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603 thoughts on “Suddenly In Love Giveaway

  1. I’m going to keep it totally real here: I’ve never really had a summer getaway. Seriously, the only vaca we’ve ever been on is Disney last year with the kids. Four kids. Two Autistic, and two severely ADHD. So my traditional summer getaway has always been books. Greece, Rome, Scotland, and everywhere else in the world. For 400ish pages I am immersed into what ever world the writer created for me. Someday, I’ll see those places for myself, but for now, this will do.

  2. I haven’t had the opportunity to take a vacation in years! But I always love just going to the beach and getting away from the city. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  3. Thanks for offering a great giveaway! I am very fortunate to live about a 15-minute drive from our very own state park here in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. The drive is short, but scenic. So gorgeous in the Fall–it’s like another world. There is a beach, a lake, waterfalls, and of course the woods and the magnificent mountains. My favorite spot is the boat dock area, at sunset, with ducks peacefully floating along, and the glow of campfires from across the other side of the lake. It really is a little spot of Heaven on Earth.

  4. I was trying to figure out my favorite summer place to vacation, when I realized all my favorite places had one thing in common – lots of good memories of our extended family and/or good friends. However, most of those vacations included a beach, so I would have to go with the beach as my favorite vacation spot.

  5. When I vacation, I love going to the ocean in North Carolina or one of the less populated beaches in the Florida panhandle or the keys. I love sitting on the beach, watching the sun set and reading a good book. Looking forward to the release of Suddenly in Love.

  6. Love to go to the park in the summer. A good blanket, a nice picnic, and an enjoyable book, all while the kids run thier energy out.

  7. My favorite vacation spot is Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada. The scenery is fabulous.

    April 30th just happens to be my birthday. Maybe it will prove lucky. I will cross my fingers!

  8. It’s difficult to pick just one spot! There’s a little lake in Colorado that is very quiet, and clean, that I love visit. It’s very peaceful, and my husband likes to catch fish (and throw them back). It’s cool, even during August.

  9. I am pretty much a homebody. I recently converted one of my rooms into my own private library and I am already enjoying it very much. If I had to pick a spot, I would have to say, my own backyard reading one of your books!! Thank you.

  10. I’d love to go somewhere beachy over the summer but my budget doesn’t allow it. I spend a lot of time grilling and reading in my backyard and going to one of the lakes outside of our town to fish and hang out in the sun.

  11. I love getting away to Virginia Beach anytime of the year. Getting up to watch the sunrise, watching the surfers and having my feet in the sand always makes things better!

  12. My favorite summer getaway is to a lake cottage in northern Wisconsin. We have some wonderful memories from our yearly visits.

  13. In the woods at a cabin, sitting on the porch in a swing, with a cold glass of tea and a good book. There’s nothing more peaceful.

  14. I love my deck at the lake in BC, Canada. A good book, comfy chair and glass of cold white wine. Your books are certainly in my collection.

  15. Oregon Beach, wonderful, beautiful. Even more fun when I steal the Grandkiddlets for the day or a few days. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Never really had money for a “summer getaway” but I’ve always wanted to go to Catalina Island during the summer or take a cruise.

  17. I love anywhere warm and beautiful I can go with my family in the summer. A beach with a hammock, a cold drink & a great book would be perfect.

  18. Anywhere w/ a good book. My fav. is at the beach with the sunshine down on my skin and toes in the sand. Its just something about being at the beach/ocean … does my soul wonders.

  19. I’ve been in school for the past 6 quarters, and right now a ‘vacation’ sounds like a dream. If only….I would love to sit in my back yard and have a huge pile of books beside me and just lay in the sun, read and dream for a full week of total relaxation.

  20. Living in Hawaii with gentle trade winds and where the beach is my back yard. Sipping on watermelon margaritas and reading on my kindle…what’s not to like?

  21. Anywhere away from the city is a nice change of pace for a getaway. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  22. We love to go to the beautiful coast of Maine. Wonderful seafood, beautiful views of the ocean & scenic drives.

