August Giveaway

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462 thoughts on “August Giveaway

  1. I’ll miss baseball! But I’m looking forward to the 3rd season of Outlander starting on September 10 on STARZ!! Hurray!!

  2. I’ll miss the ability to g outside on a moment’s notice with no coat and no shoes and just be happy. no five minutes to bundle up and no boots!

  3. I won’t really miss summer since I much prefer the cooler weather and the start of hockey season! Thanks for the chance to win this fun giveaway!

  4. I will miss being in China! I’m doing a work study that will end in a week. 🙁 I will definitely miss being here!

  5. This may sound crazy but I’ll miss the summer smells. Since I became sick the senses I use to take for granted are now more sensitive. I look at it as God’s way of telling to “stop & smell the roses”.
    The smells of summer are similar to that of spring but the air just seems to smell sweeter with our gardens (vegetables & flowers) & fresh cut grass.

  6. I’ll miss the extra time with my kids, eating watermelon on a hot day, and reading in the shade of the porch.

    On the other hand, we get fall foliage, football, and reading in my cozy chair.

  7. I’ll miss spending all of the quality time with my children at the beach. Time goes by way to fast 🙁

  8. I’ll miss the summer warmth and the long days. I hate it when it gets dark so early in the winter!

  9. Thanks so much for the chance to win great prizes. New books are one of my favorite things and discovering new authors is always a treat.

  10. I’m going to miss all the lovely, local fresh vegetables & fruit. Our farmer’s market has been wonderful so far this summer!

  11. Summer food, bbq, camp fire, berry drinks, fresh from the garden. Summer food is the best!

  12. Having the windows open and letting in the fresh air and the smell of the flowers.

  13. What I am going to miss the most about summer, is being in the pool almost every day!!!

  14. I’ll miss most about summer is, the way I could visit family. I have off in the summer. I am able to visit family out of town. Stay awhile. I can’t fo that during the other 9 months. I can’t wait until next June. When I can visit all over again.

  15. The things I will miss most about summer are the different flowers that bloom throughout the year to brighten everyone’s days scent the air with sweet fragrances. I will also miss the fresh produce from our Gardens.

  16. I’m going to miss the longer hours of sunlight and the summer fruits and sweet corn.

  17. I would love to win the duffel bag and books. I would also love to see you in Decatur. I was raised there. Don’t live there any longer.

  18. I’ll miss my grandchildren being free to stay with me, go to lunch at a moment’s notice and going on vacation with me and my daughter!

  19. Does your son stilll help?…he’s about four years older since I met you… I even had him sign my book too

  20. The one thing that I love the most about summer and that I’ll miss the most is how the days are longer. I love how it stays so light out late into the night. It’s already starting to get dark sooner, so I’m already missing that.

  21. I will miss the birds chatter waking me up outside my window every day. They are my very own alarm clock!

  22. I’ll miss hanging out with my Momma all day everyday since she goes back to work in September-she’s a teacher.

  23. Since I am now a disabled senior but home with my cutie rescue Maltese, I miss being with all my late departed relatives, 2 hubbies, and the summer vacations to the beach, touring, picnics, etc. Thought I would join even though I can no longer hold a book to read, but use my Kindle in it’s case and stand it on my desk. So hope whoever wins appreciates your wonderful writing. Since Judith McNaught hasn’t pub in years, you are my go to author.

  24. That’s actually a tough question. I love winter. I guess the thing I’ll miss most is sitting by the Arkansas River with my dog for hours watching the barges go by and just watching the people and wildlife. And reading good books on my iPhone.

  25. The evening sun as it lays on the horizon – my favorite time of the summer and of the day.

  26. What I’ll miss most about summer is fishing, with a book taken along to read on the bank while I wait for a bite.

  27. The longer daylight hours. Also being able to sit outside and read without bundling up, hard to turn pages with mittens on.

  28. It’s been a little hectic, but I always enjoy the annual library summer reading programs…

  29. Got ahead of myself. 🙄 The one thing I’ll miss most about summer is the longer days. Also, not the heat so much as the sunshine. 😊

  30. Would love to win the cute bag and all the goodies with it. Also, so glad to hear there are going to be more Mackenzie books.

