July Giveaway

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216 thoughts on “July Giveaway

  1. Summer plans are to look after our small garden, spend time with family, and read.

  2. I plan on resting a lot! And going to the beach when the weather is good 😉

  3. This is the first year we’ve lived at the beach, so we are enjoying so much time in our new home and on the sand & in the water. And loving hosting our friends over the past few weeks.

  4. Catching up with Family and Friends spending quality time after a rough year and a half.

  5. I’m a trifle behind on checking emails! Hope I’m not too late to enter.

  6. I hope to go visit family. And at the end of the summer I will be moving my son back to college. 🙁

  7. I don’t have any particular plans for the summer. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go visit my parents, but it’s not decided yet.

  8. I am trying to travel as much as I can, between work and still crazy pandemic shit.

  9. My husband is having his second COVID shot this week, so two-and-a-half weeks from now, I will resume lightsaber training (martial arts-style fitness using lightsabers). Can’t wait for that. I have missed my group.

  10. Plans for summer are simple this year. Cancer struck close to home. Husband has 2/3rds of one little kidney left and discovered spot on lungs. So keeping positive attitude and lots of prayer to stay strong. Trying to keep hubby positive and to enjoy our lives daily. Saying daily I Love You❤️

  11. Hopefully my boyfriend and I will be going to the Grand Canyon.
    Happy Summer

  12. We plan on staying at a house on the lake for our summer vacation. So excited for a much needed relaxing and joyful vacation ❤️

  13. This book looks amazing! I actually read more during the pandemic as a way to escape. I had a baby right before Covid hit so it was especially tough.

  14. I’m staying close to home to try and avoid getting sick. Lots to do around here now summer has arrived.

  15. I don’t have any special plans for the summer. Hopefully, I will be able to visit with some family and friends.

  16. Getting together with friends for the first time since pandemic. Otherwise nothing big planned.

  17. It’s too hot to go visit my sister, so I’ll stay home and to catch up on organizing some genealogy I’m working on, and reorganizing my home. Both of these are never ending. I always make time to read so that’s a given this summer.

  18. Getting together with family and friends I haven’t seen since the pandemic started

  19. I am planning on sleeping in and enjoying lazy days before school starts back. After the year we’ve had, I say we deserve some lazy days.

  20. I plan to start with the downsizing. Get rid of the nonessential stuff. Spread the books around.

  21. It has been a very difficult few months. My father has been diagnosed w/ 2 forms of cancer. While I was staying w/ him to help, by beloved cat of 15 1/2 yrs died. I flew back but we had to put him down (to spare him) while I was flying home. My sister had to do the same yesterday w/ her dog & today she was rushed to the hospital. She’s alright now, but she did die for a moment before they brought her back. She had an allergic reaction to the dye they use for CT Scans. A lot of other little things have gone wrong too (a/c dying, etc). So, my HOPE is that no other bad things will happen for as long as possible. This Spring/Summer has been the worst, so far. I figure we are all due for some happy times, hopefully in the near future.
    PS: Sorry to be such a bummer. Just explaining why I hope for better times to come. Best wishes, Your fan: Tara

  22. I mostly no mood in reading during pandemic, new news make me a bit panic 😑

  23. No big plans for the summer. I’m saving money for a winter vacation somewhere sunny!

  24. I don’t have any real plans except to attend my great-niece’s birthday in two weeks and to really get hopping on making Christmas presents. Knitting would take me too long but I’ve been lazy about crocheting too so I need to get over myself, lol.

  25. We finally get to visit family!! the kids are 1500 miles in opposite directions, so we are planning early.

  26. No big plans for the summer. We’ll try to get out on the motorcycle and possibly do some weekend trips though.

  27. I just finished reading a digital copy of A Duke in Time. I loved it. My review will be online tomorrow. I would love to have a physical copy of this story.

  28. My plans for the summer is to go camping in the Sequoia mountains with friends and relatives sitting by the campfire telling stories and looking up at the stars at night.

  29. My reading was definitely off most of last year, but I’m happy to report that it has been better lately. I hope the same for you!

