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543 thoughts on “The Billionaire in Boots Giveaway

  1. All the color! In the trees, on ground cover, flowers, bushes. All the burgeoning growth… everywhere!

  2. I like the longer hours of daylight, the birds returning, the crocus & daffodils popping up. but I’ll be very glad by the time this spring has passed and we may be in a better situation.

  3. Spring — the wonderful smells of renewal, the colors and newness from the gray of winter.

  4. I love spring flowers, working in my garden, and Easter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I enjoy the warmer weather and seeing the color in the landscape again. I also like the rain and sometimes storms as I missed it during the wintertime.

  6. Oh gosh Spring is my favorite! With Easter and the renewal of life it is so nice not to be in the darkness anymore. Spring brings the birds back and neighbors back outdoors. The BEST about Spring would be seeing the buds on the trees! I know its crazy but even when I drive my the trees that line our neighborhood I always look to see if there are buds yet.
    Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!

  7. Allergies aside, I love the newness of it all. Trees flowering, color pushing up through the green grass, baby lambs with springs on their feet. And if we’re lucky, a little rain to make it all sparkle.

  8. I love spring because I can start to move all the seedlings I started over the winter outside! I have room to sit down and eat at the dining room table again!!

  9. Thank you for a chance. My daffodils have already bloomed. They were beautiful. Wished they lasted longer. We haven’t had much rain. Hoping it will come soon. My Lilacs are budding and can’t wait until they blossom.

  10. Spring is one of the best times of the year here in Florida. My favorite part is the beginning of sea turtle nesting season. I volunteer with the sea turtle patrol at Clearwater Marine Aquarium and we start at dawn, riding along the shoreline looking for tracks left by nesting mamas. As the season progresses, we look out for the nests and spend a lot of time rounding up errant hatchlings that disoriented because of man-made lighting.

  11. Spring is the time that everything starts again…flowers peak through, buds are forming on trees and rains wash the memory of winter away..

  12. I love the warmer temps and listening to the birds singing every morning!

  13. I like that weather is getting warmer so that I can eventually get to the beach and relax.

  14. I love the colors of flowers bursting through the earth. I love the smell of new grass and the warmth of the sun!

  15. Spring is my favorite season. I love the warmer weather, the birds and other animals, Easter & spring flowers (especially purple hyacinths and Easter Lily), plus I turn 30 April 29th, & I’m graduating college for my AAS in Clinical Medical Assisting May 15th. I also can’t wait to break out my flip flops and capris & plan my garden. Plus Mother’s day is coming up too! So many fun things ahead for Spring!

  16. It’s in the ’60’s, sorta sunny, and the grill is being used tonight!

  17. I love the fact that the sun is out more often and the smell of the fresh air.

  18. What I like best about Spring: ice melts away from the roads and I can ride by my bicycle again.


  20. I love when all the flowers start to bloom and it’s nice enough outside you only need a light coat.

  21. I love spring because it brings the warmer weather. I also love it because it’s the start of baseball season. I love baseball.

  22. I love the warmer weather that spring brings. I also love spring because it’s the start of baseball season.

  23. Spring means the cold is leaving! I hate being cold so when spring springs I am very happy. I love the bulbs coming up, the grass turning green, the children playing outside. Spring is simply the best season.

  24. What I like best about Spring…opening my windows and letting in that beautiful, fresh air. The soft breezes and sounds of Spring, nothing like it. 😉

  25. Finally seeing green and spring growth after a long time ng cold, snowy winter in Wyoming!

  26. I like spring best of all the seasons since it is a rebirth. For me, the spring season represents life and hope. All of the trees and plants come back to life in glorious colors. Nature overall comes alive! It is glorious to behold.

  27. I love the Bluebonnets in Texas along the highways – I love getting photos of my grandkids with them – both are so beautiful!!!!

  28. Working in my garden, redoing the old one and making it all new with several varieties of flowers & shrubs BUT in my off time I will be sipping Lemonade and reading on my lanai – my two favorite things. Oh Lilacs, my back yard was FULL of them when I was young along with tulips and hundreds of flowers, the smells of Spring are enchanting. I used to pick those tiny lilies of the valley & have them near my bed in a shot glass, loved the smell, Oh the memories, thanks for letting me share them with all of you.

  29. I love the flowers coming up, the longer days where it gets lighter out earlier as well. I so look forward to sunny, warmer days ahead.

  30. I love spring! You get to spend more time being outside and enjoying the sun and the beautiful flowers. Also a great time to get together with family and friends.

  31. Would love to have this book. I enjoyed the previous book very much. I write (as an amateur) and value reading page-turners for inspiration.