  31. I will miss bright sunshine and double rainbows when summer ends. The day my first gran baby was born there was double bright rainbows right over the hospital it was magical. I love a light rain and a beautiful rainbow in the summer.

  32. I would love to win a pretty bag and GREAT books !!! thanks for the chance . what I will miss all the flowers and longer days!!!

  33. I will miss the fresh fruits, cherries are already finished, strawberry will be soon too… i already miss them

  34. Sitting on my backyard swing with my pup curled up next to me. He’s good once it gets cold, but I’m not!

  35. Thank you:) I will miss the longer days. I like getting home from work with daylight to spare

  36. I won’t really miss the Summer since I live in the Caribbean. It’s mostly hot all year round. What I would miss is the time off work and school I get. It’s nice being a pre-school teacher!

  37. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I’m so happy that international people (like me) can enter this giveaway. Not much contest do that.

  38. I’ll miss the warm, summer sun shining on me as I read in my favorite spot in the park!

  39. What I’ll miss most about summer? Hmmm…swimming! And not to sound all hokey, but my kids being under foot too. Although, with the brood back in school, I will finally have time to READ!

  40. I will miss the sunshine and longer days that encourages me to read more and bask in the sunshine

  41. I’ll miss my shorter and easier-paced work days. I won’t miss the heat and humidity!

  42. I will miss the long days full of sunlight. Not a big fan of winter darkness. But I love football in the fall!

  43. I will miss the trips to the local watering holes, lol. Chalk Ridge Falls in Belton, TX. Blue Hole in Georgetown, TX. Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, TX. We have had so much fun this summer traveling.

    • I love Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose! We used to live in the DFW area and went there all the time. Great place.

  44. I will most miss my vacation at Myrtle Beach – sitting by the ocean and reading voraciously! I finished all 3 of the Highlander books and 2 mystery/thrillers. Best vacation in years

  45. Where I live, there’s no seasonal changes. But we still look forward to the holidays! No school, no work!

  46. Traveling…. as a retired, full-time RV’er I love summer it is safe to travel and we see lots of new things. Winter is hunker down and sit. Summer…. I love my summer…….

  47. I will miss my kids! My oldest starts high school and I just want to hold on and not let go!

  48. I cant lie I wont miss anything about summer I live in florida and I work for a dry cleaner that is not air conditioned. I am looking forward to the cooler weather because it gets 130 degrees inside my work

  49. Miss the sunshine, warm weather, daylight until early evening, and spending time outdoors are just some of the things I’ll miss about summer.

  50. I think that I will miss the days being longer and the nights spent sitting outside enjoying the stars.

  51. I’ll miss the long summer days and vacation days! Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  52. I’ll miss the added time given by holidays and longer days to read as much as I can…that is, all day. XD I am already daydreaming about next year.

  53. I will miss the beautiful flowers that remind me of God on a daily basis. I love to watch and listen to the birds as they nest in the awning outside our door. We have blue jays, hummingbirds, and butterflies, too! I will also miss opening my windows for fresh air. Thanks for the generous giveaway and chance!

  54. I will miss the longer daylight hours and the calls from my grandchildren. They live in Arizona and Alabama where as I live in California. I’m unable to fly for health reasons and they can’t afford to come to me so we talk on the phone and I hear all about their fun swim parties and summer activities. I’ll miss those calls.

    Now I will read more and look forward to the holidays, the beautiful fall colors and the sound of the rain on my roof.

  55. Thanks for the chance

    Although I will miss the long days of summer I also enjoy the cool crisp days of fall

  56. What I will miss most is the time with my granddaughter and the vibrant colors of the flowers. What an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to get to know your work.

  57. I’ll miss the wonderful days of sun and fun. Reading a great book and enjoying me time.

  58. I live in Maine, so I’ll miss driving with the windows down as it gets colder and colder and not worrying about snow/ice/sleet making the roads treacherous. LOL!

  59. What a treat it would be to win! I will miss having my mom around. We have never been apart on our mutual birthday in August. How lucky I feel to have a mom in person until 95 and always in my heart.

