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257 thoughts on “Suddenly Dating Giveaway

  1. At 67 I get up each day, no matter how I feel, and have morning coffee and read on my back porch. I imagine I am quite a sight in the winter months with my coat, leg-warmers, cap and a lap robe. This quiet time lets me picture the day in my mind and prepare for the adventure! Faith, hard work and good friends keep me balanced and the joy of escape in books are the best medicine. I love your books and look forward to each new one. Merry Christmas.

  2. When the weather is good, I take a long walk around the block. When it’s raining, I turn up the music and dance in my living room! This keeps me in a good mood when job and family demand my concentration.

  3. Balance is a constantly moving target for me but I do my best. Family needs can shift and change but I have some flexibility in my job hours which helps. In between caring for the older and younger generations, I meditate for 15 minutes before everyone wakes. After everyone goes to sleep that’s when I pour my herbal tea and sit down with a good book!

  4. Finding balance seems to be a challenge in my life. I find Im more centered after I get home from work Im with my husband and dogs. Reading & relaxing really helps to balance out all of the craziness

  5. It is not always easy to find a balance in my everyday life …but I always try to read …sometime if it is only a chapter a night. That makes me relax and kinda be stress free before I fall asleep.

  6. I find balance in my life by taking some quiet time just for me-to have a cup of tea, read or meditate. Just escaping from all the noise, rush and demands of everyday life.

  7. I find its very hard to find time for myself I am always giving to others but when i do find time i try to read , watch lifetime movies and listen to my music.

  8. I love working in the yard, so when I feel over-burdened with anything, I simply get my hand tools and spend some time with whatever most needs doing in my flower beds or elsewhere in the yard.

  9. I try to always do something for myself like going window shopping or to a movie or a walk in the park. Listening to music and shutting off the Internet/Facebook/Twitter also helps me to decompress when things get crazy.

  10. I find balance in my books, and on long weekend car trips to the beach a few times a year. Some time letting the waves sooth me always puts me back on track!

  11. Thats an interesting question. For me I joined the service at 17 married at 19 gave birth exactly 1yr later. Divorced add 2 kids I kinda let my dreams slip. I worked hard alone as a single mom. At 42 Guillaume Barre syndrome changed all that. I was paralyzed. But I’m a survivor. 3 days to go down 3week in hosp. 3 months to relearn everything. I already have epilepsy and severe arthritis. But that took my wind. I now live thru my kids and grandbabies and thru my books. Movies n TV are ok. But books take me places. Thank you Julia.

  12. With my hectic schedule I just set aside some time everyday just for myself. Whether it’s some time for reading or catching a TV show or even taking a short nap. I find it helps me keep from feeling too overwhelmed. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway!

  13. My getaway is taking my book, going to the park and have an hour to myself. No cell phone, an actual book and the birds. I have 2 teens with autism, my husband list his job and I got hurt in a work accident…I don’t let anything ruin my hour of peace!

  14. I set strict schedules for my work vs personal time so that I don’t do too much work and miss my life! When I find myself getting too stressed I lose myself in a fictional book and relax.

  15. Reading is a lifesaver for me. I have a disabled son with multiple health issues, I work as a nurse and this is how I try for balance.

  16. I TRY to find balance in my life – not always successful. The best way is to take time for me – and in my case, it usually means reading. If I can get in time to read each day, I find the rest of life usually falls into place by itself. We can’t always control everything, so I don’t try to!

  17. i always take time late at night/early morning after everyone has gone to bed and before they get up for the next day to pray and remind myself about all of the things that each of the people in my life mean to me and in what way i can help them to achieve what they want. i have always assumed that if the people in my house were happy then it made for a more peaceful and happy/loving environment for me too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. As a recent widow, I alone am in charge of my home, its upkeep, financial matters, myself (of course), and 3 cats. And since I am retired, if something does not get done one day, there’s always tomorrow. Guess I am more lucky than most in finding my own balance.

  19. For me being disabled it is hard to as i often am feeling down and out plus I have to somehow do the chores and it makes me mad as that used to be an easy thing to do, Now cooking is mostly my husband doing and i see alot of things he is doing when i should and can’t. I do have a way that picks me up is that my friend and a person who is so close i call mom she comes every wed evening and we go to dinner then we go to her house and do crafts. I then talk to her about all the books i have read and that is so neat to talk to someone. I do have my pups but sometimes you need more than that . I try to get up and think positive and read the bible reading for the day and we have picked up a few other things from the church to keep reading. so that in the afternoon I read and night and then I have book reviews to write the next day and that makes me happy and gets me going.

