Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

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319 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

  1. My favorite pet was my beautiful, blue eyed white cat, Cotton. She was a gentl soul. The most loving cat I have ever known. We were so bonded, I could literally think of her and she would come find me. She was so funny, if you were eating popcorn or marshmallows, you had to be diligent, she would eat them! I had her for 17 years. Her passing two years ago shook me to the core. I didn’t think I would ever have another cat again. Then Xena came along. I recently adopted a new kitty. This kitty chose me. I swear she has Cotton’s soul!!

  2. My favourite pet was my first Siamese Cat, Tascina. (1982)We were connected in a special way. I would hear a little meow just before she jumped up to sit on my shoulder as I cooked or did dishes. We had wonderful conversations and I still miss her companionship.

  3. My favorite pet is my Jack Russell terrier Willie. He is super active and keeps me on my toes. He is a very smart dog.

  4. My German Shepherd Sam just turned 2. He listens and is loyal, but at time acts like he is in his terrible twos. He can be a handful but brings a lot of joy to our family.!

  5. My favorite pet name is Christmas Joy. CJ for short, he’s my daughter pet that she got for Christmas. While now he’s older about for years old. He’s always getting into everything. He gets A loose for where he is housed in the backyard and likes to follow her to the bus stop.

  6. My favorite cat was my first “kitten” Cameo. She was a little princess and was not a lap cat until later in life. She is my favorite because when I was going through cancer treatments she was always by my side. She was either sitting on me or near me and she was such a calming factor.
    When I need my dog fix, I just go to my brother’s house and give his Pit Bull Carmen some lovin!

  7. We got our dog from a rescue group in Tennessee and she is a sweet lab mix, who has attached herself to my husband. She runs to the back porch in the morning when he gets into his truck to go to work and then runs to the from front of the house to hear his truck leave the driveway. She patiently waits all day for him to come back home,

  8. So I got shadow (German Shepherd mix) from the local shelter a few years back. I wasn’t sure how he would act with our 2 other dogs so I planned to foster him for a week to see. During the week he was very shy, and would wonder off while I was petting and telling him what a good boy he was. My husband was playing with shadow on about the 5 day. When he was giving shadow a belly rub, he noticed parts missing…. Shadow is in fact a SHE, not a he. ( I was in total shock! A worked at the shelter had reach under and felt to see if he had been neutered.) Shadow isn’t as shy beens we call her a girl! LOL! ;0)

  9. My favorite pet is Fluffy. He is so cool and loves to pose while I cut his hair. He loves his treats and is very happy.

  10. We can’t have pets where I live but 2 of my grandchildren have pets. A beautiful Russian Shepard named Saber who is 5 months old and looks like a midnight black Wolf. And so adorable.
    The other has 3 kittens just as precious and are always climbing up something. Thank you for letting us share about pets and in my case my grandpets. πŸ™‚
    Carol Luciano

  11. One of my favorite books to re-read is The Search by Nora Roberts largely in part because of the dog Jaws. The book centers around a dog trainer and S&R handler named Fiona who is recruited by Simon, a carpenter, to train his new puppy, Jaws. Jaws was a gift from his mother who believed he either needed a wife or a companion. The puppy eats everything in sight including Simon’s new truck’s headrest as he is talking Fiona into training him. From then on it is a fun experience in learning how to be a responsible pet parent. A lot of the incidents are reminiscent of real life and really form a connection with the reader. But it isn’t all bad behavior, as Fiona has her own three dogs – Newman, Bogart, & Peck – who are all trained S & R dogs. This book is always a favorite when I need an animal fix

  12. This year has been a hard one for my family, pet-wise. We had to put down 2 of our 5 cats, only a few months apart. Oliver was my baby boy (though he was 17 yrs old in people yrs). He was the only boy in a house filled with women – both human and animal. The best thing about him was he loved everyone. (Like seriously, if there ever was an intruder he would snuggle the person into submission.) He always wanted to cuddle, and was sensitive to when someone was feeling down. In his final 2 weeks, he fought valiantly to stay with us, even though I had to give him kitten formula every few hours since he could no longer eat normally. My sister even posted a picture of me feeding him because as heartbreaking as it was, it was also just how he was. None of our other cats would have allowed us to hand feed them. Ironically, after he was gone the lady cats started taking on his habits, almost like as a way to honor him too. Maggie (the other cat we had to put down) started sleeping in his spot by my feet at night. (Since we put her down, Libby has taken over that job.) Weasel (real name Starlix) and Libby became major cuddlers themselves, when previously they weren’t. Also, they now greet visitors at the door like Oliver always did. Its almost like without Oliver here, we all have banded together to fill the space he once occupied so no one can feel sad for too long. Since his passing, I want another boy cat but I’m not sure I’m ready just yet.

  13. My favourite pet is my 12 year old Tenterfield Terrier, Tilly. Her excitement and joy when we come home from work is infectious and has the capability to lift any mood. Unconditional love.

  14. my parrot max is a handicapped amazon, who loves to talk low. that and he lay’s down on top of his cage. he is one of my bird pet’s also there’s sunny a 14 yr. old senegal. i also have 3 border collie’s, a border collie mix rescue, and 2 tiny chihuahua’s. as you can tell, i love animals and bird’s.

  15. My favorite pet is Alexandra, a pure white Anatolian cat. She’s quite a handful. I thought at 12 she’d start slowing down. Not! She runs through the house like a white panther and is as stealthy as a small pony! We wanted to get a dog as well but Alex is not one to play well with any other animal. Oh well. I enjoy my friends’ dogs instead.

  16. My favorite dog currently is our lovable granddog. He is a chihuahua that belongs to my daughter & her family. She named him Fenway because she is a big Boston Red Sox fan. Fenway is cute, and fun to play with. While he is technically my daughter’s pet, I think his favorite person is my grandson Kev. Kev is in college so Fenway is always excited when Kev comes home for a visit.

  17. My favorite pets, are my dog, cats and turtle, my dog Brandy is 17 years old an very smart, she is the best dog I ever had. She was a rescue, and very good decision I made when I got her. I think all pets are special in many ways.

  18. My precious tiny fluff ball of a dog, named Tee Babe, was the source of so much love and laughter, and companionship. I will treasure his memory always.

  19. Gracie, my Brittany, has been by my side the last 9 years. SSheknows me better than most of my family. She curls up with me to read a good book and is as loving and playful now as she was when she was 7 weeks old. Love books that have a beloved pet in the mix. Home is not complete without a pet. All my kids and grandkids are pet lovers too. I feel successful to have raised and helped raise people who care about animals.

  20. Our 7 year old rescue lab/pit bull/? fellow is A #1. When he was a puppy he must have been burned by an exhaust pipe or ?. He has a scar down his back but that certainly does not affect his personality. He is so lovable and talk about a great watch dog. We always know when anyone sets foot on our yard. No matter where Lucky is in the house he barks to alert us. My husband says we don’t really need an alarm system because Lucky is always on the job. We recommend everyone consider a rescue dog.

  21. I don’t currently have a pet but enjoy playing with my granddaughters & their dog! Grand dog’s name is Lilly. Such a sweetheart!

  22. My favorite pet is my dog, Harvey. He’s incredibly silly, smart, and sweet. He can be a little high maintenance, but I wouldn’t trade him for any lower maintenance dog.

  23. I’m completely, perfectly, and incandescently in love with my dog Parsley. She’s a nine year old hound mix who follows me from room to room, sighs frequently, and loves to spoon. She’s my travel companion, my tv-watching buddy, my exercise plan, and my favorite pillow.

  24. We at one time had two English Bulldogs. They are the best pets. Hurst so hard when you loose them. though. Since we live in the state of Washington 6 months and then 6 months in Arizona we do alot of traveling and have never adopted a new pet. Love visiting my sister though who has a dog that is a real sweetheart.

  25. I have two fur babies, my kitties Mia and Zander. Zander is an orange marmalade and Mia is a tortoiseshell tabby.
    Mia is my sweet girl and Zander, typical boy, always into trouble .

  26. My favorite pet is Ali the love bug. I mean my cousin a terrier mix that belongs to my other cousin. When ever I get to visit them which is not very often (whine) I am smothered in doggie kisses!

  27. My brother’s Akita is the greatest puppy ever – ok, at 3 years old and 80+ pounds, he’s not technically a puppy….but he’s still my puppy!

  28. I think my favorite pet is my daughter’s cat – this cat waits by her bedroom door like clockwork at 8:30 and then jumps into bed with her when my daughter goes to bed. So cute!

  29. I have two toy poodles, Fiona and Chloe the Destroyer. I love how people underestimates the cute, little, fluffy dogs. They’re actually super smart and extremely devious. Evil, cute, little, fluffy dogs!

  30. I actually don’t have any pets. My 13 year old granddaughter does and since she lives with me, we have a guinea pig named Chips Ahoy (Chips for short) and 2 part pit and blue heeler dogs.

  31. Sadly my Roxie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 6 weeks ago so I’m currently pet-free. Sadly I’ll stay that way unless I can get my mother to change her mind since I live with my aging parents. I’m a dog person all the way and even tried to convince her to let me have a small dog since Roxie was a black lab but she’s not buying it…yet. I’m determined and may well yet succeed, πŸ˜‰

    • Continue your efforts to bring another dog into your household. I brought home a 7 week old Brittany and at first my 86 yr old father resisted. It only took a few days and she was on his lap more than mine. Dad’s doctor even said it was the best thing for him. Good luck

  32. I have a harlequin great dane named Rory. He’s a big goofball and has way more energy than a great dane should ever have! He’s the only great dane who thinks he’s a jack russell terrier. fwiw, I became enamoured with harlequin great danes after seeing one in the A&E/BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. I’ve had three great danes, but Rory’s the only harlequin. Oh, and he has his own Facebook page.

  33. We’ve had many cats over the years but Bella is our oldest 15 years this last July 9th.

  34. My sisters and I live together, long story, but we are searching for our next ”senior dog”, needing lots of love. Our last, Kosi, was a shepherd/shar pei mix, and oh, what a joy. I would love to find his clone, but will settle for our next rescue dog, meaning that the dog will rescue us. We all love to spoil our pet friends.