  23. I’d say the beach except on this side of the country, summer means cold and windy at the beach. Still, give me my foul weather gear and I’m good to go! πŸ™‚

  24. I’m not fussy about where I get a way to as long as I can be comfortable and read I’m a happy camper. The beach or beside a
    river works quite well for me.

  25. Anywhere there is beach and it is nice and it is nice and warm outside. I am lying in a lounge chair with a hat on with a frozen drink and my kindle. What a perfect day.

  26. The beach! I wish I was going this year but we’re saving money for a house.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  27. I love to go to Taylor Creek Park near me with my pup, a good book, a cool drink, a snack and to spend the day relaxing in my deck chair.

  28. Great Smokey Mountains in a cabin with my family and curled up in a comfortable chair with a good book. Beach is to hot for me.

  29. The front porch of my home looking out at the gorgeous flower garden, but I also love going to Pismo Beach, Ca.

  30. My favorite place to relax is anywhere there is a babbling book with the water running over my toes and a good book. I’m an avid reader and love your contemporary romances. Keep them coming!

  31. My favorite summer getaway is anywhere that I can find a quiet spot to relax and read, I do prefer the mountains to the beach, but anyplace include the backyard will do as long as it’s quiet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. We lived about an hour from what’s considered party center USA during spring break. But after everyone else goes on back home, and it’s just us homers. That’s when I love it

  33. We never really get the chance to get away but occasionally we drive up to a small alpine lake and hang out for a day. Otherwise, my patio is my favorite getaway spot! Thanks for the chance!

  34. What I like the very best is to spend time on our shaded patio, with a pitcher of ice water or iced tea or lemonade and my laptop, able to get up and potter in the garden for a bit when I want.

  35. It may sound corny – but I have to say my ultimate vacation would be to visit my family. Nothing is better than seeing the faces of the people I love.
    My dad was a Marine, so leave meant visiting his family in Texas. Aunts, Uncles, Nannie (grandmother), cousins – Joy and Love ! So when I think of the perfect getaway – I think of my children, grandchildren, brothers, nieces, nephew and their families

  36. Favorite Summer getaway is Daytona Beach FL and surrounding area. Although I haven’t met a beach yet that I didn’t like πŸ™‚ And ask my family, my luggage always includes a bag of books!

  37. We love to go to Traverse City, Michigan. It’s not far from home and they have great beaches in the summer.

  38. One of the best summer trips I took was to Niagara Falls. Growing up in Miami, FL, then going north and experiencing summer temps that weren’t hot enough to kill you was a revelation! I didn’t even miss the a/c, as the daily temps didn’t get much above 60-65 F. Awesome. Only downer were the black flies and mosquitos. Wicked. So, anywhere I can escape the heat gets my vote!

  39. My favorite summer place is being out on our beautiful lake with a good book, a bit of lunch and a glass of wine.

  40. A beach, just about any beach, but I really LOVE Cabo San Jose, Mexico (the quiet sister city to Cabo San Lucas).

  41. My favorite get away spot is going to Branson. Yes, Branson. And of course, I always take lots of books with me.

  42. Lake George, NY. I’ve been going there since I was born with my family, and now I enjoy taking my own family there in the summer. Beaches, an amusement park, horseback riding, mini golf, shopping – the little village has it all.

  43. Playa del Carmen is the most beautiful place I’ve been, but our family vacations on the Gulf Coast are my favorite. Anywhere by the ocean and I’m a happy girl.

  44. I love Maui and Vegas as my two favorite summer getaway spots. I like Maui when I’m looking for a relaxing, calm, blissful getaway. I like Vegas when I’m looking for a fun, exciting, entertaining, somewhat naughty getaway.

  45. At the beach…any beach, im not picky. But until them, my over stuffed chair or backyard lounge chair.

  46. Believe it or not I cannot read and relax without my music and books. They go together always at least for me. Get the music started and the bookpages go whizzing by at a fair clip. I think reading and music just go together. Words and music as they say in Eddie and the Cruisers and it is true.Thanks for the contest and just FYI I had a stroke in August 2013 and recovered not just faster but better than most because I read books and listened to music. Proven tht music stimulates almost 100% of yourain, so it helped heal me faster. Now I crow about it to all stroke patients and say heyit will help you too. Hope the new book does well.