  20. I always try to carve out a little time on the weekends just for me. I know there are a lot of things to catch up on that didn’t get done during the week, but I still make sure I spend a few extra moments to just breathe.

  21. I’m not sure that I do find balance in my life, since I’m always thinking that I should have exercised more, eaten better, and taken more time with my children. But, I do spend time for myself, time for the family, and time volunteering.

  22. Hello I have a special room in the house that is mine. When I need to loose myself and regroup I go to my room and curl up with a good book and get lost.

  23. With my brain injury balance is difficult to achieve. Never knowing if I will have a pain free day or not I don’t usually make plans. I do, however, have my own special time with each of my children and my husband. Four minions means four different humans and what we like to do together is different with each child. Even when my day is horrid, they all rotate snuggle time with me. I guess snuggles would be my daily balance <3

  24. I help where and when I can f loo r whoever I can but I balance it with lots of music that I love to listen to and reading books all the time as well. My favorite chill time for relaxing or checking and balancing myself is reading, while in or on the bed or couch and having my music either in the background or singing out loud and going along with it while reading my current book of the hour until I finish that book then move on to the next. Loves ereaders and apps so I have hundreds to thousands of books to keep me reading. All different genres too.

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  25. I find balance by spending time with my husband, and finding laughter. Other times, I’m reading or quilting to relax

  26. Yoga, snuggles with the dog, wine Wednesday, and playing Ellie Goulding super loud with all the windows down in the car!!!

  27. One day at a time is my motto. I set aside a time each day to worry and stick to it. If I need to close out the world for a few minutes during the day, I do it!! Make time for you!

  28. Not sure I have really found balance yet but I try to plan each day and also exercise each day which helps me with my balancing.

  29. It is hard to find balance but I would have to say going outside and taking a walk with my dogs everyday help me find my center.

  30. I find balance by being positive and looking for a way to grow in any situation. I take baths, read, do TRE (tension reduction exercises), stretch, get massages. Try to bring an attitude of play to everything!

  31. I find balance between work, my three kids, husband and 2 dogs by occasionally going to my cottage for some down time. I spend quiet mornings, drinking coffee and reading. This is my time to recharge and relax. I think as mothers we all need to have some down time in which we do not have to answer to anyone. I so very much enjoy my quite time because it does not happen very often.

  32. I am still striving for balance, but waking up earlier than I really need to helps keep me sane in the mad rush of the mornings.

  33. I always take time to read…it’s my indulgence for myself. It allows me to escape from all my problems, pressures, and just life in general! Reading relaxes me and when relaxed…balancing becomes much easier!

  34. Wow, that is a hard question. How do I find balance in my life. My life is hectic since my husband illness. I guess how I find the balance in my life is God, trying to remember that I love my husband and he loves me and if the roles where reverse he would do anything for me. I take a time out for me once a day. Most times I will read wonderful books like yours to take me away so I can relax and then when I am through reading or playing games. I will come back calmer and regrouped and ready to take on the day. I guess that is how I stay centered. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!

  35. Follow my advice to my children and grandchildren….the oldest takes care of the next oldest and all others, the next oldest all others, trickle down care, starting with my husband and I with appropriate expectations of all family members.

  36. Interesting. I’m trying to find balance now. What with battling cancer for the second time and having a Mastectomy. And yet more health issues dominate my life! To find balance I try to deal with my health issues so I’ll be here for my family and kitty boys. I also try to eliminate stress. I spend a lot of time alone and try to keep away from negative people.

  37. Now that our kids are in college, it has been much easier to find “me” time. I plan a 1/2-hour of stretching into each day (no noise around me, focus on breathing) and a 1/2-hour of exercise (low impact cardio, strengthening) into every other day so I have a day of recovery. I feel so much better and stronger and it gives me energy to tackle the many work and home tasks that can otherwise be overwhelming.

  38. I find balance in my life first by disconnecting from my phone and social media. Then I sit down and assess my life as it is, and what I hope to achieve. I set specific goals, and a schedule to achieve them. I follow the schedule, and reassess often if I am on the right track, or whether the goal has changed.

  39. I find balance by taking time to read and relax while sitting on my porch and enjoying nature. It helps me unwind and let the stress of the day disappear.

  40. I have weekly dates with my husband
    I make plans to have dinner with a friend at least once a month and I text my kids daily to tell them I love them and to have a great day!