  30. Just working and a quick family trip to visit family before school starts. I’ll have my knee replacement surgery this fall so I’ll be doing even more reading!!

  31. This summer we’re going to be spending time away from the heat of home and heading up to the North — where it looks like it’s gonna be just as hot as home. :-/ At least it won’t be humid.

  32. hmm my plans for the summer. well i have been trying to find a new job for quite some time. it would be wonderful if that could happen this summer. time off would be cool, too. but according to my manager at work- part time employees are not entitled to time off. they have been using the pandemic to exploit workers and treat us like garbage more than usual. again my goal for the summer is to find my perfect goldilocks job. thanx for the chance to win

  33. Our plans this summer is to lay low and travel around the province once it cools down. It’s been a scorcher here!

  34. Triplets??? YIKES! LOL.

    My summer plans include a trip to Northern Idaho (next week!), some road tripping across the PNW, and some camping, boating, kayaking, and water activities!


  36. Staying home with my pets and reading a lot. It’s too hot here
    to even walk the dogs most of the time!

  37. I want to get time and energy to sew some clothes for myself. I was a seamstress for years and never had time to sew for me

  38. We’re taking one week for a family vacation before my oldest heads to college this fall. We’re also planning a summer of putting up hay and working on the garden.

  39. I love Julia’s new modern romance series, who could not love a dog and the people who love them. So much fun, I couldn’t put down.

  40. I’m just going to spend time with my family and read more books while I also have to work.

  41. We are celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 21. Going to Disney World for a fun family trip.

  42. I am in a wheelchair and since it gets so hot here in Texas I have been staying in writing and reading a lot!

  43. Trying to get together with my Group of 7. That is what we call our BFF group. We are all scattered in different places and it’s hard now to all get together to celebrate birthdays.

  44. I took my granddaughter to Florida to see the dolphins at the Clearwater Aquarium for her high school graduation. We had an awesome time. Now I’m just chilling at home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. We have plans for trips to local attractions provided they give us comfortable covid protocols.

  46. July 4-9 3/4 of my children and their families are coming to our place on a small lake in central Wisconsin! They are coming from Moab, Utah, Carey, NC and Sun Prairie , WI. We are so excited! I will see my youngest granddaughter, Erin, for only the third time. She will be 2 on July 24th.
    My middle son ( Ft Lauderdale, FL) is not able to come as they are expecting their 1st child around Aug 3rd . It is a high risk pregnancy. We have not been together since October 2018.
    Loved your funny, informative interview with Janna.
    Congrats to both of you on your newest books!

    • Congratulations, Laurie!
      You’re this month’s winner! My assistant will be reaching out shortly for your information.
      Happy reading!

  47. I so love both of your books and read all of them. Thank you for this opportunity!

  48. Mostly working but I will probably be at the pool now because we got a heater and it will be warmer where I want to get it.

  49. This summer I plan to enjoy nature. I’ll enjoy reading at the beach also.

  50. Not any plans really this year. But next year lots of things are going on with my nephews so I plan to go visit them in Virginia.

  51. It has been hard to find time to read during the Pandemic as I work from home now and it is hard to pull away from the job and take time just for me.

  52. I plan to try and stay out of trouble this summer! I’m staying home, growing container tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of flowers. Oh and can’t forget the weeds!😉

  53. Missed the Library 2nd-hand Bookstore during the pandemic. Now open and I can’t wait to get there! Reading is the best!

  54. We are going to Panama City in August, just hubby and I. Looking so forward to it. The beach is my happy place.

  55. We have planned a couple of trips to Branson Missouri taking grandsons then one by ourselves then some time to ourselves and time with family.You have a wonderful summer

  56. Just working and reading. I got to go to the beach for a few days in May, so now I need to save up more vacation time.

  57. My husband and I got our 4 kids an above ground pool so well be swimming this summer and spending lots family time and having bbqs. Thanks so much for the chance!

