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177 thoughts on “The Devil in the Saddle Giveaway

  1. My husband took care of me and helped me through double pneumonia and then heart surgery after that.

  2. A stray cat that chose me to be her person helped me through the death of my Mother. The stray cat followed me home from the funeral home (my parents house was walking distance) when we met to plan my Mother’s service.

  3. My family, especially my mom, helped me through the death of my fiance (cancer) when I was 27.

  4. Lost my husband of 30 years in March and my sisters have been there for me! They both have visited twice and check-in with me often, not sure I could have done it without them! Love my sisters.

  5. My husband has helped me through many hard spots in my life. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  6. Online friends!! I can’t get my friend Ann to stop texting me, lol. We have met in person several times, but it started online, continues to be mostly online and texts.

  7. My husband has been my rock through two heart attacks and 4 heart surgeries. Couldn’t have made it without him.

  8. I was going through a difficult divorce and went out walking in my neighborhood to clear my head. I stumbled across a woman whom I’d not met that lived about 6 doors down. Her name is Carol and she is a wonderful listener. Although she was my newest friend, Carol provided the most support and helpful words of wisdom to get me through my hard spot.

  9. A very good friend of mine knew I was barely making ends meet and had a very stressful job. He would periodically drop by with a bottle of rum.

  10. My Grandma Rachel stepped up, when my second grade teacher
    became frustrated and taught me how to read.

  11. My dogs have always showed me unconditional love. Always there with a kiss or to warm my lap.

  12. My sister was my rock when my 23 year old daughter died. She was always there to listen to me and help. I couldn’t have gone on without her. Thank you

  13. I have a friend who is a fellow Veteran who has been there constantly for me since I was injured in 2010.

  14. My best friend from high school and I no longer live in the same city. Yet she is always a phone call away. When I’m feeling down and need to be cheered up, she’s always there for me.

  15. It was winter. I was working at a job I liked. One of my co-worker, a man, was one of those people who could not be reasoned with or even talked with. He knew everything, he was always right, he was tall enough to look down on most of the other men, let alone a woman and he thought women should keep their stupid mouths shut and do what he told them. It was had to work with him. He was not the boss, but most everybody else let him act like he was. I had other things going on, so dealing with him just added to my stress. One night when I got to my car after work, I found a single red rose tucked under my wiper. No note with it. It was just the nicest thing at that time. I don’t know who left it or if it was even meant for me, but it raised my spirits when they needed to be raised.

  16. It’s going on right now. I had 2 heart attacks in October, and then took a spill and sprained my right hand very badly. Two good friends are having a benefit for me as we speak, in one of the Facebook groups. I’m so touched.

  17. The friends in My writing group were so comforting and supportive when My Dad died. They were there for me and also my dog was more attentive and comforting during that difficult time! He never used to sit by me and now he does!

  18. My Husband is my best friend. He stands by me always and helps me with whatever life brings.

  19. My mom when I was unemployed, I was feeling useless but she helped thru that time by supporting me and encouraging me

  20. My mother sat on me one time so that I wouldn’t run after my cheating boyfriend and beg him to come back to me. Thank God!

  21. My family helped. Actually we all helped each other. The family broke up but my immediate family banded together and we survived.

  22. My maternal grandmother was always available when I needed her and I needed her advice and company often during middle and high school.

  23. When my son was going through a hard stretch; my husband and I separated and came close to divorcing. A member of my church, who was not known to be kind or understanding came to me and said he understood my hardship and that he was praying for our entire family and was available if I needed anything. This gentleman is still not a warm fuzzy person but I will always be grateful for his encouragement when I needed it desperately.

  24. I’m loving this series!! I’ve had a friend who helped me out during a really tough spot in college. She stood by me and helped me take care of a problem that I couldn’t do alone. Here it is 44 years later and we are still in touch although we live across the country from each other.

  25. My husband stood by my side with my devastating cancer diagnosis. All through my treatments he was there. So very grateful for him and his support.

  26. When I went back to work after several years at home with my young children, I was desperate to find a babysitter for my two youngest sons, one in preschool and the other a toddler. I asked if any of the preschool moms were interested in babysitting my boys and one with twin boys of her own said that she would do it. I was so lucky. She eve made sure that her boys and my son made it to their preschool class.