  41. I balance my life by lots of prayer and putting my trust in the hands of the Lord. I also have a very supportive husband and he’s one in a million. I’m disabled and he does so much for me. I have a very blessed life with 2 grandsons and 1 great grandson. I read a lot and that helps me to get into other people’s head and forget my own troubles, at times, for a while.

  42. I find balance by doing the must do’s first. I always put my youngest daughter first, no matter what. I am a full-time student. So it comes next. My day is so full that I don’t have time to think! I watch some TV then head to bed. I take that time to unwind with a good book from my Kindle. That’s my balancing act.

  43. I take time every day to meditate for a few minutes and I make sure I am the last one to bed at night so I can have some quiet “me” time

  44. I have taken yoga lately. It is more for my back than trying to find balance in my life. The more I have attended the class, I’m starting to feel a calmness as my hectic life just seems to slow so I can be more focus and to think calmly of what I need to do next. I do have a tendency of being overexcited (running around like a chicken without its head).

  45. Right now I REALLY need to find balance in my life. Between home life needs (my mother) and a crazy work schedule I haven’t seen the sun in a week. (No, really, I haven’t).

  46. I do not work, on disability, but i dothe things i am capable in a slow fashion. I do not drive, but i do the laundry, cooling, cleaning, dog care, childcare, doctor appointmement, and do this with chronic pain.

  47. I find working on my projects brings balance and stress relief to my days. I do needlework and stained glass, and I also make a point of moving around so I don’t get tired of sitting still.

  48. I just did this, but apparently erased. Ah, modern technology, it’s more than I ever expected and less than I ever wanted. I have not had this balance stuff, my life is too full. I have it pencilled in for the firm date of ‘someday’. Right now, in MFA program at Seton Hill University for Writing Popular Fiction (you guessed it – Romance), have four kids, although one still in Canada because she loved it there and does not want to leave, fourth wants to go back, eldest getting married, second in college. Balance. I’ve heard of it. I’d like to get it someday.

  49. How I wish I could comment on that, but alas and alack, I have yet to find that balance thing you speak of . I have four kids, and in 29 years of marriage, I’ve moved 29 times, including out of country. (Talk to me tomorrow, I may leave again! OY!). Three of my kids are here, one wouldn’t leave Canada, and hubby has a new business. I’m in an MFA program for writing popular fiction (I’m trying to write a romance, wish me luck!), so I’m in school, help hubby with his new business, helping oldest plan her wedding, trying to bribe another out of Canada (not if we’re not ‘with her” she says, and I don’t blame her), helping the other two with just about everything. I have plans to balance, though… does that count? I’ve got it in my calendar for the specific date of someday.

  50. I’m now retired but while I was working, as a teacher, I really struggled with taking care of myself. There was just not enough time in the day for any me time!! Now I have time to read or sew which relaxes me.

  51. Balance is hard to find these days since my Lupus takes center stage for me and my family. I find myself feeling guilty when my pain pains and affects my family. We all have to work at deciding what will affect ours lives and what won’t. Remembering what’s important like family and compassion for others keeps us in touch with and puts into perspective the many blessings we enjoy that others sadly don’t have in their lives.

  52. I swim each morning, making sure to breathe slowly and evenly with each stroke, then end my days watching dog rescue videos which make me happy.

  53. Balance in my life…that is certainly a tricky thing to manage. I find dance class has been the key to balance for me. Even though it’s one more thing added to my schedule, by making it a priority I find ways to make the rest of my schedule work around the classes. I have to really think about what other events are really priorities so I can make it work. Also, I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years so I have more energy for other things and I feel happier in general.

  54. Finding balance is difficult when you are beset with troubles, especially health problems which are worrisome, but walking gives me enjoyment and helps. I read to escape the difficulties as this transports me to another place for a time.

  55. I find balance in my life first from my faith and 2nd from my rescue Maltese Lola who is always there for me with lots of love and affection which I cherish every day as I am a widow with limitations. However, never limited to read romance novels and glad I found you since you are my go to since it looks like Judith McNaught is no longer writing. (:

  56. I’m a stay at home mom of two. I try to have balance between kids, my husband and time to myself. I carve out a few hours of me time on the weekends to draw or read. Every evening it’s a 30 min bubble bath with my fave book and a scented candle and cold drink while dad takes care of the girls.

  57. I am a very busy person, I work full time, babysit my grandsons 2 nights a week, go to all my friends and family functions but I still take time for me by reading or meeting my peeps at the casino.