  35. I have a rescue dog name d lilly i got her a couple months after my sister passed away mainly as a distraction for my sisters children turned in to a love shes part of the family now she has helped my now 6 yr old come to terms with her moms death so for that i am greatful she pulled us up out of a dark place i also am getting a guinie pig thats going to be fun

  36. I loved my cats till we all developed allergies to them, so no pets in my life for many years now.

  37. I have 2 dogs. 1 is full blooded shit Shu & the other is half poodle and half Shit Shu. Sadie is the full blooded one and a blonde color with reds, white and blonde mixed together. Patches is our mixed and is white with big black patches on her. Sadie is usually the sweet, good dog and Patchy is usually the devil dog. We can’t leave anything food wise on the floor without Lady getting into it. She is a little butterball, while Sadie is slimmer and slinky looking. When I put their matching coats on them to walk them in winter, people will stop us to tell me how cute they look. Wish I could send you a picture or 2 of them.

  38. My 16-year-old cat Frapuccino aka “Kitty” is my favorite pet. She’s such a sweetheart and have put up with my kids since they were little. She loves to serve as my “book prop” whenever I am reading! 🐱🐱🐱

  39. Our first dog together we got the week after our wedding. My parents’ dog had a litter – mom was a cross between a white German Shepard and an Irish Setter and dad was the lab down the road. Out of the 6 in the litter, we were playing with 5 and suddenly wondered where #6 was. She had knocked over my husband’s can of beer and was lapping it up! She was immediately chosen, named Genny, and ended up spoiled for the rest of her life. Since we were young and spontaneous, she went everywhere with us, including down one of those big slides at carnivals. We have hordes of unbelievable Genny stories.

  40. My favorite pets are my fur grandkids Simba and Otis.Simba is a cat and lives me with me because my daughter abandoned him for a dog!Otis(cause of abandonment) is a puggle and visits his Grammy and brother(Simba) often.My little boys are very handsome,sweet and loving and I love to spoil them!

  41. Mekka was our shitzu mix who was the runt of the litter. She looked like a little Gund toy πŸ˜€. We had to say goodbye four years ago as she had a brain tumor . Still miss her everyday 🐢

  42. my favorite pet is a goldfish I had once it lived for a few weeks till mother nature called it back home.

  43. My cat Whiskers has been with me for over 13 years. She found me after a hurricane when I was pregnant and having an argument with my ex and has been with me ever since ☺

  44. I’m owned by a chiuahua, Peewee, and a chiweenie, Emma. They are goofy little girls and I love them a lot. My favorite literary pets are the cats in Lillian Jackson Braun’s Cat Who series. We used to be owned by a pair of Siamese sisters and they were so amazing!

  45. Rescue the pet of your choice and delight when, one day not long thereafter, you realize that it YOU were also rescued … not just your beloved new pet! Ranger and Puddles rescued me when my marriage of 22 years imploded. They are long since passed but walk with me every day in fond, funny, warm memories. There are times I cannot remember my ex but I can recall their warm puppy breath, the look of wonder when they met a cat, a butterfly or a new dog, the quizzical twist of their brow when learning a new behavior. Rescue is a two way street even though you may think you are the only one doing the “saving.”

  46. All 4 of my cats are my favorite! 2 boys and 2 girls. I love them all. They like to hang out in my room and sleep in my bed.. LOL.

  47. My first dog, adopted from the pound when I was 12 years old, was an intact, black miniature poodle with a white spot on his chest and a white toenail. D’Artagnon was a magnificent, dominant male, that dog had such a mighty personality that he easily dominated a house full of 4 kids and 2 parents with pretty dominant personalities of their own. I honestly think that dog was in love with my mother. He would wait for her to come home and then call her to come to him with a slow seductive bark. Despite his devotion to my mother’s belly rubs he also roved the neighborhood; I am sure he has many descendants roaming my hometown. He could, at a run, scale a 6 foot privacy fence. When I get together with my siblings we always laugh over that Musketeer dog.

  48. We have a Blizzard at our house. Big white and fluffy. Spoiled boy just turned 11. 65 lbs super smart standard poodle. He follows the neighbor girl around, she’s 2 but will trash down the boys for a treat. the boys are 24, 20, and 17. he can knock them down with one jump. he’s hand and voice trained (when he wants to be) and loves bananas.

  49. My pet is a tortoise (looks like a Calico) cat named Miss Mouse. She was a Christmas gift and I’ve had her since 1999!

  50. I have 3 quirky dogs, that love to eat fruit and vegies. Lola is a 7 year old Shetland sheepdog, she will bark at the counter if she knows that bananas or tomatoes are on it. I think she is hoping that the fruit will jump down so she can eat it. Quinn, a 2 year old sheltie, is quite tall and can almost reach the countertop, so things may become fair game to him!

  51. I have had pets all my life. One of my favorites though, was Abigail, my AbbyCat. Her mother, Pippin, was my mom’s cat. I kept stealing this one particular calico every time people came to look at the kittens they were giving away. My dad could never understand why we always ended up with one more at the end of the day than he thought we’d had. Until one morning, Abby sneaked out from under the chair where I was hiding her. She was 19.5 years old when she passed away the weekend I was home for Christmas. Three feet of snow and in his pj’s on Christmas morning and my father went out to bury my baby after I’d said goodbye. “And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

  52. Yalley (yellow alley cat) was my first cat and he was a great cat, tough-with the battle scars to prove it-and loyal to his family. Majic my second cat had to be one of the best cat all around, big and black he intimidated many visitors but he was a great lovable cat. He was declawed(he came to us that way) yet he’d still would go out and defend his home then he’s come in and cuddle with you. Millie was our problem cat, she lived 16 years and was unfriendly (hissing at) to most people except my mom. But if a stranger (usually female)my mom’s a seamstress and worked from home and people would come for fittings she be up on the table expecting to be talked to and petted, but if you lived in the house she was nasty. Currently our older cat, Little Kitty, she’s 8 or 9 has decided to live in the trees, 20 ft up or more, staying for days and coming down when she deems it’s time, could be hiding from our other cat, Punkie, who’s 14 months old and plenty of kitten.

  53. We love our 4 legged girls. One is DeeDee and the other is Daisy she is the youngest who will be 2 one Tuesday. I am disabled and home during the day and sometimes the night when my hubby is out of town and what would i do without my lap dogs. Daisy doesn’t really talk that much we got her from the dog pound a few years ago after they found her and her mom on the side of the road. Well we waited for her to recover as she was just born and the minute she was available my mom(best friend) took me to town and i got her. I knew she was the right one as she walked up to us and had this stare that said “Take me Home” well I did and have never regretted it. They haven’t been alone at all and they are just the best of sisters.

  54. I have my cat Zoe, the mouthiest Bengal ever. She keeps me company and loves me even when I forget things. I also pet sit for several others in my area, so have a variety of cats and dogs that I can call “mine”. They keep my life sane even when they cause insanity.

  55. I have 4 dogs and love spending time with them and they love watching soccer with me, taking walks, car rides for ice cream or to the bank for treats and they love when I read to my granddaughter they sit there with their heads on their paws and seem to be paying attention one likes to see the pictures. I Do love having them reading and having my dogs with me helps with the stress of everyday life and they make it interesting.

    cannot wait to read the scoundrel and the debutante I just ordered it and waiting delivery

    congrats on all the great books you have written I love them all

  56. I have lots of pets ranging from cats to horses, but my favorite would be one that is no longer with me, my dog Sheba. She was a mutt I took in as a stray puppy and became my constant companion.

  57. It’s hard to choose a favorite pet. My favorite dog is my 11 year old golden retriever who is a total momma’s boy. Of my 3 cats, my favorite is a tortie who does not have the traditional tortietude. She’s super sweet and even meets me at the door when I get home. She has epilepsy and needs medicine 4 times a day. I swear she knows it helps her because 99% of the time she lets us give it to her without any fuss.

  58. We had to say goodbye to our dear little beagle (and doxie?) mix Cinnamon in 2001, and I still miss her! I’m not able to have a dog in my current place, but as soon as I’m able to, I will adopt a furry friend. If I am the lucky first prize winner I would opt for one of the pet store cards and donate it to a shelter. Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. We are the proud parents of 2 rescued furbabies/Cats; T2 my golden boy and Joey, my little baby. They have brought so much joy to our household after our devastating loss of our first cat Trouble. In my opinion, all households are blessed when they include furbabies.

  60. I have two rescue dogs that are both about 4 years old. The first one is Chi Chi who is a tan and white Staffordshire terrier mix and Luna who is a Papillon, Pomeranian and long hair Chihuahua mix. They are both stinkin’ cute!

  61. I have to rottie mix rescues that I love very much, a Petco gift card would be great to assist in my spoiling of them!

  62. For 13 years my cat Baxter has been the one consistent factor in my life other than my family. He has never ever been a very affectionate cat or a lap cat. He is super independent and rarely wants or gives attention. Yet every time I’m upset he’s right there.

    When I went through my divorce he started this bedtime ritual with me. Right when I turn off all electronics and am about to go to sleep he lays down on my chest and lets me pet him for a few minutes. Then he’ll go off and lay somewhere else on the bed. Sometimes curled up right next to me, sometimes on the opposite corner of the king bed.

    Whenever I am in a meh crying mood he will come over and bump his head on my hands and rub his head on me. Then he will lay down close to me and fall asleep by my side while I calm down.

    I don’t know what I would do without him. ❀️❀️

    I just adopted two new kittens (brothers) and I am looking forward to forming life long bonds with them, but for sure Baxter is my favorite because he is my OG. 😁

  63. Pep the 14-year old Pug is our dear old man now. He’s had eye and back surgery, several skin growths removed, can’t hear, see or move very well these days, needs eye and ear meds daily and wears diapers that look like Speedos – but he is still sweet and loyal and makes us smile.

  64. My favorite pet was my miniature beagle Mandy…I called her my baby girl. She had such a sweet disposition, loved to snuggle, was spoiled rotten, and thought our queen size bed was made just for her. LOL! Mandy was kind of a mother hen to our other pets and would always fuss over them if one was not feeling well. Cancer may have taken her from us too early (she was 12) but I will always appreciate the time my husband and I got to spend with our baby girl.

  65. We only have 2 cats right now. All of our cats are rescued animals and they certainly have their own personalities. They are outdoor animals but are pretty spoiled anyway. They have access to my hubby workshop that gets heat in the winter and protection from mother nature. Our small farm used to have a lot of animals at one time but right now it’s just our cats and wild critters that wander by.

  66. My favorite pet is a kitty. I just adopted 2 kitties a few months ago, brother and sister, and they are so adorable! I’ve had kitties ever since I was a young teen. I just couldn’t imagine my life without one. Kitties Rule =^-^= πŸ’•πŸ’•

  67. My dogs Scruffy and Amber are rescue dogs. They warm my heart and bring me smiles with the love they show me when I come home. They act so happy to see me I can’t help but smile. Some of their antics has me laughing.

