Summer Reading Giveaway

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324 thoughts on “Summer Reading Giveaway

  1. We actually just got home (Ohio) from our Florida vacation. What that means for me is that I’ll be heading into my classroom to get it ready for the upcoming school year.

  2. The two “Dog” series were fantastic!!!!
    The Highland Grooms series is one of my favorites!!

    I’m still working on the Cabot Sisters!!!
    Please keep writing!

  3. This summer is back to work. I took the previous 4 months off to take care of my husband. No it’s back to reality.

  4. Summer is not my season, so I’m just trying to get through it as usual! C’mon fall and winter!

  5. lots of reading and a few getaways with family. Looking forward to the family vacation in mid July.

  6. Just went on a cruise, which was wonderful! But now the MIL is visiting and all that relaxation went right out the window LOL!

  7. It is actually winter here in Australia, so I will be cuddling up with a blanket and my TBR list. It is rather long, so I don’t know if I will finish.

  8. Have not decided when and where I will go on vacation. Thinking down to Mrytle Beach, SC. Haven’t been there in 14 years since hubby died.

  9. I’m enjoying reading while waiting at the doctors office. I love London books.

  10. This summer I’ll try to enjoy being outside with a good book, glass of something fun, and my cat.


  12. The only fun thing going on this summer is that our granddaughter is going to make us great grandparents very soon. She’s due August 1st.

  13. Taking my youung autistic child to summer camp every weekday. Thank goodness things are getting back to normal and day camp is open again!! I will be reading a lot as well.

  14. This summer I plan on going on walks with my family and friends. Today I viewed the double plot my daughter and her husband have at the community garden. I also met Gail who has been gardening there since 1970. There’s 10 hours of community service for the 10 community plots there and $10 fee per year. Water is free and there are hoses and tools available to borrow in a building. We toured the gardens and I have romaine lettuce and basil in my refrigerator.

  15. I live in the desert of Arizona, so when we get triple digit temperatures I head to the beaches in San Diego. I am lucky in that I have a sister who lives there

  16. Not much going on this summer. Just hanging by the pool reading and swimming.

  17. Due to ankle problems, I won’t be going out of the house much this summer. Need some good books to read. Have been a big fan of Julia London forever, and even though I probably have read all the books in this contest, I probably have forgotten them. Would enjoy reading her books again.

  18. I have a concert to go to on July 9th. Going to see Keith Urban.. Can’t wait and at the end of July I will be going on my Girls weekends with all my BFFs.
    Have a good summer

  19. Family campfires, picnics and some high school graduation parties. I intend to find some time to read too.

  20. Getting together with nephew before his move to Nashville
    and celebrating my niece’s marriage.

  21. Summer is in full swing here in warm and sunny Macedonia ❤️
    A lot of gardening in the early morning, walking through the nearest forest with my dog, afternoon reading is almost everyday routine for me…
    Waiting for vacation in early September to finally get that long due relaxation from everyday life.
    Thank you for this amazing chance
    Wishing you a peaceful and hot summer

  22. We are going on a summer holiday! First time in 3 years – Cornwall and so looking forward to it. I will be taking 2 books so would be lovely to win some. Thank you for the opportunity.

  23. I haven’t got any plans this summer, just taking care of my garden.

  24. Unfortunately not much. Having spine surgery and will have a collar on fir a month.

  25. It’s our first summer in a new neighborhood – and the neighbors are planning an actual block party! I thought that was just something you see on tv, but now I get to go to one. I’m so excited!

  26. This some we are doing some home renovation & then later a family get-together in Colorado.

  27. Im enjoying my first summer being retired! We have a large container gardening area that is doing very well this year and Im having so much fun tending to it

  28. This summer will be filled with local beach and lake day trips and camping on the Oregon coast 🙂

  29. Not much this summer. Hoping to work in a camping trip or two. Mostly just waiting for our Alaskan cruise in September.

  30. This summer my family and I are enjoying the sunshine. So far we have spent time at the lake swimming and camping. We have also spent time hanging out with family friends.

  31. I’m working on remodeling our kitchen pantry this summer. Probably not a project I should have started spur-of-the-moment, but I think it’s going to look so much better and definitely be more functional. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far!

  32. Reading in my free time. My daughter recently got engaged so we are excited to begin wedding planning. They want to get married in Feb. or March. So things will be fast and frantic this summer!