  60. Summer weather aka heat doesn’t hit here until Fall, so I have nothing to miss yet!

  61. I won’t miss TOILING outside in BROILING 100+ temperatures! Moreover, since I retired, I am surprised how one season just slides into the next seamlessly. In this instance, however, that pile of reads looks like a wonderful transition into the less yard demanding Fall! I see myself propped up on pillows reading away…..a non-Summer vacay! Pleeeeeeze pick me! Thank you for this opportunity!

  62. I’ll miss the warm weather and spending time in the yard with my little dog and a good book. Thanks for all your great contests!

  63. I will miss sleeping in the extra 30mins that summer allows me when there are less vehicles on the road.

  64. I will be missing the hot weather, outdoor concerts, beautiful evenings, kids playing outside, and so much more.

  65. there’s nothing I’ll miss about summer since I’ve never experienced it lol 😭
    literally rainy and sunny days every single day, which is a bummer

  66. I always miss all the various fruits and veggies that the San Joaquin Valley of Central CA grows and harvests for the nation. It’s a bounty here and I love it!

  67. I missed not being able to go North to visit family this year, because financially couldn’t afford it. So, I read & played on Facebook instead.

  68. Amazing! Thank you for the chance. 🍀😍🍀📚🍀😍🍀📚

  69. Summer is not my favorite season. I truly love Fall. But, I will miss the extra daylight hours.

  70. As much as I dislike the time change, I’ll miss the longer days. I feel more energetic in daylight hours. There’s more time to get tings done but more especially time to lounge beside the river, fishing pole in hand.

  71. I will miss the long evenings of daylight and warm nights where you can sit out without layers of blankets or a fire.

  72. I’ll miss the longer days. Unfortunately, the days are getting shorter already.
    I’ll miss the one in a lifetime event of the total solar eclipse that takes place on August 21. Such a once in a lifetime event deserves to be savored longer.

  73. I’ll miss the longer days and my son crawling around in his onesies. He has the cutest chubby legs.

  74. I’ll miss being able to be lazy and spontaneous with my Grandsons when they go back to school!

  75. I will miss being able to sleep in just a little later than normal, during the summer, since the school year is about to begin.

  76. I will miss the light lasting longer in the evenings, so I can sit on my patio by the pool and read after work.

    • Sorry, got carried away with excitement of the new books…. I’ll miss my kids when they are away at college.

  77. I guess what I will miss the most about summer is being able to swim all summer long.

  78. I’ll miss the lazy, hazy crazy days of summer – poolside or beach side with family and friends – everybody more relaxed and feeling just a little bit happier!

  79. The thing I will miss most is the long hours of sunlight especially in the evening. Thanks for the chance!

  80. ‘ll miss weekends at the lake swimming, grilling out and warm temperatures.

  81. hard to say we have wonderful weather here in west Texas, lots of sunshine mostly clear days! enjoying ice coffee while reading lataest Julia London release books

  82. It’s always exciting when a favorite author publishes a new title. I can hardly wait!

  83. The sun and being able to go to the pool/beach with my little man (my son) who is a total water baby.

  84. I will miss the how light it is out in the evenings and “summer hours” at work. During the summer our work day ends at 4pm (after August 25th our work days goes back to ending at 5pm). Just leaving work one hour earlier each day makes it feel like I am working a half day! Especially since it is still light out when I get home!

  85. Can’t believe we are only a few weeks away from the kids going back to school. I will miss the grandkids coming over to swim and the relaxing mornings sitting outside with a cup of coffee and a book to start the day

  86. I’m a teacher, so I’ll miss my summer vacation when I could read for pleasure!

  87. I will miss all the fresh vegetables from the garden. They taste so much better than the ones you buy in the grocery store.

  88. I work with local tribal youth with substance abuse issues. I will miss working with more relaxed youth before the social pressures of the new school year starts.

  89. I’ll miss my kids when they go back to school. I love the long summer days with them!

  90. I will miss hanging out with my daughter during the day and our fun trips to the beach with sunny weather!

  91. I will miss spending the days with my girls. My youngest just started 7th and my oldest daughter started her last year of college.