  68. Julia, I have 5 dogs, 3 are labs, 1 is a rescue that is part lab/ part pitbull.
    Then I have a Bichon. I also have 4 birds, An African Grey that loves to talk, 2 cockatiels and a white breasted Amazon, I would not trade any of them for the world. I can’t imagine not having any pets,

  69. Misty of Chincoteague… I guess the horse wasn’t really a pet, but it was one of my first loves in one of my treasured books.

  70. We have two cats, littermates, named Garlic and Gingersnap. Garlic is black and sleek and muscular. I think she takes a rather detached, slightly ironic view of the world. Gingersnap is a domestic long hair brown tabby, very posh-looking, and very drapy. But are interesting, courteous, and attached to each other and to us. And they love their human brother, Chun Woo, who is devoted to them, and no longer pesters them much.

  71. My favourite pet was one our family had when I was a teenager. Dad got stationed to Scotland, and we had to leave our cat in the States while we were in Scotland. However, when we moved into our house there, so did the friendliest cat you have seen. Purred so much we names her Outboard. She adopted us, and 2 1/2 years later she moved back to the states with us. She loved to travel and had a great time in the airports as everyone would admire and pet her. She could sit up like a dog to beg for treats, would walk on a leash like a dog, and loved to go for a ride in the car. Sometimes she would jump in the car and not get out till you at least took her around the block. She also love to be vacuumed (which helped keep the cat hair down). She was a special cat.

  72. We have had many pets, and currently have 3 dogs, one Ball Python, and a peacock. Everything we have had has been a rescue pet. We did foster care for the local animal shelter and kept a lab mix from the first litter. She left us a bout 2 years ago at the age of 17. They were 17 wonderful years and we still miss her. Olivia was a sweet, gentle dear who adored my husband. It tore his heart out when he had to take her for the last ride to the vet. We would gladly have another lab, but could never replace her.

  73. I do not have any pets but if I did I would want a dog like Kane, from the Tucker Wayne Novels by James Rollins & Grant Blackwood. Some of the books are written from Kane’s perspective so you see & feel things differently. Kane is a military working dog, a Belgian Malinois (small Belgian sheperd). He is loyal, fierce, smart, & such a compliment to his human.

  74. We have a dog, cat, bearded dragon, and 8 chickens. The chickens are so funny to watch as they run around our yard.

  75. I have a mixed breed cat called casey she is a real sooky with me and my husband but she is a scaredy cat when guests come in our house but after awhile she will come out of hiding and sniff around them.

  76. I have a dashound ( her name is Roxy ). I also (currently) have 4 cats. 3 kittens and their mother.

  77. I love my kitties, Frankie, a bulky and outspoken diva and Spike, a curious and quiet cuddler!

  78. Right now I have a brown kitty that stole my heart he was a rescue he was so small I asked my kids what’s small and brown and my son said a peanut thus Peanut had a name

  79. My favorite pet was a black and brown cocker spaniel/ beagle mix named Willie. My older brother rescued her when she was a puppy and brought her home to us. She was very smart and loving.

  80. we had a dog that showed up at our door one summer day and never left. he was a mixed breed, black and so sweet. he slept next to my bed. he was 10 years old when he died.

  81. My favourite pet was my Great Pyrenees Puppy, Sophie. She was 110 lbs. of white fluffy fur with a big bear head and hyper happy wagging tail. She loved to wake me up with her puppy paw slap to my sleeping head or by pulling the bed covers off me. Sophie loved everybody and was super protective of me.

  82. I have 3 cats named Xena (after warrior princess of course), Blair (after Blair from Gossip Girl), and Lois Lane…..I’m sure the name doesn’t need any explanation. I also have a dog that is part Alaskan Malamute and part Timberwolf. We named him Alpha, like after the alpha of a wolf pack. I love all 4 of my pets, and yes, I know I’m slowly becoming a cat lady.

  83. I have two wonderful pets. Lucy is a Chihuahua Pug mix and Benny is a tabby male. They hate each other. Last June I rescued a small baby feral cat but she would not come into the house so I fed her twice a day on the patio. We tried to catch her to take her to the vet and spaying but it was impossible. Short version, 9 weeks later she had 8 kittens which are now 7 weeks old and running wild through the house. When the babies were born on the patio I put a box out there and put the babies in it and when she jumped in the box my daughter threw a towel over the box and we got them into the garage as the babies were right next to the pool. I have homes for 6 of them (7 girls and 1 boy) and I have named the last two Charlie and Lily. I think these two will be permanent residents. Charlie (I call him Demon) would make a great barn cat!

  84. I am a self-proclaimed animal nut so I love this giveaway! I have a dog, a Papillon named Presley (the love of my life) and my kitty, Samwise Gamgee and a very recent addition, a kitty named Arwen. Take a guess what books I love πŸ˜‰ Presley I actually sought out to add to my family, but Sammy and Arwen are both accidental. Sammy was part of a litter of kittens that I found and had fixed and adopted, but couldn’t bear to part ways with Sammy. Arwen showed up in my backyard about 3 weeks ago and I was determined to win her trust and now she lives inside!

  85. I love my kitty, Ebony. She’s all black and rules the house with an iron paw, but she has my heart.

  86. My calico cat SkylarBrooke whom we call SkySky for short was one of four kittens that we were going to giveaway all four to the same person the kittens are ready to be away from there mother we make plans to meet later in the week while SkySky keeps getting on my alp falling asleep and cuddling I’m in love so for once the big grump I’m with actually does something nice lets me keep her the others actually go to someone else because the first person totaled flaked out my SkySky is on my lap cuddling all day and i can’t do anything i can’t even read come bed time she can’t be found anywhere to sleep or cuddle with unless she’s hurt or sick or I’m she’s done two really Amazing things from my point of view first she’s done it several times without any training what so ever she has let me know that my blood sugar is low and I’m about to pass out the first time she she did it she kept getting in my face sniffing and bumping my head and just kept looking at me like mommy somethings not right i blacked out passed out luckily i was on a chair the second she did it i payed attention and sure enough i passed out so now every time she starts acting that way i get something to eat , she is now fixed man i had to fight for that to happen but before she was fixed she decided to climb up on my lap in my chair and have her kittens we moved her to a box she,d get out and get on my lap so her and I layed on the bed me on the outside and her in the middle and on her other side blankets pilled up to give her privacy and i couldn’t do a thing or shed get up and follow as long as i was with she was fine but if i got up shed follow Mr.Grumpy had to fix food and shed let him stay with her so i go to the mommy’s room all the cats when me and grumpy are eating will walk right past me and go to to beg but not my SkySky she jumps up on my lap and I hand feed her, her tiny delicate little princess bites when the other cats try to push her out of the food bowl she comes to me because she knows mommy will always make it right.

  87. Hi Julia, I am the mama of two sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. A Blenheim (red and white) named Lily and a tri-color (black/white and a touch of red) named Gemma. They are sisters out of the same litter of puppies. Both of them are complete opposites, Lily is the more athletic. Lily loves to jump through hoops and chase after her balls and squeaky toys when I throw them. Her sister Gemma is more a Diva. Gemma likes to watch, but in her defense she is less muscular than her sister. They both think every time the car cranks that it is time for a ride. I have been known to make a trip by the bank and cash a check just so they can go through the drive through and see the tellers and get a milk bone. Both of my daughters s are grown and these two four legged pups are my babies. They are two and a half years old and have both me and their daddy wrapped around their little paws.

  88. My pet growing up was an Irish setter named Queenie. I got her when I was six and lost her when I was seventeen. She was also my Dad’s retriever when he went hunting. She loved summer when we had our soft plastic pool in the backyard she wanted to join us but unfortunately her nails would tear it and the water would run out. She would be so disappointed sitting there wagging her tail but no water and no kids to play with!

  89. My cat Jada is the boss of my man. Wish she could talk so she could let me in on her secrets. It’s hilarious watching him “mind her”. Wish he’d listen to me that good. LOL

  90. Jake and Elwood are Shar Pei litter mates, but couldn’t be more different. They are the best dogs ever, and are true Mama’s boys.

  91. When I was growing up, we had St Bernards. As an adult, I love most all big dogs! πŸ™‚

  92. I have two cats, a Female orange tabby names Annie who rules and a gray and white male named Cory who loves!

  93. My dog Maggie is 4 1/2 and a rottweiler-lab mess who has mastered the sad face. When we went to the shelter to look at dogs, she was in a kennel with her sisters who were fluffy and blond and took after the lab side and here she was all dark and rottweiler looking. They were full of life and plump but she was skinny and woe is me looking and had the saddest look on her face. We made eye contact and I asked to go in and immediately picked her up and never put her down. My husband played with the blondes, who were being normal playful puppies and was just like “Look at how much fun they are!” I just said no, this is the one. I still get the sad face if she can’t have treats or whatever I am eating.

  94. When my daughter married she inherited a male cat, Napoleon, who only cared about her husband. He ignored my daughter, and, if she tried to get his intention, he turned his back on her and gave her his tail. When she went overseas for a short time, she would Skype with her husband. Napoleon would always close the top of the laptop so they couldn’t talk. When they had a baby, Napoleon refused to have anything to do with him. He just sat, with his back turned waiting for her husband to put down the baby. Then he would run up to sit next to him. It was Napoleon’s turn to get all of his attention. Unfortunately, the cat passed on before the baby was six months old, but he was the most possessive animal I have ever seen.

  95. We have five cats, all related. They are all black except the youngest which is black and white. We did think of dyeing her, but it seemed better to have one that my husband could tell apart. They are great friends to us and follow me around the house, helping with housework, and snuggle up on our bed at night.

  96. Between myself and my children we have a zoo. 6 doll face persians, (Lady Grey, Sir Maverick, Capt. Morgan, Duchess of Argyle, Laird Duncan, Lady Maerade) a boxer, (Angus ) a bull mastiff (Penelope) and a bunny (Peanut).
    I love all my pets but I would really love to have a falcon. Oh well will just enjoy the Hawks that have built their nest in my backyard.

  97. I can’t tell you a whole lot about my puppy scout, as I don’t have him yet. He was born July 6,2016. I won’t get him until September. I have gone to see him, and he is a spunky little guy. He loves to play, and he tries to get your feet.

