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272 thoughts on “Spring Giveaway

  1. Historical romance is my go-to, I’m an RN and after work there is such pleasure in reading about the “Ton”, Almack’s, and other delightful Regency favorites.
    Julia’s books allow me to chill out when my nursing is over for the day.

  2. I’ve read the Royal Wedding series and loved it! Would love to read the contemporary series. Thank you!

  3. I prefer contemporary but like historical too if it’s lighthearted and upbeat

  4. I thoroughly enjoy reading your Historical Romance books. Thank you for writing them.

  5. I love both historical and contemporary, but a love story with a dog wins hands down every time. lol

  6. For light reads I like contemporary and when I want to good escape I like to read historicals.

  7. I’d go with your historicals, but I own them already! So let’s give your Contemporary books a try!

  8. Historical Romance is my favorite. I already feel like I’m living a contemporary soap opera.

  9. I love to read most any genre but my favorite is historical romance. Thank you for a chance to win your books.

  10. Love both, but do enjoy historical if I had to choose. The rules and dress and romance take me to a different time and place. A nice escape.

  11. Usually I prefer historical romances. It’s so interesting to picture times gone past and the different dress, rituals and terminology.

  12. I prefer contemporary, especially with dogs or cats as an integral part of the story.

  13. Never miss a book! I prefer contemporary books but read anything and everything. Thank you so very much!

  14. I enjoy both historical romance & contemporary romances… just depends on my mood.
    Happy March!

  15. Historical for me please. I was born in the wrong era and love he fancy dresses of the past.

  16. I like them both but if I had to choose, I’d go with contemporary romance.

  17. I would love to win the historical romance set of books. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  18. I like both, but at the moment I am reading contemporary and I just loved You Lucky Dog

  19. I am interested in the lucky dog books, I am a big dog lover so these would be fun to read.

  20. I usually read more historical but I do enjoy contemporary too. Thank you for the chance.

  21. I Love your historicals but I have to pick the contemporary because DOGS! Thank you so much for this opportunity ♥

  22. I much prefer historical romance because it takes me to another time and place.

  23. I love both, but I have a soft spot for historical romance because it was the first genre I ever read and started my love for romance novels.

  24. I love both depending on my mood. Sometimes I read historical romance book after book and then I switch to contemporary and read those.

  25. So hard to chose! But I guess I pick the contemporary this time.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Barbara Greenhaus

  26. I love reading historical romances. They take me back in time to a different world. It’s almost like time traveling without having to leave my comfy spot lol.

  27. I love all romance, but love the covers in the Lucky Dog Series. I would love to read them from a signed copy. Thanks so much for running the contest!!

  28. I like both!
    I would choose your historical romance series fest princesses.

    Thank you!

  29. I love contemporary romances, but I would love to win your historical romance set!

  30. I usually love historical romance but I’ve been reading contemporary lately. Can’t wait to read The Viscount who Vexed Me

  31. I like them both! But since I’ve already read the Royal Wedding series, I’m picking contemporary!

  32. I love both but I have always been fascinated by the world in a historical romance. It is fascinating.

  33. All of your books sound wonderful. I could use a little fun in my life at the moment, and would be delighted to read about dog people falling in love. Thanks for your generosity; you will make someone very happy.

  34. Contemporary! The covers of You Lucky Dog and It Started with a Dog are just so fun!

  35. I love contemporary books and stories. I also love dogs but can’t have any because of my husband’s allergies.

  36. I love both contemporary and historical, but in this case I would choose contemporary because I haven’t read these yet.

  37. Thank you for delighting members to win a Spring Giveaway! I am interested in the contemporary.

  38. I read historical and contemporary. The only thing I expect and want is a great, well written story. Julia always delivers without fail. But since I’m a dog owner and dog lover, I can be tipped over the fence in this case. Sending love

  39. I prefer the historical romances, because they take me to another time and place. People are the same, but their surroundings and customs are quite different.

  40. Love anything you write! But will have fingers crossed for the contemporary…..might get my daughter hooked on reading.

  41. I love historical romance. I stumbled into it buying used books. (I have a thing for Highlanders.) And I ended up reading all kinds of historical romance. My husband has end stage non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and ESKD. He’s not eligible for a transplant because he can’t walk. He has nerve damage in his right leg and his left leg has become weak. Books are my escape and I still love the feel and smell of holding a paper copy.

  42. I love your historical romances – please enter me for those. Thank you for the giveaway.

  43. I’d love a set of your contemporary books! They look so cute and I love the covers with dogs. Thanks for the chance!

  44. I’m a historical kind of lady for the most part. Occasionally I will read a contemporary book. I have a few authors that I read that are contemporary with some supernatural elements in them.

    • Congratulations, Earlene!
      Your comment was chosen via random.org, and you’re the winner of this giveaway!
      My assistant will be emailing you shortly.

  45. I like historical. Reading a historical story takes you to a whole different world.

  46. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity t enter! I adore historical romance but lately have been reading more contemporary. I would be so happy to win either prize!!!

