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300 thoughts on “March Giveaway!

  1. I would like to visit Germany. That is where my Dad’s family came from. Not to mention the fact that I am obsessed with castles!

  2. My dream vacation has always been Scotland! I would love to visit EVERY place there, but more than anything I would love to visit the Isle of Skye. It’s always been a dream to go swimming in the faerie pools there! They look so beautiful. I always fancied myself as part Scottish, since it runs in the family, but after having a DNA test done, sadly I found out I’m not. But am part Irish/British… So I still feel like that’s close enough right? lol I have always had a love for both Scotland & Ireland. The land, the traditions and history, and music. And I adore Highland romances! So thank you so much for this giveaway! ♡

  3. My dream vacation has always been Scotland, it’s such a magical place filled with nature and history💖.

  4. My dream vacation is a trip to Scotland,really. I’ve always wanted to visit. Including Ireland and UK. Thank you. ♥️♥️

  5. My dream vacation is Scotland as well. My boyfriend is Scottish but neither of us have ever been. We plan to make a trip as soon as we can and hopefully Elope on that same trip ❤️

  6. I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland! I really hope that happens someday!

  7. My dream vacation would be anywhere with my grandkids. They are always so happy and crazy. They make me happier just watching their antics!

  8. Winter is hard on my mind and body. My dream vacation right now would be a week on a boat sailing around the Carribean.

  9. Hello! I have enjoyed your books for many years and look forward to enjoying them for years to come. Just want to let those who don’t already know that Devils Cub is the sequel to These Old Shades.

  10. I don’t know that I really have an absolute favourite vacation place that stands out as the one to beat all. I have loved every place I’ve gone, from the island of Rhodes to the islands in the Caribbean and Mexican gulf. I’ve been back to the UK and Ireland the most though, opting to live on both islands for a little while. No matter where I go, I find I can fall in love. The scenery, the culture, the history.. it’s just ingrained in me to be fascinated by it all. My next goal though is to see the rest of my home country while I’m here again. Idk why but we tend to find more appealing outside of ourselves and who we are, and I think I just need a reminder, that we’re all worthy of being considered the best place to visit. 🌎💕

  11. Italy, hands down. If I can’t get there, then it’s off to Charleston, SC I go. But I’m still dreaming of going to Ireland.

  12. favorite vacation – either Georgia or anywhere by the ocean!! dream vacation would probably be going to London for all the history that I love!

  13. Dream vacation is an overwater bungalo in Tahiti, Bora Bora or someplace like that.

  14. My dream vacation is a chance to point the car to the highway and just go where the wind takes me, stopping at interesting places and exploring the nation

  15. Bermuda and staying at the Hamilton Princess can’t wait till I can go back people wonderful and friendly, beaches beautiful, great gardens, museums and historical houses to visit when you need a break from the beach !

  16. I would love an extended vacation on an island where I can sit on a beach and read while someone else does all the cooking and cleaning!

  17. My dream vacation would be to Germany to visit the small town my ancestors came from.

  18. My dream vacation is to cruise the Greek islands. Since that’s not likely I try to visit a best friend in florida and hang out at the beach in the Gulf of Mexico.

  19. Hawaii would be good to visit. I have never been and would like to see all the islands.

  20. I was planning to cruise to Scandinavia and end up in England to visit Stonehenge – before the shutdowns. Would still love to go sometime in the future.

  21. Bridge of Scarlet Leaves

  22. It varies. Sometimes it’s somewhere warm, but sometimes it’s through Europe.

  23. There are so many places I want to go. Scotland, Ireland, and New Zealand are at the top of the list.

  24. My dream vacation would be to visit Hawaii. I would like to spend several weeks on each island, especially Maui.

  25. The first book of yours I read was “The Book of Scandal.,” around 2008. I have been a fan every since.

  26. I really want to go to Rome and Athens. They’ve been on my list since high school – 40 years!!

  27. My favorite vacation would be to go back to Germany & show my husband the house that our family lived in when we lived there growing up. I had some wonderful memories growing up there.

  28. I love going to Naples, FL to visit my grandma. If I could go anywhere I would love to go back to Italy and eat gelato and pasta the whole time.

  29. My dream vacation is to go to Scotland, Ireland and England. One of these days I will get there!

  30. If I could go anywhere it would be a giant tour starting in England, then winding through Wales & Scotland & finally hopping over to Ireland to finish up.
    PS: I’m a big fan of both you, Julia London, & Suzanne Enoch & have been for years. Thanks!

  31. Dream vacay would be exploring castles and historical/archaeological sites in Scotland, Ireland, and England, or a cozy cabin in the mountains of CO, WY, or MT.