  92. I will miss floating in the pool with a cool drink in one hand and a good book in the other!

  93. I will miss the more carefree days of summer. I will also miss the weather. But, when the winter weather comes, I will curl up with a good book until Springs arrives!

  94. I’ll miss the possibilities of going anywhere with my children, whenever we want. We’ll still be able to do it, just through books for the rest of the year. It’s a lot cheaper. 😉

  95. I love your books I am waiting for the last book Hard – Hearted Highlander to come out. I have all of the other books Julia has written and read them all some twice. Julia I wanna thankyou for all the good book I read before bed and when I curl up in my recliner.
    Thank you for the chance and please keep them coming.

  96. I’ll miss the extra hours of sunlight & lazy nights since my daughter will be back in school! Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. I will miss summer in Utah with a trip to Yellowstone and Great Teton National Parks

  98. Watching the hummingbirds that come to visit everyday. And spending quality outside time with my niece and her children. Getting outside is harder to do when they are in school an come home with homework.

  99. I will miss the extra time I get to spend with the grandchildren during the summer

  100. What I’ll miss most about summer is the hot weather and the beautiful sunshine and the long days.

  101. I will miss spending the days with my daughter when school starts. This was our last year of spending the summer doing nothing but hanging out as she is a Senior this year.

  102. I’ll miss the fabulous summer sunsets, here in Tucson. Cute duffle, though,

  103. I will miss mornings with my sons…just talking, making breakfast together and planning our adventures for the day.

  104. i’ve done a fair amount on tent camping this summer for the first time in my life. (i’m almost 45 years old.) i’ll miss that even though i do hope to go at least once this fall as well.

  105. I am going to miss swimming in the lake with my kids and reading on the beach! I would love this almost as much as I love your books. Thank you for the chance ~ Angela

  106. Enjoy your books so much. Keep them coming.
    Thanks for the chance to win your give away.

  107. I’d always love to get a bunch of new books!! A person could never have too many books!! Thanks for having this contest.

  108. Well I’m in Alaska, so I’ll miss those long summer days where the sun doesn’t set until 1am! Love your books!

  109. Summer has been a bummer. I’ve been fighting breast cancer, so radiation is the normal for me now. I will get better!
    What I miss about summer are the beaches and barbeques with my families.

  110. I live in a small community that has a community pool. I’ll miss hearing the diving board bouncing, the lifeguards’ whistles, and the kids’ laughter.

  111. What I’ll miss the most about this summer: Not needing a coat (seeing as I didn’t have one last winter and couldn’t afford one either).

    What book I’d like to receive: Sinful Scottish Laird

  112. I will miss the smell of the lawn that has just recently been mowed and the natural beauty of summer.

  113. I’ll miss the beach. I love taking books and sitting in the sun, listening to the waves, and relaxing. It’s my happy place.

  114. I’d love to win this and a signed copy of Suddenly Engaged! I’ll miss the Summer sunshine the most. I’ll take the heat. I hate Winter’s overcast dreary weather.

  115. I live in Palm Springs so I will mostly miss the vibrant colors of our foliage. However I will not miss 122° weather.

  116. I’ll miss seeing my grandchildren as frequently as I see them in the summer. School will be starting soon. Thanks for another lovely giveaway.

  117. I’m going to miss the long easy days! It seems like I always have a lot more time to read during the summer & reading is my favorite pastime. Love your awesome books, Julia, & I love this awesome prize also! Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. I just read Suddenly in Love and had to pull an all nighter to finish because I couldn’t put it down. It was fabulous!

  119. I actually will miss not really having a summer this year…we basically donated our summer to helping our kids out that are going through some major life changes …so we misses summer this year sadly..Our reading by the lake or reading by the fishing hole did not happen to often this summer…so gathering reading material for fall and winter now….hope everyone elses summer was awesome

  120. I’ll miss it because it will start getting cooler and we need to be getting ready for fall time is just going by too fast!! Thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity love the giveaway.

  121. the warm weather! enjoyed the sun and warmth this summer and not looking forward to the Michigan winters!

