End of Year Giveaway

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270 thoughts on “End of Year Giveaway

  1. my ex-sister-in-law – she’s stuck at home after a knee replacement, a fall & a second surgery – she’s in a full brace for six weeks.

  2. I would share my best friend pack with my mom. She has always been there for me. When I was growing up. When I was an adult. Now she is 83 years old. She slipped on the stairs, right after New Year’s Day. She broke all the toes on her right foot. She has to wear a boot for 6 weeks. Hard for her to get around. She loves to read. I know she would be excited for me to give her these books to read. Thanks fie this chance to win these great books.

  3. Good friend Susan. She and her husband were stopped on a major highway (when traffic all of a sudden came to a stop re an accident ahead) when a big truck rammed into the back of them on Sept 23/17 – and they are still recuperating….

  4. There is a good friend for all kind of activities. For this prize, I think my sister-in-law will be best as she shares my passion for reading.

  5. My best friend Ann and I have been reading together for half our lives! She is definitely my pick.

    • Congratulations Laverne!
      Your comment was chosen at random at your have won the Best Friend Swag packs. My assistant will be emailing your shortly!

  6. I’d share my Best Friend Prize Pack with my sister of the heart Shaelah Cardinal. She has been so much more than my best friend. She has been and is the most loving, caring and supportive person in my life.

  7. With my bestie Paula. We like to share the latest romance novel we have read and discuss after we both have read it our fav parts of the book.

  8. Beth Matthews,my oldest daughter,who doesnโ€™t live near me so we can share books! I would love to win with her!

  9. I would like to share my prize with my friend Lisa.

    Love your books. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  10. I’ll share it with my big sis Anita. Since we share a love of books, this would be such a perfect prize, thank you!

  11. I would choose my very best friend of 30 yrs, Shanee Knight, to share the Best Friend Prize Pack with should I win.

  12. I’d send it to my BFF Teri Thomas. She’s new to reading and your books are perfect for her! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Hi! I would give it to my granddaughter who I love. To help her begin the joy of writing her thoughts and continue her love of reading

  14. My new sister ๐Ÿ™‚ We both love makeup and romance, and she’ll be tying the knot with my little brother just 2 days after Christmas! (they’re eloping! Our mother is still trying to come to terms with it ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  15. My mom is my best friend. We enjoy reading and sharing the same books even though we live in different states.


  17. I am entering just to get the copies of your books . I have enjoyed your books for years and look forward to each new one.

  18. I would share with my daughter Karissa Murdock. She and I love reading the same romance books.

  19. Thank you for this Fabulous giveaway. Happy Holidays to You and Your Loved ones.
    I would share with Jonelle Moore

  20. My best girl friend Nelly. Her naughty brain and mine mesh so well together and keep each day exciting.

  21. I would share the Best Friend Prize Pack with either my Mom since we are both huge readers or with one of my nieces.

    Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  22. My sister is in nursing home after a stroke and paralysis of her entire right side. She is unable to read anymore but understands when read to. I donate books to the home for enjoyment of patients, workers, and visitors. They all enjoy them. So i would share with my sister and all the workers who make her life better.

  23. My bestie, her name is Karen. We’ve known each other for going on 35 years. We met at church, been through so much together, the last 27 years staying close but living hours away. Even now, we have such a social bond, we know when the other is having a tough time, going through pain, stress, hard times or good! She will be my bestie through life & for eternity!

  24. Best bud is my sister, Sue McIntosh..We met you one time at a signing.. your son was wearing a kilt and I had him sign my book too lol

  25. I would share it with my sister – in -law. Even though her husband my brother & i are avid readers, she didn’t become a reader until a few years back. I share with her what books I have read & author’s I like. Also she has been the sister that I never had since I was raised with 4 brothers.

  26. My best Friend and Reading Partner ~ Kathy. We have been freinds for over 29 years and we both love reading! Have a GREAT weekend.

  27. Hi,

    I would share it with my new friend that I am making here in Germany. Her name is Marion and she works at the same company I do. We are finding that we have a number of interests in common. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is a delightful person & a joy to get to know.

    Thank you,

  28. I would give the second one to my daughter as she loves your books just as much as I do. We donโ€™t always agree on who our favorite authors are so it was exciting when she said that she loved you as much as I do!

  29. I would share with my sister in law, who got me hooked on reading historical romance novels.

  30. I would share with my oldest daughter, Jaclyn. She understands my love of reading and was game to join me at the 1st HRR in Seattle.