  32. Lilacs are not only my favorite flower but also my favorite color. The smell of lilacs is amazing. Happy Spring everyone.

  33. The weather is changing from cold to warm! I love the appearance of more days of sunshine after the winter blues. and definitely one of my fave seasons to boot! 😉

  34. The weather is warmer and you see flowers coming up. The grass is greener and you can’t wait to see lightning bugs. Time for fishing with the grandchildren. Fun to be outside reading a book. Would love to read your books. March 30 is my birthday so a great gift for me. Thanks for a chance.

  35. I Love the sound of birds chirping. The smell of the fresh air the beauty of being able to see the bright colors of the spring flowers. Tonight my sweet husband brought me some Beautiful yellow daffodils Love is in the air I so enjoy your books. They are a great read.

  36. I love to hear the birds singing in the morning and the frogs croaking at our pond at night! Love the longer days too!

  37. Spring I get to take the dog to the park for longer walks. And once again get to put real flowers on hubby grave,

  38. The fact that everything is blooming and it’s not too hot or too cold!

  39. I live in southern California so Spring is very subtle. More time outdoors, flowers, neighbors walking with their pets or kids. We frequently get 200-300 crows flying over our house on their way east in the evening. It’s a really impressive sight. Basically I like the simple things of spring.

  40. Warm days and nights, smells of grass and feeling of awakening and hope…….end of winter!

  41. I love Spring. Everything is new and hopeful.It’s like a new beginning every year.

  42. I live in a very humid area. Spring is nice and warm, but you don’t get the ghastly humidity you get in the summer time. I also love seeing the new flowers popping up.

  43. The best thing about Spring is the cold weather is going away and the grass is so green in contrast with the yellow forsythia and daffodils are beautiful!

  44. I like to see the flowers and the trees blooming. Love to go walking during this time.

  45. Spring brings smiles. A sunny day with sprouts poking through the ground, soon to be colorful blooms, lifts the heavy blanket of winter from my soul and creates a lightness in my heart and in my step that I’d almost forgotten was there.

  46. The thing I like best about spring is longer days and all the flowers blooming.

  47. Love the spring flowers and trees. Also, Daylight savings time is returning this weekend!!!

  48. I love that everything is renewed and starting out fresh in the spring. Baby animals are looking at the world with new eyes and plants are bursting with new life.

  49. Thanks so much for the fantastic offer! Many readers appreciate this.
    Hopefully it’s warm weather where you are, it’s all the way up to 42 degrees here in NY. Really hoping for an early spring.

  50. I don’t care what the weather is. I will read inside or out. Love these books, keep them coming.

  51. Love Spring, the gateway into summer and all the new life, baby lambs, daffodils and grass.

  52. No more snow! And it really is beautiful here in the spring in coastal Maine.

  53. The thing I love best about Spring are the birds singing and the flowers beginning to bloom. Burst of color that bring a smile as I remember my dads gardens from my childhood.

  54. HA! The best thing about spring is clearing the mess away from the entryway – all the boots, coats, hats, gloves, etc. And seeing the flowers start to bloom, of course. The smell of hyacinths always brings that “ahhhh” feeling.

  55. What I like best about Spring are the flowering trees, bulbs, hellebores, and azaleas. The lower heating bills are nice, too.

  56. I always look forward to seeing crocuses in bloom. To me, that’s always been the first sign of spring.

  57. My favorite thing about spring is the rain showers :p

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. I love how everything seems so fresh in the Spring, it’s like a rebirth after a cold, dreary winter!

  59. Getting outside and being able to work in my garden. After working – getting to take a rest with a book in the shade!

  60. The warmer temperatures, the chirping of the returning birds and flowers poking their heads thru the ground😀❤️‼️

  61. What I like best about spring is the new beginnings of flower gardens, warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

  62. I love being outdoors, watching our daughter play softball. I love the sunshine in my face and the beautiful weather

  63. Spring is like starting over —- the leaves that are popping up, daffodils and trees budding out —- all new growth!

    I love the smells and the appearance of flowers, getting out short sleeve tops, cleaning up the patio furniture and placing my “reading”chair in a good spot!

    Listening to the kids playing outside —- their giggles! Softball and T-ball for the young grab=kids, provide another opportunity to just be outside.

  64. I love that the earth seems to come alive again! Flowers, birds, green leaves, wildlife and even insects! It also makes me feel more alive too! I feel happier and more motivated!

  65. The warmer weather,snow melts,flowers start to bloom and spring training for baseball is starting.

  66. I love the awakening of the plants and flowers. There’s so much beauty in colorful spring flowers. The days start to get longer and the weather gets better.