  122. I miss the whole thing it seems to have flown by I can’t believe it is time for school again.

  123. Summer is my favorite season and I will miss the long days which never end, balmy evenings and beautiful sunshine. I still dream of summers long ago when I went on vacation with my family to a lake and enjoyed this simple getaway. I pine for those summer.

  124. I like wearing summer clothes and not winter ones. They tend to be more colorful and easier to wear. I will miss wearing them

  125. What I’ll miss most about the summer is seeing all those beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. No thanks to the scorching heat, though. Lol.

  126. I will miss my family members who are teachers going back to school and my grandchildren also going back to school. There will be no more afternoons hanging out at the pool with them.

  127. I’ll miss the leisurely afternoons by the pool with a beverage, reading my books 😀

  128. this would be a great win! lots of books and a lovely bag, too.
    thank you so much for offering this wonderful contest.

  129. The thing I will miss the most about summer is the quiet mornings watching the world waking to start a new day.

  130. Love the bag and looks like there are plenty of great reads included. Thank you for this opportunity. Your generosity is appreciated. Sandi

  131. I will miss seeing my son more often. He is a teacher and he went back to school!

  132. Loved all three books of the Highland Groom series, and look forward to the fourth. I borrowed the first two books of Suddenly series from library, but purchased ebook of Suddenly Engaged and just started reading it.

  133. I will definitely miss sleeping in and going to classes at the gym in the morning. It’s so much harder to go after a long work day.

  134. I’m sending two boys to college this year, but I’ll still have one at home. I’ll miss spending time with my boys,

  135. Sleeping in, tank tops, shorts, flip flops.

    Thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize.

  136. It is winter here in Australia; I am on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, but we have really had only a few days of actual winter. Most days I have worn t-shirts and shorts! It does not bode well for summer this year – I have a feeling that it is going to be long and hot. The heat isn’t so bad, but the humidity nearly kills me! Just about the only good thing is the daylight hours will be longer.

  137. I will miss hanging out at friend’s pool (because the temps here are ridiculous) with a great book, including yours Julia and just relaxing and letting my mind relax and smile! Thanks for making your readers happy and wanting more!

  138. I will miss my beautiful garden. I love setting on the porch with coffee and a book.

  139. What will I miss most about summer? The longer daylight hours. Who a I kidding? I’ll be delighted for it to be dark when I go to bed (as I am an early to bed person). I think it’ll be reading on the back porch in the sun. Love the feel of the sun on my skin as I read.

  140. I was looking for a new author and came across Julia London books and decided to give her a try. Boy am I glad I did. Love her books.

  141. The thing I will miss the most about summer will be watching all the kids enjoy the swimming pool, lake, & splash pads that we have visited this summer.

  142. I’ll miss the warm weather and sitting outside in a comfy chair reading a book and relaxing

  143. What I’ll miss most about summer are my early morning walks. I walk three times a week. I get out early (well, early for me) before it gets too hot and walk about 3 – 4 miles each day. Once the cooler weather sets it, I’ll have to walk later in the day when the day warms up. RAD (rheumatoid arthritis disease) doesn’t like to colder weather. Sweating I don’t mind !

  144. I look forward to the availability of “Devil In A Tartan” preorder version for Kindle!!!

    If I won, I’d like a signed copy of “Wild, Wicked Scot”. Actually, it would be nice to have a real wild, wicked Scot — but guess I’ll have to settle for the book…..

  145. I actually won’t miss too much….maybe the grilling out? Fall is actually my favorite season so I’m looking forward to it!
    Thanks for your offer!

  146. I love that duffel bag!!! Especially stuffed with books!! Nothing could be better!!

  147. I LOVE that bag! And the books…swoon…Julia I can’t decide which I love more – your contemporaries or your historicals – so I’ll just keep reading them ALL.


  148. Vacation. Summertime is usually when we go abroad. This year, we went to Scotland and Ireland and had a great time.

    Thanks for the chance!

