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210 thoughts on “JASON Giveaway!

  1. A fantastic way to open your mind to new voices and different writing styles while indulging yourself with favorite authors.

  2. I love how different styles can create a cohesive story because the characters and plots from different books are included! It makes it seem ‘more realistic’ as if they are actual people not just figures in a book.

  3. I love the different writing styles and how I can read dozens of stories with nearly the same plot but they will read totally different!

  4. I like reading the different styles and perspectives each author brings to a defined set of characters and locales. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. It gives me a few stories, with differing styles, all at once! For extended reading. I love different voices.

  6. I like series because they develop within the same world and it is possible to know more about the different characters

  7. I like reading authors who write series you get to know the players and who are related and the love they share Sometimes happy Sometimes sad Good times and Bad times, but most of the times it works out

  8. A series by different authors give one insight to various writing styles and one gets introduced to new authors one would miss otherwise.. Remember “Variety is the spice of life.” You don[t really know if you would like an author[s work until you actually read it.. Don’t get in a rut.

  9. I love to see the different writing styles/perspectives of the authors when the characters are connected. It can be tricky to get a cohesive feel to the series if everyone’s not on the same page or sticking to the theme. That happened with one multi-author series and it ended up being the only book out of 12 that I disliked. It wasn’t a terrible read but it did not fit in with the others. It’s also a great way to find new authors. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Congratulations Amy!
      You’ve won this giveaway. My assistant will email you so we can get your card right out to you!

  10. Different characters voices actually can sound like they come from different people.

  11. I love reading series because I get to know and love the characters – and because I want to know what’s going to happen next to them.

  12. I love how each writer has a different style so a series doesn’t become boring to read.

  13. I like the different perspectives of the same world and (frequently) characters. Plus, I appreciate that I may be introduced to new (to me) authors.

  14. It’s great to learn different author voices for connected series. It’s a great way to find new favorite authors.

  15. I enjoy reading anthologies. They give me a chance to see
    how different authors interpret a similar theme.

  16. Each author has his/her unique style of presentation. Series books, in my opinion, are best read consecutively at one time because then I don’t lose the theme and can keep characters fresh in my mind since my memory is now getting shorter (guess that’s what happens as you age-81). Also, most series, with a few exceptions, are better when they are kept to 4,5, or 6 books because time frame between books sometimes can be a year or longer.

  17. I like when they use a similar setting and have crossover characters and/or locales, but the stories are distinct with the plot and main characters, too.

  18. I Like reading Series written by different authors because , I discover so many good books that way.

  19. Reading series-it feels like they are your own family members and you want the best for them finding the love of their life.

  20. The thing I like best about reading a series by different authors is seeing how they all collaborate with certain things such as family, location, or in some cases a town or location. I have also been introduced to authors that are new to my reading selections.

  21. I like the different voices of the authors and I love finding new authors I haven’t read yet!

  22. They are all just a little different. I like to read about family lives as I come from a large family and have tons of relatives.

  23. I like the connection between the books and following the characters lives which sometimes includes their grown childrens’ stories.

  24. I like the changes in writing style but that everything still fits into the same world/town/theme.

  25. It’s nice to see how each author sees the environment, the setting and the little things they add but still stay in the main canon of the series. The neatest thing is you can discover a new author to follow.

  26. It gives a different spin on the series and I love discovering new authors. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I enjoy reading the different styles that each author brings to the series. Thank you very much for the chance to win!

  28. I like reading books written by authors, I already know about, but when an author I know is a part of a series with other authors, I take that as a recommendation to read books by other authors 😊

  29. I love series for a continuing story. You already know the town or the family, or the job family.

  30. I like reading a series by different authors because while they are connected by content I get to see the individual writing styles of the authors.

  31. I like the continuation of characters in the series but I want each book to conclude the story for the H and h. Plus get to try different authors.

  32. I have read series that had a theme and related characters by different authors. In general, I liked them.

  33. Because you get a different perspective with each book. I enjoy the different writing styles and The way each author builds their characters.