  27. My best friend and her husband were there for my family when our son-in-law committed suicide. He had no life insurance and our daughter and granddaughters had no way to pay for his funeral. We didn’t have the money for a funeral, so my friends stepped up and helped us with it. IT was the hardest time in our lives, but our friends helped make it a little bit easier.

  28. thank you for having a giveaway, I look forward to reading this book.
    I have enjoyed others written be you

  29. Absolutely adore Julia London’s novels. Nothing better than getting to escape into the written worlds she creates.

  30. For 30+ years my husband has been right there for me from the beginning. He was there when my father was molesting and ended up raping me. He was there when my mom was killed when I was 13yrs old. He has assisted and helped me raise my brothers after my mom passed. He has been right by my side helping raise our three kids while serving in the military for 24 yrs and still working on military base last ten years. He helped me cope with cancer and Lyme disease as well as my entire life of fighting depression, cutting myself, and suicide attempts. When one of my brothers were murdered and I fell into a dark place he pulled me out and helped me through it. I had already lost both my parents, all my grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and knew lose well but when I lost Anthony, my brother, it truly was the hardest. I had been taking care of him since 1989. If it wasn’t for my husband(best friend) and my kids I would not be here today.

  31. My best friend Janet listened to me go on and on and on about divorce. I would wake her up really early to talk. And she listened.

  32. I have been truly blessed in this life. I have not had huge problems in my life except for one. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 1995. My husband, not knowing what to do became my rock. He listened, held me when I cried, supported everything decision I had to make, answered the phone and the door telling people I was asleep when I needed to be alone, held my hand while we told our kids. His love sustained me through the most difficult time in my life as well as making my life more than I thought it could ever be.

  33. I recently heard about this book and it is on my wishlist. TY for the opportunity to win a copy.

  34. My Grandmother helped me when I found out I was pregnant but not married. Back in 1971 that was still a pretty big mistake. My parents were very strict but I knew my grandmother always was my best friend in the world. Her response, Oh! I’m going to be a Great Grandmother. My parents response- yelling, screaming, and “You are getting an abortion” No discussion, nothing. My Grandmother went with me when I told them and stayed my supporter until I miscarried, and then she stayed with me through the grief I went through. She was a strong, wonderful woman and I miss her to this day.

  35. My car was stuck in the parking structure and a stranger helped jump my car and didn’t want anything for helping me. I was very grateful for his help.

  36. I went through a health crisis in my mid-twenties, and a dear friend had helpful advice. Since I’m a woman of faith, her urging for me to give it over to God helped. Doesn’t mean I didn’t use modern medicine or do things to improve my health, but it helped me to not dwell on the bad and to make the best of things. It worked.

  37. My husband was incredibly supportive when my parents died within 4 months of each other. He was really there for me in so many ways.

  38. Right now I have been dealing with RSD for 34 years I moved to Iowa from Ca married a man whom I heard about for so long. We got 2 chihuahuas and they just kept me company during the day while they nap I read and when they sleep at night I am up writing reviews , They are the ones that I look forward to getting out of bed, Often times it just isn’t worth it to live one more day but when i have their eyes looking at me as they are hungry or they have to go outside life is all worth it. All the pain I endure is worth seeing them play or even better when i get into bed they cuddle up to me and it feels so good,. That feeling is the feeling I need as it is worth it to keep going,.

  39. I’d love to win this for my best friend who helped me every day through my traumatic divorce – I’d love to gift this to her for Xmas!

  40. I have a BFF, James, who treats me like a queen and has always included me in his activities when I go to visit him. He’s a great person who has never said no to me. I only see him a few times a year, but they are always the best times.

  41. My son died last October and I have three friends who helped me through this difficult time. They don’t know each other but it always seemed like one or another were always calling or coming by or sending little gifts. It really helped me and it almost seemed like it was coordinated and it was but not by them but by our heavenly Father.

  42. My sister really helped me through a period of mourning. She was there by my side and helped me ina lot of ways.

  43. My friend helped me get used to living over 3000 miles from my family when I first moved to Alaska. We are still close friends!