  98. My favorite pet was and always will be my Kitty – a very intelligent dark spotted tabby cat with white mittens and a white bib, with eyes golden green like grapes and a pink nose:) We’ve been together since she was so small that she fit into my palm (she and her siblings were orphans). Sadly she passed early last year from old age (15 and a half years). I have two other cats who are great in their own way, but there just was this special connection between me and my girl. You know how they say that a cat loves you if it brings you dead mice or birds? Well, my cats live indoors only, so my Kitty would bring me pieces of her raw chicken:))

  99. I have 2 cats, Honey, who really is not always so sweet, and Bitsy who is not that little.

  100. We used to have a wonderful dog named Max, he was a mixed shepherd, etc. but was good with the two boys. Now we have a black and white cat named Kahlua and she is 20 years old, blind and deaf but manages to get around.

  101. I had a beautiful irish setter named Daisy when i was younger. she lived until she was 12 years old was a constant companion to me

  102. I currently have 4 cats who are Shasta, a 13 year old calico; Cinder, a 12 1/2 year old Russian Blue; Kona, a 6 1/2 year old DSH tuxedo; and Scamp, a 5 year old Maine Coon mix. All of them were rescued when they were young kittens. I also feed a stray DSH tabby cat named Moose as part of the TNR release program at my apartment complex. They are all wonderful cats and very much loved. However, while I hesitate to name a favorite since, like children, they each have their own attributes which make them a favorite in some way, the cat with whom I was closest was my DSH black cat, Osiris. Osiris was one of four kittens who were separated from their mother at an apartment complex where I lived. They were 3 weeks old and, by chance, I had a mama cat with kittens the same age who adopted them immediately. I found homes for all of them except Osiris whom I just couldn’t resist. He spent most of his time rather than with the other kittens. We shared a special bond all of his life. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to him this past January. He was in kidney failure and there was nothing that could be done. I was there with them to the very end. He was two months shy of being 16 years old.

  103. I had a bunny and she was very smart. When my kids were little on Christmas they would put their gifts in a pile before they opened them. I would wrap some gifts for our bunny Truffy too. When I gave her the gifts she would take them to her little pile. I missed her like crazy when she died.

  104. We have 2 of the sweetest shi tzus you’ll ever meet. Sugar & Cookie keep us calm and smiling. If and when things need to be shaken up we have our daughters papillon, Maiya, who’s a wild and crazy tiny canine. I’ve had many many dogs and have never seen one who loves toys more b

  105. Bentley is my Maltese. He’s 7 years old and has the attitude of a British Duke. He doesn’t like to walk on the grass, he prefers to walk on concrete. He adores when people gush over him and say “Aww Puppy” upon seeing him. He likes to wear sweaters but not hats. He loves to travel and take walks. He howls when a certain pair of yellow lab ladies walk through the neighborhood on their daily walk, he’s in love, you know. He’s my buddy.

  106. My favorite was a dog we grew up with…a mixed breed which was some collie, not sure what else…he was a protector as we had chores to do that took us in to the woods and he would always walk before us. We were on the poor side and only had heat in one room so at nights he help keep us warm . He was with us for many yrs…his name was Brownie. A very smart and loyal dog.

  107. I have sweet Lab mix named Lexie. She lays beside my while I’m reading. If she was human I think she’d love books as much as I do!

    My favorite literary pet is Rollo. Wee Ian’s companion from the Outlander series.

  108. Hi Julia, I have two cats. Teresa M and I would get along fabulously. My 13 year old cat, Ozzie, is in heart failure right now and we are already grieving him. He has been the rock that has held our family together. We also have a rambunctious black 3 year old named Loki. He certainly lives up to his name. We are trying to teach him to be a gentleman.

  109. I have two dogs, both are girls, one of five years and other of ten years. One white and one black. And in fact, they could not be more different in their temperaments. Both are adopted, Chispa (Spark) the smallest is a white mini poodle that is believed queen of the world and likes to be stroked and cuddled all the time. Pepper, a girl who lived long in the streets, and seriously ill, was rescued and finally found a home with me, is hyperactive, she likes being the center of attention and that everyone see her adventures. She only has three functional legs but she jumps like she had four, jump armchair in armchair, and is happy down the stairs at a run when she hears that I park the car outside the house to greet me with many licks and jumps. Both are my adoration and I can not imagine what I would do if they were not with me. I love them.

  110. My favorite pet is my kitty named Dio, after the Ronnie James Dio. He’s all black except for a little white patch on his stomach that he cannot stand (it makes him feel that he’s not a true black cat). He loves belly rubs, being brushed, his cat nip mouse (there’s only one acceptable brand), feathers, and my husband’s left foot (I have no idea why). Milk is best when it’s leftover after a bowl of cereal and there is no such thing as too much wet canned food. Dio has the judgy eye stare down pat but knows how to turn on the cuteness when he wants to be loved on.

  111. My three kitty boys are Moose, Fritz, and Willie. Fritz and Moose are brown tabbies and Willie is grey and white. Usually when one is ill cats won’t come around. But mine do. I just had a Mastectomy and they are taking turns sleeping with me. They are right by my side. I love my cats with all my heart and soul. Fritz is ALWAYS with me. He is my shadow. My protector. Moose is the healer and grooms all of us by licking us like crazy. Willie I adopted in Austin after taking care of his momma and siblings here in the apt. complex in 2012. I have Moose’s eyes and Fritz’s eyes tattooed on my arms. I will get Willie’s eyes done as well. I also have my late Siamese’s eyes tattooed on the back of my neck. I LOVE MY KITTIES!! πŸ™‚

  112. I have a yellow Lab named Sandy. She has been a beautiful and loving friend for 14 yrs. She has the most beautiful eyes of any other animal I have ever had. I know what she needs or wants by looking in those big brown eyes. I am so happy that she chose me to be her best friend.

    • Congratulations Millie!
      I’m sure your Sandy and my Moose would get along famously.
      Your comment was chosen at random and you’ve won a books bag and a signed advanced reader copy of Suddenly Dating.
      You will receive an email shortly.
      Thanks again!

  113. My all-time favorites would, of course, be my two one year old rescue kitties. But I also have another. My daughter recently adopted a four year old black kitty from a shelter. Unknown to us at the time, she was a sponsored kitty who happened to be there the longest, about nine months. I am so glad she got adopted by my daughter finally. She at last has her forever home.

  114. We have two gorgeous kitty sisters, Peachie and Poppie! Rescued from the San Francisco Animal Shelter two years ago!

  115. I have 5 dogs; 2 were adopted, the rest were “dump-offs” (I live in the country). Love all of them so much!

  116. My pet thinks it’s human. It is a cat but I swear it talks back to me. Every morning he Sits in the middle of the floor and stares at me until he gets his treat. I am only allowed to pet him and love on him if it’s his idea. If not, he moves and stares at me, like what do you think you are doing. At night, he hops up on the bed, in front of the book I am reading and nudges me, knits on me, and likes my face wherever he can reach until he’s satisfied, and only until he is satisfied, the lays right in front of my knees.

  117. I’ve got 5 dogs, 5 cats, and 7 horses (of assorted sizes). They’re all pets, but I’d have to say my favorite is Humphrey. He’s Husky/Golden Retriever mix, and the name fits – he’s very laid back, wants to just be a couch potato (and he makes a good pillow), and one of my cats claims him as ‘his’ dog – if Buster is sleeping in Humphrey’s bed, Humphrey sleeps on the floor. Of course, our 2 mini dachshunds are really cute too!

  118. My Jupiter is a 5-year-old golden retriever who is roughly the size of a horse but very energetic and “puppyish”…it makes for a lot of bruised feet from getting trounced on!!

  119. I have three cats, and as a good pet parent, I shouldn’t have a favorite. However, I still remember my oldest cat when he was a kitten and how he used to like to snuggle and come for kisses on his head.

  120. Snow is one of my three cats. She grew up outside and I am the only one that she will let pet her. She loves for me to comb her hair and purrs so loudly to show her love and affection!

  121. My favorite pet is a golden retriever her name was Goldie she was my dog. She help me one day I had fallen she came to my rescue and helped me up. She was a very good dog if I could have another dog like her I would take it in a heart beat..

  122. My favorite dog and cat are both gone forever so that laves my favorite literary cats Koko and Yum Yum from the Lilian Jackson Braun The Cat Who… series. Many animals in books are not fun or a good addition to the story, but these two are great. Of course Enzo from The Art of Racing in the Rain and Amazing Gracie from the book of the same name are the best dog exceptions.

  123. My favorite pet is my neighbors dog Roxy. She was so loving and sweet. She couldn’t wait for you to pet her. She always wanted to sit next to you and get some loving. She always loved to greet me when I came near the house. Sadly, she passed away last week. I miss seeing her when I come home.

  124. I have two yorkies who are my heart, they love to go for rides in my car, hubbys boat, and long walks!!

  125. Once upon a time, we had 4 cats – all rescues. The last one, Corduroy, went to the Rainbow Bridge (I believe in it) just a few weeks ago, so we are currently petless. There’s a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now, so I’m really conflicted about starting over with new furry friend(s). I keep looking at the rescue sites online, though!

  126. My cat Thumper-rescued from a trash bin when she was less than 3 weeks old. She was my little love. I would hold her in my arms and she would bump her nose to mine. I had the privilege of her being in my life for over 19 years.

  127. I have two very rambunctious black lab puppies that bring constant joy to my life. Rocko and Ferris! I say they are puppies because they have the energy of 5000 puppies in two packages but are 5 years old. They love to run and go to the lake to cool off in this Texas heat.

  128. I have a rescue dog named Ziva, who will be turning 8 in October. I also have 4 barn cats, Kirsty, Blossom, Akira and Jonny Walker and 3 horses, Morgan, Monte and Yukon. It’s amazing how much these animals impact human lives. They have been everything from counselors to best friends. Every one of them are members of our family. It’s hard to imagine life without pets.

  129. I like the dog in Hart to Hart Mysteries because he’s funny and helps solve cases. For myself, I like stuffed animals – especially monkeys – as they are easier to care for and don’t pee on the carpet or make excessive noise.

  130. We have two Shih Tzu mix dogs, Gabriel and Miss Bea. They are both rescue dogs and have become great companions and family members. I cannot imagine our life without pets!

  131. My daughter and her family have a beagle named Brandy who I love. Always send a Christmas present for her.

  132. My favorite pet is my cat. His name is Sylvester, for obvious reasons, but we’ve come to call him “Killer”, again, for obvious reasons. I’ve never owned a more athletic, driven, inexhaustible creature. Visitors are always entertained by his prowess and antics.

