National Grilling Month Giveaway!

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358 thoughts on “National Grilling Month Giveaway!

  1. All of your books are such an adventure, whether the regency period, or any other series. While I’ve already read each of your series listed above, and it would be too hard to choose which series is the best, I’d have to ask for the TA books. Please write a book about Cooper, he is the only guy without a book. Your characters in all your books are so real, I want to meet them in real life! (Also loved the Devil takes a Bride, just fascinated with Jeffrey Donovan, Lord Merryton.)

    • Hi Karen,
      I just responded to your earlier comment and didn’t see this comment, first.
      Cooper’s HEA happens in the third and final book in my Homecoming Ranch series, The Perfect Homecoming.
      Happy Reading!

  2. The “All I Need Is You” set looks intriguing. I love to read every night until I go to sleep. This looks like it would be a wonderful addition to my book collections.

  3. Aside from ALL of the three series, I think I’d like to read the Pine River Series first. Then the Lake Haven series, then the Over the Edge series.

    No, I can’t pick just one of them – you write too well to be able for me to do so!!

  4. I would LOVE to read the All I need is You series! I have read Suddenly in Love and can’t wait to read the other two. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great reads!

  5. Since I have the Homecoming Ranch and Suddenly series I have to go with the other option, Love them by the way.

  6. I would love Homecoming Ranch series, it is the only one I don’t already have. I love your books!!! Thank you for this opportunity. Have a blessed wonderful summer.

  7. I would love to read the “All I Need Is You” set. Although everything you write is great fun I woud love to have this set to give to my best friend for her birthday.

  8. I really, really enjoy your historicals!! 😊

    With that said, I would love to win any of the sets you have written! But if I have to choose, it would be the Over the Edge series.

    And it would make a great birthday present (only 2 days late…LOL).

    Thank you 😊 And Happy Grilling!

  9. Pine River Series. My birthday is August 16th – would be the best birthday present!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

  10. Homecoming ranch looks like a fun read. But then they all look great. I have only read some individual books from you.

  11. I would love to read the Homecoming series. Its going on my list of reads. But please do enter me into the contest. Thanks.

  12. I would love to read the Pine River series. Your stories are fantastic and I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve read so far.

  13. Thank you for this opportunity. I was introduced to your writing with your book “Jack – 7 Brides for 7 Brothers” and have since purchased several others and have enjoyed them all. I appreciate you sharing your wonderful writing abilities with us.

  14. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win !! And thanks so much for all the hours of wonderful reading that you have given me.

  15. Great giveaway Julia. Thanks for the opportunity. I’ll go with The Homecoming set. Have a great weekend.

  16. I would love to read the Pine River series, since it is the only one I haven’t had a chance to enjoy yet! Thanks for the chance

  17. The Lake Haven series set definitely interests me. An old mansion, a lake, art and design, and secret identities, not to mention a love story! ^_^

  18. I haven’t read your “Suddenly” books, so that’s the set I would want.

    I read “Wild, Wicked Scot” last week and enjoyed it very much. 🙂

  19. My choice would be the Homecoming Ranch series. It’s great seeing you on the best-seller lists. Hard to believe I knew you when. Keep up the good work.

  20. National Grilling Month?! That’s an actual thing? Huh…🏖⛵️🍔🔥🌭⚓️🏝📚🦀🏄🏻‍♀️

  21. Thanks for the giveaway! Shucks, the Highlanders aren’t an option. All I need is you looks pretty Sexy from the covers so I’ll pick that set

  22. What a lovely way to celebrate National Grilling Month! I had no idea there was such a celebration, but it works for me!

    Best wishes,

  23. Somehow I’ve managed to miss reading the “Over the edge” series! Would really love to correct that oversight…. thanks!

  24. August 15 is my birthday, so selecting me on August 16 will make a great birthday gift!

    I am currently reading “Devil in Tartan”. I just finished Aulay & Lottie’s visit to Auchenard.

  25. Holy macaroni! That’s a hard decision! I think you’re a fantastic author! *squirms around a bit* I’ll have to go with Homecoming! Now I’m going to hope like crazy!

  26. I’m enjoying you new Devil in Tartan but have never read any of your series. I believe I would like to try your Homecoming series.

    Thanks for all the wonderful stories you have given us and I hope you have many more to come.


  27. I think I would enjoy the Homecoming Ranch series. I live on a 45 acre parcel with a home that was built in 1890! Of course it had been remodeled before our purchase back in 1999……but it has much historic memories as it was Farm #1 of the Economites from Ambridge, PA…..a historic society! Therefore, I believe I could relate to these novels !

  28. All of your books are great, but I would like to start with the Lake Haven set. The idea of staying at a lake for the summer and finding love is perfect.
    Thanks for a great prize package.

  29. I am so moved by your Homecoming Ranch series. I would love to own them and re-read them over and over. Thank you for the gift of these stories.

  30. What an exciting contest! A hot series and a hot barbecue set! I love all your novels especially the historical romance. I would really like to try your Homecoming Ranch series. Contemporary series can be fun too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. I think the Homecoming Ranch set, thank you for the chance.
    Penney Wilfort
    3131 Watkins Drive Apt 209
    Riverside California

  32. I would love to read the Over the Edge series. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Hope you are having a great summer. x

  33. That is a wonderful grilling set! All of your book sets are amazing and I would be thrilled with any of them! Please don’t make me choose one over the others.

  34. I love your books & I would be thrilled at the chance to win the Homecoming Ranch set, Thanks for this amazingly generous giveaway.

  35. Julia,

    Wonderful giveaway that you have going on this month. I hope you are enjoying the summer and staying cool.

    Thank you!

  36. I would love to win the Lake Haven series! The covers on those (and the Pine River series) are gorgeous, by the way!

  37. I’d like to read all three series, as I’ve only read your historical so far. But since you asked us to choose which one, I’d choose the Homecoming series, because I’m missing home.

    Thanks for the chance to win Julia!

  38. Would love to meet you in person and just have tea together. If you cone by Charleston, Wv give us a holler!

  39. I would love to win a signed set of Homecoming Ranch. Please!!
    Love this series ❤ to be honest I love all three series❤
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway ❤

  40. All I Need is You and of course a nice filet grilled to medium rare, a bottle of Pinot Noir and chocolate covered strawberries.

  41. Thanks for the chance. Home coming Ranch looks like good stories I haven’t had a chance to pick them up yet.

  42. I love reading your books. I really liked DEVIL IN TARTAN and shared how good it was with my reading buddies.
    I would like to read the HOMECOMING RANCH series.

  43. suddenly in love,my sister in law loves to read romance,if I were to win,they would be for her,as recently having breast cancer,and now hopefully will be clear,we my wife,her younger sister that is and myself love her to bits,bless her.

  44. Geez, do I have to pick one? I have recently found your books through another authors advice to read. So I need to read them all!!! The hard part is deciding which one to start first!

  45. I would love to read the Lake Haven “Suddenly” series, I haven’t gotten any of those yet! Thank you for the opportunity to win, I hope you have a beautiful summer.