  67. What I like best about spring is just to see green stuff. Sick of dead brown and bright white of winter.

  68. The best thing about Spring is all the “green” coming back. From the grass on the ground with the early Spring flowers to the leaves on the trees it is such a welcome sight to see the new growth and new beginnings. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  69. I like seeing the budding of trees and shoots peeking out of the ground in the garden.

  70. I love the flowers starting to bloom and the warmer temperatures that spring brings!

  71. Spring, it’s the new growth and the cold air to cool and snow to raindrops. The sun has warmth and the time seems to be a bit more relaxed, the time change, the days seem longer and more energized. I’m looking forward to a gentle spring and a warm summer! 🙂

  72. Everything seems so new and fresh in Spring—. I love the beautiful greens of trees and grass and gorgeous spring flowers!! You feel like you have a fresh new start at life!!

  73. My favorite thing about spring is watching my flowers and trees come to life!

  74. Thank you for the chance to enter. Disappointing that international readers cannot win the signed books, but it is what it is. Will eventually get them in paperback.

  75. I love all the beautiful flowers and the weather. We love to get the grandkids and go to the park. They can ride their bikes, play ball or tennis and of course swing. We have picnic and then everyone wants a nap. LOL Spring is when you really start enjoying the outside.

  76. this year in particular I am looking forward to spring because I’m getting total knee replacement 3/18 so I will be doing physical therapy in hopes of “getting my life back”. Spring will be a time of a different kind of work and it can’t come soon enough…I just want to get this thing done!!!

    • And what I love best about spring are all the bright happy colors throughout nature! And the scent of all the blooming flowers!

  77. I like seeing the sun instead of gray clouds & the bright daffodils smiling in almost every yard

  78. i do not already have all three books and I love the star – what I love best about spring – love is in the air and the snow is GONE

  79. I like the smells of spring with new growth in the trees and flowers. I especially love the smell of lilacs and their pretty color.

  80. I’ve never really been a fan of cowboys, but my favorite romances are set in Texas–I must have learned to love cowboys.

  81. Love all your books the new cowboy ones and the oldies.

    Haven’t read any of theses yet would love too!

  82. Watching all of the plants wake up, their new growth and blooms is the best. Then there is the removal of a layer of clothes due to the warmer temperatures.

  83. I love Spring because its the time when flowers bloom and everything is fresh and new.


  84. Looking forward to reading The Billionaire in Boots. Always enjoy your books!

  85. I love spring because it is the beginning of new life. The trees are budding, the birds are singing and building nest and the earth is coming awake after the harsh cold reality of winter.

  86. Spring means it is getting closer to the time when I can sit on my balcony and read and also closer to the time when my mom comes back home from Arizona for the summer and then I can go to the lake and sit on the deck or down by the lake and read.

  87. I would love to ead this book, it sounds perfect for these winter nights and almost spring ones too

  88. I love Spring because it is a time of hope and rebirth! It is wonderful to see new buds emerging from the cold, bare trees, and to hear the birds singing in celebration!

  89. Everything is new and green!! And oh goodness, all of the beautiful colors of the flowers, bushes and trees!!

  90. I love seeing all of the colorful flowers blooming! So gorgeous and they smell great.

  91. I’ve been reading the series from the library, but I would love a signed set of the books. Thanks for the chance.

  92. Spring is the best season ever! All the bright colors come out but more importantly, my BIRTHDAY!!!

  93. The thing I like most about Spring is that it is warmer. I do not like cold weather. I also like all the flowers.

  94. All the flowers coming back, everything getting green and filling out and all the new life. I also love how the days get longer and warmer!

  95. I love the emerging flowers, the light green of new leaves on the tree and more sunshine.

  96. For me it’s getting more daylight – Montana is really gray in February, and in March we get more sun, and more daylight hours – really boosts the mood.

  97. Thanks for the chance to win a signed set of my Princes of Texas. Love cowboy stories.

  98. The thing(s) I like best about spring is seeing all the new flowers springing up. I have baby’s breath, jonquils, forsythia, and narcissus blooming. Warner weather is here most days. and my greatgrandchildren can play outside. I an also sit out on the porch and read.
    I also like books about cowboys and love Mail Order Brides books.