  133. I have 2 Welsh corgis, Rarebit and Finn, and a retriever-mix rescue dog, Cody. The corgis can actually walk under Cody with no problem.

  134. As an avid reader my pets are so named. Grimalkin is my extremely loyal familiar ( black cat) who thinks he’s a dog, considering he grew up with our dog, Shadowfax ( A shepard, lab, sharpie mix).

    These furry children hold a place as deep in my heart as my son. Both are black in color and more loyal and loving than most humans. Grimalkin loves tanning on the back of the couch, where Shadowfax is more a cold weather lover (so her summer is spent in the bedroom being next to the air conditioner). But the moment I walk in the door I am greeted by two huge smiles and lots of kisses.

  135. I have a sweet kitty, Kiki. We got her from a shelter after she had been rescued from a hoarding house…..there were over 20 cats and a myriad of other animals. She is still very skittish around loud people and/or noises, my grandbabies included. When people come over, she goes and hides under the bed or under the couch. She might venture out if there are only adults and they are calm and carrying on a conversation in an ‘inside’ voice. But, if you’re rather loud, she’ll freak out and run away. She loves me though — if I sit in ‘my spot,’ within 30 seconds, she comes running and sits on my lap. πŸ˜‰

  136. Shep – my pup- is my favorite pet. He is so much fun. I played hide and seek with him last night for about forty -five minutes. Every time he would find me, he smiled. He smiled ! And then it was ball. He would move his ball and I would have to get it for him- from under the tv, under the coffee table or whatever place he placed it. He lives to play. He snuggles up as close as he can and gives me kisses in the morning. My husband and I remarked just this morning just how fierce he loves me. And it’s mutual. Very mutual. He makes me smile.

  137. I have an African gray parrot who I call my “little boy in a bird suit” because he can talk in my voice, speak in context and even say, “I love you, Mama.” I write the Gulf Shore contemporary romance series, and Ozzie is a character in the first book, “The Shore Thing.”

  138. We had the world’s greatest golden retriever named Murphy. He used to follow our baby girl around, licking her hair when she cried to be sure she was alright. I used to have to pick her up or her hair would be soaking. He was her protector, champion, and best friend.

  139. We have two rescue dogs. Maya is a Akita/Shepard/Lab mix that is 6 years old and Lucy is a Lab/Border Collie/Pug mix that is 1 year old. We also have had leopard geckos and my favorite . . . . a hedgehog named Obie.

  140. I have two favorites. The first was our very first dog as a married couple. She was a Boykin Spaniel named Mollie. We lost her too soon to cancer in 2011. About two months later my husband called and said he wanted us to come to the PetSmart and see something. The SPCA had an adoption event and we found our Baby Bert there. She is the sweetest dog ever. She is a lot bigger than the 45 pound estimate they gave us (by 30 pounds). We love our Baby Bert.

  141. I don’t want to show favoritism but my Maine Coon has to be my favorite pet. He is so big and fluffy that all you want to do is rub his fluffiness. He is super sweet and spoiled beyond belief. We got him two years ago from a woman who fostered cats. He wasn’t fluffy then, he gradually became a “Fluff Muffin” which is what my daughter nick named him.

  142. I am a dog person. I have a little mixed breed rescue dog. His name is Dexter. He is such a happy dog. His fluffy long tail is always wagging. It even wags in his sleep. His favorite things are his morning and evening walks. Neighbors are always commenting about how happy he is and he is one spoiled little dog

  143. My favorite pet is my son, Eric’s Yorkie, Bandit. He’s adorable, mischievous and so much fun to play with and cuddle. I love my granddoggie!

    It’s been a great summer here in Wisconsin. Today it will feel like the Deep South , hot and humid. Luckily, we only experience a few days like this.

  144. Hubs and I are huge rescue cat people (since we live in an apartment). We have a brother and sister named Chuck and Sarah, respectively. They’re adorable. Chuck is “my” cat, and Sarah is a daddy’s girl. They think they’re dogs, so they follow us everywhere. Even outside when they can. They’re adorbs. πŸ™‚

  145. I lost my beloved dog furbaby a few years ago but have a cat called toby the ginger ninja who we love dearly

  146. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pet. I’d love to have a dog, but my current house isn’t suitable for one. If I could, I’d like to have a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd. To be fair, any dog would do. I love all dogs!
    Thank you for the chance.

  147. My favorite pets are the 2 I currently have…Rupert, an orange tabby cat who adopted us January 2015 (just showed up one day and decided we were the family for him) and Oreo, a tuxedo cat I helped rescue January 2016 (she is a bit more shy & cautious but a sweetheart )

  148. We have a handsome German Shepard mix we call Houdini. He is an escape artist and at least once a month gets off his chain or breaks a chain link or some other part of it.

  149. My babes are all bunnies and they are named Moonshine, Pumpkin and Butters. They all have unique personalities so I could never say who is my favorite.

  150. I have 5 cats, wasnt planned, but i love them all. As any mom would say ” I dont have a favorite”, we always secretly do. My favorite is Izabella, Izzie to her mom. She is so lovable and she can melt anyone’s heart. She is currently napping beside me and making lil’ cat noises …must be a good dream.

  151. I have many pets – an 85 pound dog named Gus and around 15 cats. Seven come inside – the rest are fed and loved outside. There are a couple of ferals and our neighbors cats come and visit when the food bowls are being filled. Makes for an interesting existence!

  152. Luckily, the snake disappeared, so we are left with Sadie, our huge furry Newfoundland, Molly and Snortz McGee, the worlds two dumbest Pugs, and Connor, our aged big ol’ Maine Coon Cat…

  153. Hi Julie, I actually have 2 cats right now, their names are Stripes and Blackie courtesy of my then 6 year old daughter. Stipes is named that due to having three black rings around her tail, otherwise she is differing shades of gray. Blackie is as you probably guessed midnight black with just a very small patch of white under her chin and the greenest eyes of any animal I have ever seen. I’m here in Vegas so I totally feel you about the heat. Try and stay cool.

  154. I have 2 pets.
    My 6 years old chihuahua named Pepe. He follows me around everywhere and loves sleeping curled into my side with his nose buried in my armpit. He barks at everyone but he will love you if you rub him.
    Now my 8 years old cat named Deezil is the complete opposite. He’s a rescue we adopted 6 years ago. He doesn’t like loud noise and he’s very shy. He has the cutest black patch under his nose that I refer to as his mustache.

  155. Chloe is my third cat over the last thirty years – I love cats! LOL I adopted her four years ago, after having to put down my 18-year-old Winter, which was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. But she’s a wonderful companion and keeps me entertained when I really need it!

    Thanks for the contest.

  156. I’ve currently got two favorite pets, my dogs Jenny – a samoyed/german shepherd mix, and Bear – a giant malamute. But, my all-time favorite pet was my ginger tabby cat, Honey. We got her when I was in 3rd grade, and she was my best friend through High School, and well past the point when I had to leave her with my Dad while I moved on into adulthood with my hubby and our daughter (my hubby being heavily allergic to cats). It broke my heart, the day I had to put her to sleep. I miss that cat every day.

  157. My favorite pet is Pookie who is a Ragdoll. He is like the King of R&R. He knows how to chill.

  158. Right now I don’t have a pet, so I’ll tell you about my BFF’s mother’s dog that I have had the pleasure of dog sitting. The first time I took her dog for a week the dog would sit at night and gently growl at me. When I took the dog back I asked about this strange happening. Well I found out that because I stay up late at night the dog was telling me it was time to go to bed. Apparently she does the same thing to my BFF’s father all the time.

  159. My favorite literary pet is Toto from the Wizard of Oz. Toto followed the yellow brick road too and he almost got eaten by the Lion. Fortunately for him, the lion was a coward. And it was Toto who revealed the Wizard as a humbug. In one of the later Oz books Toto was able to smell that Dorothy had been replaced with a Mimic and he saved Ozma from being taken over by a Mimic too. So if you need a loving, protective pet, Toto’s the dog to have.

  160. We have oodles and oodles of poodles! (9 in total – all stemming from our original poodle, Holly). Rocky (her son), Chloe (her granddaughter from her daughter Maggie), Chloe’s puppies: Ellie, Patton and Emily and Ellie’s puppies: Remington, Ivy (our 6 yo named her after Poison Ivy the vixen), Ruger and Winchester (the boys are affectionately called “The Young Guns”). Intense, little, black puffballs of love. We delight in the kisses and excited wiggles as their wrestle for pole position in our laps.

    We’re also backyard chicken farmers. All of our chickens are named after foods (though they are pets and would NEVER end up in a stew pot): Mayonnaise, Mustard, Molasses, Ketchup, Honey, Poppy, Hollandaise, Anise, Cinnamon, Peppercorn, Sugar, Butterscotch, Blackjack (after the gum – again, son named her), Sage, Cocoa Puff, Cornflake, Raisin, Marshmallow, Oreo, Caramel, Relish and Maple “Brownie”. Each have their own personalities and are a joy to be around (aside from the extra bonus of fresh eggs). Unfortunately, when it’s winter… we are forced to do “the walk of shame” and buy our eggs at the grocery store as our ladies stop laying and – yes – the checkers do draw attention to this seasonal purchase. *smile*

    If that menagerie wasn’t enough, we’re also parents to three… yes, three Guinea pigs. We started with Freddy McGee (our son named him after a book he read in Pre-K named John Willy and Freddy McGee). He was so excited about reading AND the pet that I just couldn’t say no. Then, my husband (who had a Guinea pig when was younger) informed me that they were social creatures and Freddy McGee needed a friend, so, Cashew joined the family. A week later, Chestnut came to be a cage mate. He looked unhappy being on display at the pet store and we just couldn’t leave him.

    Finally, we have our oldest and longest residential pet… Phil, our 25 year old blue and gold macaw. He’s a real butt head. He isn’t a fan of women (unless he’s at the Vet, then I’m the lesser of two evils and he wants to be held like a baby). Speaking of babies, when my son was an infant – Phil would mimic our son’s cry perfectly. As if being a new mom wasn’t enough, I was constantly running back and forth trying to figure out why my baby was always crying. Any time I would run past the bird room to check on our son (only to come back because the cry didn’t originate from our son) a soft chuckle could be heard emanating from Phil. He knew EXACTLY what he did AND what it was doing to me. Birds are not stupid.

    Of course, we have our little aquariums of fish – but thankfully, they’re happy to have clean water and food to eat. They’re low maintenance and do not want anything from us other than those two basic needs. Phew!

