Summer Giveaway

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573 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway

  1. I’m one of those people who have (need more like) to read a series in order sooooo…

  2. I love Julie Ann Walker and Deloris Fosson so either Rev it Up or Lucas woud be great to start.

  3. I love your writing and love your books I can’t until the next one comes out. Your books are pick up and are read until you get to the last page. All your books when I read them you make me feel like I am right there. I can feel all the emotional parts you each one go through. I laugh at the funny parts and I cry at the sad parts. Sometimes I holler at the book tell a certain part to do whatever I can see will or should happen in the later part of the book.
    So Julia this might make me stupid or something but I love your books no matter what other people might think if they read this but I love Julia London books 100%..

  4. I… don’t think I have those above titles yet, so either one will be great for me!
    But anyway, I’m a non US resident.

    Thank you for the awesome chance, Julia.

  5. They all sound like wonderful reading but the one I would read first is Suddenly Engaged. I love your writing.

  6. I’d love to spend my Sunday reading The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon

  7. Since I already own your new book, I’ll pick Jessica Lemmon The Bastard Billionaire to try a new author. Thanks for the opportunity! I love all of your books!

  8. How could I possibly choose which to read first? So, I will start at the top of the list and work my way down. Sorry that isn’t more original, but I can’t wait to get started!!

  9. I would probably read your book, Suddenly Engaged, first. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Just from the covers alone these books look amazing. Apart from yourself I also love Kristen Ahsley’s books. I’m going on holiday soon so a couple of these would be awesome to take while I’m sipping cocktails by the pool :))

  11. I need to find the first two books of the Lake Haven series. I’m one of those must read in order. And a few of your old HR series too. All in all, I just can’t decide, but I can say, I’m now hooked on your CR novels as well.

  12. there are several authors there I haven’t read yet – I’m looking forward to ‘Rev It Up’ by Julia Ann Walker

  13. All of them sounds yummy to read, but I would have to pick, Suddenly

    Engaged then I would read The Bastard Billionaire and for last I would

    read Victoria. Excellent contest!!!

  14. Great giveaway! I think Rev It Up by Julia Ann Walker looks like a good place to start.

  15. I like to read Pursued β€” Lisa Harris because it’s interesting to read.

  16. It would be wonderful to win a book or two! πŸ™‚ Greetings from Croatia!

  17. suddenly engaged. I truly believe one can never have too many books shoes perhaps but books no. And I’ve taught my darling granddaughter the same and I hope she too will pass this love to her family when she has one πŸ˜‰

  18. Looks like a great selection of books. I would have a hard time choosing which one to read first.

  19. As I haven’t read anything by any of the authors listed, I’d be happy to win any of them.

  20. I’m most excited about Suddenly Engaged. I’m from Canada though so I’ll have to purchase it myself πŸ˜‰

  21. I think I’d start with the Kristen Ashley The Deep End. I’ve been a big fan of her other series so I’d be excited to start a new one!

  22. I will read Suddenly Engaged first because I have read many of Julia London’s historical romances, but have yet to read one of your contemporary romances.

  23. Would love to win… just had knee surgery and have plenty of time to read. Thanks!!

  24. Wow thank you so much for the giveaway. I am so intrigued by the Murder at an Irish Wedding. So I will be reading that first. Hope it is available in Kindle.

  25. Murder at a Wedding has me intrigued and I can’t even read the back of the book.

  26. Suddenly Engaged. Although Murder at an Irish Wedding sounds very intriguing.

  27. I have read all your books, my favorite are Scottish!!! Never won anything so I might as well try, what the heck!

  28. I’d like to start by reading “Victoria” by Daisy Godwin because I have read so many historical romance novels set prior to Queen Victoria becoming the Queen that I would like to read about her transition to being the monarch.