  32. I would love to be able to travel to Scotland and Wales and visit places which were home to my ancestors.

  33. Scotland and Ireland are on my bucket list! I would love to go visit. My husband wants to go and watch rugby so I can site see and he can go to the games!!

  34. Dream vacation would be around the world cruise so see so many different locations without planes and packing after arriving at the ship.

  35. My dream vacation would be Kentucky for the blue grass and horses, and just ride.

  36. To be able to disappear would be a great skill. Definitely Sky Walker. My first Romance book was Danielle Steel’s “The Promise”. Just loved it.

  37. I would love to visit Japan or France
    But I would be happy on the beach in Destin, Fl as a vacation right now

  38. My dream vacation destination is Italy. And we were all set to go there last May to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary, but we all know how that turned out! Hoping for later this year, we’ll see…

  39. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe, most especially places like Paris, France and the Tuscany area of Italy.

  40. My dream vacation is to go to Scotland. My great grandfather was born there

  41. My dream vacation destination would be either Ireland or, of course, Scotland. I’ve always wanted to visit Edinburgh and Dublin.

  42. My favorite destination is Japan. The nature, different culture, intresting religion and te food!

  43. My daughter was married in Vermont and I thought it was so beautiful there. I would love to be able to travel there again in the near future.

  44. I’d love to go back to Italy with my husband and son. I was there as a child. It’s a beautiful country and delicious food!

  45. My dream vacation would be visiting Switzerland and Austria. I want to hike in the Alps, visit the cities where Mozart lived and worked, where the Trapp family came from. I want to eat delicious pastries and breads.

    I worked with a woman from Lucerne Switzerland, Her pictures were so gorgeous I can’t wait to visit!

  46. I went to Scotland two years ago but was only there 2 full days. I missed so much that I wanted to see and do. I need to go back and soon.

    • Congratulations, Kerri!

      You’re this month’s winner. My assistant will be reaching out shortly!




  47. My dream vacation would be seeing Ireland, Scotland and England so, much history to soak up.

  48. The idea alone of traveling through the lush Scottish Isles is enough to give me an alternating sense of serenity and heart palpitations. I hope to one day experience the real thing… you know, just to see how I’d feel about it in reality. 😉

  49. I’ve always dreamed of visiting the UK and have been Scotland obsessed since falling for Gerard Butler and James McAvoy on the big screen. Until I get there, my favorite vacation is visiting relatives and archaeological sites in Greece.

  50. My dream vacation is a soft sand beach with plenty of shade trees and no bugs so I can relax and either read or nap to my heart’s content.

  51. I’ve been to Scotland and New Zealand, which were at the top of my list. My current dream is to go to Ireland, though I’d love to go back to Scotland to see the parts we missed last time.

  52. I was fortunate enough to honeymoon in Scotland, we hiked and followed the whiskey trail. Right now my dream vacation would be a summertime vacation in the Alps (Swiss, French and Italian)

  53. I would love to go to Scotland. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to many amazing places, but my favorite was Alaska.

  54. I’d love to head to the Highlands of Scotland and see the beautiful terrain.

  55. My dream vacation is to see the northwest US and Canada. Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Vancouver, and the Canadian Rockies.

  56. A sandy beach. With gently lapping waves and swaying palm trees. A large cocktail with an little umbrella in it. And a cabana boy. Definitely a cabana boy.

  57. My dream vacation would be a leisurely road trip from Texas, up the Rockies to Calvary for the Calvary Stampede and go back down on the West slope through Utah to the Grand Canyon and back home

  58. My dream vacation is a train/cruise combination trip to Alaska. I went to a lecture many years ago and the trip described was amazing. It’s on my bucket list.

  59. I have a few places that I would love to visit. Ireland, Sicily, Germany and Hawaii. A couple places have family and others I have wanted to see all my life

  60. Loved the fun facts. Have always wanted to go to Scotland ever since Outlander.

  61. I’d love to vacation on a cruise to Hawaii. And use soak up the sun when I get there. And shopping. And eating.

    Ps Loved reading Hit me with your Best Scot. Coll and his brothers were quite the team. Persephone (can’t think of what Coll called her) was fun!

  62. Love both of your writing and would love to win these books. Have been reading you both for years.

  63. Mountains, hands down….beauty, peace, clean air, flowers, animals, etc….that’s a dream vacation!

  64. My favorite vacation place is Walt Disney World but my dream vacation would be Hawaii.

  65. My dream vacation would be 2 weeks in Scotland visiting all the castles and pubs I can fit in…

  66. I would like to see Scotland and Ireland. Maybe go back to Rota Spain and see how it’s changed since i was last there.

