Labor Day Giveaway

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252 thoughts on “Labor Day Giveaway

  1. I’m British, and I don’t think I did anything special that weekend. This weekend I’m planning to spend as much time as possible quilt making.

  2. Thank you for your generosity, JL. Hope I won bec I have those first two books of “Lake Haven” I want to read. πŸ˜‰

  3. I just rested for the weekend. Then on Tuesday I drove to Florida to pick up my daughter and grandkids before Irma hit.

  4. Going to a 25 anniversary party on Saturday. Going to a family reunion on Sunday. Thanks for the chance

  5. We hung out with our 1.5 year old triplets over Labor Day Weekend. Went to a friend’s house on Monday for a dip in the pool only to be chased out by a storm. Tossed the boys in the car and raced home…to sit in the driveway and wait for the rain and hail to pass. Entertaining the boys during that was fun…lol.

    • Congrats Amber!
      Your comment was chosen at random and you’ve won a $10 Amazon gift card. My assistant will be emailing you shortly πŸ™‚

  6. We just bought a lake house and moved in this past weekend. Both of our kids brought a friend and we so enjoyed the beautiful lake and weather. So good to get to have the kids with us for a weekend! πŸ™‚

  7. Not much planned, just resting up for the last weekend of summer before a busy fall season starts!

  8. Some holiday for me…..It will be dominated by yard clean-up (small twigs, small, dead branches, and leaves) resulting from the outlying winds of Harry’s hit on the SE Texas coast. Nonetheless, I am happy that this is the only touch Austin had from that devastating blow to the coast!

    Wishing you a fun holiday and thanks for this contest!

  9. We spent part of our Labor Day doing a one-on-one dpg training class to help us regain control over our puppy after he dashed off on my daughters. Rest is going to be spent in a book!

  10. Other than cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, I plan to just relax and finish reading “Fear the Dark” by Kay Hooper.

  11. Will be going over to my parents with my granddaughter and my children for a cook out. Love to have the family together and making memories. My parents live in the country so it is so relaxing being away from the city.

  12. Well me and my children and granddaughter are going over to my parents for a cook out. We are just going to lay around and be lazy.
    Love spending time with my family.

  13. Spending time at the beach and having a big neighborhood BBQ. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

  14. Well… since my granddaughters (12 & 15 1/2) moved in with me when school let out and about 4 weeks ago my middle son & his girlfriend also moved in, I haven’t done as much reading as I like to. (Especially since school has started again!)

    They left Thursday evening to drive up to Oregon to look at houses… they’re planning on moving there after the first of the year. So it’s just me and their dog. He’s sleeping & watching tv (what can I say – he loves to watch other animals on tv!) Anyway I met my best friend for dinner last night so the rest of the weekend will be spent here in the house reading and taking care of the 2 rabbits and dog! Thank god they’re perfectly happy to stay inside out of the heat and sleep their days away! While I read and putter around the house! LOL!

  15. I’m spending my labor day preparing for my upcoming practicum and making sure that I get enough rest!

  16. My husband is getting caught up on his “honey-do” list. So, we will be cleaning windows, and doing some housework. Not so fun, huh? But, it is fun to spend time with him. I hope you have a great weekend.

  17. I’m spending the Labor Day weekend at home trying to stay cool. And reading as much as I can! Today’s high was 111. It’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow, only 107. Have a great weekend.

  18. A group of us will get together for breakfast, then we’ll just spend a quiet day around home.

  19. I’m hanging with my family. Having a little ‘end of summer BBQ’ at my brothers new house!!! Happy Labor Day Everyone!!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ“š

    πŸŽ—FYI- September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!! Be aware – Kids get cancer too! (But only 4% of the country’s budget for cancer research goes to Childhood Cancer research, the rest goes to adult cancer research!!)

  20. I went to Books and Bottles Author Event in Nicholasville Ky today . Had a great time !

  21. Nothing special planned. Family all live too far away now. So will keep the meals simple and be as lazy as I can get away with.