  33. Doing some home renovations this summer since weren’t able to do much the last couple of years. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

  34. Heading to the east coast to visit my mother, sisters, and oldest son. I can’t wait!

  35. Not much going on this summer. But of course that allows me to read whenever I want. Especially now that I am retired. Looking forward to reading your Highland Grooms.

  36. Instead of spending the money I currently don’t own on expensive beach trips, I’ve found myself enjoying some gourmet trips to my kitchen instead. It’s quite inexpensive, and delicious, if I may comment on it.
    However, going on promenade walks with Brigite, my dearest friend of four paws, is also a must as an everyday task.
    This summer I’m focusing on relaxing at home and reading my favorite romance books.

  37. We’re taking a family trip to Ireland. My husband and I were there 30 years ago for our honeymoon and we’re looking forward to this trip with our adult children. Slainte!

  38. This summer we have a few family cabin weekends planned, two family reunions, one class reunion, and monthly visits to my oldest daughter & hubby’s home (2+ hours away, & two grandkids ages 3 & 5!). My 20 year old special needs daughter will be going to camp for a week in late July, so my hubby and I look forward to a week with no kids & a break from parenting. My son is home from college for the summer, but is busy working 2 jobs. I try hard to fit in time to read, time to call close friends and family, and time to just sit in the sun and enjoy the weather. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  39. I’m working in the garden, and taking care of grandkids. Reading when I get a chance!

  40. It’s a staycation this year. Hubby has had one surgery with two more coming up! Upside, we get more time with the grandson.

  41. This summer I will be spending most of my time at home in the air-conditioned house…lol. I do hope to travel to visit my kids and grandkids.

  42. Mostly working but sneaking away to Cape Cod for a week at the end of July! Lots of day trips to the Jersey Shore in-between!

  43. Finally taking time out for vacation to South Carolina. Beach time and meeting up with friends.

  44. Thank you for the giveaway and I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July

  45. No real plans for summer – just out to lunch or day trips. Love your books and hope I win!!!

  46. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
    My husband and I will be camping (glamping, really) for a week in July, travelling to a family reunion in mid-August, and, on Labour day weekend, we’ll be taking our youngest off to his first year of university in Ottawa.

  47. I am getting a puppy this summer so I’m spending my days puppy proofing my house. She comes the first week of August.

  48. My summer will be a staycation. Not a chance to catch something like COVID. I can catch up on my reading too.

  49. I’m enjoying the beautiful summer weather here in Wisconsin. My husband and I planted two raised gardens this year. They are doing well. We are also spending a lot of time with our family. Our youngest of four children is getting married in July so lot to do to get ready for that big event.

  50. Just finished my week and a day “summer” vacation and yesterday was my first day back at work. The summer is a busy time at work since our year end is June 30th and I work in the finance area. My summer will be spent working on reconciliations and year end reports. I have a couple days off in July and also August. At home I plan to try to stay as cool as possible!

  51. This summer my daughter and family will be flying in from New Mexico.
    I haven’t seen them for about ten years though I do call them every other day. It will be great to actually see my grandsons. Love then all and can’t wait.

  52. Not good at this comment stuff. Just like to read books. Already too hot for me here in Colorado.

  53. This summer… oh, work work work work work… but, there will be READING, and time spent with family cone what may! Oh, and air conditioning because, yeah… Florida heat is no joke! 😅

  54. I went to the Jim Henson exhibition in San Francisco, and my niece’s engagement party in LA…

  55. No kids in school so we took our vacation to Maine in May before the crowds! Now back to the old grind!

  56. I’ll be spending lots of time with my two year old granddaughter. Playing in her backyard, going to the park, swimming, eating lots of ice cream and reading as many books as possible!

  57. thanx for the chance to win. what do i have going on this summer??
    well i start a new job as of next thursday. that is a big one. so i suppose learning the ropes there. that is most of what i have going on. I am also hoping that my husband will get us tickets to bard on the beach for our anniversary. it has been a tradition that we go each year but we haven’t gone 2020 or 2021. but it is on this year and i want to go very much ( it is a local shakespeare festival performed in tents on the beach)

  58. Coming in July, I will be attending my great-niece’s 3rd birthday party. I see her often and she is a delight but I am really looking forward to seeing family members that I have not seen in a while.

  59. I will be relaxing and reading as many books as possible. No big vacation plans just enjoying our new home.

  60. Working mostly but have a few trips planned to see some concerts over the next couple months. And squeezing in a week at the beach with the family.