  58. I have learned not to sweat the small things. Take care of what is most important, and the rest will take care of itself. When numerous issues are pressing, make a list or two, and accomplish what you can without over-stressing. Give yourself a break, even if it’s a small one. Sit down, sit back, close your eyes and allow yourself the time to savor a good cup of coffee–or your beverage of choice. It’s a simple thing, but it feels indulgent. There’s something about a fresh hot cup of coffee that is bracing and comforting at the same time. Just one of the small life-savors that helps the sun break through the clouds ; )

  59. I have always found something to do that is mine only, usually some kind of musical organization. Choirs, orchestra, bands and now that I’m retired, a barbershop women’s chorus that competes twice a year. I go to rehearsals and for a brief time I can forget most of my other worries (it helps that I need to turn cell phone off)

  60. Being an introvert who is tied to the phone all day at work I need my alone time. Just some quiet time or a hot bath recharges me and makes me a good wife and mom.

  61. I find balance in my life because in my wonderful husband. He understands that i work just as hard as he does and cooks and cleans and helps with the kids as much as i do. I also find my balance by taking me time to read!!!

  62. I find balance in my life by finding alone time where I can read to myself. When I read I am able to decompress from everything by getting lost in reading.

  63. Every day I do something special for myself. I make the time to take a lunch break at work (that is unheard of in my office) and I make sure that I take a walk during all or part of the lunch hour. Each night I spend time doing the things that I like – reading or doing crafts or watching a movie. No matter if I have work to get done (housework or office work) I still end my “work day” between 7pm and 8pm and the rest of the night is mine!

  64. I find balance in my life with my faith and being able to have time to read a book that will let me get away for awhile.

  65. I find balance by walking my dog as soon as I get home from work. It allows me to reflect on the day, but relax and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

  66. I find balance in my life, by making sure I find time for myself, if I do that I know I can balance the rest of our busy schedule

  67. I find balance by leaving work at the office and not bringing it home if possible. I also try to set aside time to do something that I love which is to read. I think reading sets a good example for my kids too.

  68. I’m in a nursing home so I’m somewhat cut off from family and friends
    so it’s easy for me to say I have to rest if I feel too much pressure.

  69. I always make time for something fun or relaxing. I find letting myself indulge in a good book or a good tv show, I come back to work/chores more relaxed and ready to work.
    I also have a strong policy not to bring work home. I try not to think about work at home and definitely don’t access my work emails from home. I feel like more people need to separate themselves from work in order to enjoy their lives. That being said, when at work, I’m focused on work, not personal stuff (or at least I try to).

  70. My balance is to leave work at the same time every day except on Fridays when I try to flex my hours to leave a little early.

  71. My family. I have two children who are grown and married. My son and his wife have given me two beautiful grandchildren to love. My mother is almost 97 years old and her and I have good talks over the phone at least once a week. I have a boyfriend of 16 years who has taken care of me and loves me.

  72. Well, so far I have not found a good way to balance out being a mom, a wife, a working woman, and a friend. Seems like I almost always put myself at the bottom of the list of people to take care of, even though I know that I need to take care of myself first. Still working on it!

  73. I find balance in my life by being good to myself and to thise around me. I start every day with a walk with my dog and get a feel for that particular day and think about what it will bring.

  74. Retirement put my life in balance. Now I can stay active at my own speed…in other words, dance to my own drummer. And I like it!

  75. Each day there are few times I set aside for reading the newspaper, checking emails, and reading for pleasure. My days are full with housework, yard work, gardening, occasionally babysitting and volunteering at my granddaughter’s school library. I need some quiet activity to balance being on the go.

  76. Balancing a job and a family is tough but the rewards for doing something right make it all worth while. I try to take an hour a day for me, even if it’s just to sit and read before bed.

  77. my balance in life is reading–my wish list on amazon is called calgon take me away–the old bubble bath commercials. i also find balance by listening to classical music. Attending church services on sundays also gives me balance. thank you.

  78. I let my creative side out. I either read, write, or crochet usually, other times I play with either my puppy or nephew and niece. It all depends on the day and time, but each one of those makes my day better and working multiple jobs easier.

  79. I find balance by going and staying with my Mom a few times each summer. I get away from the kids, stress, etc. when I am home, I read. Gives me my alone time. Clears my head.

  80. I find balance in my life by prioritizing. I like to get up earlier than anyone else in the family. I take my cup of tea and sit outside on our porch swing just listening to the sounds of the birds and the quiet. It always gives me so much peace and strength and helps me to give everything and everyone in my life the best possible me I can be.

