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297 thoughts on “MAY GIVEAWAY

  1. I’m going to see my four grandkids today. I haven’t seen them for months as I’ve been recovering from cancer surgery. I have missed them so much and have cried many tears.

  2. These books all look good. I have done a lot of reading and even read genres I haven’t read before in the past year.

  3. My good news is that a cyst that was removed from my head is nothing to be worried about. God has blessed me today! Thanks for the chance to win in your giveaway!

  4. It’s finally warm enough to leave the windows open (at least during the day).

  5. The snow has finally all melted! My perennials are peeking up everywhere. Finally, I can say, it’s Spring!

  6. I saw the first swallow of the year. And some of the snow hasn’t even melted yet! Someone was really early this year….

  7. I am recovering from reconstruction of my nose from a 3 year battle of skin cancer and as I cannot go out live for my kindle and reading including your books. Thank you for your e-mails.
    Ella Valdez

  8. It’s Friday and the sun is shining! I am counting down the days of this endless and exhausting school year…. 23 more days for me. 🙂

  9. The weatger is getting warmer and will be able to get outside and swim or fish in nearby lakes

  10. I know people are sick of Covid related news however my good news is that my immediate family is vaccinated – I was very worried about my daughter who has a rare hypercoagulation autoimmune blood disorder. My parents and in-laws are also vaccinated – which means in addition to breathing a sigh of relief, I can go visit my father in early June. We also have a few sets of friends who have not been comfortable socializing even in an outdoor and distanced manner. They are vaccinated too, so we can now get together even if it is still outdoors. 🙂

  11. Fully vaccinated as of today! Planning to go on a round robin with businesses in our area. Getting much needed rain and everything is looking green. Happy reading everyone. Keep safe.

  12. Always happy with book in hand and do not disturb sign is up!!!

  13. I have been reading Julia’s for as long as I can remember. They are always entertaining and well built characters, that you would actually want to be friends with.

  14. I love your writing. Great characters. Thanks for sharing your talents with all your fans.

  15. I’m gonna be a Grandma again in September. Thanks for the chance

  16. My daughter is buying her first house, condo, and it closing the month! We will officially be empty nesters. I’m so excited for her. 💕👏🏻

  17. I recently made some 18th century stays and loves how they turned out! Its also getting warmer and the flowers are blooming which I’m enjoying immensely.

  18. After a severe winter storm I thought all my plants were gone! However, my rose bushes survived and are beautiful! The flowers on my table make so happy! I really enjoy their beauty!

  19. My daughter is graduation kindergarten this year! Thanks for the chance.

    • Congrats, Twila!

      You’re the winner of this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be emailing soon with all the detals.
      Have a great weekend 🙂



  20. I bet my good news is most everyone elses. I am fully vaccinated. My wife had her second dose yesterday, our son gets his second in 13 days and our daughter got her second last week. Woot!

  21. My husband and I have received our second Covid shot. Looking forward to being able to safely see my daughter and my sister.

  22. Spring is here and on Mother’s Day hubby is putting in my raised beds for vegis . I am so excited as on Sat we are going down to an Amish greenhouse that we have been going to for years and buying the hanging baskets. Plus my spring bulbs that he planted last Sept are now blooming and i am sharing those flowers with some of the neighbors, So glad that we live in a rural area and far away from other people! We can plant so much on our land and we love it.

  23. Hubby and I are vaccinated and our vacation to see our grandson is only 3 weeks away!

  24. The good news that I share is that the pool at our local Senior Center reopened yesterday, May 3rd. And, after 14 months of no classes, I was able to take a Water Aerobics class yesterday morning. You can’t see it, but I’m doing a happy dance!!!! 🙂

  25. Happy Mothers Day. All the mothers in my family have finally gotten the COVID vaccine. My branch of the family will meet at my house Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day, including my new 2 month old granddaughter, Mia. Hope you have a goog Mother’s Day, too.

  26. my oldest son is finishing his first year in college, having found a passion for welding school

  27. I have read a Tif Marcelo book and loved it! Looking forward to the new one. Additionally, I read the Abby Jimenez book and it was fantastic! Thanks for the great suggestions!