  47. The beach for sitting in the sun and reading. The mountains – preferably in or near a state or national park for hiking.

  48. Home. I’m a total homebody. But my home has books, and summer in Seattle is gorgeous, so it’s easy to grab a book and enjoy the sun in my own backyard.

  49. I don’t travel much but when you live in Las Vegas, well, you can travel “anywhere” without going very far from home. Works for me!

  50. I live in Southern California, so I love to take quick trips down to La Jolla where it’s a bit cooler. Thanks for the chance!

  51. I love the Adirondack Mountains, but also love the Jersey Shore. As long as I have my IPad Pro in hand I’m good. Happy reading to everyone and thank you Julia for the new release.

  52. My favorite summer getaway is the beach in Maryland or Virginia. I especially like lake beaches, like Cunningham Falls State Park.

  53. I live in Florida, so a lot of people come here for a summer getaway. My favorite vacation was going to South Dakota and touring the Rapid City area by motorcycle. The Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Spearfish Canyon and Sturgis are just some of the sights we enjoyed. Since last year, though, summer to me means sea turtle nesting. So I’ll be headed out to the beaches of the county I live in to help the hatchlings make it safely to the Gulf of Mexico.

  54. Its either the beach with the girls (santa cruz) or up by a river, floating down on a river rat, with the same crew in Gold Country.

  55. Half Moon Bay in California! Woohoo! Congrats on the new book!
    (And Becky, I live in South Lake Tahoe and it is indeed wonderful during the summer. But I usually feel the need to escape the tourists, at least for a little while! LOL)

  56. Myrtle beach south Carolina is my favorite getaway place! Tons of things to do and plenty of sun without being too hot all the time.

  57. Fortunately where I live we have the best of both worlds of mountains to the west and many beaches to the east, which includes sailing on the Chesapeake Bay or Deep Creek Lake in the mountains of western Maryland. However, my favorite beach is Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.

  58. My favorite summer spot is on my front porch with a big glass of iced tea, a comfy lounge chair & a good book !

  59. i am going to spend the tail end of summer in London. I rally enjoyed my time in the spring when I went for my birthday.

  60. Since we haven’t had a vacation in years, I’d have to say sitting on the back porch on a beautiful breezy day after I’ve cut the grass. My birthday is April 30 and this would make a great present!

  61. A friend’s lake house south of Charleston, WV. It is gorgeous, and the lake is called Flattop Lake. Beautiful homes are all around the lake, and there are mountains nearby. So relaxing!!!

  62. My favorite summer get away spot is at my parents. They spoil me when I visit. I can even ask for certain recipes if I let them know far enough in advance. Plus, I can spend time with their dog.

  63. Lincoln City, OR, on the Oregon Coast is a favorite. Besides the Oaxific Ocean, it has shopping outlets, casino and more!

  64. Sitting in my favorite chair by the window, with the air conditioner cooling things down and drinking iced coffee!

  65. My sister’s home 2000+ miles away is ALWAYS my favorite place to go, whether we’re lazing at the nearby beach or inside at West Edmonton Mall’s wave park.

  66. Favorite getaway: Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevadas. Gorgeous location high in the mountains. Sometimes there is still snow under the pine trees in July ! It can take half the day just to drive around the lake; longer if you actually stop to enjoy the fabulous view.
    Now, I want to go =)

  67. My very favorite place to be is sitting on my deck at home in the woods. It’s my castle in the woods. πŸ™‚ <3

  68. Lake Tahoe, NV is my favorite Summer getaway spot. That prize pack would be perfect to bring to my next trip there!

  69. I love getting away to any where, whether it’s a local pool/beach, the ocean (florida, california, north carolina) or getting to a state/national park. Give me good weather, my family, & books to read and I am in heaven.

