Fixer Upper Giveaway

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597 thoughts on “Fixer Upper Giveaway

  1. Just applied to do my student teaching last night, so my current project is stress eating while I wait to hear back!

    As for reality shows, I’m a huge fan of Dance Moms and Chrisley Knows Best

  2. Ripping out all the carpeting and polishing up the terrazzo floors underneath. Have to wait for cooler weather!

  3. We just put in new garage doors and eaves troughs this summer, and that’s all we can afford to do right now. Would love to tackle our basement and bathroom. Hopefully next summer!

  4. I work a full time job, have 2 boys and just this year I opened my own screen printing business! Currently I’m crazy busy trying to get out my customers orders so that I can prep for our town’s annual fall festival.

  5. My project is my kitchen, trying to rearrange it for island seating, reading and cooking go together. Fixer Upper is my favorite show

  6. I bought a house last fall and my list is a mile long, but the item that is at the top of the list is to put a fence in around my backyard, so the dog can enjoy the house also.

  7. 1. Fix up the small bedroom my older son just moved from so my 1 year old can move out of my room and into it.
    2. MY KITCHEN. I’ve got a curved bar that has no cupboards, the previous owner removed them to install a dishwasher that no longer works. I would love to be able to remedy this. ( I really need the cupboard space)
    3. A new deck, the wood is warped in many places and there are no rails.
    4. Master bathroom. The floor under the hot water tank need to be replaced and the proper drywall hung in the shower.
    5. No flooring in the laundry room along with a new shelving system.
    6. New carpeting.

  8. My project is reimagine my life after the death of my husband. I just returned from a two week trip to Russia and came back feeling my old self returning.

  9. I don’t have a tv because of reality shows. But I’m working on three different sewing projects — a jacket, a dress, and a Halloween costume

  10. redoing the kitchen, painting the back hallway and bedroom, refinishing my hardwood floors, shelves in the basement. Most likely in reverse order.

  11. We are planning on redoing the kitchen. My hubby and I watch HGTV a lot. Like Joanna and Chip on fixer upper.

  12. Favorite “reality” shows are cooking related. Currently, we’re archiving our digital photos, choosing our favorites from this past year’s trips and events, and creating bound scrapbooks for them.

  13. LOL..Paint the trim and get that put back up in the living room, replace a few broken tiles in the kitchen, tile the bathroom with new ceramic tiles, and paint the kitchen. Plus the Hubster has to replace the back yard fence. Weirdly we have everything to do these tasks, just no time to do them and get them finished!

  14. My husband and I love the Chip and Joanna show too. They’re great, and she is a good decorator. We are currently staining our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Then we’re going to put granite to replace the laminate. We need decorations on top of our high kitchen cabinets. Of course, we good use new furniture to go with the look, as our funiture is over 30 years old.

  15. I have a project going on and almost completed. When husband retired he said I could update our living room (squeeee!). After much looking and getting quotes I presented my plans on a board complete with swatches and pictures and (gulp) prices. I have to admit I did go a bit overboard with custom pieces. My husband said to me that if I could play HGTV with the high/low of products and pricing he would be okay with 1/3 of the cost. Needless to say I have been hunting down similar and look -a-like items like a dog hunts down a fox. I am almost to goal. Bought an area rug today and now on the search for 2 table lamps. I’m excited and so in love with how my living room looks and my husband is very proud of me staying within the budget he set. He honestly didn’t think I could do it.

  16. One project I didn’t get done this summer was converting a changing table into an outdoor potting stand/”sink”, that’s a high priority for me now. I bought the changing table last fall ($10 on a yard sale site, so if I mess it up, oh well), and it’s been sitting in my already cramped basement (with all of my craft supplies). Plus, a good cleaning of the house because during the summer , that doesn’t get done, ain’t nobody got time for that. Lol! I also have crafts that I bought the necessary parts to and haven’t finished them.

  17. I just finished having my bathroom gutted and remodeled. I’m going to enjoy that for a while before beginning the next project, a new roof.

  18. I don’t have any project in the works at the moment but I love watching The Voice, The Amazing Race and Survivor !

  19. I like almost all the HGTV shows and miss some of the old ones even more! Our next project will be the front garden which needs tending in bad way! I enjoy all of your books, but like the contemporary ones best! Thanks!

  20. We have a lot going on. After being in our home for 14 years we are Finally updating. New Quartz counters with tile backsplash and reconfiguring our kitchen island. New carpeting in a fair portion of the house, and new paint throughout the whole house. However most exciting…a new bed/mattress set!

  21. Fall cleaning is at the top of my list as well cleaning out the attic of 74 years of accumulation

  22. Fixer upper projects? lol, I laugh because a part of my ceiling in my living room collapsed the summer my daughter graduated from high school. My husband called insurance and they came, evaluated the situation and cut us a check. In my naivety, I thought we would hire someone right away to fix this instead, my husband used the money to help pay for my daughter’s graduation party :/ needless to say, the ceiling is only half fixed, and I am still waiting for it to be complete and she is in her senior year of nursing school.

  23. I love that Texas Move&Flip show and and Salvage Dawgs as will as Fixer Upper, really watch alot of DIY shows. No projects planned at this time.

  24. I don’t have any projects on my list right now. I love watching the Fixer upper and the Property Brothers

  25. My husband has a new job; so we are needing to sell our house and move to a new location. This leaves a lot of projects to be done! Getting our house ready to sell, and doing whatever to make a new house our home. Lots of painting, fixing and decorating.

  26. I don’t have any projects planned at this moment, but I do like a few reality shows. I’m a huge fan of the Amazing Race! I also watch Dancing With the Stars and So you think you can dance, if I remember that they’re on…

  27. No projects in the works now. My hubby and I watch home and garden and tree house reality shows. We also watch Big Brother. Nice giveaway. Hi Julia!!

  28. Projects. Finish reading the books I have bought just in case I run out. Also finish organizing my photos to put into albums. Love fixer upper.

  29. My fixer upper projects include learning to reupholster some dining room chairs and decorating my house. I take my time decorating due to the cost, but also to finding just the right piece for each place. Another fixer upper project that I’m working on is sewing myself a whole new wardrobe. I’m excited but a little nervous too.

  30. I don’t have any right now because I’m too busy but I love “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Ninja Warrior.”

  31. This is also our favorite show. We’re hoping to take a trip to Waco sometime to see the silos!! I’m currently getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint! Love your books! Thanks!!

  32. We’re actually selling our house and buying another, so we will have LOTS of little projects here and there. Planting, arranging furniture, fixing up my new kitchen, etc. I can’t wait!!

  33. I just bought a house! The first project up is to turn the formal dining room into a library/office.
    Next project is to make a reading nook in my bedroom. Luckily, there is an odd L shape to my bedroom, so I have the perfect corner to create the nook.
    I wish Chip and Joanna could come to Atlanta to help me out!

  34. I have several projects going on right now. Having new roof, siding and gutters put on. I have been renovating the kitchen for several months. Can’t wait to finish!

  35. my project list are all crochet…. At the moment I’m working on a ton of scarves for the women who have need for our local homeless shelter. As far reality shows, I love Tiny House Hunters and House Hunters International.

  36. #1 on my list is I totally need some new shelf space for my books. If I have the extra room in my house, I would definitely build a library! πŸ™‚

  37. Love your books, my favorite things to do besides reading, are listening to books on CD’s, Country & soft Rock Music, and watching football and game shows.

  38. I desperately need another bookshelf but also desperately lack the skill to build one. I’m hoping this winter I can use a home cooked meal to bribe my very skilled friend into building me some.

    Thanks for another chance to win!

  39. Currently working helping my parents fix up grandma’s house they bought after her passing. We have had to fix dry wall cracks, currently painting, next is the floors and a bowed wall. My husband and I watch all of Chip and Joanna’s shows. we love how they interact with each on and off the screen.

  40. Cleaning out closets, touch up painting and shampooing carpets. Not my favorite things to do, but I love the end results.

  41. I am not currently working on any projects but I love watching Fixer Upper πŸ™‚ I also like Top Chef. I have never really been into watching the other reality shows out there (survivor, bachelor, etc.).

  42. Quit with a different back than front side
    Very tricky to quilt this one
    Embroidery red work quilt
    Finish first quilt made topper 6 years Ago
    Christmas table runners for friends using Jim short fabric
    And of course reading all your books in spare moments

  43. I have to build a new grape arbor for my grape vine not too exciting . Me and my hubby watch all of the DIY crasher shows, house crashers, yard crashers, we also watch the shows that have the people that buy houses fix them up and sell them. My personal favorite is the Yard Crashers

  44. My favorite reality shows are wedding ones – whether it’s about the dress, or four weddings competing, or whatever…I love them!

  45. We have unfinished rooms, the kitchen and bathroom, which we just make do with. A year looks to be turning into years.

  46. Fixer Upper and love Chip and Joanna. I’ve been to the Magnolia, it’s only about an hour from where I live. I guess I wasn’t aware that you lived in Texas.

  47. I am trying to go thru all the papers that I have and to finally write the church history that I have notes for. I also am trying to go thru my books and organized them

  48. I have so many projects. I have a to fix a wall in my attic and water proof my basement before winter so those are my top 2 most pressing projects. Some nicer, easier going ones would be my making a jewelry piece for some family members and finishing a seed beading project I started. Thanks for the chance to win and have a great day.