  34. It keeps the stories fresh and different, and you often discover new (to you) authors.

  35. I feel that book series are like watching a soap opera serial. You are always wanting to know what is going to happen next, after next and after next. Series keep you glued to the characters and so often you can relate to them on a personal level. The stories are always intriguing and keep you on the edge.

  36. fThe anticipation of what comes next. Having to wait for the next book to be published.

  37. I love seeing how each different author sees the conglomeration of characters

  38. Fun and variety as well as seeing how everyone bring the stories back together.

  39. I enjoy the different writing styles and how the various authors breathe life into a story.


  41. I like different points of view. Same settings, yet details differ to explore more. It’s fun to think of 7 different ways to explain something.

  42. Different writers work on different perspectives. I enjoy the different styles.

  43. I enjoy series because I like to see how the stories intersect. And I can’t count the number of times that I have found a treasure of a new author

  44. I like reading different series by different authors because it lets me get to know the characters and how they change and grow over the years. New characters added over time too.

  45. Not sure how to answer, but I like that all the books in the series are available quickly!

  46. It’s fun to see different styles that all have the same topic in common.

  47. It is like a continuing saga of events, which is more life like. It just doesn’t end abruptly

  48. The best thing about reading a series written by different authors is that they all put their own spin on their part of the story. So you get a different perspective on the story line or characters with each author and it makes the story more engaging because you know it could change at any moment and take a little different path!

  49. I love to see how different authors approach the subject or the eras. It gives the series more depth and more character development.

  50. Reading series written by various authors is awesome because each writer is an individual and attacks the material in different ways. And every “hero” in the story will take on a different sexy feel based on each writers personality and experiences. It is fun to “meet” new sexy, eligible (at least in our fictional world) men and follow them through their stories from many different perspectives.

  51. I get introduced to a variety of new authors. Thanks for the chance 💖

  52. I like getting different points of view and the overall vibe is different, it keeps the series fresh.

  53. When I like a character in a book I like to continue reading about them in following stories. It’s like getting to know a new friend better and better.

  54. Different authors write with a different “voice”. A great way to find more favorites.

  55. I like the way different authors develop the overall story line in quite different individual stories.

  56. I like the varying styles within the one big story. Fun way to check out new authors.

  57. The variety of writing styles is one positive and I am always on the look out for a new author.

  58. I like the connectivity, the surprises and the joy of reading lets me go into a place where I am comforted and less stressed.

  59. I like to see glimpses of the continuing happy ever after of previous couples. It’s fun! And it’s always a treat to discover a new author.

  60. I love how Lori Foster writes friends/co-workers who become family to each other.

  61. Having each book written using a different perspective and/or voice within the same family/series individualizes each of the heroes.

  62. Series by different authors are fun because you can either read the entire set and “keep in the mode” or just read your favorite authors’ books and stay loyal.

  63. It’s fun to experience different authors and their take on the theme of the series.

  64. I llove getting invested in the characters in a series, seeing who is getting their story told next, visiting old friends from previous books.

  65. I love series reading, getting to know all the characters like they are family. A series with different authors just adds a bit more variety and detail, while maintaining the story line.

  66. I love the continuation of seeing what happens to characters that I enjoy!

  67. It is fun to get a peek at how new authors write. It reminds me of the older anthologies.

  68. I like the stories being connected like they are. Characters and background appear so we get to see how everyone is doing. 🙂 I also like being able to read some new to me authors and become familiar with their style of writing. This series is so good, I find myself anxiously waiting for the next book to be released.

  69. It’s always interesting reading the different styles within a series that has been mapped out and planned by different authors. Each has a unique style and tone that sets them apart.

  70. I have not read one. You are a new author to me. I would love the chance to read one. What a great way to be able to read lot of differen authors.

  71. I like being able to connect with characters I’ve read about in other books and reading the writing styles of different authors.