  29. Would love to read Suddenly Engaged first! ❀❀❀❀

  30. I love your books! So your book would be my first read. Your in my bookshelf of favorite authors, at least 7 read and 3 to be read soon. It all started with “The Book of Scandal” <3 <3

  31. I loved the first 2 books in the series and glad to see the next one is coming out.

  32. What an amazing collection!!! Love Julia’s stories – I could live in her worlds every day 😁

  33. I would start with your book since I read all of yours.Then I would read Kristen Ashley , B J Daniels, Delores Fossen, and read all the rest of them to check out writers I have not read before.

  34. love the series..just finished Suddenly dating…don’t buy very often…can’t afford…would so appreciate it..

  35. I read Suddenly Engaged through NetGalley and loved it as I did Suddenly in Love and Suddenly Dating.

    Next to be read is The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon.

  36. Wow. So many choices. I put all the titles in a cup and chose one at random. The winner is…. Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  37. I would read Murder at an Irish Wedding first. Sounds intriguing. Thanks! Have a good one! πŸ™‚

  38. Great books to choose from!
    I would love either Suddenly Engaged or Renegade’s Pride by B. J. Daniels.

    Always enjoyed reading your books!
    Best wishes,

  39. Love to read Suddenly Engaged,and all look so good ,and great authors,thanks for Chance..I LOVE TO READ !!!

  40. I would read The Billionaire Bastard first.
    I wanted to go to the event so bad but it was a bit pricey for a 2 hour drive on an afternoon while trying to build a house at the same time. Glad everyone had fun.

  41. I would start with Renegade’s Pride but would enjoy reading them all. Thank You!

  42. I will definitely be reading Suddenly Engaged first! I just hope I win! THANKS!

  43. I would love to read Lost Rider first I think the cover is amazing and thank you for giving away print copies I am disabled and the only way to read is print! Happy 4th

  44. I would read Suddenly Engaged first. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  45. A wonderful haul of a contest! Suddenly Engaged would be my first pick.

  46. all of them sound like great read! thank you for the giveaway. I would read The deep end by Kristen Ashley firt

  47. From the titles alone , The Bastard Billionaire I would read first just to see why he was called that

  48. I Love your books. I finish one and can’t wait for the next one. Would Love to win this prize pack!

  49. Although it’s a difficult choice, I pick “Suddenly Engaged”!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  50. Looking forward to reading your new book regardless of if I win the contest.

  51. Hi, I would like to read Suddenly Engaged first from the above list. Thank you.

  52. What a great giveaway. It would have to be between Suddenly Engaged and Pursued. I have read books by both of you and love your writing styles.

  53. Anything by you! Suddenly Engaged would have to be my first choice. Reading is my escape, and thanks to a plethora of favorite authors and books, I can find myself on the other side of the world and totally in the characters place!

  54. All sound interesting . Can not wait to meet you at the Decatur Book Festival .

  55. It has to be the one and only, Suddenly Engaged, followed closely by Pursued, and then Slightly South of Simple. I am stockpiling for a fall beach reading session!! Boy would that insulated bag come in handy..

  56. Julia London books are always very well written and enjoyable for me. I would read her book first.

  57. Renegade’s Pride, I would love to read them all but I have over 22 of B.J.Daniels books. And I share them with my daughter who also loves to read romance. Thank you very much for this chance to win.

  58. Murder at an Irish Wedding sounds intriguing, since weddings tend to be mostly happy occasions. I’m not yet finished reading Sinful Scottish Lairdm so that comes firsst.

    Thanks for your generous offer. Chris, RN

  59. I would like to start with your book Suddenly engaged.
    The books that I have read of your’s , I have enjoyed very much. I am about 3 years behind in staying current with your books. My budget doesn’t alow me to buy brand new books. I have to wait for book sales or discounts. Not every body in my community reads Julia London.

  60. I would be reading your book first, of course! Then I would look forward to enjoying some new to me authors! Doesn’t get much better than that!

  61. I’m on book 2 of the Lake Haven series, Suddenly Dating, and looking forward to book 3. I would definitely start my summer reading binge with Suddenly Engaged.

  62. I would read Murder at an Irish Wedding first the title grabs my attention and seems like a great place to start. I went between 3 books for first to read and then went with my gut and that title grabbed me.