  58. The plans for this summer are to be outdoors as much as possible. To really enjoy and appreciate mother nature. This will include getting out to pick up trash, safely of course. I will fill in the down and quiet times with feeding my love for reading romance novels. Hope you have a fabulous summer!

  59. We’re still in the middle of winter in the land down under, but I’m definitely planning to visit the beaches in Gold Coast when summer comes! It’s been ages since I’ve been to the beach!

  60. Go to the beach with the family. My hubby loves to fish while me and the kids make sand castles.

  61. This summer we plan to “get our feet wet” and travel on short trips close to home. Getting back in the swing of things and meeting up with friends and family we have missed over the last year!

  62. I enjoyed “meeting” a new author. Her books sound like something I would love to read.

  63. Every Thursday & Friday I watch 2 of my grandsons. We have lots of fun! My husband & I will go to Ocean City, Md. but not until mid September after the rates go down. I love it there!

  64. Hi Julia, this summer I don’t have any special plans I plan to do a little remodeling to my mobile home updating it some and that’s kind of special for me that I’m in the place that I can slowly do repairs I’m truly blessed. Wishing you a very happy summer

  65. My plans this summer are to stay cool and go for walks at the Nature Center. There’s a boardwalk with wildlife to watch. I saw a gray heron who slowly walked up a hill and hid his head behind a tree, but his body stuck out. I’ve seen that Aldi’s has Barq’s Root Beer Floats as a novelty item. It’s portion controlled, so maybe the ice cream will last longer than usual in my freezer. I’m also seeing mom in Assisted Living tomorrow, now that visitation limits are lifted. I’ll also see my 3 adult age kids in town plus one twin is coming from Austin,TX at the end of this month. They’re driving with a 4 and 18 month old.

  66. We just spent 4 days in Gatlinburg TN. That’s about all we have planned.

  67. Reading, writing, working, and moving! Going to be a busy summer!

  68. I just have plans of taking it easy. I will be working out on my bum leg and watching a lot of reality tv shows and hiking trails around me 🙂

  69. No major plans. Will tackle some indoor and outdoor projects. Hope to get in some reading on the deck when it’s not too hot. Visiting the youngest son & daughter-in-law in August as he is the only one who moved away.

  70. This summer I will be traveling to Arizona, Virginia and the hill country of Texas to go hiking with my mom. I have been planning this since last year. I get to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her and my family.

  71. Hi Julia!
    This summer will be a blur! I am purging and preparing my parents house to be sold. Getting ready to go back to college/nursing school next month after 30 some years. And last but not least…trying to keep up with my 2 daughters, Mother, 5 cats and 1 cranky Chihuahua;) Have a beautiful, safe, relaxing summer!

  72. Thank you! We are finally getting in some well deserved vacation time: camping and Vegas

  73. I have a wedding in July and kids birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate in August, and then there are the normal days of spending time with the littles and reading as much as humanly possible.

  74. Hopefully this summer I will get more cleaning done around the house and keep doing physical therapy for my aching knees.

    I hope everyone has a lovely summer.

  75. I’m going to have my my granddaughter for a while this summer. It’s gong be fun

  76. I’m crocheting lap robes for people in the nursing home. Also my daughter and I plan to go see The Ark in Kentucky.

  77. Seem to be in a reading slump now. After finally getting to see my grandkids, been 20 months! Haven’t been reading my normal pace, maybe need to get some paperback books and relax in the pool. It’s summertime!

  78. This summer I am planning a teip to Arizona to visit my sister and then we are going to her grandson’s wedding in Colorado. So I will have a great vacation after being home bound last year.

  79. Loved the bio! I live in Washington, MO…just down the Missouri River from you!! I love KC and visit often to visit a friend. I look forward to reading your books!!!

  80. I plan to get together with family and friends and read as many books as I can!

  81. My husband and I are planning on taking the grandson to Kentucky to see The Ark. Also, hubby and I plan on a short getaway to visit Frankenmuth to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.

  82. Hi Julia,
    No vacation plans this summer because my mama is terminal and so me and my twin sister take turns looking after her…
    Enjoy your summer.

