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  1. I haven’t read yet but I would love a chance to win these books. Thanks for this great chance, I do appreciate it.

  2. I have “Wild Wicked Scot” on hold at the library and I’m looking forward to reading it and the other books in this series.

  3. I have not yet, but cannot wait to! Oh it sounds so good! I love when you get to continue along with characters!

  4. Started this current series with “Wild, Wicked Scot”. Intriguing tension between Margot and Arran, this book wove good twists with English politics and Scottish seduction.

    1st book of yours for my reading was from the Lear Sisters’ (Fancy Lives) trilogy – nice contemporary collection.

  5. I read all of your books! I just picked up Sinful Scottish Laird today on my way home from the doctors (I have strep 🙁 ). Now that I can’t go to work I’ll be home reading for the rest of the day! I love it when secondary characters in novels get their own stories because it also let’s us check in on the original characters sometimes and keeps the story going!

  6. So sorry I haven’t read your Highland Grooms series yet but I definitely will add your hot Scots to my reading list!

  7. Haven’t read this series, but I have been reading your books for years, more than once, as I just love revisiting them all.

  8. I’ve read Wild Wicked Scot, which was fun and had me up late finishing it in one sitting! I didn’t want to be separated so I am looking forward to the next books. I didn’t realize they were already out, I thought I had to wait. Trying to think back to the book about a character that I would like to see more of I am unfortunately drawing a blank, but I am the type who likes to be surprised by the next characters. I am to in the moment reading the book to think ahead. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  9. I have yet to read this new series of yours, but I intend to do so. Maybe not immediately, as my list of books to read grows all the time, and never shrinks.

  10. I haven’t started to read them yet, family life has been pretty hectic around my house for quite awhile. I haven’t had time to read much of anything. 🙁

  11. I have not had a chance to read this series but it sounds great and I can’t wait to dive into them! I love reading about Scottish guys 🙂

  12. I just finished Wild Wicked Scot and loved it! I’d love to see a love story for the Scot that stutters – was it Fergus? I don’t remember what his name was and I’ve already returned the library book! Keep them coming!

  13. Congrats on the new book release! I have these books on my TBR so I’m really looking forward to reading this series . Thanks so much for the chance to win your amazing giveaway!

  14. I have all three books from this trilogy on my Goodreads list of books I wish to read. However, I am waiting until after the “Hard-Hearted Highlander” is published so that I am able to read this trilogy without waiting for the next book to be published.

  15. Have not had the opportunity to read one of the Highland Grooms as yet but would like to. Hope I win. I have read Highland Scandal and Snowy Night With A Stranger.

  16. My friend recommended the series, she loves Arran and Margot’s story. Can’t wait to read them. Hope I win!

  17. I don’t have any of the Highland Grooms Series but I have the Scandalous, The Rogues of Regent Street and The Desperate Debutantes Series

  18. I read Wild Wicked Scot and was glad to see Jock get his happy ending as well. It would be nice to see Knox, Margot’s brother, and get an update. Looking forward to the next story. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I read Wild Wicked Scot and loved it. The glimpse of the main couple’s son at the end had me thinking future hero potential and I’m excited to see he’s actually the hero of the next. It’s a cool different direction to go for a series.

    • Congratulations Kimberly,
      Your comment was chosen via random. org and you’ve won the Sinful Scottish Laird Gift Pack.
      You will receive an email shortly!

  20. Hi Julia,

    I have not read your series but I would absolutely love too! I have my fingers crossed to be blessed with your books!


  21. Unfortunately, I cannot comment as I am saving the books to read all at once. Will be glad to let you know when I have read them. Thank you for making the contest available to international readers.


  22. So far I have not started this series as I need to focus on current course work but am looking forward to my spring break and free reading time!

  23. I just downloaded Sinful Scottish Laird. Even though he’s not Scottish, I really hope to read about Margot’s brother Knox one day!

  24. I would love to see an update on Griselda from Wild Wicked Scot, I quite liked her. (I haven’t started Sinful Scottish Laird yet)

  25. I haven’t had the privilege to read your series yet but it is on my wish list! Your covers look amazing! Thank you for the chance!

  26. I love, love reading about Highlands. The true Warriors. I haven’t read your series yet but I will be reading them very soon. Amazon here I come. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Carol L

  27. I have not had a chance to start reading the series yet, but I am on maternity leave and the books are in my digital “to read” pile!

  28. I have not yet begun to read the Highland Grooms series but I enjoy your writing and I also enjoy Highlander characters so together is a wonderful combination. I look forward to starting the series.

  29. Haven’t started the series yet…..haven’t quite had time to make it to the store and prefer paperbacks to ebooks. Very intrigued by the calendar, though……

  30. I thought I was up to date but evidently not. I love Julia London’s historical–so glad I have more to find! Way to go, Julia.

  31. I am starting your Highland Grooms series but have not read enough to decide which characters need their own stories yet. I would love to have a hard set to read and reread so that I can make that hard decision. ;D

  32. I read Wild Wicked Scot. I loved it! I always like to see characters return in future books. I hope Arran and Margo show up later.

  33. Oh Julie this is a great contest. We all wore kilts at our eldest son’s wedding a few years back in Canada at the Ice Chapel. I lost my kilt pen, so it would be fun to win one. Smile! Looking forward to reading the new book, win or not!

  34. I haven’t started reading yet. I have been sick for the past few weeks and have not been up to reading . I hope to start back soon.

  35. Sadly I’m not reading your Highland Grooms series. I like to have the whole series to read. I’m not a patient person when it comes to books in a series!

  36. I’ve been pretty busy lately, with limited time for reading, and am trying to finish up the books I already have. I like the topic, and intend to get into your books in the near future.

  37. Love the Highland grooms series so far . Margo is my fave so far . Being red haired ,green-eyed and slightly stubborn myself . Arran is also wonderful! Well done as always

  38. I have not had the good fortune to read this series, yet. But, I am a fan of series which revisit characters from earlier books. It is like seeing an old friend.

  39. I am loving The Highland Groom’s Series. What a difficult question, I am very interested in Rabbie but I would have to say…. Catrionna Mackenzie. I would love to know her story.

  40. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your series yet but I can’t wait to start checking it out. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  41. I can’t pick just one…I want to hear more about all of them! You bring them into my life as friends and I want to keep in touch with my friends, all of them. Sorry.

  42. I love all your books, but would never dare to suggest what an author should write. I feel they have PLENTY of ideas all their own.

  43. I have purchased Wild Wicked Scot, but haven’t read it yet. Just ordered Sinful Scottish Laird and will be binge-reading them soon….

  44. Wild Wicked Scot was the first one I read in this series and I believe it is the first in the series. And I loved it as I do all Miss London’s books. I have many of her books and I keep them to reread at a later date. As I love historical romance Scottish themed books. Best part of any these books is the humor. I read so much that to read a book with humor just adds to brighten my day! I will be rushing out to get this newest book “Hard-hearted highlander” to add to my collection. I have over 500 paper packs in my library and Julia London books has it’s own section. Doesn’t matter what she writes!

  45. I’m not reading them yet, but since Highlanders trip my switch, I’m looking forward to reading the series.

    The prize package looks fabulous. Thank you for the opportunity to comment and to win.

  46. I’m not reading the HIGHLAND GROOMS SERIES yet. I’m recuperating from my second Mastectomy. These books are definitely on my ‘To be bought and read’ list. I love these Scottish themed giveaways!! I love Scotland and hope I can go back in the future. Your books take me there, Julia. 🙂