  31. I would love to share the Best Friend Giveaway Pack with my sister. Her birthday is January 8. I pass all my books along to her (although she now also uses an e-reader) she still likes to read books in print.

  32. I would share this with my daughter Denise. She is an over-the-road truck driver and does not get much entertainment.

    Thank you for your wonderful books and this giveaway.

  33. I would share it with my daughter-in-law, Nicole Wilcox, whom I love dearly. We are both book addicts and also share similar tastes.

  34. I would share it with Betty, we became best friends after her oldest son divorced me almost 20 years ago. She’s been one of the few people i have been able to go to about absolutely anything & she loves reading just as much as i do.

  35. I would share with my sister-in-law and best friend, Kay Johnston.
    We have been friends for 51 years and relatives for 45. We share
    a love of books and movies in addition to all of our mutual relatives.
    Seasons Greetings to all!

  36. I’d love to share this prize pack with my best reading buddy and sister Ada! Thank you very much for the chance to win. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Julia!

  37. I’d give the other to my tech at the clinic I go to for dialysis. I think she’d really enjoy this!

  38. I would share my best friend prize pack with my daughter Suzie. Most of her life it has just been her and myself. We share everything from socks, clothes and makeup. It is crazy and fun. She just became an adult, however I wont share everything, wink wink…

  39. I would share it with a friend who lost her Mother this year. She sent me a gift just when I was discouraged.

  40. I would love to share my prize pack with my mother! She is the one who got me into reading romances many many years ago! She would love it!

  41. I’d share it with my mom since she loves to read and is the person who neutered my love of reading

  42. I would share the Best Friend Prize Pack with my best friend, Gloria. For the past forty years, we have shared romance novels, both historical and contemporary, regardless of where we were living in the United States. If I add up the cost of postage, we probably could have brought a book store. We share a serious love of reading and discovering new romance author. Your books are and continued to be a shared pleasure. We feel that we are there in the world of your characters experiencing it all. Thank you for your words and this 0pportunity to share them with my best friend!

    Thank you

  43. I would give the other gift pack to my cousin who is also my best friend. She has had a rough year and the package would be a great pick me up. Her 50 yr old husband had a heart attack a few months ago. Had bypass surgery but there were so.e complications and he had to have surgery and finally they recently put in a defribulater. He is getting better though. Then she had to have surgery on her lower back. She is doing great but missed more work for being out to heal. Then my mom just passed. My mom and raised my cousin after her mom passed so my mom was like her mom as well.

  44. A long time friend and reading buddy would love to have a share of this wonderful prize. Merry Christmas!

  45. My Best friend Cherie Peddi. She just came out to visit me 2 weeks ago, we hadn’t see each other in 2 years. And the Sunday prior I fractured my ankle, so we couldn’t do all the things we wanted to, but just to see her was a joy.

  46. I would share with my best friend of 18 years and mother of my godchild. I am historical romance and she is modern so the prize pack is perfect to share and I got her reading Julia London books years ago in college.

  47. I’d share with my niece. She’s finally at that age that she’ll enjoy romance and not roll her eyes and say, “Ewwwwww!” too often!

  48. I’d choose my friend Debbie Krenek. She gardens, cans, quilts and crochets and loves reading.

  49. I’d share my prize pack with my younger sisters. But the youngest in particular because she loves reading as much as me!

  50. I would choose my cousin, Traci Small. She is the one person who is always there and tells me like it is. This is an amazing gift for anyone! And a wonderful way to have a contest/giveaway!

  51. I would share this with my mother-in-law, whom I love as much as my own. Thank you for your contest!

  52. I’d share with my father. Yep, my dad. After he retired he started reading romance novels. After he reads books he donates them to his senior center.

    Happy Holidays!

  53. I would share it with my mom, she also loves your books and romance novels in general. She’s also my best friend.

  54. Most definitely to my BFF Diane! She’d be as happy as a pig in mud because she says she doesn’t win anything.

  55. I would choose my friend, Judee. She loves romance novels & has been in bad health so reads more than usual. She’s a sweetheart of a friend & could really use a surprise like this.

  56. I would share it with Amy. I regularly encourage her to read the books I love so we can enjoy them together. This would be one more way to encourage her!

  57. I would share my best friend pack with my best friend and my son’s godmother Melissa, I miss her ALL the time.. we moved for my husband’s work and are now 3 hours apart. ๐Ÿ™

  58. I would share the prize pack with my friend Tammy. She enjoys reading books almost as much as I do.

  59. I would share my Prize Pack with my best friend Marlene. She would love the surprise!

  60. I would choose my best friend Mallory! We donโ€™t get the chance to see each other in person much anymore but weโ€™ve been selecting books to read together to instant message about! I just got her to read one of your novels and she loved it. Iโ€™ve been a long time fan.

