When it’s not so humid, getting time to sit outside and enjoy it.

  93. Not making ice cream. I now have regrets but there is still August. I’ll be checking out Target. As for what I have been doing….I’ve been ill so I’ve been exercising to get stronger and healthier.

  94. I am spending these hot days getting 5 kids ready to go back to school after spending summer break swimming, camping out and spending what time we could with family.

  95. Reading, of course! Meg mentioned that she was reading When Stars Collide – I read it and loved it!

  96. I’m doing loads of dog sitting, which doesn’t bode well for keeping cool! But there are times that I can take a dip in a pool at some of the owners homes.

  97. Trying to stay cool in the Texas heat with early morning swims and the rest of the day in the house with the ac!

  98. I’m indoors as much as possible – reading, bingeing Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and gushing over pictures of my new great-niece who just turned 1 month old.

    Congrats to Meg Tilly on her newest release.
    Thanks for the chance.

  99. Setting up & decorating our new house. We only moved in about 6 months ago.

  100. We bought a travel trailer last year so we are now traveling the state of Michigan. We can take our German Shepherd with us and don’t have to worry about lodgings.

  101. I’m just trying to stay cool. It’s been unusually humid this summer so I’m trying to adjust. Thank you for the chance.

  102. I loved the interview. I love Meg Tilly! So down to earth, someone you’d love to have tea with. For the rest of the summer, there are 2 family birthday parties (small and outdoors), and hopefully we can spend a bit more time at camp.

  103. I’ve been working and when I get home in my central air love to cozy up with a good book!

  104. Hard to believe August is here already. I will be working , but our family is headed up North for a fishing weekend. Thanks.

  105. I try to stay out of the sun for the most part (I burn easily) but I love going for walks, playing with my granddaughter and spending time with friends and family at barbecues, enjoying good company and delicious food. Also, lots of reading!

  106. I live in Flotida so it is endless summer here. Beach is nice when the breeze is off the ocean. The pools feel like hot tubs unless you get rain! Air conditioner works great when I hit the e-reader!

  107. I intend to read (outside when not hazy hot & humid), go see a movie or two in the theater, spend time with friends and take care of flower and vegetable gardens.

  108. I’ll be spending these hot August reading all the books I can get my hands. You made me want to check out Meg Tilly now so I’ll have even more to read

  109. As we head into August, my work schedule is settling down from several weeks (or is it months) of overtime. I hope the return to normalcy will allow me more time for my genealogy research in the evening, and I know I’ll get more reading in, because I’ll actually be able to take a full hour for lunch. Ahhhh.

  110. We are doing a little traveling to see family who we have not seen throughout the pandemic.

  111. Nothing special going on this month, just the usual routine of bills and appointments. Well, I have recorded some B dinosaur/monster movies, always fun entertainment.

  112. I can’t live without my electric milk frother for my morning coffee! Going to visit my sister for 2 weeks in August so I sent her one! Definitely available at Target!

  113. I’m sweating the hot days out at various baseball fields around North Texas. Both of my teen boys play tournament ball.

  114. Reading and enjoying time spent outdoors. The weather is beautiful right now!

  115. Last summer we made plans to escape the Texas heat and head north to the mountains and spend weekends hiking. It turns out it’s been a way cooler and wetter summer than most in Texas, and much hotter and dryer here. And then there’s the fact that I tripped and busted up my knee … So, I’m spending my summer reading and avoiding the heat.

  116. Thanks for the lovely interview. Hubs and I will be spending our August hopefully on the water. We finally found kayaks and have been trying to get on the water often. We also rented a lake house for a week so more water time

  117. I’m spending these hot summer days inside, working on some baby quilts for my hubby’s niece. She’s due in November so I am trying to get a little ahead

  118. I am helping a friend move from another state and keeping an eye on her new home until the move is complete.

  119. I am putting together a puzzle with Golden Retrievers sitting on a dock overlooking water with ducks and a fish. Puzzles keep your brain busy!

  120. I don’t have any big August plans, just hanging out at home and relaxing 🙂

  121. Spending my hot summer indoors, running up my electric bill with the a/c and fans blasting. Also doing some indoor home improvements in preparation for an out-of-town guest’s visit.

  122. I’m either sitting out front or out back, wherever it’s cooler. I’ll enjoy my coffee and a book there.

  123. The Runaway Heiress is my next-to-read book.
    I am anxious to read It Started With a Dog. I have placed a hold on my library’s on-order copy.
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of both!

  124. Enjoyed this beautiful interview greatly. I love summer so August is filled with early morning walks and evening strolls through the neighborhood, taking the little ones to playgrounds and enjoying the parks.

  125. I’m doing kids around and reading (at home and in parking lots) until it’s time for us to all go back to work and school on the 16th!

  126. Going “up north” in Michigan, with my son and DIL , 2 granddaughters and DIL mom. Will be fun, and hopefully cooler!
    Have a great rest of the summer and thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Staying inside mostly, trying to stay cool and catch up on some household chores and reading.