  63. Why….”Suddenly Engaged” of course! To be honest, I haven’t read any of the other authors, so it would be wonderful to win this giveaway and broaden my library. Thanks!

  64. I’d love to read Suddenly Engaged, because I’ve just become that! ;p

  65. I’d have to read ‘Suddenly Engaged ” first. I can’t wait to read it.

  66. Slightly South of Simple or The Deep End sound interesting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. I would like to read Suddenly Engaged. When I read a book I like from an author I have never read before, I have to read all of that author’s books. I love discovering for me a new author and what that author’s talent brings to my reading world.

    Thank you for your gift of storytelling!

  68. It’s actually a tie with Suddenly Engaged and Rev It Up. Thanks so much for an awesome and generous giveaway. Happy 4th.
    Carol L

  69. Ahh….to many to choose from. But, I would have to say Suddenly Engaged by you.

  70. Suddenly engaged is my first choice! I’m really not familiar with the other authors. Please keep on doing what you do!

  71. I would read Slightly South of Simple first. It looks interesting and I have never read a book by this author. It would be fun to try something new.

  72. I think I would pick “Lost Rider β€” Harper Sloan” to read first.

  73. The Bastard Billionaire would be my first to read. I love those rich boys and seeing them fall to love.

  74. Love the cover of Slightly South of Simple! I would try it first. πŸ™‚

  75. Renegade’s Pride. I am in the mood for a western themed book. I enjoy all your books, but also love to try new authors. This package will give me the opportunity.

  76. I would love to read Murder at an Irish Wedding β€” Carlene O’Connor

  77. My first choice would be Suddenly Engaged. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  78. I would love to win a bag full of books. I really want to get my daughter back into reading and get my granddaughter started on a journey with the love of books. Thank you for the oportunity to enter.

  79. Montana cowboy family looks good! So does Renegades pride! Heck! They all look good! Lol😁

  80. Suddenly Engaged would be my choice to read first. The name of the book leaves me in suspense as to how,why ,etc it got to that point.

  81. Murder at an Irish Wedding would be my first choice. I’m currently researching my Irish relatives and this would be a perfect complement.

  82. That’s a great lot of summer reads. I’d love to read them all. I would choose to read Lost Rider by Harper Sloan first though.

  83. Suddenly engaged. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway. Happy summer!

  84. I would read Rev It Up first, as it evokes an appealingly energized sensibility, which, in turn, seems especially summer-appropriate.

  85. Of course I would read your book first, “Suddenly Engaged”! I love reading your historical romances. I know I would love reading this contemporary story because I love your style of writing. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  86. First Suddenly Engaged, but Victoria up at the top too, maybe both at once

  87. They all sound so good!!! But the title “Slight South of Simple” sounds intriguing and fun to start with!

  88. I am looking forward to reading Suddenly Engaged. Thank you for this chance to win.

    • Congratulations Joanna!

      Your comment was chosen via random. org and you’ve won this fab giveaway. You will receive an email shortly.

  89. I start at the top of the pile and work my way through!
    Thanks for the contest!

  90. Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to read them all so I’ll just start with Suddenly Engaged!

  91. I would definitely read ‘Suddenly Engaged’ first! πŸ™‚

  92. Renegade’s Pride by BJ Daniels (but only because I’ve already read an ARC of Suddenly Engaged)

  93. Naturally I would like to read yours first! Then second I would like to read Montana Cowboy Family by Linda Ford. But really, I will take any of them! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  94. i love all of yoir book. just finished the last highlander one, great series. I would love to win this contest. I love to find new authors to add to my reading list. thanks again

  95. No offense to the other books/authors, but I’d read yours first- Suddenly Engaged. Looks great, plus I love your books! Thank you for the chance!

  96. I would like to read B.J. Daniel’s “Renegade’s Pride” first. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

  97. Of course I would like to read your book first and then maybe “Murder at an Irish Wedding” but it’s really hard to pick. Depends on my mood at the time. Thanks for the opportunity.