  70. I love the Caribbean beaches. I usually have my book with me. Just relaxing. If I can get to the beach, just being near the water is my calming spot. Love to listen to the water as it touches the sand

  71. We detest crowds, so we usually stay home on the farm in the summer and vacation in the off season. Life is grand!

  72. My favorite summer getaway is a them park. I love riding roller coasters and shopping in the stores they have as well.

  73. My favorite summer getaway spot is my sister’s house in Southern California. It’s lovely to get away from Florida and enjoy family time.

  74. The local Conservatory as it is air conditioned and has all the flowers and plants I would like to grow without the need to do all the work myself!

  75. I love the beach, I miss it living in Las Vegas. Used to go when I lived in Virginia Beach. Love the contest, everything you need for a day at the beach.

  76. Tofino Long Beach on Vancouver Island. You can hike out to it and rough it by camping out. Or stay at a lodge for the full luxury experience.

  77. Favorite place to vacation is in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Always sunny but cool with a tradewind breeze passing through. Very laid back and calming. The food is fresh,particularly the seafood and the people are welcoming. Local cuisine is flavorful.

  78. My porch which is nestled in a cozy corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I always have a fresh breeze and a beautiful view.

  79. My special summer get away is Hilton Head Beach. Love the slow pace with the family. I am so glad you have this kind of contest! I can’t keep up with Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thank you!

  80. What a lovely prize pack! My favorite summer getaway is Moraine- a little state park in Pennsylvania that rents out cabins on a lake πŸ™‚

  81. Any close lake is my favorite summer hangout. I love Kauai but since that is a once/ maybe twice a lifetime place can’t really say it’s my favorite summer hangout

  82. My favorite summer getaway spot is on the coast. I would love to get to Mendocino where my husband and I stayed often after we married and before kids. The northern coast (California and Oregon) has always been a favorite of mine. Relaxing.

  83. I live in Kansas, so I’m planning on lounging on our hammock with my puppy Gable and reading of far away places. Perfect

  84. I love taking the family to a beach holiday on the New South Wales central coast, in a charming little town called Crescent Head. It can’t expand because it’s surrounded by national park and, of course, the Pacific Ocean. I love sitting and reading on the balcony, with the beautiful lagoon and sea spread before me.

  85. Sedona, Arizona is my perfect getaway spot. It was where my husband and I spend our honeymoon (married 28 years) and it’s always been a favorite of mine. With the beautiful red rocks and nearby Oak Creek Canyon, it’s just a gorgeous place to be and just chill!

  86. Anywhere with a seat, a pole, a worm, and a book. Oh yeah, some water and a tree would be pretty much essential, too. Lol

  87. I no longer have a fav summer get away. Sorry? Not as much as I am. My Mom died & her house got sold . It was a little cape my father built in 1949. But it was on LONG ISLAND, NY on a private road to a private beach.
    We went there every chance we got & finally moved in in the fall of 1950. The water was so clean & clear, The beach pristine white sand.
    The last time I visited, the beach had a lot of crud (it smelled), you couldn’t see yr feet in the water. SO SAD. I’d like to go to the Bahamas where it’s still pretty untouched & unpolluted.

  88. It used to be the beaches of Rhode Island but I can no longer travel so I guess it is home sweet home buried under a pile of good books in the green grass of the back yard.

  89. I fell in love with Atlantic Beach NC about 4 years ago. If I could have all my family there also, it would be heaven on earth!

  90. My backyard among my pretty flowers. Last year I spent some time with my brother and sister-in-law at Lake Keen in northern PA which was a blast. I would gladly love to go back again.

  91. My favorite getaway spot is Washington Oaks State Beach where I can curl up in the big coquina rocks and read!

  92. I don’t get many vacations. One… in Hawaii… the most wonderful vacation spot in the world. I so want to go back.

  93. I love the Springs-in East Hampton, NY. Hidden beaches and seclusion…back to nature and a book – paradise.

  94. Thanks for the chance to win. I like to go somewhere different everytime. Not one place is a great spot. (For me!)

  95. I don’t think I have ever had a particular summer getaway spot. When my children were young, that is when we visited grandparents, and now that I am retired, I have the ability to go wherever, whenever!