  161. We are thinking about getting a new puppy. We are wanting to adopt one from the shelter. So right now we have no idea which one it will be. Whatever one grabs our hearts.

  162. I’m an animal lover and don’t feel at “home” unless there’s an animal of one sort or another cuddled up to me. Currently, it’s a single beagle but I’ve been known to have as many as twelve varying types of animals (dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, hamsters, etc.) at one time.

  163. 3 fur babies: Rocky (Sheltie), Mickey (Lhasa Apso, and Garfield (Manx cat). We are in Southeast Texas also and it is HOT!

  164. My favorite pet is my Sadie. She is a six year old Shih Tzu. She is so very sweet and is such a blessing. I have autoimmune problems and spend lots of time in the bed. She sticks right with me.

  165. Mine is my little puppy named Gandalf the white. He’s a West Highland Terrier/Chihuahua mix and he’s two and a half years old. I love him like he’s my child.
    I also have to mention my childhood dog who was put down almost two years ago. His name was Gershwin and he was 16. I was 11 when we first got him and he was just a joy all of his 16 years. He was a Shih Tzu/Toy Poodle mix who always looked as if he was preparing to conduct the New York Symphony (aka he had fur that looked like a tuxedo.) This was very appropriate since my father was a band director, himself. Whenever my father was dressed in his tux to perform, him and Gershwin looked like twins!

  166. I have two dogs that I adore, one is a labadoodle named Rosalie and the other is a griffin pointer named Tank. They love to lay around a lot and hate the heat outside so we keep them cool with the AC. Tank likes to dig and Rosalie loves to sun herself on cool days outside.

  167. My favorite pet was a pom named Keila. She was very much my dog. She would not have anything to do with other family members unless I was around. She was a lover. I lost her several years ago.

  168. I had a miniature schnauzer as a child. He was very protective and affectionate. When I moved out after getting married, any time I would call the house, my Mother would know that it was me because my dog would start “talking” to the phone. He also approved of my husband, and it was very rare for him to approach anyone by himself. I sure do miss him.

  169. I am still mourning the loss of my largest best friend, my Arabian stallion “Mac”. He had such a beautiful nature, was extremely intelligent and could be trusted anywhere. He died at 29 years and I had the privilege of knowing him for 21 of those years. My other best friend, I still mourn, is my Tonkinese cat, Somara, who died at just short of 21 years. She was so affectionate and listened attentively to many of my secrets and woes often consoling me by rubbing under my chin. Anywhere in the house I sat, she would be by my side and if not able to be on my lap would put out a paw, resting it on my leg or arm. It seemed that as long as she was touching me, she was happy.

  170. In 2012 I adopted a kitten the day it turned 5 weeks old. I asked if it was a female and was told it was. I named the kitten MZ. Feisty because she had quite a survival story. Two months later I had her to the vet and he looked at me then the chart and finally said I think MZ. Feisty should be named MR. Feisty. I could care less if the kitten is a he, she or an it – it is the most loving kitten possible. In 2014, my Mom was sick and I moved in with her to take care of her – MR. Feisty sleeps with her, follows her, watches her on her walker and cries if he thinks I should check on her. It is amazing to see what a pet can do for a sick and elderly person.

  171. My husband and I have two dogs, Dozer and a Snowball. Dozer(he’s Husky mix)) is our senior dog. He lays around more that anything else. Snowball ( she’s a Katahoula) is our mischief maker. She can’t hear and she has limited eye sight. But she manages to get into all sorts of trouble. She can open doors so we have to make sure they are always locked. ALL doors, front door, back door, bedroom, bathroom get the drift? She takes things from the bedrooms and hides them in her kennel. Then when she’s found out she goes into her kennel and shuts the door cause she knows that she’s in trouble. To save us from punishing her she does it herself. So what do we do with a dog like that? We laugh, shake out heads and be glad we have her.

  172. I had a lovely Miniature Schnauzer as a child. He was the runt of the litter, and my parents were going to “get rid of the runt”, until I begged them to let me keep him. He was very affectionate towards me and also very protective. When I brought my husband home, my dog named “Happy”, went up to my husband and started to lick his hand. This was very unusual for him as he generally never went up to anyone. When I moved out after I got married, any time I would call, my mother would know I was on the phone because “Happy” would start to talk to the phone. I sure miss that little guy.

  173. We have 4 dogs. 3 small and 1 big. The The smallest ons seems to think she rules the rest. I love them all dearly.

  174. My favorite pet is my cat that we rescued from a shelter ! She’s great company and brings me great joy and I’m blessed to have her, as part of the family !

  175. I love my 2 coconut Retreivers. Mine come from the island of St Martins. Named one of them, Martini.

  176. I have two female cats that we adopted just before the first of the year. Ariel is a 7-year-old tortoiseshell/tabby mix, and she’s kind of skittish, especially because of the feisty “kitten” that is now nearing her first birthday. Grace, the kitten, loves to torment Ariel. She’s settled down in some ways from when we first got her, but she’s still very active and gets into things.

  177. My favorite pet was a kitty who was part of our family for 18 years. I hope to get another cat or little dog or both in the not too distant future. I just need a bit of time to get over the pain of loss and open my heart again. I do miss the affection , freely given and always available from my fur baby.

  178. Our Labrador Lewis is about 12 years old. But he still loves to ride in the back of the truck. So my husband backs the truck up to a hill and he can still get into the truck bed on his own power. We walk every morning and he is like a big kid,. He knows to stay by our side but will wonder a few steps ahead and then look back to check to see if we are watching. We are,so he will immediately turn back and stay close. He’s a great friend and lots of company!

  179. My favorite pets to have are dogs. I’ve had them my whole life and love how they become a part of the family. My 2 dogs keep me entertained everyday with how they act and how they show that they love me.

  180. Luna is my beautiful white German shepherd. She is my companion and partner of this crazy life on a 12 acre Kentucky farm. She is never boring and keeps me laughing everyday. Thank God that we have each other.

  181. Both of my dogs are lazy fireplace dogs this summer. One is a Collie and the other a Sheltie, both with long hair coats. Unfortunately since we live in southeast Texas, it’s way too hot to walk them after 8:00 in the morning or before 8:00 at night. They’re counting the days until the cooler weather returns!

  182. I have a beautiful Australian Shepherd named Abby. She’s super sweet and loving to adults, kids, and other pets.

    My favorite literary pet though is a cross between Fang (Harry Potter) and Ghost (A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones).

  183. i have 4 cats that were all strays…. cause i have sucker tattooed on my forehead…. TigerLily was first then BlueBelle came along then Azalea and Binx were together and came at the same time… I couldn’t bear to separate them….. Binx is the only one without a plant name cause my daughter named her from the cat in Hocus Pocus… believe it or not she is my favorite… she is attached to me and goes nuts if she can’t find me… she takes a bath with me daily even,,,

  184. Our kitty Rocky was abandoned by his mother at just a couple of days old. We took him in and did all those things that mommy kitties do to keep their babies alive, that was almost 8 years ago. He has given a couple of scares over the years by getting the flu and refusing to eat or drink. We actually had to give him IV fluids 3 times a day for over a week. But he has lived up to his name and was a fighter. He his a happy healthy kitty who is a part of our family as much as the rest of us. He sleeps snuggled up to my husband or me like he is a newborn baby who has fallen asleep while being burped. I can’t imagine him not in our bed every night and making us several times every day. He is a joy to us all.

  185. My husband and I have adopted two chichiuas and one Binson that someone through out. My male chi let’s me know when he wants us to go to bed. Chucky will woof until I pick him up and put him on my bed under his own covers. My female chi has a set of stairs that she get up and down on. Suzie Q sleeps between two pillows with a third on top of her. When I turn my heating blanket on (I have to useit the year around due to having one valve tied off in heart surgery back in 2000) she gets under the bla let with me. The third my hubby calls SweetyPie,and everyone agrees she is one. SweetyPie sleeps with him on his bed and looks for him when he goes fishing for the day. Then sometimes my hubby has both girls sleeping with him until he leaves then I have a bed full. These are not the only pets we have had in our 48 year marriage. We have had cats, quakers, parakettes, fish and many more dogs. We believe in adopting anamials from shelters and picking up strays. The oones that are bought ate fish and birds. But I was given the Quaker for taking care of 5 other baby birds. So you can say we are animal people. W live on 3acres of land and have deer we feed along with coons,possums, and other wild life. THERE IS NO HUNTING on our property.

  186. Don Gatorade my black and white cat with one sick and three booted feet. Fantastic and snuggly

  187. I have two dogs that watch tv, it’s rather noisy when any sort of animal comes on the screen.

  188. We’ve had many pets, dogs and cats, usually both at the same time. Our current fur kids are cats, mom and babies. They are all spoiled rotten and think we exist to do nothing but feed, scoop poop and spend endless time loving on them. In the winter, it’s a fight for bed space. But we couldn’t live without them. Well, yes. We probably could but life would be dull. πŸ˜„

  189. When it comes to summer, my cat, Chauncey, is king of the house. He is an indoor cat, but he becomes extra mischievous during the summer. He loves spending his days looking out the window at our bird feeder, watching the birds. He becomes so frustrated that he cannot reach the birds that he keeps meowing/cooing all day long to the point that I feel sorry for him. In the end, he has to stay inside, and I am sure those birds just love teasing him everyday.

  190. I love my pup Teddy. He is a 4 yo Yorkie mix and weighs about 8 lbs. ABout a year ago he was diagnosed with IBD which has taken a toll on him and us. It took a while but he is feeling like his old self. The meds he takes for it had him gain 3 pounds, but he lost 1 lb since he felt like going on our daily walks again. As I type this, he is laying against me, all snuggled up.

  191. I have four cats but my favorite out of the bunch is Johnny. He’s my favorite because he’s a love bug and drools when I pet him for a while.

  192. I wanted to tell you of our 2 rescue dogs. The smaller one is Sugar and she is a cross between a terrier and a Chihuahua. She is really cute and fawn colored. The bigger one is Cali, and she is only a year old, but so sweet. We are working on training her and she is a white pit bull with brown liver spots. So goofy are these two!

  193. My favorite pet is my only pet…an adorable 6.5 lb. Yorkie named Maggie. She just got registered as an emotional support dog for my hubby who has dementia. She has helped to calm him down when he’s nervous about his memory lapses. They are inseparable.

  194. I’m a Kat girl, lol, really I am even though my name is KAThy😻😻
    I’m currently momma to two awesome four legged little crazies: their names are Amigo and Arcade Fire. Both of them have very distinctive personalities. Amigo lives on shoulders ( usually mine but if I’m busy or your someone new you a very likely target) and Arcade Fire will play catch like a dog.