  28. Beautiful days ahead filled with sunshine and enjoyment. All of family is vaccinated.

  29. good news is that my eldest is getting married and my third is graduating high school

  30. I have a new grandbaby born April 21. A few weeks early but all are doing well.

  31. Thank you for introducing me to Tif Marcelo. I am looking forward to reading her books along with yours!

  32. I love reading and I thank you all for writing book. Good news is I can visit my daughter in Ohio and that is wonderful.

  33. Hope everyone enjoys a Happy Mother’s Day weekend

    Our family is all vaccinated so we are going to get-together at our family home in central Wisconsin, the week around July 4th. We haven’t seen our youngest granddaughter since September of 2019! She’s going to be 2 in July.

    My middle son and his lovely wife are expecting their first child in August. It is a high risk pregnancy. Luckily, all has gone smoothly. Cross your fingers!

  34. I am one chapter away from completing the first book in my trilogy! Yes, the storyline is over a decade old with many different failed rewrite attempts. But this one feels like the one. I’ve had no fights over scrapping it since I started and I can already just jump into book two once this one is done. Makes me super happy that I’ve finally cracked this one. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll see it on a shelf somewhere. We’ll see… 😁💕

  35. My good news is I am fully vaccinated against Covid 19. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

  36. It’s nice to hear the sounds of spring. Birds and rain! Enjoyed not having to water the garden last weekend.

  37. Thanks for including international readers in your giveaway. I’m hoping to have my vaccination soon.

  38. I am so happy to see the title of your newest book! I am a retired high school librarian and was fortunate to have a very large and diverse collection! I am looking forward to reading your book. I have recently healed from a radical surgery and am back on “go” now!

  39. Good news…Spring has begun to spring and summer is just around the corner. But reading is never out of season.

  40. They played a couple of my favorite songs on the radio today. Haven’t heard them for ages. Brings back wonderful memories.

  41. On May 2oth, My husband and I will be celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. It has been quite an adventure!!!

  42. My niece is making her confirmation in a week and my sister is driving 300 miles to come visit us! Looking forward to both.

  43. My family is immunized as of last Thursday. I can breathe again. What a lovely and generous giveaway; thank you.

  44. I live in New York and everyone in my family over 16 got their Covid vaccinations. The city is finally opening May 19. Hooray

  45. The spring flowers in my garden are so beautiful this year. It is wonderful to be able to go outside again without a mask.

  46. My son is coming for Mother’s Day weekend. I haven’t seen him since Christmas 2019. So glad we all got vaccinated.

  47. I recieved my 2 year cancer free news from my doctors appointment!!

  48. The flowers in my garden are blooming and I am fully vaccinated!

  49. I still have a job and business is picking up!! My grass is turning green and the flowers are starting to pop up!!

  50. The good news is that my 15 year old may be eligible for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine next week!

  51. I enjoy the warmer weather and it’s finally here. I am also looking to take a long vacation this month!

  52. My parents are visiting for the first time in a long time now that we’re all vaccinated!

  53. A great friend of mine just “rang the bell”. She is now cancer-free! YAY!!

  54. I am fully vaccinated and can’t wait to go to a concert this year that was rescheduled from last year 😁

  55. Your books are so exciting! Good news is my 12th grandchild is a miracle after being born early at 4lbs. He is always happy & content. I love being with him as much as I enjoy reading.

  56. Spring may finally be on the way. It rained today instead of snowed.

  57. After working a six day stint, I get three days off! Mind you, I’ve appointments and other things scheduled, but I’m still off work…AND I’m gonna read every other chance I get! 🙂

  58. All of kids, my hubby & I have been vaccinated. My garden looks pretty with all the tulips in bloom.

  59. My husband, mother and I all are full unvaccinated and in fairly good health. That’s the best news I can think of!

  60. I’ve convinced my 7 year old nephew reading is not a bad thing. Of course I have to pay him, but I’m okay with that.

  61. It is great that so many Americans are getting vaccinated, but I am happy to continue being cautious for a while longer.

    These books look good. Thanks for the opportunity.

  62. I am fully vaccinated and happy to be getting back out. The sun and flowers are making me happy!☀️🌺

  63. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway to start off the month of May. I am now fully vaccinated, and I have been working in person since April 12. I am so thrilled to see my fellow teachers and my special need students in person!!