  99. I like the return of warm weather the best about spring here in South Carolina!

  100. we have long cold winters, I love the warmer temps, blue skies and my tulips blooming

  101. The only thing I like about spring is seeing and hearing the birds again.

  102. These books look like they will keep me up all night until I finish reading them.

  103. I really enjoy watching nature come alive, blossoming and changing out the dull palette for a vibrant one.

  104. I love being able to run outside in shorts in the spring! I love the warmer weather!

  105. What I like best is that it is finally warmer. I don’t handle the cold very well, I am a warm weather girl!!!

  106. I am a sports fanatic, so spring to me means Baseball season. LOL…also, one of my favorite holidays is Easter.

  107. Spring means the bulbs start coming up & booming (tulips, hyacinths & daffodils), plus it’s ice cream season & Abbott’s opens again!

  108. The flowers & trees are blooming and everything looks so fresh & new. The air smells so fresh and inviting to just sit down and enjoy the outside.

  109. Spring is Green! The leaves pop out on the trees. Vibrant grass drinks away the snow. Mother Nature grabs her brushes and paints a spectacular landscape French Impressionists would envy. The fresh, clean smell of rich earth flows in on a crisp breeze. Bring it on!

  110. No more snow & cold weather. Green grass & flowers blooming! It’s a fresh start and makes me feel so much happier.`

  111. These sound so good! After I read these I will give them to my library to be enjoyed by many others. 🙂

  112. i love to read and can not afford to read alot of books out thier. my small town library don’t have access to getting these books. i can only hope i win so i can read them. I am really good after i get them read to share with my local friends so they can read them as well. Which like i said is not very often.

    • Congrats, Panda!
      Your comment was chosen at random and you’ve won this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be in touch shortly.

  113. I do not have these but they look great. Love them cowboys. Thanks for this opportunity.

  114. Looking forward to reading The Billionarie Boots and winning your contest, of course. Thanks for the opportunity.

  115. When our snow is gone and my plants start sticking up out of the garden. Yeah! Happy Spring in Minnesota. We had a very mild winter so far.

  116. I like that there’s no more snow! Lol And I’m not freezing my fingers and toes off in my house. Plus I can start walking outside again. I cannot wait for actual spring here.. 😘🌷

  117. My favorite thing about spring is that it’s a season of rebirth. New green plants, animals, ducklings and goslings on the pond—it doesn’t get much better than that.

  118. The flowers blooming, the trees budding, birds singing, warmer weather, opening windows & doors to let fresh air circulate through the house…it’s my favorite season!

  119. I love spring because it is like everything comes alive again. The trees received their leaves and the flowers start to bloom and everyone plants new ones. I also love spring it is the begining of hanging out in the backyard with friends and having bonfires.

  120. I absolutely love that it brings longer days where it stays lighter longer into the night. That’s my favorite part of all. Second would have to be all the spring growth and flowers, the fresh aromas.

  121. What I like about Spring, is that I can go back to taking a daily walk. What I don’t like about Spring is the ridiculously high pollen counts that we have in Atlanta,

  122. The green sprouts that are just starting to come up, the promise of flowers to come.

  123. Spring is renewal, everything is fresh and green. Even the air smell fresh. Since I love mountains to beach, the renewal is even more spectacular.

  124. I love all the flowers starting to come up, trees getting new blooms on them and warmer days. (Mostly flowers)

  125. Each day in Spring has a little more daylight than the one before. The weather may be just as bad as Winter for a while, sunshine may trick the flowers and leaves into bud and then foul weather freeze them mercilessly, but each day is just a bit longer.

  126. My favorite thing about Spring is the weather warming up, so I am able to get outdoors more. Enjoying the sunshine and getting fresh air always makes me feel great.

  127. I like the warmer temperatures in Spring. I love those covers. Thank you so much for the chance. Good luck everyone.

  128. Spring is my second favorite season after fall. I love the weather and am a spring baby, my birthday is in May. I love to watch everything come alive in the springtime with the blooming of the flora and the new babies of the animals it is just a magical season.

  129. I have the first two and do not know if I can wait till March 30 to if I win. What I like best about Spring is new beginnings.

  130. What I like most about spring is the weather. One day the sun is shining, and another day you might get rain. Mostly you have the fresh air and flowers blooming. You didn’t ask, however, what I hate most is spring break. Kids at home acting up. I could do without that. But hey, can’t have it all.

  131. The best thing about Spring is flowers and trees are blooming. Everything is beautiful during Spring and the weather is warmer. Enjoying the weekend at the lake house.

  132. I love Spring because it means an end to the snow (at least for the most part) even though we were inundated last week with an entire season’s worth of snow in 4 days, and it means I’ll be another year older because I’m a Spring baby, although one could hardly call an about to turn 70 year old a baby. Not even a Spring chicken anymore. But I still love reading, and I’m grateful to have the time to do more of it now. Hope I win but I wish I didn’t live in Canada because I’d rather have books than the Amazon e-gift card. I’ve been a cowboy lover my whole life and I’m not about to stop now.