  47. Historical Romance is my FAVORITE! I love all of your books. Thanks for the chance.

  48. I preferred historical romance more but I still love both because each one have their own goods and excitement.

    Thank you for the opportunity <3🥰

  49. Your books are fantastic. I never miss them. I’ve loved them for years. Loved the Royal series. Lucky Dog series is on my TBR list. I usually read on kindle since I lost so many beloved books in Katrina. Since I haven’t read Lucky Dog ,I would love those books but,would be thrilled with either set. Thank you. ♥️♥️

  50. I love all of your books…no matter the genre. I believe I would like the historical romances though. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. I love historical romance, but I inter-read with contemporary. Does thatmake sense? I know it’s not really a word…. 🙂

  52. I prefer the historical romances but I love all of your books! Thank you for many happy hours of getting lost in the stories!

  53. I like both historical romance and contemporary, but I will chose the historical romance for this.

  54. I am partial to historical romance and excitedly read all 3 of the Royal Wedding the day they came out!
    I’d like to win your contemporary books. Sadly I’ve never seen them in stock at the places that sale books in my small town! I didn’t know they were available.

  55. I like historical fiction about real people but prefer comtemporary stories. Thank you for for your contest.

  56. I like both genres. But in this case, the historical romance covers call to me.

  57. Oh man I love both but I’ve been more into historical romance lately so let’s go with that.

  58. Although I do enjoy contemporary romance, I love the details of historical romance. My problem is that some people consider the era in which I grew up (the 70’s) to be historical. Hahaha!

  59. I would be over the moon to win the Royal Wedding series. When I first fell down the HR rabbit hole, you were the first of three authors that I binged. I loved each and every book of yours that I read. It would be amazing to have signed London books for my forever collection.

  60. I 💕 the contemporary books the most. I actually live all your books but love dogs 🙂

  61. Lately, I have been reading more contemporary romance, but I will still read historical romance for a change of pace.

  62. I would love either series. I haven’t read historical series in a long time.
    Thank you for a chance to win😊

  63. I prefer contemporary romance. I enjoy watching historical romance, reading contemporary.

  64. I enjoy historical romances & would enjoy reading yours. Thank you for a chance to win.

  65. I usually read more contemporaries but i also like to read historicals, just depending on my mood!

  66. Do I have to pick? I honestly love and read both! Growing up, though, I started to really love reading when I read historical romance authors like Victoria Holt and Madeleine Brent. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. I’d love a chance to win your contemporary set. Thanks for the opportunity 😊

  68. I usually prefer Historical, but, the dog books look like they might be jovial? Either is fine depending on your supply, or, over supply?

  69. My favorite are your contemporary romances! They are mesmerizing & I almost hate to read the last page!

  70. I have already read the lucky dog series so the historical series would be great!

  71. I think I would like to try the Lucky Dog books. I read both Historical and Contemporary. Usually prefer Historical. But the dog books looks like they might be jovial?

  72. I loved the dog series and had a laugh at the chemistry between the characters

  73. Historical romance is my favorite. I can get lost in the characters and the descriptions of the era and its differences from my modern life just sweep me away for an enjoyable while.

  74. I love historical romances. Always said that I was born in the wrong time. Love the dresses and houses everything!

  75. I love historical romances❤️❤️❤️
    I like reading about past and learning new things, I love balls and all that fashion

  76. Historical romance is my favorite but I already own the e-books so I would love to win the Lucky Dog series. Thank You for the chance to win.

  77. I love historical! Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway. If I win I can’t wait to read your Lucky Dog series. I’ve already read your Royal Wedding series.

  78. I read way more historical romance than contemporary. I like both, but prefer historical.

  79. Although I love a good contemporary romance, I’ve always gravitated towards historical romance.

  80. I can’t choose between historical and contemporary romance, i enjoy both. I probably do lean a lit more towards historical but thoroughly enjoy reading the contemporary genre too!

  81. Hi, Julia!! I love both genres, but since I’m currently reading the book — The Gown, by Jennifer Robson, I think that I would like to stick with Historical Romance. Thank you for a chance at such a wonderful contest!!! Good Luck, everyone!!!

  82. I love both, but I particularly love a well-written historical because it gives me an escape from modern life.

  83. I have no preference. I like them both. It just depends on my mood. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  84. Even though I enjoy reading both, I prefer historical romance. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  85. I love historical romance! Always someplace new to go and something new to learn along with lots of romance.

    I would really like the Lucky Dog series. Love those fuzzy babies!

  86. Already read the contemporary series. Loved it! Would like to read the historical romance series. I’ll buy it if I don’t win. Have read nearly all of London’s books. Especially enjoyed the Lake Haven series and the Pine River Trilogy.

  87. I used to read only historical romances so I think I will go with contemporary for this contest. Thanks.

  88. I like both but I really love Basset Hounds. So I would love to win the dog books.

  89. I prefer historical romance! It’s fun to read about an earlier time…

  90. I love both historical and contemporary, although historical probably has about a smidge of a bit of an edge over contemporary. Really, I will read just about anything. Anything but hard-core westerns, that is. I’ve never gotten into them.

  91. I prefer historical romance, it takes me to another world I’m not familiar with!

  92. I like both historical and contemporary romance equally.

    I’d love to win the Lucky Dog series, the covers of the books look like so much fun!

  93. I love historical, but I have the three you are offering, so let’s go with contemporary for the win.

  94. I normally like historicals, but I love stories that include dogs and dog people, so I would like the “lucky dog” set if I would win.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  95. Both would be great but I think I would love the historical romance set. Thank you

  96. I prefer historical, but do like contemporary romance that involve pets/animals.