  22. Hubby is looking for crew to go out on his 22′ sail boat and I’m sewing like mad trying to get my costumes done for the HRR at the end of the month! Thanks for the giveaway <3

  23. Unfortunately, nada πŸ˜”
    I’m actually recovering from surgery. So I’m sorta home bound πŸ™ Can’t eat anything good (nothing fattening) nor can I bend , twist or do much fun. Also, the weather is horrible here! 104 and air quality is bad, so much haze in the sky . That’s ok, ill stay inside with fans and ac πŸ™‚

  24. We are doing our normal chores hubby is off to town now shopping for me as i am disabled and he has to do it every week! Then canning tomatoes and potatoes. Julia- Have a good weekend!


  26. Enjoying my last weekday to sleep in before school starts and I have to get the kids up early every day!

  27. My plans for the weekend are staying at home and preparing for my first ever day in University which is on Monday

  28. I’m just hanging out with the family this long weekend, nothing much planned. And I hope to squeeze in lots of reading time!

  29. I will be spending labor day weekend in Kentucky doing a wood carving competition so wish me luck !!

  30. Enjoy Labor Day Weekend Julia. No major plans. Just relaxing at home. Giving me lots of hours to catch up on reading.

  31. Saturday I am meeting with a woman making a pictorial documentary about the homeless across America. I am helping her to meet with clients from the organization I volunteer with.
    Sunday I am helping 2 of the partner organizations of my charity with some of their paperwork.
    Monday I am packing for a CUSP conference that I will be at all week as the new Student Body President at my College.

  32. My husband & I were going to a friends lake house for the day. We were going to BBQ and go on the lake. She sent me an e-mail that her dad isn’t doing to well so she had to cancel. Since it is triple digits here, we might stay at home and stay cool and go out for dinner.

  33. Saturday I will be caddying at a bridge tournament (5th day in a row).
    Sunday I will rest, read, & do laundry.
    Monday I will participate in Labor Day activities, including Pittsburgh’s Labor Day parade, one of the largest in the country.

  34. Oh we are going to our state fair….school starts on Tuesday here! So excited to go alone to the grocery store for the first time since spring! πŸ™‚ Will be nice to browse around and see all the new items that came out this summer….instead of racing to the checkout with kids in tow. πŸ™‚

  35. Labor Day weekend was always one of my favorite weekends! We use to take the family camping and fishing on one of the lakes! Awe, I miss it very much. This weekend I will be reading fabulous books that will take me to the Highlands of Scotland where I will meet new characters and visit enchanting castles. What could be better!

  36. My Labor Day plans are to attend a craft show with some long time friends and to visit my Barnes and Noble to add to my TBR pile! Hope you have a great weekend!

  37. It’s just a weekend. Two oldest are at college, youngest starts Tuesday. Just keeping it low-key and watching college football.

  38. I’ll be spending Labor Day weekend with books!!! I have half a dozen in my TBR pile just screaming to be read.

  39. I’ll be hosting a family bbq with lots of good food & am looking fwd to it already. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Not too much going on this weekend at our homestead. Hubs is going to his hunt club. Deer hunting season is will be starting soon, and he’s getting all of his stands and plots ready to hunt. Me, I’ll just do the normal. Probably throw a couple of steaks on the grill too.

  41. I’m spending Labor Day Weekend mostly at home, just relaxing and catching up on a little housework. My husband and I will probably go somewhere for lunch or dinner sometime during the weekend.

  42. Have fun at the Decatur Book Festival! Sounds like a great time.

    I will be spending time with my family and hopefully finishing a couple books in my rather large to-be-read stack.

  43. Happy Labor Day! My birthday is tomorrow and they are having a 3 day fair that I will be attending in my area. Thank you

  44. If I’m lucky, not much more than reading and keeping cool. It’s going to be a hot one this weekend!

  45. Thanks for the contest. I will be spending the weekend at home grilling with family.

  46. Enjoying a fun visit with my daughter and family before I journey to my sister’s house for what may turn out to be the last time I see my sister alive…she’s lost her battle with cancer and is fading fast. Soaking up all the positive joy here I can get.