  61. Not going to far from home this summer, but family from away will be visiting, that will be nice, long time to be apart.

  62. We celebrated my sons graduation and had a big party! We are hoping to have a family vacation this summer also!

  63. I am catching up on my sewing projects I started this winter. And looking forward to my out of town company coming later this summer.

  64. I am spending time with grandkids and getting a new math unit ready for fall!

  65. We have a lot of house projects going on this summer & also a visit from our first great grandchild.

  66. Unfortunately not too much planned – staycation in the backyard and trying to stay cool.

  67. I am doing some vacations with my children and grandchildren to Peek n’ Peak, NY and to Massanutten, VA. There will also be some overnight excursions with friends and family members. It is such fun to travel and explore together.

  68. I have nothing going on this summer at all. I’m working 6 days a week because we can’t find employees to work.

  69. Just returned from Europe where my family and I picked up from a relative at a wedding a little gift to take home…COVID. Up until the trip home we had a fabulous time. Now negative, we are enjoying our front porch and garden, with plans to travel to Cape Cod right after Labor Day

  70. Im staying close to home to take care of my health and save money. Not exciting I know, but its just that time in my life where I need to sacrifice to stay afloat right mow.

  71. I am finally getting to go vacation—the first in several years. I am excited!!

  72. Hi Julia,

    It’s a quiet summer for us. Enjoying the grandkids and pups in the

    backyard. Swimming a bit, gardening a bit and trying to stay cool.

    Also, getting my last child off to University of Reno studying for her

    PhD in English Literature.

    Thanks for asking. Hope your summer is going well.

  73. I don’t have anything much planned, a few family functions, i’m more of a cold weather person, summer is too hot for me

  74. My husband rented a home in Colorado for our entire extended family. We will arrive from 4 different states. Arriving from FL, IL. Oregon, and California!
    It’s remote outside of a small town so I’m bringing books to share and purchase a few decks of cards for entertainment. TV reception is limited Grocery shopping will be challenging since the town only has a few buildings so will stop at the closest larger town with a grocery store..
    I’m pleased to have a chance to read and share your books

  75. Lots of work then some fun this summer – Hoping to head to Cape Cod. but no matter what a TON of summer reading.

  76. My daughter is coming home from being stationed overseas for three years. We are going to have fun catching up.

  77. This summer I am trying to get some of my quilt projects completed. I seem to get the to the “top assembled” (aka flimsy) stage then put them away. So far, I have two fully done and one 3/4 done. I won’t say how many more I have to go!

  78. I’m taking my mom to Mansfield mo to go to Laura ingalls house and cemetery.

  79. Don’t have alot going this summer. I am on a fixed income, so I don’t have extra to be going on vacation.
    I am boring, I know, but I am use to it.
    Just happy to be able to pay bills on time.
    Thank You.

  80. I’m going to start walking! I need to take care of me so walking is an easy start and very enjoyable especially as part of a walking group so it can also be a social endeavour. 😊

  81. Not a lot except stuff that isn’t fun – I do have two dog rescue events I am going to participate in one in July and 1 in august – not making my vacation trip until september

  82. I so love your Highland Grooms…and the Cabot Sisters run a close second.

    • Congratulations, Nona!
      Your comment was chosen via, and you’re one of the winners of this giveaway.
      My assistant will be reaching out to you so to get your information.
      Warmest wishes,

  83. My family doesn’t have much going on. We’re going to swimming in our pool a lot. My daughter wants to practice softball a lot and we’ll be entering two of our dogs in an obedience class to help them with their behaviors towards strangers so we can go on a vacation maybe in the fall.

  84. Hi, Julia!

    I live southwest Florida in a condo. We are in the middle of trying to get our roofs replaced. With the constant thunderstorms, it has become quite a trial to get all of the buildings completed. Please cross your fingers for us that we are completed before a hurricane comes our way. Wishing you a wonderful summer. Whatever we face, just remember that Life is Good!

  85. This summer, I’ll be taking my twin sons to orientation before they start school in the fall at the University of Florida!

  86. I’m having fun picking out some great summer/beach/poolside reads! I like to read books with pets, so your Lucky Dog series would be perfect!

  87. Getting ready for my middle child to move away to college. My oldest goes to school close by, so he still lives at home. But middle is moving over an hour away. We went to orientation the other week and our introverted selves are overwhelmed already. But its a good school and we are really proud of him. *resumes quietly sobbing in the corner*

  88. I loved the dog series and hope there will be more in the future. I live on the Oregon Coast so will have visitors. In addition I love to garden and am never without a book.