  83. Our summer plans will be with our 6 yr. old German Shepherd, Duchess. We bought a travel trailer so we could tour Michigan and have her with us.

  84. Hello Julia. This summer I will be spending time with family and friends. Taking in county fairs and visiting state parks.

  85. I’m not doing diddly squat this summer other than watching my grandson while his parents are at work. I know…boring! 😂

  86. My plans are pretty boring because mostly I’ll be decluttering. Of course, I’ll really mostly be reading, but that’s less of a “plan” and more of a “life requirement.”

  87. Fortunately, I love to read since most of my summer will be spent recuperating from a rotator cuff repair – 6 weeks with a sling!

  88. I do not have any big plans for summer, but I like staying at home taking care of my flower and vegetable gardens. I enjoying eating fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, they taste so much better than from the grocery store.

  89. I’m hoping to drive up to NY to visit with the kids snd grandkids. We plan to take some trips to Norfolk, VA and the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC

  90. I found that I read more romance…especially Regency…during the pandemic. I guess I needed the happy endings ❤

  91. We will get to see my brother and his wife for the first time in two years. I’m excited about that. Probably bbq and sit in the ac and play card games. Great books. Happy 4th of July!

  92. I plan to spend as much time as possible with my son and daughter-in-law. I just moved close to them in Texas last year after the death of my husband. Can’t wait to have some good barbecue too.

  93. No plans really. My youngest just got married so nothing else on the horizon.

  94. Made our first trip to Alaska and got to see Denali – only 30% get to see the mountain, it usually hidden in the clouds!

  95. well – I’ve already taken my vacation – we have a new grandson due at the end of July – so I will be spending some time helping out with the new baby

  96. Vacation starts on Saturday, spending it with my sister and neice!

  97. Hi Julia, summer will be long days, starting off going to the beach, swimming and relaxing with family lunches or dinners. We also enjoy taking long scenic drives so definitely get those in!
    Take care 😊

  98. Hi! I don’t have any major plans for the summer. One minor one is to adopt two feral-ish kittens and have their mother fixed. Can I wish for a cooler summer too? Thank you for the chance.

  99. I love question and answers from the authors!!! I loved reading yours!!!
    I’m a fraternal twin to my sister Shirley.
    I’m looking forward to going to Florida in a couple of weeks with my twin sister and girlfriends! Can’t wait!!!
    Thank you for your giveaway and wonderful newsletter!!!

  100. Fun plans for summer… honestly, this summer isn’t going well at all! LOL. Half my house flooded due to a broken sewer line and it’s taking at least two months to fix it all, I’m having problems with my eyes, and my chronic pain conditions have flared up. I’m spending my time organizing my home and getting rid of things I don’t need anymore, but I don’t have any real fun plans. Reading these books would be fun, though, so fingers crossed!

  101. I don’t have plans to go anywhere this summer. I plan to continue reading as much as possible.

  102. Looking forward to some peace and quiet this summer. I would love to have a few days to just sip ice-cold lemonade and read historical fiction in my shady backyard, without interruption! I know, dream on…..

  103. My summer plans are very simple. Reading, gardening ( love those fresh veggies) and trying out new recipes. Summers are the best!

  104. Just to take time from my job and enjoy the weather and read
    Make some homemade jewelry pieces.

  105. I just finished reading the exotic romance Loving Large by Marilynn Lee.

  106. I don’t have too many plans for this summer, except for spending time in my garden, and a few days here and there at camp. Love the fresh fish from the lake, but don’t like the mosquitoes!

  107. Hi Julia, Unfortunately – no big plans this summer. My husband and I live in Virginia and we often ride our motorcycles throughout the countryside and mountains for fun. We do have plans to house sit in Fort Mill, SC while our oldest goes on vacation (sigh) for two weeks. I work from home so it will be a working visit with a pool and hot tub at our disposal. Hoping to make plans for September or October. Have laptop, will travel!!

  108. It is winter here in New Zealand & very very cold right now. I am wrapped up warm in front of the tv and thinking about all the beaches that I will be visiting when it gets warmer.