  67. My dream vacation would be in a sunshine-filled summer home, lakeside in the Adirondack mountains of New York State!

  68. hmm where have i always wanted to go or what is my dream destination?? well i haven’t travelled much but i have been to some parts of spain. i guess that i would love to see more of it there, all over, barcelona, madrid, all over. would love to see more of that beautiful country. thanx for the chance to win.

  69. My Favorite place is Paris! After the pandemic , I’ll going to plan a trip there .

  70. Best Vacation Ever: We went to Germany the 1st week of December to tour the Christmas Markets as we drove down the Rhine. We stayed in a castle! Our room had a hidden passage through the bookcase leading into the bathroom. Our son stayed in the turret! Every day we drove to a new town and its Christmas Market! I want to do it again!

  71. I’d like to see the United States by motorhome. We were going to start last year but Covid put a stop to that. Hopefully soon.

  72. My favorite vacation spot is Maui, Hawaii. Paradise is a gentle warm breeze, crashing waves, whales and turtles, fruity drinks and a fun historical romance!

  73. I was lucky enough to go to Scotland in 2019 and would love to return. People so nice and scenery is gorgeous.

  74. My favorite dream vacation spot is Paris, France in April in the springtime. I want to see the Eiffel Tower so bad. I want to get photographed next to it. Take a trip down the Seine river. Visit all the great museums like the Louvre. Even those famous catacombs.

  75. I would love to win! My dream vacation is a hut on the water in Bora Bora.

  76. I have always wanted to see Scotland and Ireland. The closest I have gotten to that was a family vacation to the east coast of my home country, Canada. It is a wonderful place to see and enjoy. Beautiful land, fantastic people and a lot of things to see and do. Would go again in a heartbeat, especially is my 2 adult sons came as well.

  77. We went to Colorado and down through the southwest when I was younger. I always liked visiting that area. There are many places I would like to visit.

  78. My favorite vacation was the beach. My aunt lived in South Carolina and the family would go to Hilton Head Island so that we could get sand in every nook and cranny of our bodies. We looked forward to it every year.

  79. I would love to go to Alaska and Iceland. I have always wanted to
    see the Aurora Borealis.

  80. My dream vacation is Hawaii. I want to see all the beautiful scenery and blue waters.

  81. My dream vacation would be to go to Bora Bora and stay in one of those over the water huts!

    I actually took archery in college! It is wonderful and relaxing! My parents owned an archery shop when I was young as well!

  82. While I enjoy reading about Scotland and Ireland, I would love to visit all the National Parks here in the USA.

  83. My favorite vacation spot is the UK. I love Scotland. There is a magical feeling that happens when you step off the plane. The only other place I’ve felt that is walking through the gates of Disney World. 🤣 From the cities to the country side everything about Scotland is beautiful. The people are wonderful and the culture is vibrant. Truly a one of a kind place.

  84. I had my DNA tested in two different companies and I am Scots, Scandinavian, and Irish so it only stands to reason that I would want to go on a quest to the old countries to discover my roots. But I really want to go to Tancredville near Normandy as he was my Viking ancestor sometime around 1065 where he established the village and the castle and church still stands in ruins but they took the surname of Washburn when it was made a ruling and the family built The Washburn Mansion that will today allow anyone who can prove Washburn heritage to tour the Mansion. Tancred had involvement with a lot of famous people in his day. That would be my dream vacation. Debby Washburn Hill

  85. My dream vacation is Ireland and Scotland. I’d love to visit the land of my mother’s family. And I really want to see the Scottish Highlands!

  86. I would really like to visit Scotland and stay at a fancy country hotel! Excursions during the day and reading both fiction and nonfiction about Scotland at night!

  87. I’d love to visit Copenhagen. My grandparents emigrated from Denmark in 1910. Their stories of a wonderful country, lovely people, and a fascinating city made visiting there a top item on my bucket list

  88. Hello, My dream vacation is to visit Sicily. I am of Sicilian descent and have always wanted to visit where my family roots are. I have heard so many stories from family who have visited there. All the charm and beauty I have read makes me desire to visit before it’s too late for me to enjoy.

  89. I too like archery, my handwriting is poor at best, but I am a good typer – I love to read and did at one time (i was very young) hope to write a book, alas my skills are not there

  90. Since reading my first Scottish Highlands romance novel (or listening to it) after having seen Braveheart, and being a little Scottish myself, my dream destination is Scotland!