  89. This summer my family of four is in the process of moving and completely remodeling our new house all ourselves. Julia London’s Highland Grooms take me to a place of bliss with romance, mystery and excitement while trying to deal with the everyday stresses of moving a husband, seven year old boy and three year old girl. Reading her books at night before bed help me wind down from the busy day and always give me very intriguing dreams to go back to during the day. I am always looking forward to a new highlander book of hers in any sequence. I can’t wait for what is in store for the future.

  90. Nothing big, just going to a couple NASCAR Cup races, Indy and Michigan.

  91. On a hot day, nothing beats a good read! It has been HOT! In St. Louis, it isn’t the heat as much as the humidity! Thanks for bringing good reads to those fans of yours out here!!

  92. chilling at home reading lots of books. watching some tv as well. off work for the summer.

  93. Work, work, and more work! Then at the end of August I finally get a vacation!

  94. Not a whole lot, trying to get things done around the house. Would love new books.

  95. Visiting my grandchildren and having them lift my spirits makes summer memorable and special.

  96. I’ll be reading books while sitting with my mom who is taking chemotherapy treatments.

  97. I’ll be working most of the summer but planning a cruise in early September which I’m really looking forward to.

  98. Mostly working and reading. I hope to take a weekend trip to the beach and to go visit family.

  99. I’ve had a lot going on this summer between work, my youngest daughters high school graduatin and my oldest daughter being pregnant with my first grandchild! To say the least I have been extremely busy!

  100. My husband and I are going on there back to back cruises thru Europe. Then we will be staying in Italy for five additional nights.

  101. Lots of reading inside with the AC. I think that’s the best way to beat the heat.

  102. I am retired now, so I am reading a lot, going to the beach and the pool.

  103. Unfortunately, I have shingles, so I’m not doing anything fun this summer—at least not yet 🙁

  104. Spending a few days at the beach and waiting for September when I take my daughters to Scotland & Ireland…

  105. I will be hanging out at the beach reading romance novels and looking for romance.

  106. My family is renting a house in the mountains for a week. I am looking forward to it!

  107. Relaxing and reading and watching tv at home. Traveling to visit family too. I might do a little traveling to other places too.

  108. I am honestly just working! A few new books to read in my downtime would be great! Thank you!

  109. Our well went dry, so I’m just praying for running water in my house after 5 weeks!

  110. Well, right now we’re both recovering from covid. Soon we hope to celebrate multiple family birthdays before escaping the Central Texas heat to head north to the Tetons. We had thought about visiting Yellowstone this year, however with the floods we will wait.

  111. Lots of company is going on at my house this summer.Which pleases me no end…..I do love company….but I still need time to read. I do love your books and thanks for running a contest.

  112. Camping with my adult kids. They’re doing all the planning so I must have done something right as a parent.

  113. My summer plans include some surgery, unfortunately but also lots of TV and reading (particularly during recuperation).

  114. Hopefully we’ll get in some time at the beach, maybe even a girls day trip to the Fundy Trail Parkway.

  115. Unfortunately, I have surgery planned this summer and my normal 9 – 5 job. No exciting plans as of now!

  116. We are not planning any getaways this summer but are looking forward to a family picnic on July 2nd to watch our community fireworks. We are planning to head West in September to use our lifetime passes to the National Parks with Yellowstone as our first stop and then on to Glacier.

  117. AS a home bound older lady I read a lot. My daughter takes me twice a week to run errands,buy books,recycle–all the fun things! Have been reading since 1951

  118. I’m watching two of my grandsons while their parents work during the day & we have at least one overnight stay each week. It’s awesome to get to spend more time with them!

  119. This summer I am visiting my friends in North Carolina and going to one of my favorite used bookstores. I am also watching Wimbledon and reading, of course.

  120. I am going to spend my entire summer trying to avoid the heat here in Southern California and reading as many books as I can.

  121. This summer I am spending time with my family, relaxing, and we are planting a small garden.

  122. In August going to Utah to help our granddaughter Alyssa celebrate getting her bachelors in Forensic Science with emphasis on Crime Scene Investigation. And she is a young lady totally afraid on bugs. Even Lady bugs, Butterflies ….All Bugs!!

  123. I’m a special-ed instructional assistant in my local school district, and am off for the summer, yay! I will be using my time off to read lots of books, play with grandkids, and organize my home office.