  49. property brothers is ONE of my favorites. Trying to repair a dresser that is SO OLD it fell apart.

  50. We are working on making a reading room/ huge closet. We have cut a huge arch in our bedroom wall to the adjoining room, closed off the other room’s door, painted and put some decorations up! Huge project!

  51. Need to organize my bedroom. I love cooking shows. Hells Kitchen andTop Chef. Also love Project Runway.

  52. i would like to build new closets in my room, and then incorporate the old closets into the next door bath, making it a bit bigger.

  53. My favorite show is definitely Fixer Upper! I would love do do some remodelling, but I’m only renting right now. IF I could my project would definitely be redo the kitchen. In the meantime, I need to reorganize my basement and 3rd bedroom.

  54. πŸ‘“πŸ“š truly enjoy your books…πŸ€“ I have so many projects locked away in this brain of mine…problem is, I’m always helping the VFW with theirs…lol… Every now and then I get to sneaking one for me!

  55. Ugghhh! We’re working on a kitchen remodeling project along with adding on a new all-season room and a new deck. Huge project!

  56. We just moved into a new house and we need to finish building shelves in the basement so we can unpack all our books and things. Our garage is full of moving boxes. Next on the agenda is moving the laundry downstairs and turning that space into a linen closet. Hopefully that will be the last major job for awhile.😊

  57. I recently changed jobs and I am working from home more so my number one project is to create my office space in my old bonus storage room. It has no A/C and no heat. linoleum floors and kinda stuffy. My other project is to update my daughter’s room. She’s a toddler now and needs more of an area to color and watch her movies instead of sleeping in a crib.

  58. A project I have on my list is to go through the 100’s of pictures we have taken through the years. A very challenging part of this project is quite a number of these pictures we inherited from our parents after they passed. I would like to make sure that our family memories are not lost. Adding to the “Cloud” or maybe even a book? We’ll see how it goes…

  59. Love love love FixerUpper! Currently working on repurpose chifferobe made from old louvered closet doors.

  60. I don’t have any projects on the horizon, but Fixer Upper is my all time favorite HFTV/Reality Show!!

  61. We have a fixer upper project underway – our enclosed back porch (14.5 x 34.5) – for about 6 months now. We’ve stripped it down to the studs, insulated, sheet rocked, putting wood flooring on the ceiling (it looks fabulous!) and painted (after the world’s longest paint color hunt). We had some new windows installed – with a few more to be done. We got a little stalled over the last few months with other commitments but we still have to do the floor and trim, then organization and figuring out what goes where. It’s so soothing and peaceful out there now… I can’t wait till it’s completely finished.

  62. My current plan is to construct a cutting table with storage beneath for my sewing room. Have the plan and will be ordering materials soon.

  63. Need to fix outside of house and several flower beds that have been taken over by weeks. I don’t want aluminum siding because I see it on new houses and the north side turns green. I have lap siding that needs replaced. Don’t know which way to go yet. Thanks

  64. I need to repaint my front door and I have to repaint our back deck which overlooks a small lake. Hopefully the weather will hold out for another month or two.

    Wisconsin weather is already turning fall like with cool nights and warm days.

    I love all the shows on HGTV and also cooking shows.

  65. No projects to work , I am working on moving either to a condo or a smaller home, My health is not the best right now but am looking forward to a new chapter in the coming years. Love to watch Chip and Joanna
    because they do amazing designs and make older homes new again.

  66. I love all the Mike Holmes shows; Diners Drive thru & Dives, All Investigation Discovery shows

  67. I want to get back to my dancing,knitting and continue learning the violin,guitar and harp.

  68. My master bath desperately needs updating. The shower is so small I can’t use it comfortably. And I need grab bars in each bath.
    I love all the fixer upper and remodel shows on HGTV.

  69. We close on a new house on a one-acre lot that’s been a horse property next Friday. There is a good deal to do there, from roof to crawlspace, and getting the house we’re in now in shape to sell next spring are also big slogs. But I’ll name getting a load of manure and having it lightly ploughed in to the stamped-flat clay of the horse area, and seeding it with wildflowers in about November, is probably the one I most look forward to in the short run.

  70. Fixer Upper is one of my favorite reality shows. There are several on HGTV that I watch. My favorite Reality shoe is Shark Tank.

  71. On my list currently are a lot of outdoor, landscaping projects, and reinforcing the hard wood floors in the kitchen. I own an older home, and when they put the hard wood floor down, they did not have any sort of sub floor. So now, it’s starting to dip. Should be interesting πŸ™‚

  72. Hubby has alot of projects he needs to do when he is laid off this winter. He needs to paint and also give our pups alot of loving. As for me I am disabled so the things I do every day is all I can do but I do try to do a lot to help hubby out. Reality shows we love American Ninja, The Voice and Americas Got Talent, Barns (a guy and his crew restore old barns), Mountain men and any about Alaska !

  73. I’m bullet journaling and teaching others how to do it. I love the creativity, the organization, and the visual sense of accomplishment. And, yes, “reading for me” is one of my habits that I track daily. πŸ™‚
    I adore chip and joanna. πŸ™‚

  74. I live in an apartment so I have no projects other than what the complex is working on. That includes replacing our dryer vent and kitchen faucet. As for reality shows, my husband and I watch things like Cops, North Woods Law which follows Maine Game Wardens, Texas Law which follows Texas Game Wardens, Caught on Camera, and 60 Days In.

  75. Healing from a bike wreck. SO MANY GOALS. Getting back into housework – cleaning a room a day or week. Menu planning and getting back to cooking. Tidying up the patio for outdoor meals now that it’s not so hot in the evenings. Driving myself to the store! I know these don’t seem like projects to most people, but they are for me!! And I’m so happy to be getting to a place where I care about and can do things again!! Thanks for sharing this very timely giveaway! Until then, I’ll just watch more Flipping Out. Oh, Jeff Lewis.

  76. I need to clean out the attic, the basement and the shed. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Thank goodness I don’t have a garage to clutter up as well.

    My favorite reality shows involve HGTV and all the do it yourself and make over shows. Not that I’m going to do it myself and make anything over but it’s fun to watch and dream

  77. I love watching HGTV! I actually don’t have home improvement ideas for myself since I don’t own a home. I do however have PLENTY for my parents home since I live with them. Since moving back in, they’ve switched to the gutters you don’t have to clean, partially fixed the leaky basement with the addition of a sump pump (sadly there’s a new leak that needs attention), re-done the roof (it was time since the last time it was done was 1994), replaced the downstairs door that was rotting and added new screen doors. The next project will address the 40 yr old stove that only has too cooktop burners that work and the oven that cooks too fast, lol.

  78. Kitchen backsplash…first time doing this. My fav shows are Fixer Upper, Property Brothers anything on HGTV and ID.

  79. I’m working on cleaning out my room and my sister’s room at home. There’s so much clutter from old clothes to school papers that I’m going a bit crazy.

  80. My To Do List:
    Paint the garage
    Fix up the garden
    Clean out and organize the garage
    Paint the ceilings and walls in the house
    Remodel bathroom
    Put in new carpet
    Redo flooring in kitchen

    Anybody want to come and help? πŸ™‚

    Maybe Chip and Joanna can stop by and do some work for me? I do love them and their show!

  81. My next project is a new kitchen counter and sink. I am going with a butcher board wood top but haven’t picked the sink yet.

  82. I really enjoy the home improvement shows such as Fixer Upper. At 80 years old, I am done with most projects. Am looking forward to the Harry Connick, Jr. show. Much to my husbands dismay, I also watch the Judge Judy show.

  83. We need to paint our living room and kitchen. Been about 8 years
    I love watching the Tiny House shows and Fixer Upper. Great ideas and love their personalities!

  84. I’m not a huge fan of what I would call reality shows but I love many on HGTV such as Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, House Flip in Texas, etc. My project list is huge…I need a complete redo of my home!

  85. I just finished laying the floor (12×12 concrete paver tiles) for our new patio. My son will finish the project by building the roof and some furniture pieces. Next on the list is to finish the remodel of the guest room. Floor is in and the storage wall/china cabinet is about 2/3 done. My wife does the painting/finishes part.

  86. Lately I’ve concentrated on scaling back and decluttering, so I don’t have ant major projects going on…. unless clearing away the clutter can be considered a “project”. But I love gardening, painting and creating mosaics, so I am looking forward to doing all of those things again. My favorite reality shows are the ones actually based in reality – Fixer Upper, Growing a Greener World, Home Time, History Detectives, and the like.

  87. We are moving from the city into the country…big change but embracing this new lifestyle. I love to teach painting, so I will be setting up a little art studio in my basement. β™₯️

    Love this show!

  88. My son has moved out and I want to paint it, put down new carpet and turn it into a guest room. It seems fair, as when my daughter moved out I turned her room into my library/sewing room.

    I also want to get back to my knitting once the fall weather arrives. I haven’t done any knitting for quite a few years as my elderly cat liked to sleep on my lap and it was too hard to knit while she was there. Sadly, she passed away in February. It leaves my lap free for knitting, but I’d much, much rather she still be here.

  89. We really need to redo the hall bathroom – but I’m giving up hope. Favorite reality tv show – Flip or Flop. It just cracks me up when a $17,000 profit is a flop!