    • I’m hoping this will be my day! I love going to a nice shady spot to read. The beach is fun but grassy, shady is best. My most favourite beach is Grand Beach in Manitoba Canada. It’s world renown for the beautiful sand and water. The largest fresh water lake in North America.

  96. What a fabulous prize pack! I love the beach, but I don’t get to it often enough as we live in Austin, TX, surrounded by land.

    But when we do get away, our family loves going to Florida. Any beach there, we’re simple to please.

    Have a great Summer.

    • my favorite summer getaw ay spot would be somewhere on the beach in the cayman islands!!! would love to win this book to go with it !!!

  97. My absolute favorite spot is Pentwater, MI. There is a beautiful little safe town, kids can ride bikes around just like I did as kid. And the beach, oh the beach with golden sand and water that can be calm or angry. If you go on a certain weekend in August you will be surrounded by all who love this town, and enjoy a parade, local music, strawberry shortcake social, and fireworks at dusk shot off from the pier.

  98. My favorite place would be in my own air-conditioned home, sitting in a comfy chair with a glass of sweet tea nearby. Thanks for the chance to win such an incredible prize package.

  99. Smoky Mountains & Fl Gulf coast. Nothing better then sitting and reading outside Mountain or on a beach. Cold cherry coke and snack. My kind of day.

  100. My favorite summer getaway spot is Sea Isle City, NJ. This Jersey girl spends most weekends on the beach reading and relaxing after long hard workweeks. Of course my hubby tags along!

  101. My grandma’s farm. It’s on a private lake in southern Indiana and it’s beautiful, warm and green. I love it there!

  102. I like to get away to the cottage in Northern Ontario – but only after blackfly season’s over πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  103. My late mother-in-law’s home in Gatlingburg, situated on property that borders on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is the perfect place for a summer stay. LeConte Creek borders one part of the property. The home is still owned by a family trust so it truly is another home. It is my favorite anytime-of-the-year getaway spot.

  104. Our favourite summer getaway spot use to be Darien Lake Theme Park in Darien Centre, New York.

    Now, we stay locally and visit Port Dover, Ontario along the shores of Lake Erie and experience the booming small town during the summer months, with its famous foot long hot dogs, local theatre and the many shops to browse.

  105. I think Greenwich in London was one of our nicer summer getaways. We went to the Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Greenwich Mean Time line, Cutty Sark tea clipper and Queen’s House. I also rode a cable car across the Thames.

  106. My husband and I once took a cruise to the Bahamas. It was beautiful and I would love to go again along with some books. πŸ™‚

  107. Sanibel. Hands down. Sun, surf, shells, great eats. Perfect spot to exhale. Headed there soon….but not soon enough!!

  108. My favorite getaway spot is in the Adirondack mountain here in New York. Saratoga, lake George, old forge etc.

  109. My favorite summer get a way is a quiet campground in northern Michigan with my family all there. WE spend time at the little lake, fish, ride bikes and 4 wheelers. The best part is we have no service for the phones, so we all have no choice but to hang out and talk together. We do it every year for at least a week at a time. LOVE family time!!!!!

  110. I love Disney World, even in the summer. There is just something about the atmosphere, and I have so many happy family memories of being there.

  111. My favorite getaway is Ruidos, NM. It is always cool in the summer up in the mountains and fresh air. I also like to do a little gambling at the casino at the beautiful Inn of the Mountain Gods, where they have a beautiful lake there. Lots of places to go shopping or just relax and read.

    • My favorite summer getaway spot is out on the lake by my grandparents old house. It feels like all of your cares melt away while you read in the hammock and listen to the water splash on the shore. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for summer!!!!!!

  112. My favorite summer getaway spot is the island of St Barts. Summer is the off season there, so there are no crowds. Just a beautiful island with wonderful people and great food.