  47. Our daughter is home for the weekend. Our area has several festivals/craft show this weekend so we go “festing”. We have friends who have a Celtic band that play at one of them, so we will probably be sure to sit in on at least one of their sets. Lots of music and lots of ethnic food.

  48. It’s a long weekend here too, and I spend it between baking cookies/cakes and reading! Happy Labour Day. πŸ™‚

  49. Not to sound pathetic, but I’m home alone with my rescue Maltese since I’ve have no family living locally and all my close friends have medical and family issues. Of course can’t complain being cozy with my romance novels and movies where the weather is perfect.

  50. having my oldest son and family-(including 4 year old grandbaby girl) over to grill steaks!!

  51. My family and I will be taking a much deserved break for Labor Day. We will be hanging out at our home and spending time together.

  52. Lucky me, I will be working the entire weekend! Starting Friday straight through Tuesday! My only saving grace is that I’m off on Wednesday which happens to be my birthday!

  53. We live in Houston, so will be having a rather quiet family meal and pray for all of those harmed by Hurricane Harvey. There are still rescues going on in this part of Texas.

  54. Labour Day in Canada we are going to spend it on the lake or ocean to relax and enjoy the sunshine!!

  55. I’m gonna try to stay cool. Read a few books and relax
    I’ve given myself this long weekend to splurge on food and drink. Come Tuesday, I’m determined to start a healthy diet and lifestyle. 😊

  56. I’m. Gonna try to stay cool. Read a few books and relax
    I’ve given myself this long weekend to splurge on food and drink. Come Tuesday, I’m determined to start a healthy diet and lifestyle. 😊

  57. No definite plans except take my Mom out for dinner since her retirement complex doesn’t serve on holidays, but if my sister gets her act together, her family will join us. Otherwise, reading, reading, and more reading.

  58. Spend it with my family. We hope to spend sometime outdoors roasting marshmallows over a small fire. Let the kids play and enjoy the time together. Of course a small coookout is in order as well!!

  59. Attending an annual family barbecue on Saturday. I get to provide at least 3 good-size bowls of Caesar salad. Yum!

  60. I’ll be celebrating my son’s birthday a week late due to the rain from Harvey last weekend and my birthday which is on Labor Day.

  61. My birthday is on Saturday. I’ve decided to take a trip north on hwy 1 into Maine from Massachusetts

  62. After working 12 days straight I will be spending my Labor Day weekend resting and relaxing with my kindle. I have not been able to read as much as I normally do these past few days while working so I’m excited to get lost in a few great stories.

  63. My family is getting together for a traditional barbeque, but for a non-traditional purpose–we’re going to celebrate having survived Tropical Storm Harvey. We all live in neighborhoods in/around Houston and we are so grateful right now.

  64. Expecting a visit from a grandson that we haven’t seen in a while. Looking forward to it.

  65. My laest order from Amazon arrived today. Since rain is forcasted for most of the Labor Day weekend, I intend to read, read, read!!!

  66. My plans are to go through some of the mountain of books I have and give some to a nice young lady at work. I’m moving soon, so need to thin them out. It’s nice to find someone who will enjoy them, it makes it easier to give them up. I’m also going to get a lot of reading done of course. πŸ˜€

  67. Staying home resting, before we had to my hubby’s Dr’s appointment next week for an angiogram on his leg with a stent.

  68. Meeting up with a very special couple (married 67years) for breakfast. We actually share the same month and date for our anniversaries!

  69. Celebrating with family with BBQ and last visit to the city pool. And purchasing the last watermelon of the season. I’ll miss Summer.

    Have fun at the Decatur Book Festival, and hopefully it will be cooler than Texas.

  70. Saturday will be spent working outside; trim shrubs and cut back various plants. Sunday will be a family day including a cookout. Monday will be a day of rest, reading and drinking tea.

  71. It is Labor Day on Canada too! We are going fishing and also head to the amusement ride park here in Calgary.

  72. Our Labor day plans are a barbecue with my high school friends and visiting our sons locally. The weather here in Chicago is lovely. Thanks for the chance!