  90. I really need to go through my stuff and sell/donate what I don’t use. This is on top of my 8-5 job, my internship and learning Spanish. Might be a while.

  91. Just moving into a new home and there are at least 10 years of leaves to rake!! Getting a great work-out while cleaning up the yards.

  92. LOVE Fixer Upper!! We are currently removing wallpaper & re-painting our dining room.

  93. We are currently installing hardwood throughout the house, along with replacing trim and baseboards!

  94. I’ve got a lot of projects on my list from painting the kitchen and kids’ rooms to landscaping to trying to build some furniture (headboard for my bed and a bench for the dining room table.) I’m having a hard time actually getting started on any of these, so it’s just more of a wish list right now.

  95. We are working on building a room in our basement so my daughters can have their own rooms.

  96. My biggest project is cleaning out/up the barn. I’ve got so much stuff stored that I can’t remember what I have. Then it’s on to cleaning up the flowerbeds and trimming tree branches.

  97. Right now we’re winding down the garden beds and prepping them for fall/winter. But our next BIG project is following Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and ridding ourselves of all this “stuff” in our quest to be more minimalistic πŸ™‚

  98. I am currently saving up to finish/fix my basement. Se had some heavy rain in early summer and found out there was a crack in the foundation. Long story short, we had to rip out carpet and part of a wall of sheetrock and now we have a mess. It needs to be fixed! Driving me nuts.

  99. Good morning Julia, I have a few projects I would like to tackle in my home. First my kitchen, it needs an update pretty bad, then the main bathroom and a smaller powder room. My favorite reno show is The Property Brothers, and when we bought this house a couple years ago we had a blast demoing some things in the basement and said it was our Property Brothers moment. Thank you for the giveaway, and all your hard work writing. Irene

  100. Need to work on getting a new job. Need to complete my goal of reading 100 books for the year. I am caught up and happy this I was behind a few months ago.

  101. My house was built in 1971 so it needs a lot of work. My son and I are slowly redoing every room including the master closet.

  102. Just bought a house so have lots of projects. Kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, endless!

  103. I am currently updating a dresser I inherited from my parent’s lake cottage. I don’t regularly watch reality shows but the shows I am attracted to show HOW to do something rather than HOW TO HIRE someone to do something.

  104. We are adding a screened in room and a new deck and replacing our back wall of the house. No more aluminum siding. Out damn siding out.
    Cute giveaway.

  105. I wish I had a ‘projects list’ as it would keep me busy for at least a solid year. My husband is a pack rat and boy would I love to clean, clean, clean.

    The reality show I enjoy is Mysteries at the Museum. Some of the little tidbits of information on the show that were not published in the history books makes me rethink what I have have been taught in all of my history classes.

  106. Right now it’s to determine how mice are getting in and why with 4 cats they’d want to. I realize it’s the worst we’ve seen in 10+ years but still…..can’t stand the little critters.

  107. I LOVE Fixer Upper. I wish that I could afford one of everything in the Magnolia Farms store. Also, I would love to have Joanna tell me how to decorate.

  108. I love refinishing old furniture. I just recently started watching Chip and Joanna and now I’m hooked. πŸ™‚
    Carol L

  109. In the next few months I plan on reflooring the family room in my house. I love watching fixer upper and lovie it or list it.

  110. I am focusing on redecorating my living room…new paint, curtains, rug, and accessories. Thank you for a fantastic giveaway!!!

  111. Currently, we are building another chicken coop. Our plan is to have enough layers to sell high-quality, farm-fresh eggs to local restaurants and be able to afford to donate them to the local homeless vet’s shelter. We are half way to our goal!!!

  112. No new projects because we just finished combining our living room and den. It took a while but the results are fabulous. We love it.

  113. My husband and I are discussing a minor facelift for our kitchen. New counters, floor and sink. It won’t be a complete reno, just enough to disrupt EVERYTHING!!

  114. My project is trying to figure out a better way to store my shoes, plastic boxes. I think a wooden stand would work.

  115. Thanks for the contest Julia! I just love Fixer Upper too. I have too many projects I’d love to do at my house. The one I want to finish the most this fall is our front room which I am turning into a studio and sanctuary for me to create and relax in. Enjoy your fall projects and I’m looking forward to reading your next books.

    Brightest Blessings,
    Tammy-Lee Moore

  116. Re-doing my grand kids room to include our new grandsons to his big sisters! Along with showing my dairy goats, and adding on to the pens that will be needed when kidding season starts in January. I have a full plate but love every minute of it ! From grand kids to making my wonderful cheese from my goat milk πŸ™‚

  117. i want to finish all handmade gifts i have planned for my fried to offer at christmas ( and since most live abroad i need to finish eazrly to send them on time)

  118. Organizing, and spring/Fall cleaning Maybe some arts and crafts projects if we get some extra resources. *looks at all the sales longingly.* so many useful things.

  119. At the moment I am going to make some laundry bags to go to our Australian forces overseas plus I need to tidy up my sewing room


  120. Hi, I enjoy wedding dress shows & shows on Food. I am a MS student in Germany and I’m looking for a job, so after I find one and move, i will probably be looking for some extra pieces of furniture for my new place and hope one of them will be something I can put some TLC into it. πŸ™‚

  121. We have a list of projects for the house we’re currently in as big as our arm- it had been neglected for about 3 years and suffered water damage in a flood a few years prior to that. So far, we’ve painted the bedroom, which was a super dark green, a nice light blue, fixed the doors and screens, and done some plumbing repairs. Up next I hope to be able to do something about the kitchen- definitely need more storage and new appliances.

  122. At the moment I’m trying to get rid of some stuff By trying to sell it on the internet. And I’m knitting myself a pair of socks.

  123. I love watching shows on HGTV and Food Network. My house is 30 years older than we were told when we bought it, so we are always working on something! And there is nothing like watching Masterchef Junior and watching kids with so much talent.

  124. I love everything on HGTV I’m addicted to property brothers or fixer upper with Chip and Joanna. Just adore it all lol πŸ˜‰

  125. I am going to tackle cleaning out the bedroom closet. I love watching Flea Market Flip and Love It or List It. Thanks for the giveaway.

  126. We have just finished renovating the house but my current personal project is getting myself ready for my first solo art exhibition.It’s terrifying but exciting at the same time.
    As for my favourite reality show, I love the cooking shows, Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules.

  127. 1. Kill the Chinese Elm Tree.
    2. Landscape the backyard
    3. Paint the 3rd bedroom
    4. Recarpet the 3rd bedroom
    5. Buy bookcases and coffee table set

  128. I’d love to remodel our kitchen. It is NOT user-friendly, but I’ll have to stick to painting our bedrooms for now.

  129. Sometime this month I need to replace both toilets in my house and I am planning on sanding and polyurethaning my hardwood floors ( my entire house is hardwood floors except the one bathroom ) while the weather is getting cooler and I can open all the windows so the polyurethane will dry quicker since I usually use 5-6 coats.

  130. The projects are numerous. We want to remodel our living room and use half the front porch to make it bigger then take out the ceiling and open the living room up and have cathedral ceiling with a loft upstairs and then add 2 bedrooms and another bathroom on the back side of the downstairs. I love watching Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict, any of those shows or even any of the backyard makeover ones on HGTV.

  131. I like watching all of HGTV shows. Keeps me out of trouble. I also enjoy your books. So many books to read and so little time. Thank you so much.

  132. I just finished a year of caregiving so have many projects to decorate and organize my house. As for reality shows, don’t really like them unless the home shows and baking shows count!

  133. The first fall projects are cleaning the outside furniture and prepare them for winter storage. I really hate this chore because it is so hard to say goodbye to summer. There’s a little bit of caulking to do and some shingles to tighten up to get ready for Old Man Winter. Thanks for the chance to win this contest. I really love the items. Hope you are enjoying the Fall. I don’t watch too many reality shows. Daily life is enough for me without having to watch others’ problems.

  134. I love House Hunters International on HGTV and Stone House Revival on DIY Network, but my current favorite reality show is Project Runway.

  135. I just cleaned my garage today and discovered things that I thought I’d already thrown out but glad I didn’t because my son needed one of the items I found hidden! It seems like as soon as I get one task done it makes me think of one or two more that I should add to my “To Do List.” Like now I need to get busy and start (finish?) the painting in the lower level of my house that I didn’t get done last summer!

    I love to watch Fixer Upper. I just wish Chip and Joanna would travel to my part of the country and do a fixer upper for me.

  136. I desperately need to tackle my spare (junk) room and get it under control. And I’ll hopefully be able to find my filing cabinet while I’m at it and get bills & paperwork filed in the proper place for a change. πŸ˜‰

  137. lots of projects that need to be done, but not getting done ! Enjoy watching House Hunters international, tiny house hunters, and Flip or Flop

  138. No projects yet, hopefully buying home soon. I like watching the house flipping shows, love it or list it, bachelor and Bachelorette show, cooking shows

  139. We have finished with the back yard privacy fencing and my daughters graduation party. That is enough for this summer. My daughter and I love Fixer Upper too. We think their lives and home are so wonderful!

  140. I am hoping to collect some items for my patio and backyard. I have flowerbeds, but I need some items to place in the beds and make them more interesting. My patio needs some eye-catchers, too.