  98. Lost Rider is the book I’d like to read first.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  99. I would read all of them, but the first one I would most likely read would have to be Murder at an Irish Wedding.

  100. I’d like to read the Suddenly Engaged. Right now I have been immersed in historicals, so I want do read more contemporary. And I love your style. So, perfect!!!

  101. I’d have to put titles in a hat and draw one…but the first four I’d look for would be Suddenly Engaged, Lucas, Montana Cowboy Family and Renegade’s Pride…

  102. The Deep End β€” Kristen Ashley It’s blurb definitely caught my attention

  103. So many great titles! Victoria is one I’ve had my eye on for awhile & would probably be the first on top of the tbr pile.

  104. thanks – would love to read Suddenly Engaged and all the rest – stopped reading for many years, so doing my best to catch up

  105. I would read Suddenly Engaged first. It’s got the cutest cover and really drew me toward it.

  106. Well that certainly would be a treat to receive this package and awesome to get ” Suddenly Engaged ! ”

    Well get the book that is….. I can’t get engaged again…cause I am already married … and to boot 40 years this September 9th.

    Chose that date because it was my parents anniversary !!!

  107. This would last me for the whole week’s vacation on Cape Cod.

    Murder at an Irish Wedding β€” Carlene O’Connor It’s an Irish story, there’s a wedding, and a murder. What more can you ask for in a story?

  108. The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon looks like a great place to start! The idea of possibly winning an insulated book bag gives me goose bumps! In this South Carolina heat, I’ll put that to good use.

  109. I would like to start with Murder at an Irish Wedding, since a trip to Ireland (and Scotland) is in the future. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  110. You are the only author on this list I’ve read so I’d probably start with Suddenly Engaged but then again, Montana Cowboy Family just might just to the lead, πŸ™‚

  111. I love reading Julia London books while I am relaxing in the backyard or by the pool when I taken them on my holidays. Would love to win this prize. Would keep me reading for the rest of the summer.

  112. I do like western cowboy romance. It’s read BJ Daniels Renegades Pride first.

  113. The Bastard Billionaire looks good and of course your suddenly engaged any, all, i love books!

  114. I’d like to read them all! But yours first of course! Suddenly Engaged!

  115. I loved the Highlander series. I so want to go to Scotland and see the beautiful country, just from your description in your books. Of course, we would have to play at the St Andrews’ course. We can dream.

  116. Happy Summer!
    I think I would start with “The Deep End” by Kristen Ashley

  117. I love to read and have so many books that my husband is turning a picture window in our den into a bookcase for me. All of my other bookcases are full.

  118. I’d read Suddenly Engaged first and follow it up with The Bastard Billionaire!

  119. They all look great but I think I would start with “Murder at an Irish Wedding” because I love anything Irish.

  120. Wow, look at the books, sure would keep me reading this summer and maybe fall!
    Thanks for this contest and I’m looking forward to reading Suddenly Engaged!

  121. I would love to read ‘Murder at an Irish wedding’. Thank you for the opportunity.

  122. Suddenly Engaged. I have read your homecoming books and enjoyed them to the point where I couldn’t put my nook down. I want to read this book very much.

  123. What better way is there to beat the heat than to curl up in my bedroom reading twelve books while blasting the window air conditioner?

  124. So many to pick from. I think I would start with The Bastard Billionaire.

  125. Thanks for the chance. I really am in need of some new summer books to read.

  126. Murder at an Irish Wedding appeals to me because my daughter married a young man who is 1/4 Irish just last Saturday!

  127. I’d read any because all but you are a new to me author. So I’d say Suddenly Engaged.

  128. Whether I win or not I’ll be checking out each author. The titles sound interesting to say the least.

  129. I want to read yours first or murder at an Irish wedding. The title sounds interesting and I like a good murder mystery especially if there is romance in it too. Suzanne

  130. Hi Julia!!!
    I’d definitely love to read The Bastard Billionaire first. The title grabs my attention.


    Sheree from South Carolina

  131. Suddenly Engaged. I’ve already enjoyed the first two in this series. Would be great to win Part 3! Thank you for sponsoring this contest.