  128. I may have to go buy the ice cream maker. If I do that, I will have to end my threesomes with Ben and Jerry and make my own ice cream. What a dilemma! 😂

  129. I am dealing with the “dog days” of summer by sipping lots of iced tea and hanging out with my dogs.

  130. Surprise to me! I have seen Meg Tilly in films but didn’t realize she was the Meg Tilly author…running to bookstore tomorrow!

  131. I live in Hawaii so the weather is pretty comfortable. I plan to keep reading, my favorite past time.

    I loved the interview with Meg. She is one of my favorite authors. Your interviews are very funny. I enjoyed the interview with Janna MacGregor also.

  132. I’m spending my hot August days by being outside reading on my front porch.

  133. My daughters and I spend our hot August days playing with our 2 Beagle puppies. Puppy snuggles are the best.

  134. Julia, I love your new contemporary series and who doesn’t love dogs. I’m also going to check out Meg Tilly books

  135. This August I’m finishing up the grass in the yard…due to a great monsoons! And getting ready for football.

  136. I am spending all my time in the house with my friend, Mr. A/C! I have been cleaning out some things that really need to GO! I have also gotten lots of reading done. I just LOVE this interview with Meg . So interesting! Thanks for the chance.

  137. I loved the comment about the ice cream maker. I too own an ice cream maker. What a treat on a hot day to make your own ice cream. I love peaches and strawberries in fresh ice cream. Right now we are in the process of packing up, moving this month. Ugh, what a chore! But in a couple of weeks will be settled in.

  138. Love the idea of ice cream helping during all the stay at home time. Wish I had thought of that!

  139. We are summering at home in PA. My husband and I volunteer for our local animal shelter and we have started doing outdoor events again. We just did Bike Week at the Harley-Davidson store last weekend and we will be doing a Poker Run with the Chamber of Commerce next weekend.

  140. I love spending time in the great outdoors, nothing more calming….and of course catching up on reading……which I so love……and I enjoy my beautiful flowers…..this is just a great time to sit back…..and I to enjoy our many blessings right before our very own eyes. Have a wonderful, blessed week and please keep writing your wonderful books for all your many book fans to enjoy.

  141. Thanks for the fun and informative interview! I learned so much and now have to check out more books. 🙂

    Great giveaway gift also!

  142. I had the same feeling when teaching, I was always waiting for someone to say why are you here? I even had dreams about being discovered as an imposter.
    I am staying in front of a fan as much as I can. I don’t do well in the heat. We have an air conditioner in the bedroom. I’m always asking if it is bedtime yet. LOL
    My husband wants scones, muffins, cookies and cakes, so I baked more than usual during the pandemic.

  143. I am working a lot trying to meet a deadline at work. In the middle of that, I’ll be moving my son out of my house into his own apartment so he can finally start attending college classes in person. And, of course, reading whenever I get a chance.

  144. What a wonderful and fascinating interview. August is beautiful filled with sunshine and blue skies. I walk, bike and have picnics in the park.

  145. I’m in Texas–I am melting! (And of course, reading.) Thanks for the interview and contest.

  146. I am doing LOTS of reading inside and staying out of the heat here. Thank you both for writing books we all want to read!

  147. I have no real plans for August other than celebrating my granddaughter’s second birthday. That allows me to read and do odds and ends around my house.

  148. This summer my favorite thing has been my new fan. It was hot for an entire month!

  149. My Whistler digital Police scanner is my favorite thing I own and I checked on Target and don’t see it there. I got mine on Amazon.

  150. Just trying to stay cool. Doing a lot of things in the house where we have air conditioning. Cleaning out things and doing some painting. Need to clean my carpet so that is on the list.

  151. I love this interview with Meg. As far as the hot days of August. and they are here in Texas where I live. Just staying in the cool house and being lazy.

    • I forgot what I am doing this month. Studying Korean and participating in GISH.

  152. So many new books coming out that I want to read! Nice I also participate in my library’s Summer Book Bingo – as if I needed an excuse to get more books!

  153. My cats and I are ensconced in our humble abode with all fans at full speed, plenty of cool refreshment, and other creature comforts within arm’s reach.The supremely entertaining Feline Follies are now limited to the deep hours of the cool, dark night. Who needs sleep anyway?

  154. I am staying in the air conditioning as much as possible when I’m not taking, picking up my oldest from work or getting ready for the new school year.

  155. I’m spending my days getting all my chores done really. …..early in the morning. I want to have time to sit on my patio and read. It’s also a good time to say hi to all the neighbors walking by. I live on the corner of my street, and it’s fun to chat with the people passing by!

  156. I just loved all this new information about Meg Tilly. I can’t believe all the things I didn’t know. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

    • Congrats, Darlene!
      You’ve won this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be in touch shortly to get all your information.
      Happy Reading!

  157. Inside in the air conditioning away from people. To clarify Colin is my beau 😻

  158. When it gets so hot, I do my outside stuff early like walking the dog and checking the garden. Then it’s the air conditioning for me.

  159. I will be spending time cooking and preserving all of summer’s bounty!
    Thanks for the giveaway!