  141. Guest bathroom needs that fixer upper touch – still has the sailboat wallpaper and original tub and tiles from when we
    built the house 31 years ago, and it was our then five year old son’s bedroom!

  142. We actually just spent the Labor Day weekend painting most of the interior of our house. I think we’ll be hanging curtains this weekend. I love Fixer Upper, too. Chip and Joanna are such a cute couple.

  143. Trying to sort out and organize our daughter’s graduation pictures, diplomas, special awards for a wall type collage. So proud of her. She just left today to go to Oxford University in England for a Master’s Program. Sad she has gone away but really happy for the start of a new phase in her life.

  144. Well we just had wood flooring put down in our kitchen and plan on new carpet I love Dancing with the Stars thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity

  145. My current to do list had several items on it. Lots of them. My two next projects are refinishing my deck furniture,uncluding getting new cushions and putting in a new closet unit in my bedroom closet.

  146. I will be neck deep in everything my family has collected over the years that is stored in our garage. We had an extremely hot summer here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so although I had hoped to do this work this summer, it was impossible.

    I love so many of the shows on HGTV, DIY etc. I also love to watch programs about creating whether it’s clothing or food or even furniture! I have sewn and crafted etc all my 58 years and just love to color with PaperMate Inkjoy gel pens.The colors are beautiful.

    Also, I have read 1117 books since August of 2002 (when I started writing them down because I kept purchasing books I’d already read!!!!!) including 16 0f your Historicals.
    God bless and happy Fall. = )

  147. I’ll be dealing with the produce from my garden. Already made 14 pints of pickle relish. Thank goodness the cucumbers are about done. Now more tomatoes to take care of. Reading and knitting too.

  148. Fixer Upper is one of my favorite shows also. I’m a little late this year but I am currently in the middle of Spring Cleaning and organizing the house before cold weather sets in. Might get a couple of rooms painted in the next few weeks.
    Can’t wait to read Suddenly Dating!! I love all your books!

  149. I have a bathroom project on my list – just a facelift that I can do myself. I recently finished my office and I love it. Taking a break before I begin the bathroom.

  150. Paint outside of house (not much time before winter) and organize rooms
    Enjoy Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and Flip or Flop

  151. I want to go through some old christmas cards and cut out some gift tags. I have some special things to cut with to help make them special and a hold puncher. Just need to get to it.

  152. Starting over on my basement. Stripping wallpaper in my powder room and painting the walls. Making grape juice with my abundance of grapes.

  153. We have kitchen renovations planned, but waiting on more money for that. Haha!! Right now we are overhauling the garage.

  154. I don’t have any projects going on right now. I like to watch Naked and Afraid….and I live to watch The Voice!

  155. Oh goodness, we have far too many projects. Stain and fix the front porch, seal the back deck. We have to fix the front yard and set up some nice fall decorations πŸ™‚

  156. I have an storage ottoman that always seems to be the summer time catch-all, which in turns becomes that never ending container of stuff to put away in the fall.

  157. I need to paint my kitchen….have paint need time!
    I have ripped up the carpets through the entire house and now need to sand and stain. Again need time.

  158. My house looks like hoarders live here so my project is to put it back together the way it was before I entered the hospital and rehab facility two years ago.

  159. I love Fixer Upper! I have a small project I’m working on. I have an old piece of Barnwood for a shelf, and I’m painting several bird houses I’ve got that remind me of an old West town. I’m using milk paint for a white washed effect, and I’ll pick up some miniatures to ‘put around town’ to add to the effect. I’ve also got some miniature lighting! I’ll post pictures when I get it finished.

  160. My household to do list:
    Clean my closets. Get clothes to charity. File much paperwork. Clean carpets. Clean garage (hold garage sale?)

  161. I’m physically disabled, and work 50-60 hours a week, but I am working on several projects that can be done from my chair. I’m trying to organize my genealogy paperwork, my books and sheet music. I am also designing cards which I make and send on behalf of my church when a tragedy or terrorist act occur anywhere in the world. And I am creating adapted learning materials for a legally blind student in my Sunday School class.

  162. I am not much of a fixer upper. REality show that I like is Dancing with the Stars. I really enjoy watching the stars learn to dance. I enjoy watching the pros teach and dance.

  163. I don’t have any projects planned at the moment (although that could change at any time) but i love watching Fixer Upper & pretty much every show on HGTV, but Chip & JoAnna are by far my most favorite. I’m also a pretty big paranormal junkie, i love shows like Ghost Adventures & Paranormal Witness.

  164. The lawn & driveway need work, as well as fixing up the “library” room and downstairs bathroom.
    As for reality shows, I really enjoy “Cupcake Wars.”

  165. I also love Fixer Upper! I watch all Tiny House shows too. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

  166. I love watching Fixer Upper!! My main project is cleaning out my scrapbook supplies. I used to scrapbook all the time so I have a ton of supplies sitting in the corner of my bedroom. I’m saving some supplies for my kids to use for school projects but everything else I will donate to their schools. The space will be used to store my books. This project is taking long since I get lazy and would rather just read a book.

  167. On our list– Remodel the Kitchen, redo the flooring on the main floor of our colonial, remodel the basement turning it into my craft and quilting domain. Then there is the backyard that we want to completely do over. πŸ™‚

  168. The reality shows I enjoy most would be Real Housewives of OC, NJ and NYC. Also Last Comic Standing.

  169. I really need to go through my closet and weed out clothes. I love to watch MasterChef and MasterChef Jr. I used to watch tons of house shows on HGTV.

  170. Fixing up a Victorian! Need to fix all cracks in the plaster upstairs and wallpaper, and paint the porch ceiling blue!

  171. My current project is fixing all the broken sash cords on the windows of my over 100 year old firehouse.

  172. My current line up of reality shows are Big Brother, the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise series and soon I’ll get to see Dancing with the Stars! Woohoo!!

  173. We are working on a lot of things in our home. Painting walls, remodeling 2nd floor bathroom. Having new flooring put in on Wednesday. That will be the highlight of my week next week!

  174. we need to get our back yard in shape. Its been to hot o I am looking forward to cooler tempts so that we can mow weed plant and redo our porch

  175. Currently working on purging the whole house and only have an office and the yard left. I am also collecting supplies to build a cabinet to hold all my Dungeons and Dragons miniatures and books.

  176. Enjoy your newsletter & books. Project I have going are getting my garden cleared off & cutting up the green tomatoes to freeze & enjoy this winter along with all the other veggies I have put up.
    And getting my carpets cleaned for the upcoming holidays.

  177. I have been working on my MBA so this is my big project…but I never miss The Bachelor. I have watched Fixer Upper…very cool.

  178. I love Fixer Upper and Flea Market Flip. I have to many projects needed, but painting the living room is probably next.

  179. geez, so many, lol. I want to rip up my rug, paint and a few small things. Love the giveaway, thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  180. My sis and I painted the sewing room. I just finished assembling a cube organizer for Mom. Would like to paint bedroom and bath. Maybe when its a little cooler… Love Fixer Upper and watch lots of HGTV.

  181. Hi Julia!

    After moving from Rhode Island to Camden, SC last year my husband and I have been having so much fun up-dating our “new” home (which is actually an old “Mill House”!

    We are finally on our last up-date to add a room so that we have a porch with windows and perfect to just sit back, relax and be able to read a good book!

    It’s great to finally be retired and able to finish what i hope is our last “project”!

  182. I enjoy watching anything that is paranormal. Even though I do like the real housewives of orange County.

  183. I am in the process of getting quotes to redo my bathroom: regrout tile, reglaze tub, and pull up old ugly linoleum floor and put down tile. After that’s done, I need to get new windows – my old ones are the originals from the mid ’60’s, and so drafty in winter!

  184. I desperately need to clean up/out and organize my TBR and keeper stacks of books. But I’d rather read them!! And I love Fixer Upper!

  185. I have recently discovered Tiny Luxury and Texas Flip and Move. I also enjoy Flip or Flop. Living in Orange County, CA where Flip or Flop takes place I try to figure out the neighborhood when they mention doing a house in my city.

  186. The house is from the 50’s and everything is original so this is a long one…
    – New Kitchen (this fall…hopefully)
    – Refinish floors
    – Crown moulding (no explanation needed)
    – Closet…one with fancy doors and drawers

    And I believe that Holy Ship lap is one of my mantras!!!

  187. Hi Julia,

    There’s some inside painting I want to get done once it’s a little cooler. And, I’m really going to try to thin a lot of my periennal plants. I struggle with the harsh task of getting rid of healthy, thriving plants and it’s sometimes hard to find new homes for them.

    I love the trash to treasure and fixer up programs, too! That’s why I have a bunch of old windows in my basement now.LOL
    Thank you for the contest!

  188. I don’t have time for any projects. I work too much! But I always TIVO Fixer Upper and dream…

  189. Getting my backyard garden planted.The weeds have been removed, everything trimmed and now it’s time to plant!

  190. Hi Julia, what a great idea! I am currently traveling in my fifth wheel, ( and reading a LOT!), but we are heading home soon & will be emptying my craft room & guest bedroom so we can paint, add new carpet & reorganize. Thanks for all the wonderful books you write. They have kept me entertained for many hours!