  133. I love the warmer weather, the flowers blooming, and the chatter of the birds during springtime.

  134. I love the warmer weather in spring and the new growth/blooms on trees, bushes, and flowers.

  135. I love the spring weather here in the P.N.W. One minute you have sunshine and the next a spring shower then 10 minutes later you can have snow or hail. It’s a total grab bag of weather. Plus the spring flowers and fresh mountain air and sea air mixing together. It’s intoxicating. The Puget Sound with Mt Rainier in the background is stunning. Surf and turf all day long is heaven. Oh man now I’ve gone and made it sound awesome and we have enough people here. Oh well visit in spring and enjoy then Go Home !!! Lol.

  136. Hello, I like spring as it brings in pleasant weather and surrounds you with a greener and brighter life…

  137. Gloria H. I started out with your Historical Romance when they first came out ,and loved them.Fell in love with the Rogues of Regent Street,and the Highland books what can be said about them but Great .Now I can’t wait for the Western books.Thanks for all the Great Books .

  138. I love the new blooms, watching them go from buds to flowers, and just the sense of renewal that comes with spring.

  139. I love Spring because of the warmer weather and all the flowers blooming. My allergies don’t love it so much but I do!

  140. Love this series… Am already reading the second one and looking forward to the third (what a darling cover…) Keep up the great work!

  141. Sprng Forward !
    My tulips blooming!
    My rose bushes budding!
    Birds chirping! Bird eggs hatching!!
    Early morning walks on the pier!!
    Spring Break Vacation to see Grandsons!!
    (California to North Carolina)

  142. As you can tell from my email address, I love cowboys! Thank you for this chance to win. What I like best about Spring is it means SUMMER is coming!

  143. The fact that winter weather will be soon gone. The colorful flowers, birds singing and sunshine. Great giveaway opportunity.

  144. Spring is my favorite season! I love it when all the plants and trees bloom! I love seeing all the birds using our birdbath again! And watching all the happy hummingbirds visit all the flowers and feeders!

    I love cowboys too! Thank you for the chance to win the books!

  145. What I like best about Spring is that everything feels new again, like we’re waking up after hibernating.

  146. What I love about spring is the abrupt change from winter weather. From snow to sunshine, from snowmen to blooming flowers, etc…

  147. The blooming of flowers, return of song birds and the greens of new growth.

  148. Billionaire in Boots is one of eight books I just bought and on my to read list.

  149. I live everything about Spring. The dead of winter washes away with each new flower that bursts up from the ground. All the trees come back to life as their leaves fill out, all the animals return in nature, everything is brand new again for us to enjoy & appreciate. A new beginning.

  150. looking forward to reading new books, especially about my new home state..

  151. I like when the flowers start to bloom. Here in NC the strawberries are ready in late spring. That is something to look forward to.

  152. I love seeing the flowers bloom! Especially the bluebonnets. I’m a Texas girl. 🙂

  153. The sense of rebirth Spring brings! Signifies hope and another chance to get things right.

  154. The plants growing, the beautiful colors, and seeing the birds visit my yard!

  155. Spring — Lilacs – they remind me of my Mom and even though I am VERY allergic they are worth the extra allergy pills to have them in my house Every time I look at them I think of my Mom and also remember my Dad climbing out on the roof to cut them for her. It is not really spring for me without them. And yes I have been known to knock on strangers doors to ask permission to cut some from their bushes as I live in an apt in a suburban downtown area without them.

  156. The grass turning green and flowers coming up from the dirt and the feeling that everything is new make me feel positive about life.

  157. Beautiful flowers in blossom are popping up everywhere. Also trees have got a fresh green look with its own blooming going on and thanks to the spring equinox, we’re able to enjoy longer days and shorter nights. That’s why spring is a perfect season to start a new hobby, project, and read more books.

  158. Oh, no!! I’m behind. I’ve only read The Charmer in Chaps. Would love to have the full set and read the other two!!

  159. Spring is a fresh start! It is a time of new growth and amazing beauty. It is my favorite season Seventy three degrees, blue sky and a breeze. Life is good.

  160. I love the Spring flowers; they are colorful and harbingers of an end of cold weather. Looking at flowers growing in a yard brings a smile, brightens my day and makes my small town look charming.