  72. I have enjoyed all the series books I’ve read by multiple Authors. Especially The Forgotten Room written by Karen White, Beatriz Williams & Lauren Willig. Every Author has their own style but in the series I have read, they together create a wonderful story. Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  73. I love the different voices… the different feels of the books… seeing the characters connect

  74. Each author in such a series is like a sibling to the others. They have their own story to tell from their own point of view, but the stories mesh together and intertwine as families usually do. It’s refreshing to approach a series that way.

  75. I’m currently reading The Daughters of the Mayflower series. I just finished book #9 and I love that the Authors are different. I enjoy the different style of writing and I get to know more Authors. Thank you

  76. I like that each author has their own voice and their own idea on how the characters think… I think this gives the series dimension. You’re getting connected storylines but each book will have a different feel.. makes it refreshing!

  77. I get to discover ‘new to me’ authors while keeping up with some of my favorites.

  78. Every author has a unique perspective. I love reading how the hero/heroine point of view can change from story to story.

  79. I love watching the overall story arc develop and seeing how each author’s voice builds on the previous story. Thank you for the chance!

  80. Because of the different writing styles, series written by multiple authors feels fresher.

  81. I love that every book has a different writing style. Nothing in the series will feel too redundant. It adds a level of excitement to each book and the series as a whole.

  82. I have many series I love but I’ll pick Kylie Scott’s Dive series: actually a two in one series: one her R&R Stage Dive and the other Dive Bar , both combining characters from each. Love them.

  83. How fun and interesting to read different writers thoughts and feelings in the same story!

  84. I’ve read all the authors except for three. Since the other four authors – you, Samantha Chase, Roxanne St. Claire and Christie Ridgway are all “must reads” for me I feel as though these new to me writers will be worth reading.

  85. I am not the biggest fan of them but I do like that each author has their own writing style so the stories come across as different for each set of characters.

  86. The different writing styles….and finding authors I haven’t read before because of the series

  87. I like variety in reading series written by different authors in that each book in the series is a different story with different characters.

  88. I like the variety of points of view, as each author thinks that different characters are the interesting ones.

  89. It’s fun to get different perspectives in a reading series by different authors and their different writing styles.

  90. Each author has their own individual take on characters and situations but being able to revisit some of my favorite characters always makes me happy 🙂

  91. I get to enjoy a single “world” but experience different writing styles, and, if I’m lucky, find new authors (of course, if I’m really lucky, I’ve already discovered the authors).

  92. I like that you get a mix of styles and characters, voices are different, plots are different but they still mesh to form one overreaching storyline. Kinda shows how close a community like the book world can be, when you can join forces in different ways like this. I love it! Can’t wait to read this new series! Congrats! 😘💕💋

  93. I like reading series by different authors because each one tells a different story seen through their unique eyes.

  94. I love reading series, love following the different characters and how the relationships develop. Enjoy discovering new writers!

  95. I like to see how different authors get to connect their characters to the same series and maybe get a glimpse of other characters from different books in the series. It might also introduce me to new authors that I might like.

    I also like that they incorporate this series with a series of their own so you get sucked in to reading their crossover series too.

  96. Every author has their own style and it is interesting and fun to delve into each one’s series.

  97. I like getting all the different takes within the series that the different authors have. They all have a different voice and it is always cool to see how they bring the town and shared characters to life. Makes it more complex and really cool as a reader.

  98. I have read all the previous 7 Brides so far. Love reading from my go-to authors, as well as picking up new ones along the way

  99. I like reading series by different authors because each one writes differently.

  100. Reading series this way has introduced me to authors that have become my favorites. I enjoy getting to know new writing styles.

  101. Sometimes I think that when one author writes a series, all the main characters start sharing a similar tone of voice and personality traits. When multiple authors get involved, it is easier for the characters to have different personalities, but the reader still gets to experience all their favorites within that world.

  102. I loved your 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers series and can’t wait to read your new 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes series! Love, Love, Love your books!!