  64. May is an exciting month because we celebrate so many birthdays , Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. It was my mother’s birthday and anniversary, my 71st birthday, my son’s birthday, my daughter-in-laws birthday , it was my husband’s mother’s birthday and it is his brother’s birthday. Lots of cards and cakes to make, but most important those of us who are vaccinated can celebrate together. Thank you for the contest and more books to read!

  65. My son graduated from college this past weekend and has signed on for his first “adult” job. Very happy for him.

  66. I am fully vaccinated and my tulips and daffodils are in bloom.

  67. Good news is few and far between around here.. BUT… my grandson got accepted at his first choice college..he’s going to be studying biochemical engineering. I am proud of him!

  68. All the books sound appealing to me.
    I look forward to reading them.

  69. I just planted my first climbing rose bushes! Very excited to see if they cover everything in sight 🙂

  70. hmm good news. mothers day on sunday so hopefully my husband and son will do something special for me. hopefully.

  71. Some good news is that my fiancé and I have BOTH already had COVID-19. It wasn’t fun but my fiancé and I lived through it, He had open heart surgery about a year ago and we were BOTH sooo HAPPY and BLESSED that he is doing well, feeling much better, and we are BOTH Covid free now. 😉
    MORE HAPPY NEWS IS: that we have BOTH had our First COVID-19 shot and are waiting to get our second shot very soon.
    And last but not least: things are FINALLY starting to get back to normal.
    Thank The Lord! 😉

  72. My good news is that I got an early Mother’s Day gift — a new phone! No more dropped calls and grainy pictures (I hope)!

  73. Well I will be retiring in 25 days. I won’t know how to act because I’ve always worked but I already have a list of things I want to accomplish.

  74. I will retire after 31 years as a special education teacher. I plan on doing lots of reading and spend time with my grandchildren.

  75. I’m leaving my current school, after 24 years, to teach at a school much closer to me. So excited. I can walk there if I want.

  76. We finally got both our Covid vaccines AND our daughter got both of hers and her husband has his first! Feeling good about it!

  77. My good news is that my children are going to be adopted by my husband. They have been asking for years to be adopted and it is finally happening. Praise God! Thank you for this chance. God Bless.

  78. I am fully immunized against the Co-vid 19 virus and I am ready to start shopping again Yay!!!

  79. My great grandson had surgery on his cleft lip…..all went well. And his smile is beautiful.

  80. Would love to win! All three of these books look absolutely fantastic!!!!

  81. Also fully vaccinated! I saw a friend on Facebook had somehow enhanced her picture with the word “vaccinated.” I think we all ought to do that to encourage others.

  82. I have been enjoying reading so much during all the time that I have been spending at home.

  83. Oh what a wonderful giveaway- and right around our 40th Anniversary. I am an AVID reader and so enjoy sitting, reading and sipping some ice cold Florida tea. Reading is my escape from it all – it takes me to another place, another time, its just so relaxing. So please keep the wonderful publications coming. These fantastic books are so appreciated.

  84. The good news is the warmer temperatures letting people go outside more.

  85. We’re fully vaccinated too! Hopeful that things will keep opening up and we can have more active social lives.

  86. Thank you for the chance to win these books!! Looking forward to reading them.

  87. My whole family is vaccinated so we can finally see each other.

  88. Springtime is blossoming, covid shots are done, and family is coming to visit again!! What could be better?!

  89. All my friends have been vaccinated and we’re getting together for lunch. That’s good news to me.

  90. It is May 3 & there’s no more snow in my yard!! Plus, I finally re-planted the irises this past weekend!

  91. I became a great-aunt for the time on Easter. My nephew and his fiance had a beautiful baby boy.

  92. I have decided to fight to overcome anxiety! That is the 1 positive thing ive done for myself…ever. Im determined to be free from anxiety!

  93. I had In a BookClub Far Away on my Goodreads tbr list already, can’t wait to read it. My son is active military so that will make it all the more interesting.

  94. My neice got married Saturday! My father came from Mississippi for the wedding and it was the first time my sister has seen him in over 6 years! My daughter made the high school cheer team again! Also…this may be the best…I have lost 12 pounds in the last 6 weeks! I have more to lose, but I feel amazing!