  161. Preparing my flower and vegetable gardens for planting. I love to play in the dirt!

  162. I love the new flowers and colors. The light greens of all the new growth on trees and bushes and the white of the lillies and the yellow daffodils. Yet the best part of spring is the varieties of roses and their brightness. It’s God’s hello to us.

  163. I like all the flowers that bloom in the Spring. They’re the most colorful and varied, reminding us of all the beauty in life.

  164. What a fun contest. Thanks for the chance to enter.
    What I love most about Spring, is being able to open windows and smell FRESH air while doing deep cleaning. The sunshine, blooming flowers and promise of warmer weather sure does pick up my spirits after a long, dreary , cold winter. 🙂

  165. All the new life springing forth! Especially the colorful flowers after the dull of winter.

  166. I love watching the flowers bloom, the sunny weather, and the new animal babies!

  167. The flowers, but mostly the colors so bright everywhere!! Greens, yellows, reds. Love them!

  168. a special green colour you see when the buds come it – only in spring. thanks

  169. Spring is like a rebirth. Shedding Winters white with new growth. It’s coolness before the sticky so humid you can’t breathe Summer. Refreshing.

  170. When I lived up north I loved the beauty and new beginning of spring. Now I live in Florida, spring just means it’s getting hot again.

  171. I really enjoyed The Charmer in Chaps and am looking forward to the rest of the series.

  172. I like about spring is its warmer, the snow is melting and flowers are starting to grow

  173. I love how everything is fresh and new.

    I cannot wait to read the new books.

  174. Spring is the time of renewal! Everything is fresh and growing. I just hope we have a Spring this year and not jump right into Summer!

  175. Flowers ! Daffodils, crocus and tulips , soft pussy willows and slightly warmer breezes.

  176. Love cowboys! A little rough on the outside but such big hearts and deep feelings inside.

  177. sorry, was so excited about the book, that I forgot to post why I like spring…..I love the warmer weather, and the beautiful spring flowers lifts my spirits up from a cold winter!

  178. I love the warm days, abundant sunshine, the singing of the returning birds and the blooming of the trees and flowers. Everything comes alive in the Spring!

  179. Such wonderful prizes. I would love the set of books or the gift card.
    Thank you for the chance.

  180. I love that it is lighter out after work and warmer, so I can go for a walk when I get home.

  181. The best thing about Spring is the birds and flowers and the longer days.

  182. I love the rebirth of all the flowers coming back to life. Their colors brighten my spirit.

  183. Colorfull book covers and fun reads.
    As a volunteer librarian in a community of 2000 homes I love reading your books then placing them on the shelves of our homeowners association library.

  184. What I like best about spring? Really, it would be difficult to list all the ways that Spring makes one feel awesome. Just yesterday I looked out the window and noticed buds on one tree. It was the only tree in the whole yard with any sign of life and it made me think of the beginning of life in humans, animals, crops, etc. I cannot wait for signs of new growth to appear in the trampled ugly grass and gardens. It’s a miracle! It’s amazing! It’s Mother Nature at its most beautiful!!!

  185. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks for the chance and your generosity!

  186. The smell of Maple sap being boiled down to Maple Syrup
    DAFFODIL season – a sure sign summer is close to hand

  187. I love to watch as my world turns green and colorful after the ravages of winter. Thanks for the contest. I want to read these books.

  188. I love Spring because everything is waking up from being dormant all winter long. 🙂

  189. What I like best about spring is that the weather is so mild 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  190. No more snow! We get more than our share here in Montana. Looking forward to seeing my flowers grow and the foxes show up with their babies.

  191. Springs is a favorite time of year, flowers are blooming and everything is so pretty

  192. Spring to me is a rebirth of nature. Winters are long and cold up here (Northern Ontario, Canada) so when April finally rolls around I start to wonder how long will the snow last and when will the tree buds will start to show, giving a beautiful haze of various shades of green. I can finally go outside for a walk and breath in the amazing fresh air.

  193. My favorite thing about Spring is pussy willows, soft and shimmering. I like the way they feel, like tiny kitten paws, and the way they reflect silvery light. I’m enjoying all of the comments here; lots of spring things to be happy about.

  194. It’s a no brainer in Wisconsin. Snow is gone and the tulips are coming up!g

  195. Best thing about spring🌷🍀 is the beauty of Nature beginning to show itself. As we get longer walks outside with our furchildren( “” ) ( “” ) . We CAN actually see the growth thru the muddy puddles of all the recent terrible violent storms. God has a way of seeing us through all times -Spring is like a gift after tornadoes. 🙂 forsythia bushes begin their yellow blooms in the the warmest states then suddenly all over you’ll see them bloom,
    and the distilled have peeked up several weeks ago in the Carolinas due to weird warm days. Who knows when blooming will be. Not really sure I can say lawns are green or weeds finding homes? Either way many colors from the ground up to the beautiful sky.
    One thing it is Always a beautiful time to READ and share time with our
    furchildren ( “” ) ( “” ) ours sit lovingly by us when we read. The books with pups on are Fabulously marvelous. Can’t wait to read 🙂
    Thanks and blessings for a fabulous Spring to all.