  103. I love reading series by many others because each stoory is connected but youget various writing styles. You get a taste of how each authors writing flows differently. I have found some favorite authors by reading series books by different authors

  104. I like reading different author’s series because of the different writing styles and their take on what should happen next.

  105. It’s good to see the authors can work together and make one story from different authors aspects each Rider has their own way of writing and see that writing come together and make a beautiful story is what I like the best.

  106. It gives me a chance to check out new-authors-to-me (who may very well end up on my fave-author-list), while still feeling that sense of community and enjoying the catching-up with previous characters.

  107. Finding new authors, enjoying different writing styles and interconnected characters. Thank you

  108. I like how they give their on take on what would happen or how the characters would react.

  109. I like different point of view, different writing style…
    Love to read various stories connected by one or more points, but
    I like the most when those stories are like continued but they are not…

  110. I get a different perspective of each author’s idea regarding location, characters, etc.

  111. I like reading the different writing styles when a group of authors decide to write a series together. It is also a fun way to discover new authors.

  112. I love the variances between different authors writing styles! I’m constantly switching back and forth between authors and series’ or stand alones, that way each book I read feels fresh!

  113. I love a series of books because you get to really delve into the characters and the location while different authors let’s you find maybe a new favorite author!

  114. I like to see the way the different authors use the other characters. It’s fun to read the blended series.

  115. I like comparing series to each Other , I love how each Author has their own style of writing. For example some have cliff hangers( I’m not a huge fan of at times), some do not have cliff hangers.

  116. It’s great to read stories that revolve around a common theme and find out how different authors create a story around it.

  117. I love the collaboration involved..like 20 people adding to a story a bit at a time..makes it unique.

  118. Although every author has a different writing style, I like reading a series by different authors when it feels like they are all speaking in the same voice. If they can tie the various characters together from story to story and keep the details consistent, it’s a real adventure in reading.

  119. I like watching the different writing styles coming together to create a well versed story that blends together.

  120. Gives me a chance to discover ‘new to me’ authors while also following some of my favorites.

  121. I love being able to revisit the familiar characters that come with most series and knowing that one of those secondary characters will be the next primary.

  122. Each author has a different way of writing and I love that most. Plus a lot of the times it’s a way of finding new authors.

  123. I like seeing the same characters with different points of view. Each author creates characters in her own way, so it makes the seri3es of booksmore interesting. Each author also brings her own quirks — and that is fun!

  124. Awesome contest, I love reading series and following the same people throughout the books. It makes you feel like you are part of the family.

  125. I like series because the author always writes in such interesting secondary characters in each book that it is a given each much have their own story.

  126. I just love the different takes that authors can bring to similar genres or tropes! Thank you for the opportunity!

  127. I enjoy it because it mixes it up a little writing styles may be similar or completely opposite of each other and it introduces me to new authors I may not have read before

  128. I like it because every book will feel different and I am introduced to different writing styles and authors.

  129. I like a series that tells the story of multiple characters. Different authors highlights the difference in personality. It adds spice to the story.

  130. Most of the series books I’ve read are by the same author. I’ve read a few Harlequin series: Texas Cattleman’s Clu and, Tyler, Wisconsin which had multiple authors and numerous anthologies.

    Tule Publishing has both types of series. Copper Mountain, Montana series and Marietta series to name only a couple.

    What do I like best about multiple author series?

    You get a fresh look at the place where the stories take place, a different perspective on relationships. It’s nice to revisit and see what’s changed and how it affects the people in the community. A new author introduces new people, new problems, new ties. new emotions… a breath of fresh air.

  131. It’s interesting to get to try different writing styles in the same world. It’s also a nice introduction to authors I might never have found or read before.

  132. I love how all the books in a multi author series are available without a long wait between stories!

  133. Love knowing the story of the whole family. It’s fun to read the way the family interacts and gets in each other’s business but their with support.

  134. Different authors in a series keep readers on our toes. We don’t see all the twists and conflicts up front. It’s nice to be surprised.

  135. I like the continuing characters but with different authors, thee is a different writing ‘style’.