  73. We are staying close to home Labor Day but then the following week it is girl’s week in the Bahamas!!

  74. Although I’ve not yet had the opportunity to read one of your books, I’m look forward to that chance. Love the genre …

  75. Looking forward to the next book from Julia London (especially intrigued with “Jack” in the 7-book series about ex-soldiers, brothers-in-arms)

  76. I will be at home catching up on some reading. Cleaning up my room and hopefully one final day at the beach.

  77. Saturday morning hubby & I will hit the farmer’s market to pick up some tomato seconds to supplement those we grew in our garden. Then we will create our homemade spaghetti sauce to freeze and feed us during the year.

  78. I am spending my Labor Day weekend with friends by grilling out and enjoying each other.

    Hopefully Friday September 1st going to see a great outdoor concert but calling for rain.

    Going to local book sale at our library tomorrow to pick up some more good books and donate money for a good cause.

  79. Labor Day weekend here had a long standing history of being rained out, but now we’re expecting a scorcher. So indoor it is as usual!

  80. Planning on relaxing and reading and maybe watching a good Hallmark or Lifetime movie! That is!

  81. Nothing much. Sit in the inflatable pool with kids. Bbq something on Monday. Just a relaxing weekend within the family.

  82. Saturday night my husband and I are going out to dinner then to see Asleep at the Wheel in concert. A huge treat for both of us!
    I will also be reading a lot, as it is my number one favorite thing to do when I have downtime.

    Enjoy your book fest!

  83. Thanks for the amazing opportunity! I’m hoping to celebrate Labor Day with a new book and a nice chilled glass of white wine!

  84. I love your books! It’s hot hot hot here in Northern California so I’ll relax in a cool home and read!

    • Congrats Marilyn,
      Your comment was chosen at random and you’ve won a $10 Amazon gift card. My assistant will be emailing you shortly.

  85. I am going to take two of the three day weekend and do nothing except read and relax. Boy do I need it. Hope you can relax a little too!

  86. Plans for labor day weekend include Hubby’s family quarterly birthday gathering. My aunt and uncle are visiting from out of town another day.

  87. I take my nieces birthday / back-to-school shopping. We have a fun day hitting all the stores as they hunt for just the right outfits for school and enjoy a nice lunch. Just a great day hanging out together.

  88. I will be spending labor day weekend with my mom
    We will BBQ and spend time enjoying the pool .
    And I’ll be doing some reading .

    Have a wonderful time in Atlanta !

  89. Spending the weekend at the in-laws house. We were supposed to be near New Orleans enjoying their 50th wedding anniversary, until the hurricane hit. Roads are flooded on the way so it’s postponed. Instead, bringing the party to then with a big crab boil Saturday night!

  90. Our only plans are to spend it with our kids before going back to work and school. Thank you for this chance.

  91. As southern California is in the middle of a miserable heat wave, I’m heading to the bookstore (of course). I’m also going to see the summer’s favorite lady, WONDER WOMAN. If there’s air conditioning, I’m there. Anybody for autumn?

  92. It’s gonna be a scorcher in my area over Labor Day weekend, so my intention is to stay cool and sleep late. But with the heat, sleeping well may not even be a possibility.

  93. Hi Julia. I don’t have any specific plans, other than to relax and sleep in! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  94. I am attending the Labor Day parade where my grandson will be on a float with his school’s football team.

  95. I am going to the mountains – Lake Arrowhead in California for the holiday weekend. No sirens, no motorcycles, just quiet and watching the birds and squirrels and reading a few books.

  96. After a two month wait, the carpeting and furniture that I had ordered is being put in. I will spend the weekend getting my living room put back together!

  97. I’m just going to stay inside (dreary weather) and try to read some romance, if the kids aren’t too stir-crazy and actually let me read!

  98. We’re spending the weekend in Palm Springs, CA. Have a great weekend! Thanks for the chance!!

  99. I am going to spend a lot of time not doing anything. I live in Texas and the last week has been emotionally draining.

  100. Trying to get caught up on GOT and some reading. Big birthday weekend last weekend and everyone was home.

  101. Hopefully spending time with our grand daughter. My husband is on call for his job this weekend and holiday, so we can’t plan anything away from home.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Thank you