  113. What a great prize package! You rock! My favorite summer getaway spot is my back deck – complete with hubby cooking something on the grill or the bbq and a glass of “something” on ice…

  114. When I lived in Michigan as a kid.. We would go to Indian lake and spend the summer… love it !! Fishin, Swimming and leaning to water ski!! Now I live in my favorite spot on the Coastal bend area of Texas…

  115. I love to spent time in the backyard with a good book ! It’s a perfect summer spot and I don’t have to take the car !

  116. My favorite summer getaway spot is at the beach. I just love to by by the water listening to the waves and reading a good book.

  117. I love going to Fenwick Island Delaware. My son and his family live there. It’s nice to visit and hang out at the ocean. Perfect way to relax.

  118. I don’t really have a favorite getaway spot. We’ve gone to Mississippi in the summer a few times, boy is is H-O-T down there in the summer. I love it there, but not the heat and humidity. Anywhere where its not to hot and I can enjoy being outside and read a book is good by me!

  119. In my dreams I would be in Bora Bora (LOL), but in reality we spend a lot of time at the ocean, so we hang mostly in Ocean City, MD. My 7-year old loves the water and travel. I can sit back and read my kindle, while my son runs around the beach and splashes around in the water. There is something do for all ages and its affordable.

  120. I don’t get to travel much but for me the perfect getaway spot is the local dirt track on weekends. Perfect way to relax for me.

  121. I don’t ever getaway. I go as often as I can to care for my parents three hours away. Thank you for the chance. I pray someday I get to go to the beach again, as it has been 20 years.

  122. My favorite summer getaway spot is Ledges State Park in Iowa! My husband and I have a favorite campsite we reserve several weekends in the summer! We even have tattoos of the campfire and site number, we got on our 22nd anniversary! Sally

  123. Once or twice each summer, we go to Sterling State Park on Lake Erie and camp for the weekend right off the beach.

  124. I love heading to Westport for a little R&R. There’s so much to do. Peruse the beach for treasurers or hit town for some saltwater taffy. Or, just laze around the campfire reading and chatting with family.

  125. I love the beach. I spend my weekends at our shore house in New Jersey (closer to Cape May, NJ). I can always be found we my toes in the sand!

  126. Thanks for the giveaway
    I live in Arizona and every summer we go to the beaches in San Diego to get out of the heat here.

  127. I can’t wait to read “Suddenly In Love” (will be running to the bookstore to grab a copy!) and would love to win the getaway pack! It will get lots of use when I am at the beach with the grandkids!!!

  128. We have a small plot of heaven in So Missouri. I love going there on the weekends during the summer. It is so peaceful.

  129. My favorite summer getaway spot is Mackinaw Island. I live in Michigan, so I might be a little prejudiced, but it is so beautiful there! There’s a lot to do on the island, too.

  130. Going to any local lake and finding a shady spot is ideal. I like to have all of my books, drinks, notebooks at the ready and settle in.

  131. I’ve not been fortunate enough to travel to far BUT I really love Laguna Beach California. Thanks SO much for the opportunity

  132. Parsons Beach in Kennebunk, Maine has some of the best private and quiet spots and with limited parking spaces it never gets close to crowded.

  133. My favorite summer getaway spot is Ocean City, Maryland. I grew up going there and still continue to love it.

  134. My favorite summer getaway for the past 18 years has been my parent’s place up in northern Minnesota. Sadly this will be the last year as my dad recently had a stroke and they are selling their beloved acreage on the lake to move closer to us in Iowa. Lots of good memories there at the lake!!

  135. The very best summer get away for me is our back terrace and deck. Easy to get to, only steps from the refrig and the bathroom– and close to my bookshelves and e-reader. Nothing could be finer than a sunny day and a great book!

  136. Myrtle Beach because no matter how broke we are we can always go there. We have many family memories there starting from when I was a baby and now going with my granddaughter this year.

  137. What a perfect kit for a weekend at the beach! I love heading for the North Country lakes, though Hampton Beach will work in a pinch, and it’s much closer.

  138. Congratulations on your latest release and thanks for the giveaway!

    My favorite summer getaway spot is the beach – the sun, a book, and a cool drink is perfection.