  132. I would love to read yours of course, and The Bastard Billionaire πŸ™‚

  133. I think I would choose Murder at an Irish Wedding by Carlene O’Connor to read first. I’m thinking this could be because the humidity is super bad right now and a good murder type book, or even just a book with murder in the title, makes me feel a tad happy!

  134. Suddenly Engaged would probably be the first book I would read but certainly look forward to reading all of the books listed.

  135. First thought would be to say yours, Suddenly Engaged; but, they are all on my TBR list…and good authors…and do I really have to choose just one? If so, I will stick with the one I first said. Wow, this is hard to do….just being honest here…

  136. Well suddenly Engaged, of course. It is from my favorite arthor!

  137. I look forward to rereading Suddenly in Love and Suddenly Dating so that I’ll be ready for Suddenly Engaged!

  138. I would read Suddenly Engaged first, as it means I can now read the whole three Lake Haven books one after the other. LOL

  139. So many great reads that it’s difficult to choose. If I have to I’ll pick Murder At An Irish Wedding by Carlene O’Connor.

  140. Renegade’s Pride, the book sounds sexy and interesting. My kind of book. Have a great summer.

  141. “Suddenly Engaged” would definitely be my first read. I am SO excited to get my hands on it and indulge in Mama timeout with my glass of sweet tea. ❀

  142. I would like to read Lost Rider β€” Harper Sloan first, thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win!!!

  143. Suddenly Dating and Suddenly Engaged sound AWESOME! Looking forward to the book coming out in late July!

  144. I actually want to read Suddenly Engaged first. It would be so cool to get it sooner than the end of July!

  145. Suddenly Engaged. You are one of my favorite authors and always wait expectantly for the new book. Thanks for many hours of escape, adventure and pleasure.

  146. Well, of course Suddenly Engaged! Then I think Murder at an Irish Wedding.

  147. It’s a toss up between The Deep End & Suddenly Engaged. Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. What a great group of books! Would love to read them all! Thank you for the chance.

  149. I would like to read Montana Cowboy Family by Linda Ford first. At the moment I am into reading cowboy stories and I like Linda’s books.

  150. All the books sound interesting, but I’d read “Suddenly Engaged” first.

  151. I have already ordered Suddenly Engaged so I say y
    That is my 1st choice.

  152. I would love to read Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. I am fascinated by Queen Victoria and have read many books and seen many movies on her life. I think she made monumental changes and it was so great that she was in love!

  153. Happy 4th to you Julia.
    I would love to win this giveaway…love books, and an insulated tote. Lovely. Thank you.

    • My first read would be Suddenly Engaged, and 2nd would be Deep End. I skipped this in my first comment below, sorry.

  154. Well, it’s a toss-up between “Suddenly Engaged” and “Murder at an Irish Wedding”! What I would probably do is stick one in my purse, and put the other on the nightstand, and basically read them concurrently. I tend to do that sort of thing. A lot!

  155. How to choose?? Suddenly Engaged first obviously! Followed by Montana Cowboy Family by Linda Ford, love those Montana cowboys!

  156. I would like to read The Deep End because I have friends that are obsessed with Kristen Ashley and I’ve never read a book by her.

  157. I’d like to read your next book, “Suddenly Engaged” as I have read and enjoyed other books by you.
    I have already read B.J. Daniels’ “Renegade’s Pride.”

  158. Curious to read “The Bastard Billionaire” since I’ve never read a “Billionaire” type of book but…will probably read Suddenly Engaged…always waiting for Julia’s new books…

  159. Montana Cowboy Family β€” Linda Ford, isw on the top of my TBR list.

  160. With all I said I completely forgot to say “Suddenly Engaged!” I did say I loved your books, though. That says it all.

  161. Lost Rider by Harper Sloan is the book I’d like to read first but honestly they all look so good!

  162. And a random note, your newsletter turned me on to Dogeared necklaces. I’ve gotten all the gals in the family a necklace from there as birthdays approach. Thank you for that! They’re beautiful!