  196. Every thing turning green, flowers blooming, and the smell of rain are a few of my favorite things about spring.

  197. I Love the beautiful weather and the smell of fresh flowers. Thank you for the chance.

  198. I love the gorgeous Texas wildflowers! (Plus it’s still cool enough to wear my boots)

  199. has to be the longer days and the profusion of yellow & bluebells – not original i know

  200. Spring! My flowers are blooming and I can leave my windows and back door open to smell the fresh air.

  201. The flowers blooming always makes me happy. It’s like they are waking up for the year.

  202. What i love best about spring is all the new beginnings of life that starts. New flowers blooming, trees budding, new baby birds chirping.. just a new start to life

  203. I just love the flowers and trees blooming; of course my allergies will be bad.

  204. I love when things start to green up and certain birds start to return, flowers start to bloom and it starts to get warmer.

  205. My favorite thing about spring is all the blossoms & new life beginning to grow.

  206. Love reading your books! When I pick one up I just don’t want to put it down until I’m finished. At times that’s impossible and I just can’t wait to get back into it.

  207. I love seeing the colors of the landscape going from brown to multi colors.

  208. 560 61st Street South
    St. Petersburg, FL 33707

    Wonderful contest. Would love to win. Love cowboys.

  209. I love your books. Looking forward to reading “Billionaire Boots.” Already know it will be a read to the end non-stop session.

  210. The sunshine sparkle in your eye! The fragrance in the air! The spring in your step! Every day is a gift!

  211. I love the flowers that finally poke through the ground to say, “hello!”

  212. The warmer weather and being able to get around better even though there wasn’t really snow here in Maryland

  213. Things are starting to bloom, the birds are singing and my beloved Hummingbirds are returning.

  214. I love how everything comes into bloom in spring, the way mornings stay chilly, the afternoons heat up, yet evenings have that brisk feeling!

  215. You’re books are awesome. My favorite thing about spring is it the perfect temperature.

  216. The best thing about Spring is seeing the new beginnings. Birds, trees, gardens and babies. It’s like the beginning of time. The new year.

  217. I live in Florida so we have Spring or Summer all year round, although this year we had some Winter too. I used to live in PA so was just glad to see the trees leaf out after the snow. Please enter me in the contest.

  218. What I like best about Spring is the new growth. It symbolizes, at least to me, a rebirth of sorts of all things whether nature, animals, or humans. I love seeing trees/flowers starting their buds to fully grown by end of Spring.

  219. What I like best about Spring is plants coming back to life, and the leaves returning on the trees. Also the smells 😊.

  220. I love spring rain! It washes away all the bits of winter. The trees are beginning to bud, flowers are poking through the ground and the birds are so happy!

  221. I’d love an autographed set of your PRINCES OF TEXAS books!
    I’m a Texas lady and appreciate great stories about our folks.

  222. The thing I like best about spring is the color! Finally all of the brown and gray disappears into springtime fun.

  223. Spring to me is like a fresh start. Watching plants and flowers start to bloom just makes the air smell promising.

  224. This set of books looks to be the best read yet! I love cowboys above all others!

    • What I love about spring….Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal!!! Everything that goes dormant in the fall and winter comes back in the spring!!! I love that first sign of the crocus and daffodils starting to come up!!!

  225. Hi Julia please enter me in your contest thank you very much,
    I don’t have any of these Penney

    Penney Wilfort
    3131 Watkins Drive Apt 209
    Riverside Ca 92507

  226. Love Julia London books – both historical and modern. Her books are never fluffy. Her characters are multi-layered and her plots are terrific.

  227. I love the blooming of trees and flowers as well as the chirping of the birds. The temps aren’t always great in Mass in spring, but everything else is beautiful

  228. I like spring because it is finally beginning to look like the end of all the nasty weather we have been having and the sun is shining this morning making me feel so much better than all those cloudy and rainy days.

  229. Well first off my birthday is in spring so that is one of my favourite things, but most of all it’s the season itself that’s my favourite. I love the new grass, leaves and flowers starting to bloom and I love the rain that spring brings. (I could do without everything that reacts to my allergies though lol)

  230. I love the birds chirping ad the flowers and trees blooming. We sometimes get short changed on the weather in Massachusetts, but everything else is lovely

  231. The thing that I love most about spring is the smell of fresh greening grass and seeing the tulips coming up. I live in Wisconsin, so the end of snow and ice is the best.