  191. I’m currently working on a rock garden next to my front privacy fence. Nine brightly painted flower pots filled with different colored rocks and a seasonal silk plant standing in the middle. My privacy fence is colored with a green wash which goes with my yellow house and green shutters. Currently the fence has three large sunflowers hanging in the middle. At Christmas I have frosty penguin cutouts and a 3-D Christmas tree and the fall silk plants will be replaced with poinsettias.

  192. I have several project that I am going to try and get back to. I am going to study crystal healing.

  193. Master bath reno is on the books for the next few weeks. While not dyi, slowly but surely we are downsizing stuff. We have too much stuff and don’t want to spend so much time on it. As for reality-based shows, we enjoy the ones based on life in Alaska.

  194. If I were being totally honest, I would say we would love to have the whole house fixed–kitchen renovation, master bathroom remodel, new carpets upstairs, etc. We were renting this house and the owner let it go into foreclosure; after three years we were able to buy it. So we knew it needed a “bit” of work. And the list of repairs/renovations is long. We try to do a little something here and there but unexpected repairs keep popping up–a LOT. Right now I would be happy to have my toilet flush properly! I do love Fixer Upper and daydream about what we could do to our house one day…

  195. The biggest project that I have is turning my son’s old room into a library! I need many more book cases!!

  196. I’m currently working on an Afghan for one of my grandsons. I also love the show Fixer Upper and also The Property Brothers.

  197. I am not working on any fixer uppers currently, but I am working on cake Toppers that I sculpt out of clay.
    I love watching Cake Boss for inspiration and ideas!

  198. I have several projects on my list which include: bathroom remodel, install a side garage door, and install brick walkway. These are the priority projects. I’m a huge fan of Fixer Upper. I watch it every Tues. night even seen reruns several times.

  199. Finish painting- I bought a house last year, and every room is either deep red or 90% dark chocolate brown! Finish planting pots on the lanai, scale down totes of crap I moved 1000 miles to have stacked in the spare closet. make room in the 3 car garage for at least one car… I could go on and on, but I won’t!

  200. We need to repaint our entry way, paint the porch and have the siding on the fireplace replaced, just to mention a few.

  201. Love Fixer Upper and any of the Scott brothers shows.
    Also a big fan of Tiny House Hunt, House Hunters, and House Hunters International.
    Our main project that I keep putting off is painting our bedroom. We have a lot of furniture in a small room. A queen size bed, 3 dressers, bedside tables on each side and a big trunk that stores out bed linen.

  202. I am remodeling our lake house . We are adding 2 bedrooms, a jack and Jill bath, 5 tetraces, , a new bathroom, outdoor kitchen, and a screened in porch. No idea when it will all be finished!

  203. It’s time to remodel our bathrooms! Ugh… what a project. How do I decide what finishes I want when there are so many choices out there?

  204. I would love to redo my kitchen! Love Joanna’s simple style and her farmhouse decor!! I’d put a farmhouse sink and some bead board!
    And then I would put hardwood floors in my dining and living rooms..I can dream!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  205. New faucets in both bathrooms, including shower fixtures. New light fixture in the living room also.

  206. We have so many projects for our house this year. I am determined to put new flooring in the areas that still have carpet. It just holds too much dust!

  207. I don’t watch too many reality shows. Big Brother catches me most of the time and once in awhile Amazing Race. And surprisingly, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch.

  208. remodeling our kitchen and putting a new roof on our house—fixer upper is one of my favorite shows

  209. We live in military housing and they’re tearing down our house and we’re moving to a new one! So we get to decorate and organize everything!! I’m so excited… my hubby – not so much haha!

  210. As a property manager, there are always projects on the to-do list. This month is repairing a driveway, roofing a garage and replacing a furnace. I like watching reality shows where they upcycle what we used to throw away.

  211. Clean out closets & drawers. Organize garage. Donate books to library & clothes to Goodwill. I have started my exercise program, but need to work on my eating program. I love Fixer Uppers!’

  212. Will be starting off with redoing our main bathroom tile, vanity and fixtures….can’t wait for the update.

  213. I love Chip and Joann!! We watch their show all the time, even the reruns! would love to go to Magnolia Place one day. No projects at this time, just trying to get things ready for the holidays.

  214. I am buying my first home, I hope. I expect to end up with a lot of projects, once I get moved in. First thing, replacing the dirty carpet with bamboo flooring and tiling the bathrooms. Why anyone puts carpet in a bathroom is beyond me. Of course, once it gets cold, I’m doing a lot of reading. Everything else can wait.

  215. Installing a new landscape controller. The box has been sitting in my room staring at me for 2 months. And I’m in California (drought land). I love the HGTV. πŸ™‚

  216. I do have some beading projects to get to. I don’t watch much reality TV but I like The Voice

  217. Deadlines at work right now. Getting ready for the 60th anniversary celebration of People To People International.

  218. I don’t really watch reality shows unless you count what is on Food Network. I do enjoy their competition shows. My to do list would include baking lots of things that include pumpkin.

  219. We are doing a cut out in our foyer and putting some shelves in and I may try to try my luck at growing African Violet’s like my grandma did:)

  220. I have been on vacation this week so I have just finished a few projects. I rewired a light switch and due to a lightning strike, learned how to use a chainsaw. πŸ˜€

  221. Just finished converting my tub to a walk in shower. I also enjoy Fixer Upper…I live in New Braunfels & can’t wait to get up to Waco to visit the Magnolia silo!

  222. This fall we are working on our master bathroom. It needs new everything, Since we are on a pretty small budget, we are doing things in shifts. We have already painted the walls and replaced the vanity. We still need to replace the floor, toilet and bathtub.

  223. I am hoping to finally get the lead out + have our kitchen remodeled. Our house was built in 1963 + it’s still the same as it was then only a lot more battered.

  224. If I could talk my husband into it, I would be building myself a couple of new bookshelves.
    I enjoy watching the cooking shows.

  225. We’re hoping to start a fodder system to feed our backyard flock of chickens this fall/winter.

  226. We just got done with redoing the deck and new siding. So nothing for a while. Love most if not all of HGTV, Chip & Joanna, the Brother’s, Flip or Flop. I will watch them all. lol

  227. I don’t have anything on my list right now, but I really enjoy watching Flip or Flop and Rehab Addict. Thanks for the chance!

  228. Redoing and updating the bathroom. I also need to do a major rehaul of the basement. Pull up carpet and replace flooring. Replace the ceiling tiles with a more modern look. Paint the paneling on the walls. Maybe move some walls around.

  229. Kitchen redo. New fixtures, faucets, lightening, knobs. New floor, counter tops, new or refinished cabinets. My favorite episode is the one when Jo planned a birthday surprise for Chip. She had a barn door redone into a desk top for him.

  230. Fixer Upper is my favorite HGTV show, I can watch Joanna and Chip and all find inspiration. They are so cute together and have such a wonderful family!

  231. My biggest fixer upper is the main bathroom. It is 54 years old – how long we have lived here – and badly needs an update. I understand when selling a home the bathrooms are one of the key things people look at. I am going to be 84 in December so my days of living here are limited. I’d like to have the house in good shape for when it gets sold.
    Betty Breithaupt

  232. I don’t have any projects going right now but Fixer Upper is my favorite reality show. I would love to stay in their bed and breakfast.

  233. I’ve got several projects on my list – repaint a narrow table for my vestibule, find material to recover a bedroom chair – and I’m trying to go thru the attic & basement to get rid of some things that have just sat for years.

  234. Right now we are in the midst of painting the entire inside of our house! I am so inspired by the colors used on Fixer Upper! Love Joanna’s style…we are a few hours from Waco and I’m hoping to visit their silos this fall.

  235. Husband has finished the painting in the kitchen and hall. He has removed wallpaper and did knock down. Looks great. Since I am able to help much disabled veteran I get too supervise. He likes it when I am reading.LOL. Many jobs to be done.
    We like Fixer Upper and most of the DIY shows

  236. First off I’d like to say I’m obsessed with Chip and Joanna and would love to venture down to Texas one day to see them. As far as projects go, my room is in dire need of a total makeover. I can’t afford to live on my own yet so I’m still with my parents which is great because well, I love them and we all help each other out. But I’ve so many items and things I’ve accumulated over the years and no where to put them because my storage isn’t set up the best. I have too many books, (all my favorite authors πŸ˜‰) movies, clothes, and keepsakes from the past 29 years. So the goal is to repaint, redo the floor, retheme, and build storage to make my room feel bigger and more functional.

  237. I need to clean out my garage this fall! Also, survivor is my favorite reality show! Old school, baby!

  238. We are planning on redoing the deck…the wood is warping and painting the master bedroom….and I too watch the hgtv channel…have a grand day

  239. Projects are: Working on cleaning up around the flower bed and household cleaning indoors. My husband is working on fixing lawn mower then got to finish mowing the yard.

    I’ve been in a Treehouse Masters tv show kick. I just think it’s neat seeing them being built and they always look awesome.

  240. Projects: cleaning house And de-cluttering. Finish reading Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

    Reality shows : so you think you can dance, dancing with the stars, anything on HGTV and FoodNetwork.

  241. Little by little my husband and I and (sometimes our grown-up kids) are working to empty our house of all the unneeded stuff to make it easier to
    move out when we HAVE TO.