  44. I have been very lucky in my life to not go through very difficult times. That said, my mom has always supported me.

  45. I had a full-term, stillborn son many years ago. My husband was my rock during that time. Everyone always told me that a devastating situation would either tear a couple apart, or bring them closer together. It brought us closer together. I have no idea how I would have gotten through that time without him by my side. He was there for me to lean on, cry to, pray with, and anything else I needed and all the while, he was suffering and grieving himself.

  46. I had an acquaintance that noticed something about me and got me to open up to her and she became a great friend. Also, I will have to include my dog, Blue, who always knew when to be close to me.

  47. My cat is my best friend. He’s helped me thru my life’s ups and downs for almost 12 years now. And there have been a lot of ups and downs!! As I get older, the downs seem to far outweigh any short ups along the way. He’s always there to love and listen and be there for me. He never condemns, judges or remembers the mistakes and bad choices I’ve made. He doesn’t dwell on the past or the future but lives in the present moment. He’s taught me all this and shown me how to be a better person. For this I’ll always be eternally grateful but the most precious gifts he’s given me is his unconditional love and himself. Dorothy

  48. It may sound like a cliche, but Jesus is the person who helps me through every hard spot. At funerals where I felt alone, He was with me. At weddings where I felt left behind, He was there. On holidays when I felt overwhelmed, He was with me. During family health dramas when I felt helpless, He was there. My ever present help.

  49. My oldest sister has helped me through the toughest time of my life, when my ten year old daughter passed away from a brain tumor. She was my rock. She put all her emotions away and took charge and guided me through all of it. Then she was there to help pull me through and she is still there. I look back now and realize how hard it must have been for her to be able to do that and not have her chance to grieve her niece. She is one tough lady.

  50. A great psychiatrist helped me through a hard spot in my life. I had insomnia, I had lost 12 pounds ( not deliberately) and I was very anxious all the time — all thanks to a horrendous boss at a job I couldn’t quit. My therapist was wonderful, understanding and a huge help. After almost 2 years I was “let go” from the job — best day of my life! Well, maybe not the best day but I wasn’t sorry to see the last of that place!

  51. My husband is a gem! He is my biggest champion and supporter. I had surgery a few weeks ago, and he’s done everything for me. I don’t know how I’d get through life without him.

  52. The person who helped me through a hard spot in my life was a very close friend who was there always for me.

  53. An old boyfriend came back into my life during a hard time & he actually got me back together with my husband

  54. When I was young there was a lot of abuse in my family. My best friend’s family sort of adopted me. Not only did it save me mentally but I learned what a true loving family looked like. Changed the course of my life.

  55. As a retired librarian who loves romance books of all kinds I am always looking for more. Just by chance today I picked up ” the Devil in the Saddle ” on audio. Really prefer book but I was intrigued so will be on the look out for the first in the series.

  56. A friend of mine helped me when my father died. She was always there when I needed to cry.

  57. My best friend Jenn was there for me after I found out my ex of almost 10 years had cheated and was still with the woman. She was my rock when he was gone and is to this day still there for me or my kids if I ever need her

  58. My loyal, loving dogs are always there for me when I need them. They know when I’m going through something and their cuddles definitely help!

  59. A couple ladies I did a church project with. I sang at a communion service for our ladies and a couple of guys in a nursing home. We did this once a week. Anyway, after my Dad died, they were there for me, at a time I really needed someone.

  60. My husband. He helped me through a mental breakdown. With out his love caring and support, I wouldn’t be here. I love to read. It also helps my depression.

  61. My family has always been there for me, but I have lost so many of them over the last couple of years that i am grateful for my best friend of over 50 years, Charlotte Serna. She and I have been friends since high school, and have seen each other through marriages, divorces, miscarriages, widowhood, and 4 kids between the two of us. I was there for her amnio, to find out she was having the only girl and she has seen me through all the trials and tribulations of raising Identical Twin Boys as well as an older singleton. I fully expect us to be friends through retirement and beyond.