  195. We have an 11 yr old American Eskimo named Webster and a fluffy black 2yr old kitty named Finnigan (Finn for short)… They curl up together for naps and they tease each other. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

  196. At one time we had 4 little dogs. Two chihuahuas, a yorkie and a mini dachshund. One by one they grew old and left me. I do miss them, maybe some day I’ll get a new dog.

  197. I’m currently fostering a Goffin Cockatoo that came from an abusive home. Despite the treatment she’s received in the past, she’s the sweetest bird. She doesn’t bite and she doesn’t make any other noise except when she’s calling for something. I am privileged to be able to have her in my life.

  198. Dogs and cats I have always loved animals and I had a cat and I would definitely say she had nine lives.

  199. We dog sit for several friends – especially Golden Retrievers. Thankfully, they are all well trained and a joy to watch.

  200. I just love my cat “Cubby”! He is so sweet and convinced I am his mom. lol We found him and his sister Lucky behind our neighbor’s shed. And yes, of course, we kept them both. My babies are 8 years old now & they make my life much more special!

  201. My favorite pet is my Jack Russell dog named Willie. He is cery smart and a good watch dog.

  202. My favorite pet is a little poodle-mix dog named Cody. He is a very sweet dog who loves children and most people. When we walk around our condo complex all the people we meet greet him before they do me. He is well liked by our neighbors.

  203. I have a wonderful golden retriever named Lucy. She will be two years old on my birthday. I think that she was meant to come home with me because of our birthdays and that she came and sat on my lap. Lucy makes me very happy. She loves to chase birds and butterfllies, she’s such a little clown. Lucy came home with me after my golden retriever, Casey, passed away. Two weeks later, my bunny, Oreo passed away also. I like to think that we needed each other.

  204. My favorite pet is my son’s dog Logan. A rescue boxer who has a great personality.

  205. I have 2 great dogs, Beasley, a bichon/maltese mix who has the personality of a cat; Maxi a husky/beagle mix with the prettiest blue eyes and the look of an oversized beagle. They are both unique dogs with their own personalities.

  206. I have a wonderrful golden retriever named Lucy. She is such a little clown. Lucy loves anything in motion, so we chase a lot of birds and butterflies. Most special is the fact is that she makes me happy. I got Lucy after my golden retriever, Casey died. Two weeks later, my little bunny Oreo, passed away also. Lucy puts a smile on my face, even through my tears. I have to admit that I still cry over Casey and Oreo. I miss them so much!

  207. One of my favorite dogs was a yorkie named Snibbles! Snibbles loved to play soccer…he would maneuver the ball with his head and nose and when he got to you he would stand up with his front paws on the ball . ..always keeping you in front of him and wait for you to toss it. He also used to wait at the top of the stairs for me when it was bedtime . He never went to bed until I joined him .

  208. I have a Teddy bear puppy named Molly. 7 months old, so intelligent, it’s easy to see why her breed is used with autistic kids..we love her to pieces

  209. I my favorite pets are my two cats, Cambell and Callie. Callie’s favorite activity is catching flies mid-air ninja style and sneaking outside; Cambell enjoys laying on your lap and demanding that you scratch his back legs (I think I need to start rationing back the catnip).

  210. I have always had pets… love them and their personalities! I have a hamster named Sugar that likes to be handfed, a bird that likes to dance, a dog that has a cat for a best friend and so much more! πŸ™‚

  211. I have two dogs Miley and Lala they are great dogs. Miley will be 9 and Lala will be 8. We took both of them in seperately when they had nowhere to go. Miley when she was 4 months and Lala was about 7 or 8 months

  212. My fav pet is our pup Chase, a 7 year old Golden Retriever. He’s my husband’s buddy, my protector and my daughter’s late night companion. He loves to travel with us, we even bought a vehicle based on taking him traveling with us and often venture to Maine where he loves to explore on the beach and chase the seaweed washing in on the waves!!

  213. My favorite pet is my dog Harley who is a Cairn terrier. He was a little devil when we first adopted him but is alot older and wiser now and is the light of our lives. I work on a tow boat on the river as a cook and I am away for 7 days at a time. I really miss my little dog and am so happy to come home to him.

  214. My yorkipoo Finnegan was diagnosed with diabetes this past year and it’s been a scary thing to deal with. I’m so glad that he’s doing well though and hope I can help him keep it under control for many more years to come! Love my little man!

  215. Myfavirite literety pet is definitely Snoopy. He manages to combine being a dog, a dreamer and a human being in oh so many ways….

    • Please let me correct for the bad spelling, as I have sent the message too fast.Here is the correct version:

      My favorite literary pet is definitely Snoopy. He manages combining being a dog, a dreamer and a human being in oh so many ways…

  216. I once adopted a little Turkish puppy I found along the road. He was so close to death, the Vet over there didn’t even want to work on him. All he’d do was pick off the ticks. I have never in my life seen such huge ticks. They were the size of a dime, all gooshy and looked like part of his skin at first. I took him home, feed him baby formula and soaked dog food 4 times a day when not at work and paid the Kapagi to feed him while I was gone. I cried when I had to find him a new home, because at that time I was a E-4 and we are not allowed off base housing at my next base, and Scotland’s quarantine was out side of what I could afford. I hope to this day he was really happy with his new home, the Butcher on base adopted him for his daughters. I would love to get another Kangal puppy some day…

  217. I’ve always had cats…love them!
    I have a definite preference for ginger cats and they always have an “R” name

  218. I love dogs. Our pet cocker spaniel was like she was part of our family our children had a great connection to her & loved her, she played hard with them but never tried to bite them or anyone else.
    We miss her every day. Sandy was a beautiful & amazing dog, she brought love to everyone while she was on this earth.

  219. I have 3 cats. The oldest is the Queen (my husband calls her Crapper), Monkey Face. The next 2 are boys, orphaned and bottle raised by me, bffs, and my students. The black is Bear and he’s cross-eyed. The other is grey and is called Wolf. The Queen tolerates them and they are terrified of her. The boys are rambunctious and funny. My neighbor and I care for a feral colony. We finally were able to get them all neutered! My husband says he despises cats……..

  220. My favorite dog breeds are waroking breeds, especially Australian shepherds. Also a sucker for a fun coat color. We had 2 blue merle Aussie mix rescues for nearly 15 years named Portia and Paint.

  221. I have an older lab mix dog named Koko, a cat (who thinks he is a dog) named Smokey, a bearded dragon named Zeppelin and 5 tortoises. Three of the torts are red-foots (Banger, Rowan & Rory) and the other two are yellow-foots (Roo & Boondock). The torts are a lot of fun. They will come when you call their name and love to nip your toes especially if you have red toe nail polish on. They are all my favorites!

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  222. My dog, Cooper is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. He is 5 years old and full of spunk. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015. We almost lost him earlier this year due to his sugar levels had dropped to 16! Thankfully our vet was able to pull him through.

  223. I am involved in collie and Shellie rescue. It is hard for me to pick just one of the dogs that have gone through my house on there way to their forever home. I am what you would call a foster home failure because we had a tendency to adopt our foster dogs. If I had to pick one of these dogs it would have to be Richie. We picked him up at the shelter when they contacted us saying they could not adopt him to the public since his previous owner said he nipped at a child. That label makes a dog not adoptable to the public. Richie was 12 years old when we picked him up. He walked out of the pound and into our hearts. He was one of the gentlest, sweetest most lovable dog we ever had. He lived with us until he died during exploratory surgery for cancer. Totally broke our hearts and is sorely missed even after all this time.

  224. I have a beautiful and loving 4 year old puppy named Snickerdoodle. She is always making me laugh.

  225. Isaiah is the light of our lives. He is a golden doodle. He is a big beautiful boy and so friendly he would visit all our neighbors. Because of him we are friends with our neighbors. His bigger than life personality would not allow for them to be strangers. He recently passed away but he will always be our big boy. Luckily he left us two of his puppies to love.

  226. My favorite pet is my fur baby, Theo. He’s a gigantic, cuddly tabby I’ve adored for ten years now!

  227. I have a black lab named Havok. As a puppy, his name fit him. He shredded money, chewed through extension cords for the pool (we still don’t know how he is alive on that one) and chewed siding nails that the contractor dropped in the yard. He will be 7 years old on October 13 and is now settled down, sort of calm. When you tell him to sit, he backs up and sits his butt on the couch like a person.

  228. My favorite pet was MIzzTee, a Newfoundland who thought she was the queen bee. She was a winner in the show ring because she thought she owned the place. She also thought she owned our place. When she retired and became a house pet her place was in the middle of a double bed! My husband had half the bed, she took up a third and I got what was left over-which wasn’t much. :>)))

  229. My Mysti girl is happily ensconced with my son’s dogs and enjoying a new spoiled lifestyle as our home is for sale and no longer a “dog-friendly” environment. We miss her, but she is so cared for and we’ll be reunited when our house is sold.

  230. At this time, we have 3 cats. Each of them have their own personality. Thor is the eldest, and he is quite a talker. He also loves to cuddle and get kisses. We found him after a thunderstorm, hence the name. Mars is the middle “child”. He was born when the Sun was starting Aries. He is also orange and white. He doesn’t like to cuddle, but he is getting better about being petted. He likes to be called “Baby”, and has gotten really fat since last year. Both of them are Bengal Tabbies. Our youngest is Pudgy. We tried to call him Odin because he has one eye, but he wouldn’t respond to that name. When we found him 10 years ago, he was very fat. He has lost the baby fat, so he is no longer a pudgy cat. He is an American Shorthair, and acts like a dog. He is the smallest and scrappiest of them all. If I yell at one of the other cats, he tries to put them in their place. He loves to cuddle and get kisses too. They all like to sleep in my bed! Mars and Pudgy follow me around the house. I call them “my boys”. I have 2 daughters in their 30’s.

  231. I am a lover of Boxers and currently have two. They are insanely intelligent and loyal.

  232. Currently we have 4 cats. Not sure what we’d do without animals in our lives. They never judge and somehow always know when to lend comfort. They even watch out for each other as three are getting up there in years. Plus, rumors have it you lkiuve longer too!