  61. I would give the other Best Friend Pack to my mom. She has had a bad year this year. Three months in the hospital early spring and in the hospital during Thanksgiving.

  62. I would share it with my sister, Ann, she is closest to me in age and took her reading habits after me. Well except that she also reads horror stories, I can’t handle those. LOL

  63. I would share with Gina Berry. She could use some positivity in her life.

    I just finished reading Jack and my heart got very involved ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

  64. I would donate to my local bookmobile. None of my sisters or friends share my reading preferences.

  65. I would share with my daughter who is my best friend and also my historical romance compadre!

  66. My best friend would be Ellen Nickel. We’ve been best friends since grade school.

  67. My mom! She is my best friend and actually one of my only friends that read romance. We are huge fans of your books!

  68. I would love to share this wonderful giveaway with my friend Rose Silverstone. She is such a hard worker. She is recovering from a stroke & is having a hard time with her recuperation.

  69. I would give a prize pack to my Aunt Lori. She is just recovering from nearly dying due to a medical condition and her birthday is the day after Christmas
    Plus, she loves to read almost as much as I do.

  70. I’d share it with my cousin! She was the one that first introduced Julia London books to me.

  71. Betty Gibson is my sister, lives next door, loves to read like me. Do enjoy your books.

  72. My best friend is my Momma!! Weโ€™ve been through a lot together & I can count on her whenever I need her!

  73. Choosing a “best friend” to win with me is so very hard.. do I go with one who reads alot, one who does alot of contest, one who would really like to win anything at all etc etc so in fairness names went in a hat and my choice is Vicki Rhodes

  74. With my bestie Cora; we’ve known each other since 6th grade, close friends the last 16, her kids call me Auntie – I couldn’t have a better gift.

  75. I will share this with Melissa Grizzle. Not only my best friend, she is also my daughter.

  76. I’d share the prize pack with my best friend in the whole world, my mom! She’s been there for me when I’ve needed someone to see me through tough times.

  77. I would share my Best Friend Prize Pack with my sister, Valerie Strom. She’s my best friend.

  78. My daughter Kelly Ann for me. She’s an avid reader like myself. We read some of the same books and lots of others. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and a happy Christmas to you and yours.

  79. My best friend of course. LOL Who happens to also be the most amazing man I know. And yes, he does love him some good romance novels mixed in with his Clive Cussler and Stephen King.

  80. I would share my Best Friend Prize Pack with my younger sister. Not only is she a fellow book lover but she is also and great role model. She just recently got a promotion at work and is still able to devote time to her children, but still gets to read after everything is said and done. Please pick us she has worked very hard this year!!

  81. I would share with mu best friend that lives in Idaho. I currently live in Texas, and miss her a lot.

  82. I would share it with my best friend Denyse. We have been best friends for over 30 years.

  83. My youngest daughter Lacey. She and I share books even though she lives away from me. This would be a perfect gift!

  84. I would give the prize to my twin sister June. She lives in Albany, NY and I live in Portland, OR. We share favorite authors all the time. I want her to get to know you, Julia!

  85. I would share it with my sister (who is also my best friend) because we share the best titles all the time!!

  86. Linda Calderone is my cousin, but truly my sister at heart. We both love your books and share a love for reading!!! โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  87. I would like to share my best friend prize pack with my sister-in-law Tiko. She is my best

  88. I would share the Best Friend prize pack with my sister. Though she’s ten years older than I am, we are very close and talk nearly every day. Not only am I lucky enough to have her as a sister, but she’s also my best friend.

  89. My best friend since childhood. Although 40 years late she is now not only by best friend but chosen sister of my heart. She is the one person I share everything with. A sister is a blessing a sister chosen by the heart is everything!

  90. I would share it with my sister. She shares my love of reading and has been my best friend since she the beginning.

  91. my best friend for more than half my life corey. shes a big fan of romance as well and we have been together as i said almost forever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Probably my wonderful coworker that introduced me to the genre of romance especially historical romance ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. I would give one to my mom. It has been a rough year for her and she loves to read. Thank you for the chance.