  62. I rescue animals as a labor of love and my cats in particular have seen me through some tough times. I rescued 5 little kittens this summer and they were not in good shape when I found them in a wood pile. I spent so many hours nursing them to health and trying to get them in the best shape possible. The runt, Dante, was only 4 ounces when I found him and the Vet did not think he would make it. Dante lived 6 more weeks past that point and just when I thought we were stable, his fragile little body simply gave out. It just broke my heart. Surprisingly, it was his brother and fellow rescue kitten Sully, who is mostly blind, that got me through it. Sully has special needs and when I found myself missing Dante, I would remember that Sully needed to thrive to live well for both of them and would work even that much harder to give Sully best life possible.

  63. I have not, as of today, read any of the Texas books. But I love anything written by Julia London. She writes books that are really hard to put them down.

  64. My life turned upside down and I became friends with Janet. She fought for my sanity, my faith in myself and to put my life back together.

  65. My sister, Edmonde Kinser, and I are very close. We lost a lot of loved ones in 2016 and could not have made it through without her!

  66. God, and my children. I went through a nasty divorce and oddly it was the strength and help of my children that got me through it. They are 20 & 18 now and this was 5 years ago so they would’ve been 15 and 13. Such strong people. I’m a proud momma.

  67. Twenty something years ago, my husband dumped me. I was in a town with few friends, no family and two little boys. I swear my cat, Suzie Wong, knew I was hurting and stuck by me like glue. Sad but true!

  68. My good and long time friend Maryann. She helped me over the last 25 years since my husband passed away. She has always had a way of getting me to stop feeling sorry for myself. Sadly she was killed this summer in a car accident, but still feel her with me.

  69. A really good friend helped me out so much 30 years ago when I lost my first husband. He was there for me and my kids. Helped us through the hardest time in my life. Then 25 years ago my best friend became my husband and he is still both of these things today.

  70. My Mom has always been there for me. Financially and emotionally. She’s been my rock all of my life. Even as a grown-up and wife and mother, if I’m sick I want my Mom! I’ve had a couple of major surgeries and my Mom is right there with me. We’ve been close all my life.

    • Congratulations Melissa!
      Your comment was chosen via random. org and you’ve won this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be in touch shortly.

  71. Cambria’s, my shelter dog, was meant to be with me. From the moment she entered my home, she was the most loyal companion. On my sad days, she would comfort me by putting her head on my knee and gaze at me with understanding, love. She gave her all.
    I miss my girl.
    Meet me at The Rainbow Bridge.

  72. I lost my daughter 2 years ago a few weeks after her wedding. Anna was our sunshine. She had such beauty inside and out. I miss her horribly. Fortunately, I have a number of friends who are here for me on a daily basis. I can’t imagine suffering through the loss of a child alone.

  73. Faith. An Uber driver in Richardson Texas went out of her way to come get me after a tornado did severe damage to the area. My car was caught under a tree that was knocked over from high winds. Faith wove thru downded trees to get to my location. Faith drove me safely home.
    Dallas is blessed that no one was killed during the 10 tornadoes and I am very blessed to have had a wonderful Uber driver nsmed Faith.

  74. My grandmother was my rock… always had a kind word and solid support for me… miss her and that support.

  75. I have a friend now who is encouraging me to step out into the world a little more each day. It isn’t easy for me b/c I’m extremely private and keep to myself a lot. She got me to go to my very first trivia night and I had fun! One small step for the world, and a giant leap for me.

  76. My best friend and cousin has always been there for me no matter what. I can depend on her support in all situations (and there have been many)

  77. After my two elderly Rescued Boxer girls died of cancer, I felt lost and depressed. I accidentally found a story about a small dog who had been abused and abandoned in my neighborhood.

    I had to get him and make him part of my life.

    He has become my best friend. He is nothing like any dog I have ever had, but he is the perfect one for me.

    His name is Sonny, but it could as well be Sunny.

  78. My beloved dog, Maggie, was brought into my life when I had to leave my home state, and start out with my family in a new state. She was with us during this time, and also during all my health problems of 5 replacement surgeries, and a new diagnosis of RA. She kept me going with her love and affection throughout her entire 14 years, and now is dog heaven. I miss her every day.

  79. My dog, who has long since passed, she was there for me when my mother passed away. Always by my side.

  80. After I had my baby, who is 8 months now, I was diagnosed with post partum depression. As an Army wife we make friends quickly, we have no choice, we move too fast to often to wait. One of my friends came over one day when my baby was 2 weeks old and she asked me the one question no one else asked, “how are you?” Not the baby, but me, I broke down and started crying. I couldn’t help myself and I was able to talk through my problems. After that we made a point to meet up twice a week. She helped me the most when I felt hopeless.