  139. My favorite getaway location is the beaches of Cape Cod….but seems so much further out of season after yesterday’s snowstorm.

  140. my back yard……really. It has a pool! But if you must make choose somewhere else I would have to say Maui. Love Aloha!

  141. It wouldn’t be summer without a trip to Duck on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is isolated, serene and has wild horses.

  142. SW Utah, where I live is my favorite.getaway. We liked it so well that we moved here permanently several years ago. Living here is like being on vacation year round. We’re close to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, and have lots of State Parks in our area, too. The scenery is a feast for the eyes–vivid red rock, bright blue skies, and canyons & mountains. My favorite beach location, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, isn’t great for summer, though–too hot & humid, so I’d take it anytime during Fall, Winter, or Spring.

  143. My getaway spot is a Tennessee cabin at Pigeon Forge. Reading, resting, relaxation, rivers, and “Moon Pies!”

  144. My favorite summer getaway spot is the lake. I live in Kentucky, so we have lakes in every direction from my home. I like to read beneath a tree and enjoy the view while everyone plays in the water either by swimming or fishing. Such a relaxing getaway!

  145. Love to go to Hilton Head Island. The Island is beautiful , the people are great and always have a great time.


  147. My favorite getaway spot is going to Alexandria Bay in upstate New York. It’s the most beautiful place I have ever been to. There are boats and yachts, castles to visit, islands to go to, plenty of food and drinks, tons of people. A great getaway.

  148. Getaway spot is sitting on the beach on the jersey shore watching my kids play in the water and reading a Julia London book!

  149. Perfect timing, spring is nearly here and beach towels, books, sunglasses are the perfect items for that beach bag. The Amazon gift card just puts the cherry on top!

  150. Our favorite summer getaway is Ogunquit, Maine. It is a quaint beach side community that is completely devoid of any big name hotels and restaurants. All accommodations and restaurants are locally owned and very welcoming.

  151. My favorite getaway is the beach of course! We only live a few hours away from the beach so it’s always nice to try to get away at least once every summer.

  152. One of my favorite summer getaway spots is simply putting on a good pair of walking shoes, sunscreen, and sunglasses on a warm, sunny day, taking public transit downtown and exploring my city’s many little shops and places totally at whim and serendipity, eating where- and whenever something grabs me, snapping a photo of whatever strikes my fancy, and finding more about my city! Great way to combine exercise and fun!
    Thanks for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  153. My favorite get away spot anytime is a cruise! I just love cruising! Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway!!

  154. As a 46 yeR old mother who just finished her Masters Degree (yay me) I have only gone to Chicago beaches but I love them all! I am hoping next year (on my first paid vacation!) to venture to Michigan and check out some of their beaches…you know, close to the wineries.

  155. Love your books, cant wait to read Suddenly in Love what a great way to enjoy spring, sitting on the porch with a great book by an awesome author!

  156. In love going the Marquette, MI in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s gorgeous up there in the summer!!

  157. My favourite summer getaway spot is our trailer out on Rice Lake!!! It’s peaceful. We go fishing, swimming, cruise on the boat around the lake or cozy up to a bonfire at night.

  158. The only summer getaway I’ve been to was Wisconsin Dells. It was a lot of fun and we haven’t been there in years. We are hoping to be able to take the kids there this summer! Congratulations on the release and thank you for the chance!

    • That was supposed to read get away from “everything” not “traumatic”!! I have no idea where that came from unless it’s another phone correction.

  159. My favorite summer getaway is St. Simon’s Island off the coast of Georgia! We love the old beach town atmosphere, the beach, the seafood, the marshes, the tranquility, and years of happy memories!

  160. Mine is easy. I love to be out in my yard working on my flowers. It’s less stressful than trying to coordinate a vacation somewhere. I have animals and it’s hard to find someone to pet sit.

  161. My favorite summer get away, is anywhere I can be in the sun, reading a great book listening to water move in the background. That can be at the pool, the beach, the lake, all are good spots. And if I can take a break & jump on my Paddle Board, then it’s even better!;)

  162. It has been a long time since we got away in the summer. When we finally get away in summer, it would be a tie between Florida beaches and the mountains in Tennessee.