  242. We recently converted a garage to our master bedroom, but are still doing some work adding a bigger pantry and finishing off some dry wall and cabinet hanging…I really want to add another bathroom, but that may be way our of our ability!

  243. I plan on doing some craft boxs and start working on samples for my posh business onna try and really get that off the ground I am also working on mermaid blankets for my girls

  244. I am painting my Living room and dinning area. We r also putting in New tile. I have no fun stuff to decorate. Blue is r new color. It is a lot of fun but a lot of work. I need a reading night soon, very soon.

  245. Update the den into a sewing room
    Repainted living room and dining room
    New toilet in large bathroom
    Lots on my list!!

  246. I have – wallpapers separated by a border in my bathroom. The upper one looks outdated. I want to strip it off and paint the wall without da aging the border and lower paper. Problem is I can’t do ladders. I fell off a ladder a few years ago and crushed my hell. Couldn’t walk for 4 months!!!!!!

    So I did a lot of reading —- and discovered your books! πŸ˜„

    • Wish we could edit our comments! That word should be damage and I broke my HEEL. (Although hell did break out cuz I couldn’t do anything!πŸ˜†)

  247. I have been taking care of Mom for 2 1/2 years in her home so I have to do some fixing up so I can sell my home. The first thing is to get my dresser and nightstand to my Mom’s home (have to paint it first) so I can stop living out of a suitcase! I also want to redo a small writing desk for my laptop. If I get this done I will feel like I am living organized again!
    Thank you for this contest!

  248. We have mostly organizational projects. I always like to do a deep housecleaning prior to the holidays, and we want to do a total reorganization of the basement to accommodate a model railroad project my husband has been planning for a long time. Electronically, I want to digitalize about 5,000 slides we took prior to, and after our daughters were born!

  249. my project is replacing all the flooring in the house as money permits. so far we’ve done the living room, kitchen, hallways and master bath. still have 4 bedrooms and 1/2 bath left to do.

  250. I love HGTV, especially Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, and Brother vs. Brother.

    I need new faucets, which means taking out the kitchen sink, and no, I don’t know how to do that!

  251. We need a bunch of stuff done…New back steps, New fence and the outside of the house needs to be painted. It never erika ends!!

  252. We’re putting vinyl siding on our house ourselves! It’s not quite as bad as I thought it would be, but I sure have been sleeping good! LOL! We did find some of the trim boards need replacing too. Sigh! Thanks for sharing your giveaway!

  253. Putting down wood floors, after pulling up the old carpet. Kids with allergies, dogs, and carpets do not a good match, make.
    And I love ANY fixer upper/flipper show….much to my husbands dismay!

  254. Our house is over 100 years old, so there’s always a project going. We are currently working on renovating a bathroom.

  255. My biggest project is helping my kids adjust to the new school year and all of the school year activities while taking time to exercise and read.

  256. I am redoing my home office. Task#1 is to go through all the boxes (25+) and toss the paper I no longer need (two large recycling bins full and counting). I’ve got about 10 boxes left, but 5 of them are boxes of books. I need to sort out the keepers before I descend on Half Price Books. (Needless to say, Julia London books won’t be getting a new home.)

  257. Thinking of redoing our entire master bath to take out the tub and make a walk in shower with a bench.

  258. No major projects planned (other that downsizing on clothes and knicknacks) because I will be too busy watching Project Runway!(and Face Off and SYTYCD!)

  259. I’m in the beginning stages of a house build (my first house). So my current project is identifying all the projects I want to do (a craft closet, framing my “builder grade” mirrors, etc.) when the house is done and ready.

  260. My favorite show is Fixer upper also!!! I love Chip and Joanna! I don’t have any projects at the moment other than an old wooden window that I am refurbishing, to hang on the wall. I would absolutely love to find an old farm house and fix it up; we just have had no luck with any old houses in our area. We have out grown our current house, with 4 children. So, I constantly watch the show and dream!

  261. After living in our home for 32 years, we are picking ourselves up and moving to a neighboring state! Nothing would make me move except to be closer to my beloved grandchildren!!! (And their parents, too. LOL!) So we will be renovating another house! Chip and Joanna Gaines are my very favorite TV couple and Fixer Uppers. I plan to incorporate design ideas I’ve gotten from Joanna.

  262. Yard work. Lots and lots of yard work. My backyard has become a jungle with too many unwanted trees growing from the squirrels burying everything.

  263. Fix up and put books in order on new book cases. I watch fixer up with Chip and Jo Jo to get more ideas for my apartment..

  264. I’m not a do-it-yourselfer but I LOVE the Fixer Upper Show with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I think they make a great couple. and the show is fantastic! I would love anything from their Magnolia Farm, it looks beautiful.

    • Congratulations Debbie,
      Your comment was chosen at random and you’re the winner!
      We will be emailing shortly.
      All the best,

  265. My projects always tend to stay the same. Organizing the house, taking care of clutter, and putting pictures in albums.

  266. I don’t do a lot of crafty stuff but I love to watch the shows – the fix your home or decorate on the cheap shows are the best!

  267. We have been remodeling our kitchen, replace appliances but still don’t know what to do about the cabinets , love watching DIY and HGTV

  268. We’re currently pulling up all the old carpeting and finishing the hardwoods that were below!

  269. I am having my house painted…painter so busy…got on his list in early June..he’s just getting to me..projects will be at son’s new house.

  270. I love HGTV and Fixer Upper! We recently removed a few walls opening up our living room and kitchen. Now I’m planning to get some painting done in a bathroom and hallway. Next big project is to put down wood floors throughout the house.

  271. We are redoing our upstairs bathroom and need to redo our roof. I love Chip & JoAnne! I am addicted to hgtv.

  272. So many projects but the main one is to renew our main bathroom. It’s the only bathroom we have with a shower so I hesitate to start because then we’ll be showering at the YMCA or at my parents house until it’s done. But that is at the top of my list.

  273. The main project is to change my living room from a storage area to an actual living room (we use the family room instead these days). But I’m more often watching “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House” than doing anything around the house!

  274. School has started and I hope to get the laundry room under control. It has become a miscellaneous dumping ground that Joanna would frown at. My goal is to make it a happy place.

  275. Mine are centered around getting all my holiday gifts done by Dec 1. I am retired and have always loved creating gifts. Since I quilt, sew, do intricate embroidery, knit, as well as love to bake, I have time to create items that are made by hand. I’m almost half done with this year’s gifts. I belong to a small group of like-minded women and we also sew items for charity auctions, community outreach, pet rescue groups and victims of domestic violence. I also read as many books as possible! Amazon and I are very close friends.
    Thank you for your wonderful books and the opportunity to receive one.

  276. The projects I have to do are outside as our flower beds need a lot of attention including weeding and mulching and oh yes, edging. I also have an area that is overgrown so that is a project that will take all winter long to clear it out.

  277. I need to replace my bathroom sink faucet and other than dancing with the stars I only watch hgtv and diy network reality shows

  278. Several months ago I started “weeding” my bookshelves with romances on them. It’s a daunting task! My shelves are in ABC order (author’s last name) and I’m removing books I’ve read that weren’t an A or B in my notebook, ones I haven’t read , but when I read the blurb on the back, I find I’m no longer interested, and so on. I’m keeping all the books of my favorite writers such as Mary Balogh, Sherry Thomas, Julie Anne Long, Julia London, and several others. πŸ™‚ I gave about 500 books to different Friends of the Library groups and now have at least that many bagged up to give again. This is from just the wall to wall , floor to ceiling built-in bookcase in our sitting room. We have bookshelves in most rooms of our house. I think of this as a whole-year project. I can’t give too many to any library at one time unless it has a sale coming up.

  279. Love watching Fixer Upper!!
    Trying to down size all the “stuff” we all keep for years.

  280. I need to clean up my library. My husband is turning it into a junk room. Then I need to alphabetize and organize my books while pulling out the ones I don’t like. Need to make room for newer books.

  281. I love the cooking reality shows. Chopped, Top Chef and Halloween Wars are a few of my favorites.
    I also enjoy The Amazing Race.

  282. I love watching Fixer Upper. It’s my favorite HGTV show. I told my mom if I moved to Waco, I’d want to work with Chip and Joanna.

  283. To hang blackout curtains, make toilet bombs, make lip balm, and to make salves and can’t forget to strain herbs

  284. We have a very large, very ugly built-in brick planter that I am taking out of my living room if I have to use dynamite! I have hated it for the 26 years we have lived in the house. We are finally getting new carpet, so I’m taking it out!!

  285. Right now I need to build some more bookshelfs. I have two boxes full of books I don’t have where to put. Last winter we inherited a flat and this summer we renovated for renting. I enjoy watching cooking competitions on tv with my family. πŸ™‚

  286. I live just an hour and half from there. I just love watching Fixer Upper. We are redoing our kitchen. Plus in enlarging our master bath,closest and laundry room. We will be very busy this winter

  287. Updating my kitchen with Granite, new sink and faucet, also adding a water filtration system and adding a fireplace to my living room.

    I watch DIY but have seen Fixer Upper and think they are a great Godly couple.

  288. I live in an older home that was a church parsonage. It always needs work. 1st on my list and most needed/wanted is the kitchen. Appliances, cabinets and cracking brittle trim all needs replaced. Any help is good along with a great book. Thanks!