  149. Long summer nights. My fav thing about summer is that it takes a REALLY long time to get dark. It’s nearly 11pm-11:30pm before fireworks show on 4th of July. Makes for the perfect bonfire nights

  150. I suppose the only thing I’ll really miss are the longer days of sunshine. It’s been a hot, fire-prone summer. The last couple weeks the air quality has been so bad due to all the wildfires in the area. I’m ready for fall. 🙂

  151. To be honest I don’t think I will miss the summer at all., I’m not a hot weather person. But if I had to pick one thing it would have to be the grain trucks that go by my window.

  152. I will miss the fresh home-grown vegetables that I get at my wonderful Farmer’s Market,or from generous friends! I also miss the sun being out late, hate driving in the dark.

  153. Not having to work on Sundays. The library I work at is open on Sundays’ during the school year. Having a whole weekend off is great!

  154. I will miss the early sunrises and late sunsets! I like the days long, I feel more motivated to get more done!

  155. I will miss the slowness of summer most. With two children in school, I am always rushing around. And with all the activities and functions they have, weekends and breaks are spent preparing for the next thing on a very long list.

  156. The thing I will miss most about summer is being able to spend uninterrupted time with my grandkids!

  157. You know, Julia, it’s hard for me to miss summer because Fall is my most favorite time of year. By August, I’m ready to say goodbye to summer!

    Your August giveaway is perfect timing. Once the cooler weather comes, reading on the deck or front porch is a heaven- sent joy!

    • Congratulations Mary!
      Your comment was chosen via random. org and you’ve won the prize pack!
      I will definitely miss the extra daylight hours, but fall is also my favorite time of year, so I always look forward to it 🙂
      You will receive an email from my assistant so we can get your prizes out to you.

  158. I will miss the warm days sitting in my lounger reading and listening to the birds in the early morning. As winter comes, I will be inside near the fireplace curl up with a hot coffee and wishing it was summer again. 😊

  159. I’ll miss sunny, Sunday afternoons sitting on my deck…drinking wine and reading a Julia London romance.

  160. I will miss the warm weather & camping with my family. What I WON’T miss are the bugs! Lol

  161. Now, that is something special that I would love to take with me for my reading holiday!

  162. I’ll miss siting on my porch overlooking the lake and reeading all my Julia London books

  163. I believe I’ll miss the lazy days. I only have one or two things to do and then I’m done. I’ll also miss going to the beach; I don’t think you ever get enough of the beach.

  164. The lighter evenings, I would say sunny weather but living in the U.K. we often don’t see many really hot days!

  165. Being able to spend time in the park reading under a tree (Central Park ) and feeling as if I’m thousands of miles away.

  166. Of course I will miss being warm and seeing lots of color since we have winter here 2/3’s of the year. Just about.

  167. Reading good books on my screened-in porch with my two cats for company; fav part of summer!!

  168. I would love to win that! Unfortunately I’m in Canada, but I would be happy with the amazon gift card too! 😊

  169. Free time to relax and read. Summer is my busiest season. As a costume hobbyist, summer marks a LOT of conventions. Fun but exhausting, especially when you work them. Not complaining, but I do miss just relaxing with a good book.

  170. I love sitting on the deck with a good book and a nice summer breeze blowing. I’ll miss looking out over the green pasture under a sunny blue sky and just thinking “ahhh.,.this feels so good.”

  171. I’ll will miss having the summer off! I go back to work in 3 weeks as a teaching assistant in a special education classroom.

    • Almost forgot. I will miss the beautiful sunshine, all the flowers and laying in a hammock reading. Winters here are so gray, bleak and depressing. Also the family barbecues with family.
      Carol L

  172. All the extra time I get to spend with my older daughter since she starts 4th grade this year

  173. I’ll miss the warmer weather & enjoying BBQs to chow down on seasonal foods during the summer. being able to go out more not worrying about frigid temps!!

  174. I love the highlands. My greatest wish is to go there one day. In meantime I just read about them.

  175. I will being able to spend time with my grandchildren whenever I want. It’s so much easier to spend one on one time with them during the summer. There are seven wonderful ones.

  176. Would love to win this beautiful bag with any books that you can spare to go in it.

  177. I’ll miss my kids theatre program at the community theatre! 🙂 I directed “Dorothy in Wonderland” with the 8-13 year old crowd this year and my husband is currently directing “Dracula: the Musical?” with the 13-19 year olds. I love our summer theatre!