  109. We hope to take a family vacation before our youngest daughter goes off to college.

  110. What a double wonderful giveaway. This summer I plan to visit my sister in Pennsylvania. I am fully vaccinated. Take her over some books I read. I have some of yours and Janna. She doesn’t get out much. Her husband passed away, her car broke down, and she needs help around the house. She loves your books. So her and I will help her with stuff. She can catch up on reading.

  111. Not too many plans right now, but that’s subject to change. We would like to go on vacation somewhere since we didn’t get to last year.

  112. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! We have to trips planned this summer. One over Fourth Of July weekend to Denver to see our youngest son (we will live in Kansas). We also rented a lake house in Arkansas in August. We weren’t sure what travel would look like this summer so we planned driving trips. My hubby and I will also celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary in July. We will be kayaking a lot as well (finally found some in March lol)

  113. Now that the weather has cooled off from the record high temperatures, I will get out walking again. We will still stay close to home.

  114. Summer is all messed up. Will be having knee replacement surgery in August. At least I will get to spend it in air conditioning.

  115. We are planning on going to the Finger Lakes. Also hoping to visit Corning Glass. Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

  116. My summer plans revolve around driving my teenage daughter to her theater rehearsals. If there’s any time after being taxi driver, I’ll spend it catching up on my reading and doing summer photography.

  117. I am going to be able to visit my 90yo mother after 2 years! Heading to upstate New York and will also see (I hope) all 4 of my sisters.

  118. I plan to declutter and move this summer. Unfortunately no vacations.

  119. Besides having to work the only other thing I have planned this summer is going to a concert at the end of July and I am so looking forward to it!

  120. We are planning trips to see our relatives and will have several family members come to visit usl We will also spend some time with our grandchildren and children who live in our area.

  121. No special plans for summer. I am just happy to be out of “lockdown”. It’s nice to be able to go into a store or a restaurant !

  122. We are not planning anything this summer after a family cookout to celebrate July 4th. We hope to plan a trip to Yellowstone this fall that we had to cancel last year becasue of COVID.

  123. I plan to have a knee replacement this month….not the coolest summer plans, but it is time. I have so much trouble walking, maybe next summer I can do something fun.

  124. I have no plans for the summer. Whatever happens will be good enough for me.

  125. I will be spending this summer doing a lot of work around the house that was put on hold during the pandemic. It never seems to be finished, but it will be worth it when it’s done!

  126. My summer plans include college visits with my oldest, some landscaping, reading, beach time, hiking, sailing, and time with family and friends.

  127. I plan to BBQ as much as I can and find some time to read more this summer.

  128. Hello Julia. This summer I will be spending time with family. I will also be helping my daughter plan her wedding.
    Have a great summer. Nancy

  129. My husband and I are planning a beach getaway in September when things are quieter.

  130. The only plans i have for the summer are reading, writing, learning, DIYing and relaxation. Lol We’re having our deck redone and so once that work starts, we’ll basically just be working on our own stuff. I have a trilogy I’m writing that I need to start book 2 of, a kid’s archaeological series I want to start developing my characters for, and a lot of purging and organization projects around the house I want to get done. That’s about it. We get our second vaccine shots in September if we can’t move up the date, so our plans are pretty much just around here.

  131. Stay in the air condition and de cluttter and of course read and watch some good movies on TCM.

    • Reading (you’re a new author to me btw), knitting, seeing our son who graduated from college and now works in Dallas (we’re in Houston 😢) and going to our place in the hot and dry Texas Hill Country.

  132. I will take care of the flowers and lawn . Most of all be in air condition. Give me the cold weather any day.

  133. Staying in air condition as much as possible. Do not like the SUMMER.

  134. My time is spent trying to get back on my feet from heart problems. I have fallen back into reading to help me thru! Work & driving are on hold, so I will indulge my passion for books until later this year. Thanks for all you do to help people escape from their present situations. God bless!