  94. I would share with my best friend / sister-in-law! I had never met her so I think my brother chose wisely! She’s a reader like me but doesn’t take to technology without a lot of coaching so for Christmas this year, I’ve bought her a Kindle! Hahaha! This is going to be fun!! I can’t wait until she arrives!!!

  95. I would share the prize pack with my mom. She loves to read as much as I do so I know she will love it.

  96. I would share with my friend Shar Cardona, since she is the one who introduced me to you.

  97. I would share with my best friend Bonnie who loves to read books as much as I do . We are both huge fan of your books. We buy your books and swap them all the time.

  98. Jill Vance Best friend for 30 yrs. Went through her having Hodgkins Disease 27 yrs ago & now breast cancer with her. Even with 1500 mi. between us, I will be there for her during chemotherapy again.

  99. I think I would share my Best Friend Prize Pack with Allison Horton. Thanks so much for the chance.

  100. I would share it with my best book buddy who loves to read as much as i do shes gotten me threw some crappy times lately and would be awesome to share and return the joy shes given me her name is Georgia

  101. I would share the prize with my friend Jenn since we have the same taste in books and are always swapping books so we can discuss them.

    Thanks for the chance!

  102. I would share my prize pack with my sister who is my best friend and shares a lot of my reading tastes. Historical fiction is also her favorite!

  103. I would love to share this with my sister. She is my best friend and even though she lives 8 hours away we stay in constant contact. Thank you for this great Christmas giveaway!

  104. I would share my best friend pack with my ultimate best friend Michelle. We’ve been friends since Cosmetology class when we were 15 yrs old. We’re 36 now. Well be best friends forever ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  105. Thank you Julia for this great giveaway. I’d share this with my daughter who also lovers to read. Happy Holidays Julia to you and your family.

  106. I would share prize pack with my friend Paula. Her job is stressful and can use some fun and relaxing read time.

  107. My very good friend, Joan Tiscareno. A rara avis in the best sense! She loves historicals!

  108. I’d share with my BFF Annell Butler. She’s a single mom/5th grade teacher who has a love of almost everything! But also has a passion to teach others.

  109. I think it is a great contest. Would love to win. I’d share my Best Friend Pack with Patricia Christy Mills.

  110. I’d share it with a former neighbor . After moving to a different part of the state, I visit her every two or three months to drop off books.

  111. I would share this prize with my best friend Jennifer Post. We met when I agreed to take care of her baby girl when the baby was 6 weeks old. Since then our families have been vacationing, celebrating and lovin on each other ever since. She’s also the one who got me started on my love of reading of all genre’s.

  112. I would send to one of my friends who loves to red but doesn’t have much money to spend on books.
    I have read your books and enjoyed them and I am sure Jackie would love them.

  113. I’d give the second half of the pack with my twitter friend Jem with whom I share a huge love of Romance. We swap books and talk about reading all the time. She’d appreciate it, and it’s just something we’d do anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. I’d give the second half of the pack with my twitter friend Jem with whom I share a huge love of Romance. We swap books and talk about reading all the time. She’d appreciate it, and it’s just something we’d do anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. I would share the prizes with my sister and my daughter. My sister has always been my best friend, and now that my daughter is grown we are close. I have one granddaughter and I am waiting for her to grow up a litter more,but she says I am her “Grammy-Twin” now.

  116. I would choose my cousin because she introduced me to Julia Londonโ€™s books. Thank you for this chance.

  117. I’d share this package with my big sis. We weren’t always close but when our mom died (we were 34 and 37) we became closer (mom always relayed our news to the other) and discovered a shared love of romance authors. We trade books back and forth all the time!

  118. I would share it with my mom as she got me interested in reading romance novels. We still share books back and forth.

  119. My best friend who is like a sister to me. I just got her to begin reading books this Fall. The last book she had read was “Witch of Blackbird Pond” in school. I’m pretty sure I’ve got her hooked on reading now. Her husband is even complaining that she’s not paying attention to the TV shows he’s watching because she’s reading.

  120. I would share this Best Friend Prize Pack with my best friend of 32 years Tammy. We have been BFFs since 5th grade and both of us absolutely love your books and are crazy for stationary and ink pens. We always buy each other ink pens and books for christmas, birthdays, or just because ๐Ÿ™‚ This contest ends on January 15th which is my birthday and week before Tammy’s birthday, so I’m crossing my fingers and toes, wish me luck!

  121. I would share the Best Friend Prize Pack with my little sister Doreen. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!

  122. I’d probably share it with my mom, and what she doesn’t want I’d give to my other bestie Jenne. I’ve known her forever and we’re like twins.