  95. My Dad has been released from Occupational therapy and Physical therapy. Just waiting for his new shoes to arrive. He had been in the hospital for Sepsis and is coming back from it.

  96. Nice assortment of books in this giveaway. Thanks for the chance

  97. Good news-the weather is finloy giving me time to get out in my garden and work. Yeah tme out of doors

  98. Life in QLD is pretty much back to normal. It pays to do the right thing.

  99. The weather in East TX is beautiful and I love it. Thanks for the chance.

  100. My good news is that we survived 4 tornadoes touching down last night. Thank God!

    Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

  101. Warm weather is coming and we can go outside and see friends and neighbors again

  102. I’d love to win any one of these books! These all look delicious!

  103. Glad things are trying to get semi-normal. Love your books and would love to win.

  104. Today is my birthday and this would be a great present. I recently had a cardio cath and everything checked out great.

  105. I got to visit my daughter in another state for the first time since she moved!

  106. Now hat I am fully vaccinated I can hug and cuddle my two little grandsons!!

  107. It’s Spring here in the valley and we just saw the first crocus blooming on the hill. The river has melted and we love sitting by the river watching the geese and ducks playing in the water. The garden is almost ready to plant and we are excited to watch things grow. If you look hard enough there is always something to be grateful for each day.

  108. I retired! I’m so excited and glad to start relaxing and enjoying my grandkids, husband, quilting and reading
    Thanks for the chance to win these books

  109. I’ve read 274 books since Covid lockdown in Ma on March 16,2019

  110. My daughter will be coming home this week from her 1st year at college!!!

  111. My daughter got into the high school of her choice with a great theatre program! Now I have time to read these books!

  112. It’s spring! Trees are green. Flowers are popping up. It’s a beautiful season.

  113. My husband my son and me were able to get our covid shots all about the same time.

    • that is nice, i just have shot one, so far the astrozeneka, i have to well i hope not, too long, but my next dose is august 9,

      no, i do not live in the US…so that’s why


  114. It’s my mom’s 93rd birthday. She has survived so much, SARS‑CoV‑2 didn’t have a chance!

    • oh no, i’m so sorry

      i just lost mine at the end of march, she had a massive infection and with what was wrong with the rest of her, bad kidneys, bad heart, and bad liver, she just couldn’t fight….

      up until she went into the hospital, though her mind was sharp, and she was up and walking around, and everything

      she was 88

  115. We got a new puppy! Our dog of 13 years passed away 2 years ago and we just got a new puppy to join our family.

    • good e you guys

      i live in an appatment building and there are quite a few dogs here, some have gone, and their owners, go and get new ones…..but they’re all cute in their own way

      i have a sister who has been married nearly 31 years and she’s on dog number 3, i believe…..

      zoe, the latest was born without a paw….but she’s a cutie

      she also has cats, and one just passed, sadly…that was a run away, and she is now fostering two kittens, from the OSPCA, she said that she might keep one, because her last kitten, that she also kept from the first litter of 6 that she fostered is now lonely, because him and the other cat were great friends, so

      and i know i talk too much


  116. I received my second dose of the COVID vaccine and have met the 2 week “after” period. I still will take caution when out and about but feel so relieved! Also, I got a larger than expected merit increase this year. WOo hoo!

  117. My 8 year old grandson (my only one) starts playing little league baseball and we get to go watch. Yay!

  118. One out of three daughters in college is done! Degree in Hospitality Management from Temple University
    Twin 1 finished first year Biology at Binghamton University
    Twin 2 finished first year Nursing at University of Rhode Island
    Everyone will be home end of May!

  119. Vaccines are becoming available to help with this sad time we are all experiencing. Definitely good news.

  120. My daughter and I both had COVID and we were extremely ill with it. She is a transplant patient and I have severe asthma among other chronic diseases so it was also dangerous for us. But we both made it through after a month of being sick and now are both fine and so grateful.

    • My good news is my son Michael completed his 1st year of College at Ohio State University. Even amongst Covid he was able to become very good friends with his six roommates.

  121. My husband and I were sharing a vehicle. The other day he bought him a pick up truck. So now we have two vehicles!

  122. My good news is that my husband and I have booked a vacation for next Winter to Cancun, MX!! I’m so excited, with the pandemic we haven’t had a break in over a year! Only now I have to figure out how I’m going to wait nine months!!