  81. I don’t like the word “balance.” Balance is a setting on a stereo. I like to say that I find harmony in my life when I take time for myself, to read a book or color in an adult coloring book with colored pencils, which I love to do while listening to my favorite music. Reading, music, and coloring are my favorite me time things that really make me feel like I’ve actually had a break. With 2 young daughters, one that is special needs, that I’m constantly having to hustle to different places, helping with school work, rushing to appointments, being the referee when they argue, making sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, keeping our home in order,etc., it’s vital to my sanity to take breaks for me and escape my everyday life by doing these things. They help me clear my mind and focus on something besides what I have to do, even if it is only 30 minutes a day. These things take me somewhere else, calm me, give me a chance to breathe. And, of course, being a full time mom, I don’t get these breaks everyday, so they’re very needed when I do get them!

  82. Finding balance is something I struggle with. I tend to stay more tuned towards others’ needs than my own, which makes it difficult to ever fully relax. However, I know that taking care of oneself is important. I try to find balance by reading, walking in nature, or pursuing one of my hobbies.

  83. Family closeness. We gather for dinner at least once a week and watch football together on Sundays. It has kept me, my kids and grandkids very close, which keeps me happy and balanced.

  84. Sometimes I find I just need some alone time. Without it I can’t give my family what they need. Then none of us are happy. Luckily, my family seems to know when I need that time. They help arrange my alone time. I am lucky that they are so giving.

  85. Most days it is difficult to find even the smallest amount of balance in my life but the most effective way I achieve balance is by planning out every day what I need to have done. If I don’t have some sort of to do list, I will procrastinate and not do anything which results in a lot of stress. By making a plan and following it, I ensure that everything that needs to be done is done and that means I get to go to bed at a decent time and not stay up all night trying to get things done.

  86. I find balance (oftentimes) by getting myself out of the house and taking a walk by myself or sometimes with my dog. The minute changes from day to day refresh my spirit.

  87. I try to find at least 30 minutes a day to read to just escape all the hectic stuff going on around me. Also, I have learned that even though I always want to help that sometimes I just have to say no.

  88. It’s hard finding balance in my life when I live with chronic health issues and chronic pain and am a parent. One of my favorite ways to do it though is to spend some down time with my best friend who is also chronic health & pain sufferer.

  89. Assisting a 94 years old, widowed parent with two cats located firmly 2,000 miles from my own residence for the past five years influenced my retirement choice and resulted in a more crisply organized life as I spend two weeks of each month in another state. An only child, I am happy to assist in every possible way and have discovered that I can be even more organized than I thought I already was! I feel fortunate that I, myself, am in a position to return the care my parents lavished upon me as I was growing.

    I hope that a dear friend of mine will be wearing this necklace before the holidays conclude!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  90. I rely on prayer to find balance. Just wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoyed Suddenly Dating. Thanks so much for the great giveaway.

  91. Being a working wife and mother it is very difficult to find balance however I always make time to read. Reading always gives me balance by helping me relax and letting me escape to a different time and place of my choosing.

  92. I find balance by learning to say NO and not feeling guilty about it. I’m not super woman. I know I can’t do it all and need time for myself. I learned this lesson many, many years ago. It has saved my sanity and that of my family.

  93. I keep balance in my life by making sure I take time for just me. Be that reading, crafting, listening to my iPod (80s music mostly) or taking a much needed nap. I block out the world for time to recharge my batteries.

  94. I haven’t found it yet. We are active volunteers with several organizations and they have taken over our lives. We have meetings or events every day of the week. We finished 2 big projects and went north to visit family and friends. It was the first thing we have done for ourselves since my husband retired in March. A good visit, but we have been desperately trying to catch up since getting back. The house is a disaster and I may never be able to get it clean and straightened. We have come to the conclusion that we need to take more time for ourselves. Some of the volunteering is no longer fun and we are deciding what to drop. We love to travel or just go for a day hike or drive. We also enjoy taking time for ourselves, just relaxing at home, reading, and we are going to reclaim that.

  95. I find balance by walking in nature and reading. I live in a great place with nature trails, so if I can get out and walk I do that. Reading, however, is my go-to escape. It’s therapeutic to read about other people’s problems when my life is all out of whack ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. I find balance in my life through taking time for myself to read. I read something every day if I can and find that if I don’t get a least a few moments to do so I feel “off”. Thank you for helping me find my balance with your wonderful books!

  97. To be quite honest. I find balance in my life mostly by keeping my head down and my mouth shut. I’m the stay at home part of my relationship. This means I’m on call to help with her 94 yr old father when the home health aid isn’t there.

