December Giveaway

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188 thoughts on “December Giveaway

  1. I am so grateful for my Daughter and Son-in-law! Saturday they made a wish of many many years come through for me! They took me on a Christmas Light Show Helicopter Ride and it was fabulous!!! I am ever so ver happy!

  2. Yesterday and today we have had Summer weather! Tomorrow temperature is to drop 30 degrees! Real Roller Coaster Weather! Just thankful of no Tornado’s or Ice and Snow Storms!

  3. I wish that everything gets easier and good health for my family. And maybe to win the lottery also!

    I love While Your Were Sleeping, such a cute and romantic holiday movie

  4. For my family, I’m wishing for good health and lots of chances to make happy memories.

  5. I am wishing for getting back to a more normal way of living for all of us. Everything seems upside down and kind of scary in our world and I would love to see things more safe and secure.

  6. I’d like to have a fun and frivolous wish but I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had surgery three weeks ago and still have treatment with a radioactive iodine ahead. My wish is for everything to go well and to get a clean bill of health afterwards.

  7. Today I’m digging back into my library of books and re-reading a Seal Series of 3 Brothers by Stephanie Tyler. Enjoyed them immensely the first time and am sure I will on this second go around!

  8. For people to listen to each other instead of thinking their opinion us the only one that is right

  9. Wishing for the end of this awful virus and good health and happiness for my family ❤️🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing! Learning about other holidays outside of the U.S. is so interesting!

  11. I’m wishing we could go back to normal, to go out to eat, movies, shows, parks, shopping, visiting loved ones and having people over. We’re still in quarantine due to my son’s health safety, feels like forever! Ps I hope driving again will come easy!

  12. Like many others replied, wishing for the end of COVID where we can be safe to spend more time with family and friends and travel.

  13. I am wishing for the end of the COVID crisis and for things to get back to a more normal state.

  14. Wishing for spending more time with my nine year old grandson and only grandchild. Time moving too fast and he’s growing up. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  15. My wish for the upcoming year is to have more time with my only grandchild, before he gets too old. He’s nine and growing fast. Have a Merry Christmas!

  16. Wishing for everyone to be safe and happy, that everyone’s hopes and dreams come true, that friends and family both new and old connect, and that joy and kindness and peace is global for 2022!

  17. For the upcoming year I have few wishes:
    -that people would become less egotistical and more compassionate
    -that people would discern between truth and lies they are fed
    -that people would get vaccinated and reduce risk of death for everybody around them (that would not happen until point 1 and 2 will happen)
    -there will be more love around, rather then hate!

  18. I am hoping for end to pandemic so I can finally go on a choir trip to Salzburg, Vienna and Rome that was originally scheduled for 2019.

  19. For the new year, I am hoping for continued good health. Also, We celebrate huge milestones this summer! In May, our daughter graduates from high school and the hubby and I celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss. In June our daughter turns 18 and I turn 50! I am being optimistic in being able to celebrate these events someone super fun!

  20. I’m a full-time college student, so I wish to pass my exams, so I can curl up on the couch for a well-deserved afternoon of reading a Christmas book. A cup of hot coco, fuzzy blanket, my cat and a good book sound like heaven right now.

  21. That my family continues to be healthy and happy despite all the craziness in the world right now!

  22. I’m praying for a normal year for 2022 & that my daughters find success & happiness.

  23. I’d love to read these books. Who doesn’t love a good Christmas story. Merry Christmas to all.

  24. I was in London for the holidays once (1979) and Boxing Day was quite a trial because even the Tube was closed, the movie theaters were closed, it was liking being Jewish on Christmas before streaming services — there was absolutely nothing to do!

  25. For the New Year I’m wishing for health for all. My honey is on the list for a hip replacement & I’m hoping he’ll have good results.

  26. I sincerely wish we could all live in less interesting times. I know we can’t go back to what was before, but I would like to get to a new, calm normal.

  27. I wish that life would slow down a bit so we had more time to enjoy and spend more with family and friends

  28. I just had two of my daughter’s just deliver two beautiful grandsons. We are now a household of 10. Our family has outgrown our 4 bedroom with an office. So my wish for the coming year is to obtain a new house big enough for my growing family. Housing prices are astronomical lately so I do not know how I will acheive this quite yet. But I am hoping my husband and I can produce a miracle.

  29. I wish for my husband Phil to wake up every day of 2022. Next April 15, 2022 will be our 50Th anniversary. I want him alive so we can celebrate together,

    I have to add that reading books of thee awesome authors gives me hours of enjoyment and escape. Thank you!

  30. I love your books. Thank you for the opportunity!! Be safe and have a wonderful holiday season!!

  31. Wishing for a New Year filled with happiness, good health and kindness towards all others no matter their religion, color of their skin, sex preference, or any of the other subjects that affect everyday people and seems to annoy/incense others who feel free to tread on anyone who is different than them! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

  32. I’m wishing for a few more months with my mom, who’s fighting [mostly] old age ills; she’ll be 96 in February and will get there kicking and screaming! I’m hoping that my extended family stays healthy, and that we can all get together one of these days. Then, I want more time to read!!

  33. Thank you and Happy Holidays! I am wishing for more family time and more American stability.

  34. I am wishing really hard to be able to go back and see my mother soon. She’s 96 years old and I haven’t seen her for over 2 years because of the Covid-19 situation.

