Last Duke Standing Giveaway

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159 thoughts on “Last Duke Standing Giveaway

  1. I have a lot of your books and I love the idea of princesses. I always wanted to be one or marry a duke. Old ladies dream too! Your books are always entertaining! Thank you.

    • Congratulations, Janie!
      You’re the winner of this giveaway! My assistant will reach out shortly to get your mailing information.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello from a librarian who loves historical romance. I always look forward to your latest novel!

  3. I stay up late at night because I can’t put your books until I finish them. It’s worth it to me!

  4. Your books are more than stories. They express or mirror back to me my own feelings that I could never put into words. When you read a book it can relieve your pain or share in your own joys. We all need that quiet time to ourselves and I am always grateful for the escape of a story that is so different than my life but ever so relatable to my feelings.

  5. Such an awesome giveaway thank you sooo much for the opportunity and your generosity we are having snow a sleet a wintry weather here in Oklahoma I’m enjoying just staying in my warm house and watching it snow .

  6. I would love to win copies of your Royal Wedding series. I love the look of the covers.

    My something good is that I volunteer in an elementary school library two mornings a week and read stories to some of the classes. It is wonderful to see how excited they are about reading.

  7. I look forward to enjoying reading and relaxing with this series. I’m really into all the Hallmark “Royal” movies and feel this series will captivate my imagination!

  8. My first grandson was born in November 2021. He is cute and healthy and I love him to pieces!!

  9. I greatly enjoy reading your books. They make me feel as though I’m right there watching the events happen.

  10. Nothing much is happening here. Can I say that “no news is good news”?

    I love the covers, such gorgeous dresses!

  11. If I should be so fortunate as to be the lucky one that is chosen to win your series of wedding books, it is going to make me happy, and prove that I am capable of changing my luck around. The past few months I have been dealing with a sick husband, then his cat got sick and I was running him back and forth to the Veterinarian every week for injections along with medications. Even though I was religious with his treatments at home, as well as taking him in for his injections, his poor little body wasn’t strong enough to fight off both of the viruses that he had, and he ended up passing away on my lap on January 5th. I’m still mourning his passing, even though we have been taking care of a total of 10 cats, 6 of whom are feral, and I did my best to tame them during the Summer, so they would come inside for the Winter, and not freeze to death!! We have a very small place, so it gets a little crazy around here at times, but my Husband and I are doing our best. Thank God our Landlord likes us!! Sorry I rambled, but it’s a bad/good message. Hope you have a great New Year, and all the best with your new book!!

  12. I found an ice cream shop with dairy free ice cream!!! Hooray for those of us who are allergic to milk!

  13. I haven’t read this series yet, but I have It Started with a Dog and Suddenly Dating currently checked out from my local library. After I reading these, I will start the Royal Wedding series. Even sooner if I win.

  14. Those book covers are absolutely gorgeous! They’re very whimsical. Books and yarn make me happy lol.

  15. My two new kittens haven’t completely destroyed the house and I’m hoping to hear some good news about my health. Thank you for the chance.

  16. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing. I had a great day today. Got a new phone and taken out to dinner!

  17. I like to share good novels: read Meet Me In Paradise by Libby Hubscher. Great love story – Kleenex is necessary.

    I love the dresses on the Royal Wedding covers. I can’t wait to read your first novel in the Royal Match series.
    Pick me!!! I always leave a review on Goodreads and Facebook of my fav reads and yours will be next!!!!

  18. looking forward to ST. Patrick’s Day. Decorating and playing Irish music and watching DVDs and videos.

  19. My only grandson and only grandchild stays with us every other weekend and our weekend is coming up 🤗

  20. I just found out that one of my friends finished her cancer treatment today and there is NO sign of any cancer now! Praise the Lord!

  21. Julia, I love reading your books and look forward to each new series. My daughter died the day after Mother’s Day 2016. Your books, along with those of other romance writers helped me survive my grief. So, thank you. Happy writing!!😊

  22. My “good thing” for the day is that I took my 1.5 year old husky for a walk on the beach today and she (mostly) paid more attention to me than to the other dogs. LOL

  23. Can’t wait bro read it! Suns out here and a beautiful day will have to wait until tonight 🌸

  24. The “goodest” thing I’ve got is that your books are magic on a page and I look forward to reading every word.

  25. I Can’t wait to read the Royal Wedding Series. Love your books. Something good…my brother is getting married at the end of summer. I didn’t think he would ever try it again lol

  26. Regency books are my favorite. I admire the authors who can come up with so many different plots and make each book so interesting

  27. I love your writing and am looking forward to reading Last Duke Standing.

    Thanks for hosting this contest.

  28. Something Good? Spring is coming and it’s almost time for reading a good book outside in the warm sun.

  29. I recently loss an aunt to cancer. I came home and got all my screenings. All is well. Please remember to take care of yourself.

  30. So far I have read 45 of you wonderful books. I especially liked the Highlander series and the ones set in Scotland. I am so glad your books are in print. I am one of those who has trouble trying to read an e/book.

    I look forward to your new series.

  31. I just love the way you tell your stories. You writing is very inspiring for my imagination. I haven’t been out lately, so I haven’t gotten this trio of books. I love reading with a good book itself in my hands. E books don’t do it for me due to progressing problems with my vision. So I’d love to win the series.

    Thank you, and I’ll continue to look for your books when I am out and about.

  32. Hi. I love love all your books and that will be awesome win those 3 beauties, wish me luck. thank you for giving me so many hours the romance, on my favorite Victorian era….. thx 🙂

  33. For my something good I took a road trip with my husband. He took a week off for his birthday and we found lots of new and unique shops to explore while enjoying each others company.

  34. When I am in your world I can escape from our very uncertain world. It is a blessing and a relief.

  35. Feeling cut off from the outside world as a result of the Covid pandemic, I turned to reading as a source of comfort and pleasure. Julia London became my ‘go to’ author during these hard times. I could disappear into her world of princes and princesse and, for the duration of a book, could forget about being isolated from friends and family.
    Nothing beats the power of the printed word!

  36. This sounds like a terrific series and I soooo hope to win so that I can cuddle up and start it!

  37. Something good: My husband & I relocated from Texas to the L.A. area to be near our 1st grandchild. It was difficult to leave the only city I’ve known for 60 years but I haven’t laughed and smiled so much in ages!! I’m loving it! Wishing you much joy and happiness, Julia!

  38. I have loved your books for years. My mom was also an avid reader, and I would take your books to her in the nursing home. She was able to read until she died at 99 in 2019.

  39. My husband loves me and does some very nice things for my happiness ie took me for Chinese like I’ve been wanting for Valentines Day.

  40. I have been a fan of yours when Bridgeton series was initially published. I remember going to Borders 🙁 to get each one of the books !

  41. Thank you so much for the chance to signed copies of the three books in the A Royal Wedding series!

  42. I love anything in the historical fiction genre! My favorite is the Victorian era. I have royal connection to Queen Victoria on my mother’s side of my family! Thank you for your beautiful books.

  43. I’ve been able to catch up on reading, this winter. I am looking forward to reading your newest book in the royal wedding series.