  178. What I will miss when summer I over is going camping and hiking. Although I do like doing that in the fall also.

  179. What GREAT books to be given away!!!! I think what I will miss most is the longer days and the opportunity to read in my rocking chair on my back patio. Colder weather will be moving in way too soon. Thanks for the chance!!

  180. Lazy days by the pool. I’m not a fan of the heat, but I do love reading by the pool!

  181. I’ve already missed most most of the summer because of being in the hospital for ten weeks so I’m going to try to enjoy what’s left of it the very best I can. I’m walking with a cane now so I am so not looking forward to winter’s slippery surfaces. Enjoy what you have now is my new motto.

  182. My youngest being at home..he has now gone back to school and, boy oh boy, do I feel the loneliness!

  183. I will miss the longer days and the Birds chirping at
    Swimming in the pool and family bbq’s . Warm evenings on the porch.
    And going Camping , doing some fishing ..

  184. Summer is my favorite season of the year. What I will miss the most of the summer are: sunny days, going to the beach and share with friends and family.

  185. What I will miss most about summer is the later sunsets, I love being able to sit outside on the porch reading after dinner. It feels like it is still early even when it is 8 PM because the sun is still out.

  186. Reading in my sky chair on the balcony surrounded by lush flowers and my tribe of black cats.

  187. I’ll miss sitting on the porch for dinner with the birds at the feeder just beyond the railing.

  188. What will I miss most about this summer in particular? All the bloody rain we’ve had!! We were already over the norms when July started, and that put us way over the norm for the year! I was starting to look for an ark, at one point!!

    • Actually, I won’t miss all that rain at all – I just didn’t proofread my comment before hitting send!

  189. Love all your books and looking forward to the 4th edition of Highland Grooms series.

  190. I’ll miss the times my daughter and I spent together getting ready for her wedding in September.

  191. I’ll miss having both of my kids home. Our son starts college, across the country, at the end of August. The house is going to be so quiet!

  192. I live in Austin Texas we are now facing another week of temperatures over 100 degrees. So, this summer, I will not miss staying in the house in order not to melt into a grease spot. I will not miss needing to water my outdoor plants often because otherwise they will become brown and crunchy. I will not miss nights when the temperatures remain in the 90’s until 10 PM. I normally love the heat of summer, but this has been ridiculous.

  193. Oh, I don’t know… I’m more of a winter person. I read some great books this summer, though, so I’ll miss that feeling of discovering them for the first time.

  194. I will miss having the summer off, relaxing, reading, and spending time with my kids. Back to work for me.

  195. Looking forward to reading Suddenly Dating and Suddenly In Love – just got them! Thanks for the contest opportunity.

  196. I cannot wait to read more Mackenzies! And this pile of books looks awesome. I see several I’ve read and even more that are in my virtual TBR pile. Thanks!

  197. I’m going to miss the brilliant colors of all the blooms….both flowers and vegetables! Always do! 🙁 I’ll be missing the robins, too, as they decamp for warmer climes…:(

  198. I’ll miss most having Saturdays free. During July and August my workplace is closed every weekend, but after Labor Day Saturday hour resume, some of which I will have to work.

  199. I will miss the warm weather. We have been having ‘staycations’ this summer, and I will miss that.

  200. I will miss the additional time in my morning routine, which is 45 minutes. I will make up for it on the weekends with my book reading at the beach! Happy Summer! 🙂

  201. Julia, Suddenly Engaged was a great book and I very much enjoyed reading it. Also, I am anxiously awaiting the new Highland Groom book. Keep up the good work!!!! You’re the best. Amelia

  202. We had a heat wave here in St Louis. Temps hit 108 with much higher “feels like” temp. I will not miss the heat. I am looking forward to Fall!

  203. Miss this summer? I don’t think that 😅… well this month is terribly busy with full work, less time to sleep and less time for myself (I can’t read so much or do whatever thing that I’d do).
    But if I think in July I can say that is one of my favorite months. It’s my birthday, the festival on my town and I the summer is beginning so is not so bad (the summer where I live is a crazy).

    Have a good summer!