    It’s driving me crazy… head down! mouth shut!

  98. I find balance in my life by working part time as an independent contractor. I can choose when and how much I want to work versus having time to just relax.

  99. I find balance in my life by making sure to find some quiet time for myself every day. Just reading for an hour or so when it’s quiet in the house, helps me to be able to focus on what needs to be done.

  100. I make time to get a manicure every 2 – 3 weeks. It makes me feel a little more “put together” when my days are crazy.

  101. I try to find balance by exercising, eating as healthfully as I can, making time to read every day, and by trying to take things one at a time. I also remind myself to find something positive in every situation.

  102. I am very fortunate to have a supportive and helpful husband. He has always helped around the house and when our daughter was young he spent a lot of time taking care of her. Now that she is married and it is just the two of us, he still supports me in everything that I do.

  103. By deciding to go part time at work instead of full time, it gives me more time at home doing those things that left unattended then they pile up! Makes like to much more easier….

  104. As funny as it sounds, I find balance in my life by making lists. Being able to keep straight what I need to helps to keep me sane and keeps me going. Plus there is something liberating about checking off an item or crossing it off.

  105. Right now I’m going through a rocky time and I find reading helps me escape and keep focused on GOOD THINGS in life. And knowing and believing I have people who love me. I’m very blessed.

  106. I find balance in my life by taking time in the morning to sit outside with my coffee and watch the sunrise. It helps me to relax and be ready to take on the day.

  107. By making art – work is stressful and I have a work room at home that I make stained glass and paint. I destresses me and I love it

  108. i used to think I had balance… then I had over 100 strokes with no warning and had to relearn to walk and talk and even relearn my family… I find balance 2 years later by eliminating all the stress in my life and refusing to worry and do everything that was asked of me… basically I do what I want when I want and they let me… otherwise I get too upset and emotional for them to deal with.

  109. I make sure to have “me” time where I take time out for things I like to do. Reading, puzzles, crafts anything to unwind. When I do this my husband then takes care of our son who is almost 2 years old.

  110. I love your books and reading is a way for me to relieve the stress that crops up from time to time and also the way I reward myself for getting my daily tasks done. In fact I find that the thought of sitting down to read gives wings to my feet and nimbleness to my fingers and that the tasks just get done so much quicker.

  111. Its not easy but I try to give myself some “free time” and that is when I sit down and read. That is my hobby and my way to relax and balance all the stresses of the day

  112. There has to be some me time, even if it’s just a couple of minutes, every day! It might be as simple as a few uninterrupted minutes on the back deck, but that’s usually enough for me to regain balance & perspective.

  113. I find me time by reading. It relaxes me and I can do it while the kids are playing games or watching tv. So I’m present but reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

  114. I read! It is my peace. When I’m nervous, reading calms me. I act in local community theater, and I always have a book or electronic device with me backstage to keep myself calm while I’m not on stage!

  115. I find balance in my life by painting and drawing. Reading and just being true to me. Not getting involved with gossip and trouble makers.

  116. Actually, I don’t always manage to find the balance, but I do make sure I take time for my husband, even when there’s not more than enough time for a kiss!

  117. Since I’m a working single mom of two boys the main thing I do to keep me happy is at the end of the day I get a good book and just read and try to relax until bedtime. The other thing I do is try to go to at least one concert a year to just have some me time โ˜บ

  118. “We all need to take care of ourselves…” is also what I’ve told my daughter who is going through some trying health issues. Thank you for the supporting words.

  119. “We all need to take care of ourselves…” That’s what I recently told my daughter who is going through some trying health issues. Thank you for agreeing with me.

  120. Reading is my preferred way of finding balance in my life when I need it. It really helps me clear my mind and just forget about the world for a while. Thank you so much for the giveaway, the necklace is beautiful.

  121. My balance is spent at the end of the day when I allow myself anywhere between 2-4 hours of reading time. After work, home and a sick older dog reading helps me find a way to escape to a place that balances my mind and soul.

  122. My husband helps me find my balance. When I’m overwhelmed, he takes over. I try to remember to put my family before all else.

  123. I lost my wonderful husband last year. Finding balance is an ongoing exercise. I just know that Paul would be encouraging and I concentrate on his smile and that dimpled chin and remember.

  124. When things start to overwhelm me, I go into my quiet place, usually my bedroom, and start to list all the things I am grateful for in my 60 years of life and reflect upon my family. This calms me and I am able to breathe deeply and continue on.