  289. I have several projects I want to do and some I want to learn. I love doing plastic canvace sp….but with health issue they will be put on hold along with lots of house works that I need to work into what ever I do. So in the mean time I’ll run them through my mind etc.

  290. I’ll be restaining kitchen cabinets as well as scraping the. Popcorn off the dining room ceiling. The last room on the house that needs to be done. You know the fun stuff

  291. The biggest project on our list is the basement were we live, to fix up the livable part so the kids can play down there. I also enjoy cooking shows, the whole family enjoys watching them together

  292. Home project: cleaning and downsizing. We’ve lived in this house for 45 years. With our children gone I need to clear out and condense. That should keep me busy.

    • Good luck with that! I moved out of a house I’d lived in for 31 years last year. I found stuff I didn’t even remember having! And, of course, the moaning and gnashing of teeth when I asked my husband or daughter to part with some long forgotten treasure- like the coil wire from a 1976 Cordoba that we haven’t owned since 1982, or boxes of Pokemon cards and beanie babies…. Hey- it costs a lot to move crap 1000 mioes!

  293. I just moved into a brand new house with literally nothings so I am in the process of furnishing and decorating and making it a home! Meanwhile I my guilty pleasure is watching the Kardashians and The Real Housewives of NJ!

  294. My projects are mostly in changing my habits and routines right now. I am working on eating healthier and exercising regularly. I’m working on overhauling my finances and getting the clutter cleaned out of our house too. Lots to do πŸ™‚ Thank you for the giveaway!

  295. Have start fall clean-up outside.I have books to read & review. I am crocheting a scarf and knitting gloves.
    Thanks for the chance to win.🌻🌻🌻🌻

  296. Biggest project is completing a complete kitchen renovation by finding the right wall accessories.

  297. Right now I’m working on my planning my friend’s babies shower….she is having twins. I’m only drinking filtered and bottle right now because she is the 3rd friend in less than 8 months to have twins… next project is our house we are slowly getting it ready to put up for sale in about 3-6 months.

  298. Clean out back bedroom/closet, put up shelves to display my living dead dolls, rearrange the living room, clean out the storage shed, flip the mattress on the bed, clean the yard.

  299. No projects at this time.
    Fixer Upper is my favorite.
    I love HGTV! It plays all the time, even if I have watched them before I still watch them.

  300. My projects include reading a few books I have on hand. And your new one if I am selected to preview it ahead of release. In October I signed up for a crochet class, as I want to know how since my grandmothers’ both knew how and made lovely doilies, etc. I love this giveaway and would love to win, so pretty items.
    Thank you.

  301. I am in the process of renovating the kitchen in my house. It’s slow going, but, well get there!

    I live watching Fixer Upper and the Property Brothers Buying And Selling.

  302. New roof, fix water pumps, remodel bathroom, and last and not least get a working stove & Oven..right now have been using a hot plate which leaves a huge desire to bake and cook! LOL..

  303. I really enjoy cooking shows but home improvement shows are also a guilty pleasure of mine. My wish list for repair/improvements to my house is simply to long to bore anyone with.

  304. I have a master bathroom desperate for a makeover! I started striping the wallpaper, but lost heart! Then come spring when my sweet daughter and her husband and 2 dogs move to their own place; new floors!

  305. We’re in the middle of transforming our lower floor, to be followed by the upper, main living floor.

  306. This Fall/Winter I plan on painting the Master bedroom in our home in Baltimore. I hope to also tear out the wallpaper in the hall/stairwell and paint it as well.
    Our home in Philadelphia, I hope to do a “Design on a Dime” makeover of the spare room into a Library/craft room.

  307. I’m going to try making a utility cart with my dad. We haven’t done a father/daughter project since I was little.

  308. Project as follows, it is all I can do to keep the lawn mowed this summer. I plan on cleaning up my deck and putting some finish on it but have to wait until it cools down some. Also been trying to do some major house cleaning.

  309. I’m not working on any home projects right now but I am working on my first quilt! I love the property brothers and rehab addict!

  310. We are working on a punch list so we can sell our house next year!
    I love Fixer Upper and the Property Brothers along with Rehab Addict

  311. I’m working on making a couple of baby blankets for a coworker and family friend, both due late October/early November. After I finish those, I’m going to work on a large blanket for a friend of mine while working on more baby blankets to donate.

  312. My husband and I are currently remodeling our kitchen and dining room, rewiring our entire house, and replacing sheet rock and insulation throughout our house. It’s actually a lot of fun.

  313. My current fixer upper project is me. Five weeks since Weight loss surgery. Heading for twenty- eight pounds down. Yay

  314. I have so many projects…the biggest is fixing the landscaping around the house. I need to pull weeds again and put down more mulch.

  315. We’re caught up of ‘fixer’ projects, but I am cleaning out excess to donate. Closed my great-aunt’s and my mom’s house and I have a lot of stuff to go thru.

  316. This year we’re working on new siding on our home, new doors, including garage door. re-painting the interior, installing a second driveway and storage shed, planting various perennial flowers, shrubs and trees and re-surfacing our present driveway. To say we’ve been busy would be an understatement. It’s been fun with my fiance though and I’m thankful that he’s also my best friend, All this renovating has been therapeutic after losing a friend to cancer last year,

  317. I plan to repaint my living room, dining room and kitchen, take up the carpet in the living room and replace it with tile (something that is easier to keep clean) πŸ™‚

  318. As I live in a condo, I don’t have many chores outside. However, I’m always looking to spruce things up inside. I want to paint the master bathroom, the woodwork around the place and the stair railings. After that, the lanai is in for a scrub as our spring here in Florida is right around the corner.

    Never stop changing things around because it keeps life fresh and fun for everyone!

    Thanks for your great giveaway.

  319. I love HGTV and fixer upper, property brothers, tiny houses.

    I’m on several street team, arc for two publisher, beta reader, and individual authors.

    Between reading and reviewing I don’t have much time to work on my second book.

  320. No projects right now. I love to watch The Amazing Race- Dancing With the Stars- Master Chef- Master Chef Junior

  321. We need to replace all are windows and redo the floors in our house. We’re just starting the process and it is a BIG project! 😁

  322. I have a list of things to do also. Just no funds. I watch of hone improve shows. I love Fixer Upper! Joanna and Chip are a fun couple to watch! Also Property Brothers, who can resist watching these hunks?! Also I like to watch Rehab Addict, I love watching her redo the old houses.

  323. Last weekend we painted the whole house, which was harder than I thought it would be. Next up is new floors, redo the master bath, change rails to iron rail on staircase, new carpet in bedrooms, change fixtures from gold to something else, and many more mini projects. It’s all too overwhelming. I just need to win the lottery now!

  324. I have a plethora of things to do! I want to knock down the wall between my dining room and den (my sons want to do the dirty work), retexture and paint walls, put down new flooring (I ripped up the carpet for incentive) and replace the interior doors. Outside I’d love new landscaping but really need to rebuild my patio cover and fence. O the joys of home ownership! Such a fun contest!

  325. We vacationed in Texas this past summer and got to visit magnolia silos. Very fun place! We are awaiting estimates for a back deck and finishing the basement bathroom.

  326. I like SYTYCD and DWTS and Married at First Sight. That’s really all I normally watch. I do watch Bachelor in Paradise since everything is in reruns during the summer.

  327. The largest project on my list is to update and rearrange my grandsons room before the holidays.

  328. I love Fixer Upper! We’ve been working on our yard, we installed a beautiful new fence and we just stained it this weekend and we did our deck rails to match. The backyard looks completely different and beautiful. Next up, we’re replacing our vanity and sink in our master bath. I love home projects!

  329. I don’t have any furniture or home projects but I do have a shadow box project planned, it will contain our family’s summer momentos and I LOVE the show Fixer Upper!

  330. I love DIY shows. I can’t really do anything to my apartment, because they don’t allow those things, but I do have a few things I want to make. Such as a desk, smaller kitchen table, etc.

  331. We have to replace the front and back door. Then we are starting to remodel the living room.

  332. I need to have my water heater replaced. I’m also working on digitizing my deceased parents old home movies and slides.

  333. I enjoy the Voice as a reality show or anything to due with music and cooking shows like master chief jr

  334. I would like to redo my bathroom and make my master bedroom closet bigger. I would also like to pull the carpet out of my house and do hardwood floors. I like to watch fixer upper and some of the cooking shows.

  335. My upcoming project is to furnish our new house. Technically the house isn’t new, but it is new to us. I also want to redo two of the bathrooms, put wood flooring on the family room, and plan the landscaping.

  336. No House projects since I live in an Apt but I love Fixer Upper. I am working on some sewing projects and one of my favorite shows is Project Runway – I am so jealous of what they can do

  337. I loved the herb garden on the wall concept that was on Fixer Upper, so I’m going to create that in my new apartment’s kitchen window. I’m also a cooking show fanatic!

  338. I have a wish list of things I want to do in my house, I just need the funds to do them. LOL. My husband watches the home realty shows. I like the million dollar listing shows and the housewives shows on Bravo.