  232. What I like most about Spring……Getting outside, taking walks and enjoying the beautiful crab apple trees blooming in my neighborhood!

  233. What I love best about spring? Being able to get out and go camping..hiking…metal detecting. The bloom of a new year.

  234. Thanks for another nice contest. Pls. count me in. Would opt for amazon gc choice.

  235. I love hearing the birds sing their songs to welcome Spring. It’s also wonderful to watch each blossom and blooms waking up with their splashes of color.

  236. I like seeing the tulips burst from the ground and getting home from work when it is still light out.
    Thanks for the chance!

  237. I love spring because all the snow is melting and the robins are back. I also love the warmer weather.

  238. I like the newness of spring, the flowers and everything turning green again.

  239. Spring’s best- the sounds and smells of living things coming alive again after a long winter

    Everything coming alive: birds singing, flowers popping out of the ground, trees budding, more daylight hours to enjoy outdoor activities, feeling more alive with more energy to do exercises and activities

  240. I live in a small town in Georgia, we have wild pink honeysuckles that only bloom in the Spring and for a very short time. They smell heavenly and are so pretty.

  241. The best thing about spring is gathering fresh asparagus from my garden!

  242. Visiting with family. Usually we visit in the summertime or Christmastime, so this is a first with visiting in March!

  243. Love your books. I’m a dog lover from way back and I enjoy reading anything about dogs, a friend without exception.

  244. Ah, Spring!!! Warmth at last!! Gentle breezes, buds popping up on trees, flowers blooming! What is there NOT to like about Spring?

  245. I like Spring because it starts getting warmer. Every year the cold gets harder to take. Thanks for the contest.

  246. I like the renewal spring brings. The flowers begin blooming, you see baby animals everywhere. The Earth goes from cold and barren to lush, green and vibrant.

  247. The fresh air fragrant with the smell of the hyacinth, daffodils and other spring flowers. The feeling of freedom from being cooped in during the winter.

  248. Spring brings with it a feeling of a new beginning. Plants start to emerge from the earth and soon begin to flower. Dreary winter soon will be only a memory.

  249. I love the warmer tempts and the flowers blooming its like a new world is opening up. My favorite time of the year.

  250. I love the flowers, grass, and all the trees budding. It’s a sign of new beginnings. I find it is a sign of hope.

  251. Great giveaway!!! I would like the $25 Amazon gift card so I can buy the ebooks of the series.

  252. I love to see the tulips and hyacinths poking through the ground and blooming in bright colors. I love being able to sit out on the patio and read with the smell of flowers in the air.

  253. First of all, thank you for the chance. I would love to have this collection for my personal library.

    The thing that I like about Spring is that it is the start of warmer weather in which I can get outside more and enjoy the sunshine.

  254. I like spring because it gives me hope, after a loooong, dreary, record-breaking amount of snow,here in eastern Canada!

  255. What I like best about spring is the sun getting warmer and the flowers starting to bloom. I especially love the tulips and dafffodils.

  256. The best thing about Spring is that new books from Julia London always seem to be available. Spring brings new life. Julia London’s books bring new stories of love and adventure.

  257. Spring is my favorite season. My birthday falls right at the start of the season, and the weather is amazing. I love sporadic rain and the mild temperatures. It makes me feel alive.

  258. Spring is a time for renewed hope – in everything! I can’t wait to plant my garden and spend time outdoors reading on our new patio.

  259. That the weather is getting warmer and seeing birds and flowers pop up everywhere. Plus I was born in Spring.

  260. Thank you for the great giveaway. I love the covers to the Princes of Texas series.

    • What I like best about Spring is the renewal of nature and the warmer temperatures.

  261. Spring is like being born again. The new flowers the smells. Everyone is in good moods. It’s a new day. It’s a new out look on life. People in general just seem to be in better moods, more generous towards people that are less fortunate than they are.

  262. Blue bonnets are always good, but I love opening the windows. No heaters and no a/cs. Just fresh air.

  263. I just love I can get out and get some fresh air and watch the hummgbirds eat in my flower garden.

  264. Loved It!

    “Another great book by one of my favorite authors. I love the way her characters come to life for the reader. Julia’s books always grab my attention and I can’t wait to finish the book, but then am sad with noting more to read. Nick and Charlotte were entertaining with their email banters. A book you will enjoy !”