  91. I have been dreaming about an Ireland/Scotland trip since I was a kid! Someday!

  92. My favorite vacation place is Mackinac Island, MI. My dream vacation would be going to Ireland.

  93. Can’t wait to travel again! Want to return to Scotland – this time to see the Islands I missed the last two times. And to gave some good peaty whisky of course!

  94. I would love to return to Maui, Hawaii. I went for my honeymoon 33 years ago and would love to return.

  95. I’d like to visit Mars — there is desert scenery there without (so far as we know) snakes or scorpions. Some day in the far future we’ll be having day excursions to places we can only imagine today.

  96. I’d love to visit Scotland and/or England. But I almost feel like I’ve been there from all the historical romances I’ve read.

  97. We spent 10 days in the Scottish Highlands in September and had a great time. My dream holiday is a little bit different, to go to the Masai Mara during the Wildebeest migration!

  98. My dream vacation destination London, England, Paris France, Italy and Portugal.

  99. I would love to go to Japan! I had to cancel my dream vacation to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka a year ago.

  100. I would love to travel to Scotland; I would love seeing all the different kilts

  101. Peru and Chile !

    I’m obsessed with historic ruins and .. Aliens!

    I want to see the Nazca lines, puma punku, macha pichu

  102. My favorite vacation is with my hubby visiting my daughter and grandkids Easton and Emmi- in Ft.Worth TX. My dream vacation is in summer 4 days in Chicago and 4 days in Milwaukee/Madison seeing relatives and going to baseball games!!!ULTIMATE VACATION is to Nova Scotia, then to Paris then to Sicily!!!!

  103. Ireland. My husband and I were all set to go when covid was first getting started. Out of an abundance of caution the whole thing got cancelled. I hope one day we’ll be able to go.

  104. My favorite vacation is spending time in Wyoming on a real working ranch during the spring and summer.

  105. My dream vacation would be to Scotland. I’d also love to go to a cold remote-ish kind of place in Alaska, Canada or Iceland. Thank you for the chance.

  106. I always wanted to go to Ireland. I love reading books about it. The green grass looks so amazing.

  107. I would love to visit the Scottish Highlands. I’d love to see in person where you place your characters.

  108. Ireland and Puerto Rico, my husband and I want to visit our families.
    I went to Puerto Rico 41 years ago but never Ireland

  109. I’ve been to Scotland, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and loved them all. Now I want to got to the Fiji Islands, maybe a resort. I’ve never done anything like that.

  110. I’d love to go to Ireland. I had a stop in Jamaica on a cruise and I loved it and would like to go back for longer.

  111. Savannah GA is our favorite vacation spot but I would love to drive all of Route 101!

  112. Scotland, Ireland, England, Italy, and the Bahamas. Any of these would be my dream vacation. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and the chance to win!

  113. I’ve only been to Edinburgh, but I plan to spend a month traveling all over Scotland someday!

  114. I would love to start in Paris and spend quality time in all the European countries’ cities and countrysides. There’s so much beauty and history to see firsthand and not just through a book/pictures.

  115. I fell in love with Georgrttr Heyer when I was in high school.There was a
    copy of The Grand Sophy” out and I loved the cover ( I was an art student)
    read the book & haven’t stopped reading Regencies since.

  116. Right now, my dream vacation involves sandy beaches and clear blue water- somewhere tropical. I haven’t been to the Virgin Islands yet so I would love to go there!

  117. I want to visit all 50 states. I have quite a few states left to visit. I especially want to travel to Alaska and Hawaii.

  118. We have been to Ireland and Scotland and it’s a favorite place to go back to again. We would love to see more of each country.

  119. My favorite place to vacation is South Dakota. I love going to the Badlands and Custer State Park to see all the buffalo.

  120. I would love to vacation in Italy or Greece. Just spending a couple weeks exploring the beauty of both countries and enjoying the food. I had the chance to go to Italy a few years ago and it was too short of a trip. I would love to go back! Cruising is also a favorite for vacation, you can see so many places in the course of one vacation. My favorite cruise, so far, has been our cruise to St. Kitts in the Caribbean. I would love to take a European cruise, though.

  121. I would love to go to England….take a Jane Austen tour. Second choice Scotland for the castles!

  122. My favorite place so far has been Hawaii because of the beautiful beaches.
    I’d love to go to Scotland and Denmark as that is where my family came from when they immigrated here.

  123. My daughter lived in Asia for 9 years. I enjoyed visiting her and traveling to many countries; Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Beautiful countries, fantastic food and nice people.

  124. I would so love to go to Scotland or Ireland. I’ve never been, to see the beautiful countryside would definitely be a dream come true.