  339. Right now my main project is repainting the entire interior of my house! I can’t stand the colors left by the previous owners and must make a change! Next, my plan is to redo the kitchen cabinets and floors so I can enjoy cooking in my kitchen again. Functional is fine but cheerful comfort makes time spent chopping, peeling and washing up go bye so much easier!

  340. Repair my 2nd floor deck (which has dropped some in the past 40 years and has caused the floor to bow), sliding glass door (which has the outer glass pane shattered) and finish installing the wood flooring upstairs. I also want to remodel my kitchen and all 3 bathrooms!

  341. I am taking down the wallpaper in my bathroom and then have to decide what to do with the walls.

  342. I am a watercolor painter so I have a couple of pictures I am trying to complete and get framed.

    I love Chip and Joanna’s ideas- they are so creative.

  343. Around the house my big project is finishing up the garden (pulling plants, turning over earth, etc.)

  344. We need to replace all of the sinks in our house due to hard water build-up over the years!

  345. We have three big projects on our to-do list and a whole host of little bitty ones! The biggest one is regrading our lawn so that the rain goes away from the house rather than towards it. We absolutely have to get that done before winter. The next is replacing our tired carpeting upstairs with wood flooring. But the biggest, by far, is renovating our basement. It flooded (see above first project) and had to be gutted. Now we are going to redo everything, make the bathroom into something spectacular and turn it into a livable space rather than storage. WHEW!

    I love Fixer Upper and plan on using some of Joanna’s country meets industrial ideas (but no ship lap) to finish the basement once it’s all done.

  346. No projects, but I did get to visit the Magnolia Store a couple of weekends ago. I love Fixer Upper and it was quite a treat to go there. Plus cupcakes to die for!

  347. Massive cleanout and reorganization of things in my bedroom and closet. Yes, I’m one of those creative people who usually have chaos around them!

  348. I recently purchased the old wooden post office box cabinet from our town’s historical society. I’m looking forward to refinishing it. I enjoy watching Flea Market Flip.

  349. the only project I have is cleaning out my bedroom, getting rid of junk I have no use for anymore.

  350. Besides fencing our property to contain our crazy goats, we are talking about enlarging our master shower, so our bruised elbows can heal! A stick person must have built that shower! Thanks for the shot at the prize! I love reading your books. πŸ™‚

  351. I’m purging and cleaning out a storage room in the became by so I can create a ‘Fun Room’ for the kids and I. I want to be able to scrapbook while they play or build Legos etc.

  352. Just finished replacing a few boards on the deck, so I don’t currently have any projects. But my best friend and I while rooming together in college would always watch Property Brothers together on the couch while doing our homework. It was our lovely after-class ritual.

  353. Working on creating a fun room for the kids and I, an area to scrapbook asnd craft for me and an area to play games and build Legos for my kids. The area is just storage right now so purging and building shelving is the first things to get done!

  354. I’m updating my half power room. Love that wallpaper is coming back in style. Just one wall. I’ve seen on hgtv how nice it looks.

  355. I need to tile the downstairs bathroom floor and paint the outside of the house. In the future, I would love to re-do my utility room. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win goodies from you!

  356. I want to try chalk paint on a dresser. We will be moving soon and I want to breathe new life in our old furniture.

  357. I will be painting this fall – my bathroom, my living room ceiling and my bedroom. I’ve been putting it off for awhile now, so it’s time to get started!

  358. Hello! My list involves sorting through an unused closet. I have clothes everywhere, so they need to go into that closet.

  359. I evidently will be starting to prepare my home to sell so I can move to another state.

  360. My husband Don and I have a projects list on the fridge. It could be something as simple as painting the front door or as complicated as remodeling the bathroom.( Which remains on the list as it isn’t in the budget!). We cross things off and add things as we come across them. Sometimes though Don adds things he has done just so he can cross it offπŸ˜€

  361. I will be renovating an old farmhouse in the spring so I am working on refinishing a kitchen table and chairs and an end table. Joanna Gaines is my inspiration for how the house will be decorated.

  362. Getting the house winterized and as I am solar powered I need to get my self winterized as well!!

  363. I love the Gaines’ show. I especially like how they set up the before photo and open it up for the reveal. As to home projects, I really need to get some painting done and I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to get rid of some paneling in my den.

  364. my list is getting the spare room in shape as I’ve let it get away from me this summer since my husband was down with a broken leg.
    the other project is since we finally got a new weedeater is clearing the massive weeds around the house

  365. I am working on a she-shack (man cave for me). Just have trim to put in, then my worktable, computer workstation, piano, etc. moves in. Told my husband he may not see much of me once all is in order!

  366. Just finished redoing our bedroom…new hardwood floors and paint…looks great. Need to start on master bath soon, hope to take out a pantry and enlarge it to put in claw foot tub. We also just purchased a rat 1988 VW Vanagon Camper van. We hope to restore it and travel the USA for months at a time when we retire. Projects, projects everywhere!

  367. I love watching Fixer Upper! Chip reminds me so much of my husband but Joanna is much more patient than me lol. Our new project is looking to buy a house since we just moved to Montana but we’ve had enough fixing up of our last place so I don’t want a “fixer upper” which is a lot harder than it sounds.

  368. I just finished gutting and redoing my family room. Next on the list is the kitchen needing some TLC.

  369. Unpacking and reorganizing clothes and book shelves only have half of books unpacked.

  370. I’m working on a crochet project, a shrug, that i want to finish before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

  371. My main fall home projects are along the theme of clean-out and organize. I do want to remodel and re-do my kitchen, but I doubt it gets on the approved list for fall. πŸ™‚

  372. I’m currently trying to decide on what kind of flooring I’d like to update to. Right now we have a tan carpet through most of the house but I’m thinking that hardwood would look so much better and be easier to care for. πŸ™‚

  373. Flooring!! We purchased new carpeting for 80% of our house through an auction and need to do some painting and replace floor in kitchen and dining room before it can be installed! Huge project, just moving the furniture alone is a pain!!

  374. I’m in the process of turning my small, third bedroom into a craft room. My favorite show on TV is “Fixer Upper”.

  375. We have a new furnace/air conditioning going in, some painting, want to fix the deck, and update kitchen. I love Fixer Upper also. I was just telling a friend about the show. Thank you for the chance to win!

  376. Working on Fall & Halloween crafts. So far I’ve made a fall sign, now need to work on my Halloween ghouls.

  377. Replacing bedroom door to a hardwood door, fixing up kitchen island, adding a faux beam in the living room, extending wooden fence in the front.

  378. We have a whole house! But we are trying to get my husband’s office finished. We need to put in a door, make the floor even with the house, new window, paint and put in a closet. It’s a big project.

  379. I found some great shelves, metal with rollers on which you put together, bought 6, going to put them together and get the garage organized,got plastic tubs for my hubby’s tools and other stuff, labeled the tubs, lids fit on them ,and will get the garage looking good, I can stack them in front of each other cause they roll, then lock the rollers and they are in place. I am also organizing one for the laundry room. I am excited about this because I have wanted to do this for a long time and finding the shelves and having them on sale made it easy to decide to start organizing things..

  380. Since I love in a nursing home, I can’t fix anything, but I also love to watch Fixer Upper.

  381. I live in an apartment so not a lot of fixer-upper stuff going on. I do however, have an extra bedroom full of junk just thrown around. I really need to organise it.

  382. My main projects I have going on is cleaning and organizing the garage to get ready for winter. This summer was busy and of course the garage is the last thing to be cleaned! I dont watch much tv due to my reading obsession. Ok I will be honest…. the garage hasnt gotten cleaned due to said obsession!! But when I do watch tv, its usually the murder mystery shows, true ID, anything on discovery channel… and lots and lots of kids shows. Ranging from a 6 yr old boys likes to an 11 yr old pre teen shows! Which also include any and every ghost show available! Have a wonderful day. I cant wait for new hostorical romance books from you!

  383. Current project – pulling up old carpet & getting ready to go all natural and prep for hardwood floors. Also fond of Nicole Curtis/Rehab Addict

  384. I love Fixer Upper. Hubby and I are addicted. We watch the shows over and over again. I even bought him a shiplap t shirt!

  385. We hired a friend to do our back porch roof – big mistake. It’s falling down so needs repaired even more so now. I love survivor for some reason lol.

  386. One project on my list to keep both of my daughter’s papers/homework/etc from school somewhat organized this year unlike prior years. So far it is working out. πŸ™‚

  387. Need to finish re-weeding the garden and going through the attic to get rid of the “storage”–read junk–up there.

  388. We need to have the front and back lawns redone as well as painting the inside of the house and new carpeting.

    I watch Fixer Upper all the time and love both of them. Chip is so funny and entertaining.

  389. I have project on my honey do list for my husband, especially getting his “train” room straight after living in the house 7 years. I told him I want it done on my 50th birthday weekend as a present, we’ll see.

  390. No projects on my list right now but I’m with you, Fixer Upper is my favorite show!! HGTV is on my television most of the time!

  391. Basically my whole house is on the project list but my most current is to renovate my bedroom. It is the only room in the house that hasn’t been painted in the entire time we have lived there.

  392. I rent and am not a crafty person. I still watch a few home improvement shows on the Living Well network, but my favorite reality show is The Great British Baking Competition (and I’m not a baker either).

  393. I am redoing an old dresser as well as reupholstering a rocking chair. Thank you for the chance to win.