  35. what i am wishing for most in the coming year is a decent paying job close to home. every day i work, i have a commute of 4 hours on top of my shifts. my employers are using the pandemic to exploit and abuse workers and i have had enough. if i don’t find a new job, i might lose my mind. thank you for considering me for your contest.

  36. I am wishing that my grandson passes his sophomore year in college as he is struggling with his classes. Physics is hard for him.

  37. I really loved reading about Boxing Day holiday and that you don’t have Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed the whole interview. Congratulations on your new book. Christmas themed ones are some of my favorites.

  38. I am hoping for more time to read and relax. It seems like my retired years are busier than when I was working.

  39. Great newsletter! Wishing for my reorganization of the house to be quick and painless! Lol

  40. I am wishing for good health and happiness in the New Year! And a little less stress and worry.

  41. I’m wishing for good health and prosperity for my family. My 8 year old nephew has to have open heart surgery, and also right now has covid with his siblings and my sister. My mom had covid and it scarred her lungs. She just had another knee replacement. It’s been a rough year. I know it has been for everyone. We just need something good to happen to counteract the bad. In the meantime just keeping the faith in God and continuously praying.

    Both of you are such wonderful authors and I love your book! Have a fantastic holiday season!

  42. I’m wishing for more time with my granddaughter. She’s going to be 2 in March, so she’s developing her personality and charm and I love being with her. She’s the light of my life!

  43. I am wishing for the health problems of the world to get better and for my little family to be safe, healthy and happy! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  44. More family get-togethers! Kids have grown up and schedules are hard to put together but maybe next year will be different.

  45. Hopefully an end to epidemics and new outbreaks so we can all get
    back to normal.

  46. I could go all self-less and wish for: peace on earth, no more world hunger, an end to all the sickness….BUT…I think I’m going to keep it real simple and more in tune with me. I just want a freaking good pair of gloves that will keep my hands warm and not cost a fortune. Then maybe we could add in new slippers, more time in the day, maybe even a cheesecake or two…

  47. For the new year I would like to make a big dent in my TBR stack, and to get back to my walking routine (and more audiobooks!). Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. I am hoping that 2022 will be a better year with people being more compassionate and thoughtful to one another.

  49. My wish for the new year is peace for my oldest son. Due to his controlling issues, he’s not speaking to me, his sister, his two brothers and his cousin. Somewhere along the line he failed to realize that he can’t control other people’s lives. They are all adults and need to live their lives. He has missed out on so much by being bitter and angry over them choosing not to follow his wishes for their lives. So peace, freedom from anger and bitterness for my son is my wish.

  50. This Season is a wonderful reminder of the goodness of God. 60 days ago I survived the virus with pneumonia and had a seizure. It is a reminder that every day is a gift, that is why it is called the “Present”!

  51. My wish is for Covid to leave our lives. Ene with the booster I’m afraid to leave my home. Thankfully, I have been reading your books for a long time and I’ve loved every one. Thanks!

  52. I’m wishing for a safer world and also for more energy to handle two energetic kittens. Thank you for the chance.

  53. I’m wishing for an end to the pandemic. I would love to travel to all the places you have written about without a mask.

  54. I got the flu for Christmas one year, too! LOL I think I caught it on the plane as we were travelling to visit family. Flu shot every year since then. 🙂

  55. I’m wishing for world peace; love, brotherhood, and respect among all men and women; recognition of the value of all sentient living things; and an end to COVID.

  56. I would love to see Covid gone and people being about to be free to be out and about without worrying about catching a virus. I’m very affectionate, and it’s hard not being able to greet friends and loved ones with hugs, etc..

  57. Would like all people to respect each other. Stop all of these senseless killings. Treat other people as you would like to be treated. Just the basic golden rule.

  58. I am currently reading two of your books… a wedding in December and I’m listening to one summer in Paris, I’m so excited for a chance to win. Thank you

  59. I hope to be altogether for Christmas this brother, my 3 children along with their spouses and my 6 grandkids.

  60. I am wishing for the health of my twin little grandsons. They have allergies to so many things so I am praying that the next tests show one or two less allergies. 🙏🙏

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      You’ve won this month’s giveaway.
      My assistant will be reaching out shortly for your mailing information.

  61. My Christmas wish is to be able to see my daughter. She is stationed overseas , and has not been able to come home for over two years. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  62. I am wishing for in the coming year for an end to Covid. I really think of people got their vaccine, less people would get sick and die. I am getting my booster on December 9th. I hope by this time next year we can say we did it. The virus has been contained and everyone did their part.

  63. This is the perfect time of year for a givaway. I love reading both your and Sarah’s books, Julia.

  64. I had to laugh about the Texas comment. It sure does feel like wearing 14 coats in the summer. I have lived in Texas 46 years now and will never get used to the heat. But I do like the mild winters.

  65. I suppose I want what everyone wants – a heathy, happy, blessed new year for myself and family members

  66. I’m wishing for fewer health problems and for easy puppy training. I’d also like to have the energy of a 11 week old puppy.

  67. I’m wishing to see my two sons this new year. They both moved to different states and I miss them very much. Have a great holiday. Thank you

  68. For the coming year, I am wishing for the eradication of COVID and more cooperation from the public in fighting this. I wish good health and happiness for everyone.

  69. I am wishing for the chance to go visit my family and friends in another state. I moved away six years ago and have yet to go back. Crossing fingers my trip happens!

  70. I’m wishing for more time with my grandchildren. Covid has limited the time I could spend with them the past two years.