  123. My yoga teacher just announced she is moving from CA to PA! And she will continue to do Zoom lessons! YAY! She specializes in Boomer Yoga so she has been a Godsend to me! Can’t wait to see her Zooming from PA! (And who knows? Maybe I will follow her?!!!) 😉

  124. We started demolition on our master bath! It should be completed in 2 weeks and I’m beyond excited!!!

  125. I’m happy to announce a grandson on the way this June to join our 3 year old granddaughter ❤️

  126. Good news: I was able to do some spring planting. Just hoping a late frost doesn’t kill everything.

  127. My grandson was chosen as his high school junior varsity most valuable player for this year.

  128. Good news is that I am fully vaccinated and am ready to go out and explore the world again. If not a little more cautiously. I hope the world is ready foe me. Because I am really ready for it.

  129. For my good news, I’m very proud of my daughter. She took on extra classes so that when she finishes high school this month she’ll also have enough credits for her Associates degree.

  130. Best news recently, both vaccinations are in the bag! Ready to hug some friends and family, been missing that over the past year.

  131. I really enjoy your books and am looking forward to reading Tif Marcelo’s books.

  132. My good news is that it is spring time, flowers blooming, and seeing so much new life outside.

  133. My garden finally got some rain today! Pink tulips are blooming.

  134. May is a wonderful month for me. Mother’s Day, my birthday the 15th and my son getting married the 29th. What a great month.

  135. My daughter will be starting high school next year and she was recently accepted into a small, project based school. She is excited about school for the first time since kindergarten!

  136. My daughters and I will be visiting my parents in upstate N.Y. in July, can”t wait

  137. Yes! Love all the books Just finished Bridgerton series and had to read the books again

  138. We finally bought Kayaks! We have been looking for 2 years. I know it’s the simple things lol

  139. Spring is here, which means lots of fresh produce and inspiration for cooking up new recipes. So many beautiful cookbooks out now to further inspire!

  140. What a wonderful way to start the summer with these new books from
    favored author Julie & a new author, also

  141. After three and a half week, my new bathroom will finally be finished and we can sleep in our own bed again . You can see the demo and renovation on my FB page.

  142. Happy Mother’s Day! Weather’s getting warmer here, the flowers are blooming, and people are vaccinated or are getting vaccinated! The “new normal” is fast approaching!

  143. I haven’t read one of your books that I haven’t loved. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way! Thanks for brightening our world.

  144. Our escrow is due to close on old house and new house within the next week!!

  145. I love Rom-Com ‘s and yours will be put on my TBR list. Some good news, we just made our first camping reservation of the year for the middle of this month. Yay!

  146. I am able to travel again, seeing my son and granddaughter 😊

  147. My 2 daughters get their final shot next week! Then my family will be covered ( until we can get the grandkids)

  148. My son is graduating!! I know it’s probably normal news for anyone else but he is my only child and overcame so many challenges throughout his academic career. Did I mention it’s with honors?!?! Super proud mamma right here!

  149. My good news is I am 83 years old and I still love to read everyday. I’m always looking for
    New books and new authors to read! You are one of my favorites. I have several of your books!

  150. This not to with reading but am excited that i am in the running for a $5000 prize for guessing the winner of the Kentucky Derby in contest from Breeders’ Cup. I find out on may 5th if i win!

  151. Middle Son (26) went back to school when he couldn’t find a job with his first degree. He graduates May 14 and begins a full-time job May 17 in a profession he’s passionate about!

  152. We celebrated our granddaughter’s first Communion, and another granddaughter’s baptism this weekend with most of the family together! Blessings

  153. My tomato plants and potatoes are growing nicely… already harvested some! 🙂

  154. Dear Julia,
    I’m so excited about the new books! I can’t wait to read them because I enjoy them all so much. I have been disabled for years but because I love to read I am still able to travel the world through books. My good news… I became a GREAT Grandmother this month. Yes, a Great Grandmother, it really shows how old I am but also shows how happy I am!

  155. Youngest is doing very well in med school with all As and Oldest was just promoted to VP at work.

  156. My garden beds are ready to be planted. We’re waiting for all the fancy plants my husband wanted to be delivered. Hope it’s soon.