  163. Coeur D’Lene, ID. Daughter and Grandson in Spokane Valley, WA and brother in Spirit Lake, ID so it’s all right together.

  164. Coeur D’Alene, ID My daughter and grandson live in Spokane Valley, WA and my brother in Spirit Lake, ID. So they are all real close together.

  165. My favorite place to visit in the summer is North Myrtle Beach. I love nothing more than getting up early to walk to the beach and see the sunrise over the ocean, find a few shells. Later in the day, I enjoy playing in the surf, playing with the sand crabs. There is something about the ocean that both relaxes and rejuvenates me. I love vacations to places I have never visited, but the ocean will always be my favorite.

  166. My favorite summer getaway spot is camping at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. There is so much to do. Or you can stay at the camp site and do nothing at all. Sit at the camp fire at night with a glass of wine and sing along to the oldies. During the day go to the beach with your favorite Julia London book and relax. Don’t forget to go out and enjoy the great Maine seafood. Yum!!

  167. I’m a member thanks for the chance to win I’m looking forward to reading it, here’s my address Penney
    Penney Wilfort
    3131 Watkins Drive
    Apt 209
    Riverside California

  168. Long Beach Island in New Jersey is my favorite get away place. From the sandy beaches ofSurf City to Barnegat Lighthouse there is no end of things to do and places to get a seafood dinner.

  169. I’ve been in a funk with reading new books but this looks like it’ll bring me out of it. Can’t wait to read it.

  170. Will be spending a couple months in Aruba next year and would love to enjoy it with your beach package Thanks for all your great reading

  171. I am Suddenly In Love with this giveaway. I have been looking forward to going to the beach and this would be an awesome take along. There is nothing like reading an awesome book with all the terrific extras!
    Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  172. My favorite summer getaway spot is anywhere cool & shady. As a melanoma survivor, I avoid the sun, plus I have other chronic medical conditions that cause me to have to avoid prolonged sunlight exposure. A nice, cool, shady spot, a great read & cool beverage is all it takes for me to have my own personal getaway.

    Thanks for offering the chance to win such great gifts!

  173. My favorite summer getaway spot is Gimli, Manitoba. It’s a lakeside resort with Icelandic roots, with a great beach, good restaurants and its own film festival on the beach.

  174. I can’t wait to read this book!!! I love to read series and I have enjoyed your other books, especially “The Perfect Homecoming”.

  175. My favorite getaway spot in the summer are the Sebago Lakes of Maine. They are quiet and peaceful and just what I need I the summer.

  176. When the sun is shining there’s no better summer getaway place than Cornwall in the south west of England. Beautiful scenery, beaches and food!

  177. Newport Rhode Island…close to home withamazing beaches food and scenery!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  178. I love Virginia Beach. The water is the perfect temperature in the summer, not too hot, not too cold, and the waves are perfect height for family fun. Plus there’s fun things to do along the boardwalk.

  179. Dear Julia,

    My favorite getaway spot is on the Oregon Coast. The beaches are wonderful and there are so many places to camp. The best place is 20 miles south of Lincoln City.
    You never get bored, for you always see something different.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter in your fabulous contest.

    Ms. Leslie Smith

  180. In Destin , Fl. I like to walk along the beach and pickup shells, Then about sunset I like to sit and watch the sunset and listen to the waves coming in. It is so peaceful and pretty.

  181. Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

    My favorite summer getaway spot is any quiet corner where I can read- uninterrupted by the kids on summer break!

  182. I absolutely love Nashville, Tennessee. Summertime is blooming with gorgeous trees and music. It is really beautiful there. I also love walking the beach near the water at night. It’s so peaceful and quiet.

    I am looking forward to reading Suddenly In Love. Thank you for the chance at this awesome gift.


  183. Love a trip to South Lake Tahoe during the summer months…great way to escape the heat of the Sacramento Valley.