  124. Unfortunately not too much since money is tight. Why do you think I love to read so much. When I worked in a library I used to tell kids you can go anywhere in the world and never leave your house!

  125. Reading and doing handwork inside where it’s cool! I also manage to fit in some visits with my children in their cooler climate!

  126. Heading to my parents’ in Williamsburg for the first time in almost a year.

  127. Finally going to get out of our state and go to Disney and then visit family. And as always read. 🙂

  128. Enjoying a beach vacation after years of staying home. I look forward to this change of pace and scene very much.

  129. I work at a public library, so it is a crazy time! Back to 2019 numbers for programs. Its been good to see everyone here. 🙂

  130. I’m just babysitting my granddaughter a few days a week this summer. My husband and I have a big vacation planned for October!

  131. Already flew from MN to NJ to see older son. In August returning to IN for a high school reunion. Otherwise, no major plans. Read, relax, enjoy the sun, grill and spend time with my g-baby.

  132. I’ll be going to Spain to visit my brother and his family who live there now.

  133. I have reading, reviewing, blogging about books, and more reading on my calendar for this summer 🙂 What better way to spend the hot months of the year.

  134. I’ll be going to softball tournaments & getting kids settled at college, as well as a little glamping. All chances for reading, whether in the car or in my camp chair.

  135. Enjoying quality time with the family. And spoiling my 3 grandsons more than I already have.

  136. I don’t tolerate humidity so this summer will be spent in the house with the AC on. Reading and working on crafts.

  137. We have lots of family time planned. Helping our oldest move, camping, rodeo, and derby. Thank you for this chance and God Bless!

  138. This summer is going to be a time to relax. Read on the patio, enjoy the flower garden, and hang out with family.

  139. This summer I plan to spend more time with friends. Because of the pandemic we have all been denied this luxury.

  140. Just working and spending time with family this summer, saving for a trip to Scotland.

    • Congratulations, Judy!
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      My assistant will be reaching out for your information.
      Warmest wishes,

  141. Since it will be up high in the 100’s I’ll be staying in and reading.

  142. Watching the grandkids: going to the pool, the zoo, B&N, playing with the water toys in the backyard and much more!

  143. I have been doing some things around the house… reading a bunch!
    Happy Summer! 🙂

  144. This summer we are hanging around the home front more than before. No reason really, just lots to do work wise and play wise. Have yourself a fabulous summer!!

  145. This summer I’m playing with my grandson! He’s just learning to walk and he’s so cute!

  146. This summer, I am enjoying my flower- vegetable gardens and also reading some good books.

  147. I’m trying to finish entering my novel so that I can get an agent as soon as I can.

  148. Just hanging out at home. We will BBQ and watch movies.
    Have fun this Summer.

  149. Well not a whole lot, due to increasing costs of living. We will stay home and BBQ.
    Hope you have a terrific summer.

  150. Just trying to stay cool , staying indoors and reading of course !! Grandchildren can’t visit this summer !

  151. In LA for my mother’s 100th birthday celebration: a great weekend! Never travel without my trusty Kindle (with some of your books.)

  152. This is awesome. I loved these three series. Like all your books. I’ve only read on my Kindle. It would be amazing to have signed copies. Thank you ♥️😊

  153. I’m just hanging out and reading my book pile. I may do some crocheting too.

  154. This summer is mostly work for me but I am going to read as much as I can as often as I can. Starting with the 4th of July weekend…me + sofa + books = “leave me alone”

  155. Had my Birthday Vacay in Vegas, got to eat at Hell’s Kitchen, best meal I’ve ever had. Not much else I’ll be doing

  156. My oldest is getting married on Bainbridge Island in August. Just went to Seattle for the bridal shower. Thanks for the opportunity’

  157. We’re snowbirds from Florida staying at our summer camper in the Southern Tier of New York. Spending time with the grands is the best.

  158. I hope to restore an antique sewing machine I bought a few years ago and visit my out-of-state daughter. One of those visits will be a shopping trip at The Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap book sale. A proceeds go to the literacy society in that county.

  159. I don’t have any big plans. I’m just trying to exercise and get mobility in my shoulder again.
    Thank you very much for the chance.

  160. oooh I would love to win these! I don’t have any plans this summer other than visiting my new grandbaby!

  161. I’m spending a long weekend in New Hampshire and will meet up with a group of friends. We have a hobby in common and meet to talk about it and have fun. There will be over 100 there, so we can chat and make some new friends.