  125. My dream destination would be Ireland or New Zealand. Would love to see both and both destinations would be a trip of a life time

  126. My dream vacation is to visit the British Isles with lots of time spent in Scotland, home of my ancestors!
    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

    • I would also like to travel to Austria and Switzerland. Ireland would be fun to visit as my paternal grandmother’s family and my maternal grandfather’s family hail from Ireland.

  127. Sanibel Island, FL – great shell hunting, charming restaurants and warm weather (I am hunkered down in PA right now).

  128. My favorite vacation (remember what those are?) Was New Zealand, followed by Scotland.

  129. I would love to rent a car a travel through Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Now they I’m retired I can take my time and drive wherever the road takes us!

  130. Scotland or Ireland. They are beautiful countries and those accents. Oh my!

  131. My husband and I have always dreamed of going to Calabria Italy because his father emigrated from there.

  132. I pretty much enjoy everywhere I travel to. I’d love to go back to England, Spain, or Scotland and see more!

  133. My dream vacation is to Alaska! I am hoping to someday see the northern lights!

  134. Believe it or not, I just started reading romance. So I am particularly looking forward to reading Hit With Me With Your Best Scot!

  135. My dream vacation would be either Scotland or Norway. I think it would be awesome to visit the places that my family came from.

  136. I have always wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland and my girlfriend got to go one time. Her grandparents were from Ireland so she did get to visit. It just make me want to go that much more.

  137. I would love to travel to Ireland, the home of my ancestors. That would be my dream vacation.

  138. Britain and Wales is on my list for my next vacation! I purchased the Great Course on touring Britain,Wales and Scotland. I’m ready to pack my bags anytime now!

  139. I enjoy a Walt Disney World vacation – it’s easy to organize and everything is taken care of once you arrive. We had planned a trip to Hawaii last year, but alas it was a 2020 casualty.

  140. My dream vacation is to go to Greece, Italy and Scotland. I would have included Egypt and India as well, but there is too much violence going on there for me.

  141. My favorite vacation so far was Jamaica. Whenever I need to feel better I just think back to my time there. My dream vacation is Edinburgh, Scotland. I hope I’m able to get there someday!!

  142. There are many places that I’d consider a dream vacation. I think I’d love to visit Ireland or Scotland and do a lot of hiking to see the countryside and landscape.

  143. There are so many places I would love to go for a “dream” vacation. But I think now it would be … Ireland. I’ ve never been and always wanted to go. But anywhere in the British Isles would be a dream destination for me.

  144. I live in Ireland so it’s full of mystery and celtic history. However, I love Scotland. Was there once many years ago and would love to visit again. Especially the highlands.

  145. My favorite vacation spot so far is New Zelaand but I’m hoping to travel to Canada after the pandemic and you never know, I might find a new one there!

  146. Happy Memories! When we got married we had found a house which we hoped would be our starter home. My soon-to-be husband was then told his company was moving to Connecticut (we had been looking in Queens, NY). We hurriedly looked for an apartment and found the most beautiful place that even had a running brook behind it (so romantic!!). The majority of occupants were newlyweds. When we returned from our honeymoon and moved in, it was just so much fun – we would all bring out our grills and barbecue every weekend. If I could go back in time, this would be the place!!

  147. I just finished The Horsemasters Daughter by Susan Wiggs. I read it years ago. I enjoy rereading “old school” books occasionally. I read all types of books.

  148. My husband an dI have a dream vacation- a private beach where we can just lay out, read books and take a dip in the water. With our 42 anniversary coming up very soon, I do not see this dream every happening.

  149. Our 3oth anniversary was to go to Ireland. Then Covid hit. Ireland is not going anywhere & neither are we hopefully. My dream vacations are my lands. Ireland, Scotland, England & POLAND…Polish girl in the house. Be well, Be safe!!!!

  150. My dream destination is Scotland but that’s only my first stop on a trip around the world. The other stops would include Tuscany, Malta, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. My favorite place to visit is Switzerland and the Black Forest in Germany. I’ve been once, and I would really love to go back again once it’s safe to travel. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize pack.

  152. My two favourite places for holidays are Stratford on Avon ( I love the theatre) and Budleigh Salterton in East Devon.

  153. My favorite vacation spot is St. Maarten. The people there are so kind and friendly. The temperature is WARM and the island is green with mountains and vegetation. Heaven on earth ( besides West Virginia of course!)

  154. I sometimes prefer to write by hand, it helps me sort out where I’m headed in my stories.

  155. My bucket list includes Scotland, Ireland, England and Italy. Of course, I would need to win the lottery first!

  156. My favorite destination has so far been Grand Cayman Island! But I would really like to see Greece & Italy!