  163. I hope you didn’t have to tote all of that too far, especially in the heat!
    I will say thank you for doing that because few will think of it and appreciate your efforts as much as we all should.

    Glad to hear you had such a good time. Love your books. Please keep writing!

  164. I think Suddenly Engaged – hard to choose! I pick genre based on my mood some days.

  165. I would love to read Suddenly Engaged first, of course!! But I can’t wait to read the rest also!

  166. Sadly, I have yet to read any of the books on this list so would love to win them

  167. Suddenly Engaged! I haven’t read the series yet, so I’d like to get into it πŸ™‚

  168. Suddenly Engaged and thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

  169. Just read a lake haven book and said I wish their was more. And voila.

  170. Thank you for the chance to have a whole bunch of reasons to have a great summer πŸ™‚

  171. Is a toss up between Suddenly Engaged and The Deep End and Murder at an Irish Wedding. LOL This is probably why my TBR list never seems to get any smaller.

  172. Suddenly engaged of course! All the rest look good too. I think some alone time is in order, don’t you? Thanks for the contest. Enjoy your summer.

  173. Suddenly Engaged is first on my list!!! (I haven’t read most of the authors listed and would love the opportunity to read their books.) Fingers crossed that. Win! Thanks for the chance, Julia!

  174. This is genorous and I’ve loved your work ever since I’ve read The Devil Takes a Bride.

  175. Would love to read Murder at an Irish Wedding first. Thanks for chance.

  176. There are so many great books it’s hard to pick just one. The book I’d want to read first is a toss-up between Suddenly Engaged and Lost Rider.
    Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!

  177. What a great selection! I would like to read Slightly South of Simple first. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  178. Suddenly Engaged thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity

  179. I’m most excited to read Suddenly Engaged! I so enjoyed the first 2 and can’t wait for this one! After that The Bastard Billionaire sounds good!;)

  180. The first one I would read would be Suddenly Engaged. I love a good love story. When life is difficult it helps to get lost in a good story of love.

  181. I’ll go for Lost Rider with the cowboy on the cover. I like books featuring the strong silent type and cowboys usually are. That’s how I escape stress.

  182. Murder at an Irish Wedding sounds intriguing so probably that one. I’m reading Suddenly Engaged at the moment.

  183. I have been a Julia London follower for many years and would love to obtain her latest book Suddenly Engaged.

  184. Awesome giveaway! I know some of the authors and others will be new. Thanks for a shot.

  185. They all look and sound interesting. The first one I’d read is Suddenly Engaged. Thanks for the contest and the books.

  186. What a great assortment! Thanks for the opportunity. Looks as if you had a good time! πŸ™‚

  187. Since I’m already previewing Suddenly Engaged I would like to read The Bastard Billionaire β€” Jessica Lemmon.

  188. Although I have never read her I would love to read Lost Rider by Harper Sloan. Cowboy romance is my latest obsession.

  189. Sounds like a great prize package – especially with summer actually thinking about being here πŸ™‚

  190. Oh pick me! I am looking for summer books to read, but don’t have much money so this would be a huge treat for me! I’d love to read any of them – but especially Suddenly Engaged!

  191. The first one I’d like to read is The Bastard Billionaire,who doesn’t love reading about a bastard?! It sounds like a fun read!

  192. I would like to read Victoria by Daisy Goodwin first. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  193. The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon. I’ve wanted to read it for a while now. Thank you.

  194. They ALL look very tempting. I’m thinking I would have them all in a tote, shut my eyes and pick one. Suddenly, I’d be engaged. πŸ˜‰

  195. Suddenly Engaged, love the historicals but haven’t tried a contemporary by Julia London yet.

  196. Suddenly Engaged as I love the cover. They look so happy.

  197. Yours of course!! I love trying new authors, but I’d dearly love to read your newest.

  198. I’d love to read The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon first πŸ™‚