  162. Well not that much is happening unfortunately due to COVID. Maybe things will look up in the future. That’s why I need books to read!

  163. I am just relaxing this Summer. My niece really does not like the Hallmark movies, but I enjoy them, so it is watching those, and I read about three books a week. I have been loved books since I was 10 years old and since we lived across the street from the library.

  164. Looking forward to summer – gardening, relaxing, seeing friends, home improvements, and reading on my new deck!

  165. Just plan to stay home and enjoy the summer with kids and neighbors lots of cookouts!

  166. Being a fan of Georgette Heyer, Regency romances have always been some of my favourite books to read.

  167. Well I had a hip replacement and it didn’t go so well so I am still trying to get over it. Other then that not much going on.

  168. I am considering moving across the country…..and it is a daunting possibility. Not sure I am ready for it. We will see.

  169. Spending some time at my beach house and celebrating my mother’s 99th birthday.

  170. We just came back from a family reunion in Minnesota and in August my son will be getting married.

  171. My son broke his Leg a month before summer vacation so not much this year. Some local places like parades and fairs. Vacation got cancelled when I received that first doctor bill. Now just hoping for a weekend of fun

  172. I have been spending a lot of time working in the flower beds and borders. Right now, there are day lilies and 4 colors of bee balm (lots of butterflies and bees are there, too). The hollyhocks, rose mallow and hydrangeas are glorious, and there are clumps of coneflowers showing their colors!
    I hope to find time for a little get away soon!

  173. June has been incredible with visits from 3/4 of my children. We live in 4 different states so get togethers are difficult. Our whole family last got together in October of 2018.
    This past week we traveled to my hometown. We celebrated my mom’s 98th birthday. We also celebrated my best friend from grade school and high school’s mom’s 90th birthday.
    Next month we will visit my daughter to celebrate July 4th and her youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday. After that we have my 50th class reunion, my husband’s 70th birthday and another granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. In August we have a wedding at the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin. We will be renting a place on Lake Michigan. I’m crossing my fingers for nice sunny, warm weather!

  174. Going to the Frio River! My family going to float in the river and eat BBQ for a week. When it get too hot, all the my girl and I will go shopping.

  175. I just enjoyed our youngest son coming up for the weekend. Lots of planning going on for his upcoming wedding. Trying to survive triple digit heat …

  176. I am having some remodeling on my home done. And taking time to read some of my old favorites. Its fun to read of simpler times! Before all the modern things we need today just to get by. Happy summer to all!

  177. The only things I having going on this summer is working and since my youngest son is getting his driving permit this week I’ll be helping him with that. I don’t think I’m prepared for it though lol

  178. I am hoping to be able to make a trip back home to see my family this summer.

  179. Father in law rented house on Florida beach so kids, grandkids & great grandkids can vacation together. Then we go to Alabama for a big Family reunion. So looking forward to going and seeing everyone.

  180. Have loved your books for years! I have a “trip of a lifetime” planned for September – Africa! Two weeks in South Africa, Nambia & Kenya. This was postponed last year due to the virus-who-shall-not-be-named, and I am thrilled we are finally able to go. A few real books would be great companions on the 13+ hour flight.

    • Congratulations, Debbie!
      Your comment was chosen via, and you’re one of the winners of this giveaway.
      My assistant will be reaching out for your information.
      Enjoy your trip!
      Warmest wishes,

  181. Reading is my vacation! With everything being expensive now and needing to work I treasure my free reading time. So Thank You for this opportunity!💕

  182. A wedding, a reunion of my husbands air guard unit, traveling a couple hours away to meet up with friends and former neighbors and unfortunately continued care for my dad who is on hospice.

  183. Just chilling at a pool or spending time at the lake. I love the water. I think I was a mermaid in a previous life.

  184. I’m spending as much time as I can with my nieces & nephews this summer! My nephew, PJ, who is also my Godson & who I’m extremely close to, had foot surgery early this summer, so I especially can’t wait to spend more time with him, his sister, my niece Katrina, & their 2 adorable French Bulldogs, Zoey & Bruno!

  185. My daughter and I returned last week from a Viking River Cruise on the Danube River. We’ll be visiting her and her family in a few months.

  186. My husband and I finally got to visit London and Bath which we had delayed because of the pandemic. It was so much fun to visit places I’ve read about and imagine all of the characters here. It was a throughly wonderful trip.