  233. I have an English Bulldog who is ridiculously spoiled. He was my baby before I had kids!

  234. My rescue dog is named Charlie. He was as my daughter calls him a stud muffin. He was rescued from a large trailer. He had been rescued about 6 weeks before I got him. We had to train him, let him feel grass, the concrete sidewalks, walking in the rain and snow. He hates the rain, won’t go out if the sidewalk is wet, he is mostly puppy pad trained. He is now 8, I can not imagine my life without him. I am forced to sell my house soon, most senior citizen housing do not take dogs, I will NOT give him up even if I have to sleep in my car. Which probably won’t happen.

  235. I have had so many wonderful pets, a mutt named Shanghai, a saluki named Alysheba, a cockateil named Caesar, a mixed breed named Honey, another saluki named Sultan, and my present fur babies.

  236. My beloved dog is Aubie Shai. She is 15 years old but acts like she is a puppy. Runs and plays, but does play well with others. She is the heartbeat at my feet and I love her dearly!

  237. I’m down to 4 cats from 7, as some of my rescues got forever homes. A momma kitty had babies in my Texas garage in summer, and there was no way I was going to leave them in that heat box. The mom and her 2 babies are too skittish to handle, although some petting is okay and food, treats, and pumpkin are always appreciated. My only almost – lap kitty is beautiful Carmen, who was feral at one time. She still has her moments if we don’t do things her way, but at 15 we all get a little cranky. She’s good company while I’m reading (which is most of the time).
    Thanks so much for your great books; I’m a huge historical fan!

  238. I have a male Maltese named Scruffy and a female Chi-weenie named Breezie. They are the hit of the nursing home when we take them visiting. All of the people love them. They walk in like they own the place. One little lady asked me if she could pet the female and before I could say yes, our little girl had jumped in her lap and was giving her some dainty licks. I’m glad to make these people’s days a little brighter. They especially love it during football season when they’re wearing their Alabama Crimson Tide houndstooth jackets and bandanas.

  239. I had a beautiful cat that adopted me when he was 6 weeks old. He was a wild kitten that turned into my sweet Mr. Cuddles. He lived to be almost 16 and his last 5 years he had to get insulin shots twice a day. I really miss him. I was going through a divorce at the time and I truly believe God sent him to me to help me get through everything.

  240. I would love to have a pet of my own so much! My oldest daughter is allergic to cats & dogs, so we are not able to at this point in time. I used to visit me Dad’s beautiful Lilac Point Birman cat. She was the most beautiful cat in the world. Every time that I drove up to my Dad’s house, Beauty would come running up to greet me. She would stand on her hind legs and kneed her paws into my side as a sweet greeting. It was adorable. I miss her! She had silky soft cream colored fur and large, luminous ice blue violet eyes. Just beautiful!

  241. I’ve never had a pet but I do enjoy reading about them. My favorite literary pet would be Lufra in Georgette Heyer’s Frederica.

  242. Our sweet baby was a beautiful 32 lb blue tabby Maine Coon named Hotrod. He brought us much love and laughter. When we lost him we were left with a big part of our family missing.

  243. My favorite pet is my little Sophia Marina! She is an 11 year old Pomeranian and she is my life!! She is literally my best friend. She has been through so much with me and always seems to give me kisses when I need them the most. She stares at me with pure love shining in her eyes. She makes all the bad days… good. πŸ™‚

  244. Of late, I’ve started calling him Chubs, but his real name is Darcy. I think that name brings to mind one of our most favorite leading men, and this bulky black German Shepard is certainly my favorite leading canine!

    He stands with his feet turned out, will let you know when you move around in bed too much, and will fight you for your yogurt. My big brown eyed boy gives up on walks in the summer (literally laid down a mile in last week) but will play in a snow bank until your feet and hands are frozen.

    Wouldn’t have him any other way!

  245. My cat, Sooki, is a mess! She is a gorgeous domestic long-hair, who leaves her shiny black fur in lots of places! Her personality is a little quirky, and when I get ice from the fridge ice-maker, she runs from my utility room to the kitchen and back like something awful is after her! She loves to sleep flat on her back, with four legs in the air.

  246. I love “Snoopy” of the “Peanuts” gang… He seemed to possess the wisdom the kids needed yet reminded us as I grew up to adulthood it was OK to remain a kid at heart yet grow up… I eventually found myself a “Snoopy” but a cat, same colors though he crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago, he too was a humorous boy…

  247. We are dog people but because dogs don’t live as long as people. we are “dogless” at the moment. My husband rescued a feral kitten a number of years ago and named him “Butthead,” and so “Butthead ” is king of the house now.

  248. I love all animals but only have cats at the moment. I can’t imagine my life without them.

  249. Right now my favorite has to be my neighbor’s poodle. Ralph is chocolate brown & huge. Gorgeous wool coat.

  250. My dog, Bogie, who I obtained from lap dog rescue is a devoted, loving, caring and sensitive sweetheart who can understand and sense who is kind and loves him. He craves attention and is energetic, strong and can outrun anything he believes. A fearless adventurer except for thunder and fireworks which scare him into the closet. He watches out for me and stays by my side day and night. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway which is so special.

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  251. Bunny and Bandit my dogs. Sugar and Bathsheba my inside cats and all 15-20 outside cats.

  252. I’ve got two dog nephews – OG and Scout – such sweethearts – love it when they come to visit!

  253. My favorite pets are dogs that belong to my three sons. 2 different sons own black labs–Amos and Zoe–A to my oldest son, Z to my youngest. Another Zoe to son 2, but a pekingese.

  254. I do not have a pet I live in retiarment home all of my chiledern have dogs and my son raizes chickens my four daughters have dogs so we have a lot of pets in are family

  255. I have two Miniature Schnauzers, both one year or so old. One is Ollie and the other is Murphy. Ollie loves to play, especially ball. Murphy would rather eat the balls, but he is also the one that has to sleep on me. I love them both like crazy!

  256. We had a wonderful cat named Jasper or Jaspurr. He loved everyone and everyone loved him.

  257. love cats but can’t have them where I live. so I go with my friends cats. thank you.

  258. My husband and I were adopted by a tortoise shell tabby 12 years ago. He befriended her then we started feeding her when she wouldn’t leave then she came in and took over our lives. I named her Girlfriend because that’s what she is to him. I’m pretty fond of her too!

  259. We lost our last dog last year in August to cancer at age 9. We lost the one before him on her fifth birthday to cancer. My husband is now 80 so we won’t be getting another. It wouldn’t be fair to the animal. I have taught my son to love dogs and he rescues them. Both of my daughters have 1-7 cats, all rescues. If I need a fur fix I visit them when I can as they all live in different states. There is a big hole in my heart and another in our home. Maybe God needed them more than we did.

  260. We have 2 cats, brother and sister team named Piper and Phoebe. Yes, they are named after the sisters in Charmed. We thought we were getting 2girls, so Piper has to suffer with his name πŸ™‚

  261. I’ve had 4 great danes since 1996 (one right after another-not at the same time). Each and every one has been a goof ball and each are completely different in personality. My first dane Ceaser, would not walk through a doorway with a 1 gallon paint can on the side of the doorway. He stood there and whined and cried. I always joke, 36″ legs and won’t walk over a 1 gallon paint can. My current dane, Rio likes to stand in the door looking outside then looking back at me for about 5 minutes deciding if he wants to go outside. However, it’s my second great dane Eros that was my doggy soul mate. We just had an instant connection. When I was around anyone could do anything to him, when I wasn’t, he was a complete jerk. But he was my complete jerk. It’s been 6 years now since he has passed away and I still miss him. I’m hoping to be bombarded when my time comes at the Rainbow Bridge.

  262. My favorite pet is my very own Alice: The Amazing Puppy-Cat-Velociraptor, thus known for her playful puppy-like demeanor, cat for the way she stalks like a big sexy jungle cat and velociraptor for the noises she makes so reminiscent of the Jurassic movies when she is annoyed. She is a gorgeous part miniature pincer and part cocker spaniel belle who loves the color pink, cuddling and playing with The Boy, despite the fact that she is 9 years old. She guards her kingdom with a sharp eye and always knows when we are hurting or sad for she always comes to soothe us. We’d all be lost without her.

  263. I love the stories that have mischievous cats. I have a beautiful white lynx Birman, named Lilly. She greets me at the door and rolls over to have her belly rubbed. She is so dog like, she even plays fetch with her foam balls.

  264. I have two cats . The truth is two cats have me. I cater (to often) to their whims and desires. However when they curl up in my lap or come running when I come home it makes it all worth while.

  265. My Sophie is the daughter my husband and I’ve always wanted. She’s a beautiful girlie, I think she looks like me but eats like her daddy.

  266. My favorite went over the rainbow bridge a year ago. He was the first of many, but he was special. He could keep secrets, keep kittens in hand and was the softest of all our cats. He loved belly rubs, if I could keep up he would have me rub his belly for hours on end. I miss him.

  267. Blue Jennings was my best friend for 13 years. She was the saddest looking mutt at the Humane Society and ended up being a swan just 6 weeks later. I miss her everyday.

  268. My son’s chocolate Lab was a character and so smart! He learned to jump over the fence by running up the side of the house and over! I really miss that dog!

  269. My favorite literary pet was Chico (a dog) featured in Anything for You (by Kristan Higgins). Chico had a pivotal role.

    When Connor O’Rourke was 12 years old, he was riding his bike past the Dunn’s trailer when Chico attacked him, knocked him off the bike and bit him. Because Chico attacked Connor, he had to be “put down”. Davey, who was mentally challenged. He blamed Connor for Chico’s death and NEVER forgave him.

    Fast forward 20 years later. Connor O’Rourke was dating Jessica Dunn, Davey’s older sister. When Connor proposed, Jessica turned him down because she was Davey’s care-giver. Davey hated Connor.

  270. I have 5 shelter rescue dogs that I adopted from the local shelter-love them all with all my heart-they are the world to me!

  271. My cat’s name is Sami. I adopted her from a friend who had adopted her. She was unable to keep Sami, because my little girl is such a tomboy and loves to chase gremlins only she can see an would upset her older cat. My cat Peri who was older would just ignore her or he would give her a good bat with his paw (I miss Peri I lost him a few years ago). Sami is very special due to the fact she will wake me up when I am going into a diabetic low sugar seizure. One morning she keep hitting me with her head and woke me up and I realized I was going into a seizure. I didn’t think much about until she did it again. I am so glad Jenna gave her to me.

  272. I’ve had many pets over the years & my favorite is always the one(s) that I’m currently the parent of! They all hold special places in our hearts! Thanks for the giveaway! Try to stay cool!

  273. Just as I do not have a favorite child I do not have a favorite pet, but right now we have our 10 year old Cocoa, the sweetest dog in the world.