  135. Unfortunately, getting ready to go back to work full-time in September!

  136. Hi, Julia! I’ve just returned from southern California for the birth of my first grandchild! So I’ll be traveling there again soon to squeeze him and spoil him! I’d love to read these books during my hours of travel! Thank you for this opportunity!

  137. Purchased a farm in October so this summer we are getting our homestead up and running . Chickens,goats, cats,dogs,sheep and cows . Gardening and enjoying the land

  138. I’ve not been able to travel yet, but I’m looking forward to a few weekend trips to visit my daughter in Charleston.

  139. I plan to read as many books as possible this summer! My library sponsors a Summer Book Bingo with categories you need to complete in order to win. It’s really fun – plus it gets you out of your reading “comfort zone!”

  140. Spending half the summer at my Mom’s, then returning home for the non-stop stuff before the new school year.
    What a fun giveaway!

  141. No plans for the summer, other than to stay in where it’s cool and READ a lot; so it’s no different from the previous year. I hope to travel some time soon, but I’m still leery of being around a lot of people, since there’s no way to know who’s been vaccinated and who has not. My wish? That wonderful authors like you continue to write books for crazy people like me.

  142. I plan on going to my brother’s house at the Jersey shore and hanging with him for a few weeks. The rest of the summer I’ll be hanging out at home with my kids.

  143. My summer plans are a staycation – and to continue to enjoy working from home (versus my usual train commute)

  144. I wil be spending alot of time at home in Cape May, NJ I enjjoy the beach, puutting my feet in the sand. I also enjoy the waves hitting my body

  145. We will be going to the beach a lot this summer and the rest of the time we will be spending in our backyard just relaxing

  146. We will be taking our puppies to school. Large breed rescues who think they are 14 pounds, ha ha!

  147. Staying close to home most of the summer but going to Coco Beach the last week in Sept. when everyone else is back in school! Love your books!

  148. This summer- we really have no plans. Our health has made it impossible for us to travel anymore but we do have plans for friends and library trips this summer. Our children come over and bring our grandchildren and our new GREAT Grandson over to visit often so I’m happy. My girl friends and I plan for visits and eating out often and my husband, the only male now, is our mascot so we can still enjoy seeing each other often. Have a wonderful summer!

  149. Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall… all about the same for me. Working and chugging along. Staying away from the Home Office on the weekends to read and decompress. 🙂

  150. Finally going to Marthas Vineyard for a couple of weeks in September, meanwhile i am finishing 2 classes this summer, for a Masters Degree! Can’t wait to be done.

  151. One of the members of my family is getting married so attending that in August.

    Then I am off to San Diego to visit my sister and enjoy their cooler weather than what we have here in Arizona

  152. Happy Summer, ladies! Even though I live in the South, I am not a hot weather person. I plan to drink gallons of sweet tea with lots of ice, consume many slices of luscious homegrown tomatoes on fresh-made butter biscuits, and read a number of indulgently good books. All of this will be done in very close proximity to numerous fans set on high speed.

  153. Our summer mantra is “no stress”! Our youngest is headed off to college in the fall for her freshman year, and the oldest will be a senior in college. We’ll work a bit on packing up some things to put in storage and possibly tackle a few things like painting rooms. Even those things aren’t firm plans. It’s nice to just wake up every day and decide what we want to do. We’ll have family game nights, tv binge weekends, and spontaneous day trips around Texas. Fun times and NO stress!

  154. This summer I hope to spend some time with family members and friends that I did not get to see last year

  155. To enjoy as many books as I can from my TBR… spend time with family.

  156. Hoping to see family members this summer – it’s been over a year since our last get-together.

  157. My family and I are heading to California for Disneyland! We are also going to connect with my dad and sisters…they haven’t met my husband or stepdaughter so I think it’s past time!

  158. Read books, volunteer at the library bookstore, and attempt some room cleaning.

  159. It’s nice to be able to travel again! I went to Alaska for some wilderness adventures and I will be going to Las Vegas in August.

  160. I love Janna and so glad she’s now in my home state of MN! I’m hoping to meet her this summer! Other than that, we will continue to explore our Mn State Parks. I love hiking and getting out in nature!