  81. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer 6 months ago. My oncologist wanted to begin aggressive Chemotherapy treatments, which consisted of 5 days straight, 5 1/2 hours each day. I was terrified and depressed because I was thinking about my children and grandbabies, (would I get to see them get married) etc. The nurse at the Infusion center named April, told me each step that would be take place. She knew I was nervous and upset. She sat with me and talked for about an hour. I told her my fears and cried as I was talking. She hugged me and asked if she could pray for me. I felt like a mountain moved off my shoulders after that. I am still doing treatments and every time I go, I am Blessed to have April as my nurse 💕

  82. My parents have always been there for me. 46 years ago I was unwed and pregnant. I did get married, but it only lasted 3 1/2 years. Again, they were there to help me. I love them so much. Thanks for the chance.

  83. I can always rely on my daughter for cheering me up, giving me a hug and just being an amazing person.

  84. I would say Kay who was a great support when I was growing up in difficult circumstances. Her place was my safe haven. Bless her soul.

  85. just began reading all your highlander books and love them. these sound wonderful. thanks for the chance.

  86. I had a falling out with a dear friend and we hadn’t spoken to each other in a few years. She is cousins with my partner. When my mother died he called to tell his aunt and my friend happened to be there. As soon as she heard she rushed out the door and drove 3 hours to be with me not even knowing if I’d welcome her. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

  87. I had an anonymous friend who dropped off Christmas gifts for myself and my daughter the year I had to leave a bad marriage. They are anonymous as the gifts appeared mysteriously at my door one day. It made me feel loved and cared for at a time when I was feeling a bit shattered.

  88. There have been several through the years but during one my kitty followed me, sat on my lap, and gave me lots-of-love unending which was just what I needed.

  89. Following the death of my husband, going home to an empty house was challenging. Our rescue cat, Henri, always greeted me at the door and demanded attention.

  90. My grandmother was always one to sit and listen to my problems. She’d quietly take in the facts and patiently wait until I was finished before doling out her advice. I could come to her with anything. Relationship problems, basic frustrations, work issues… anything. Afterwards, she’d wrap me in a hug (that only grandmothers know how to give) and kiss my forehead. Instantly, the troubles I was facing would melt away. I lost my Grandmother back in April and I miss those moments.

  91. My best friend Mary was there for me when my Dad died. She knew I would need a Pepsi and comfortable shoes at the funeral parlor. When she saw that I was in need of break, she would sneak me away for a few minutes until I could function again. I love that girl like a sister.

  92. My brother-in-law helped me through a rough time this past year. First I had surgery on my right foot, then a week later I fell getting out of bed and broke my other foot in 2 places and had to be in a wheelchair for 4 months. Then my husband feel in the parking lot and got a brain bleed and was in the hospital for 1 month. My brother-in-law provided me the wheelchair, took me into the hospital every day for a month, took me to dr appts, and took me out to eat as I was in a wheelchair so I couldn’t drive or cook much. He is 81 was was a wonder person to me.

  93. Actually it isn’t a “someone” – after my husband passed away I was lost but I got a great job and it saved me through a hard spot in my life.

  94. My husband told me he thought I looked beautiful on the second day of a very bad period. He didn’t even know it was a bad time.

  95. I had a biology teacher in high school who helped me get into a special summer science program that set me on my future path. Thanks Mr. Johnson!

  96. My husband passed away in October 2012. We had 2 ragdoll kitties and they were such a comfort to me. I’m now down to just 1 kitty.

  97. My bestie, Kywin, helps me through every rough spot. She always makes me laugh and feel better and I try to do the same for her.

  98. My mom has always been the person that has helped me through hard spots in my life. Unfortunately, she passed away two years ago. It is now time to let my husband take over that spot for her. I sure do miss her. I love to win win this giveaway!

  99. My one human I can always count on to help me get through the hard times is my hubby. He always has faith in me, never lets me give up, and has been my biggest supporter for more than two decades. Naturally, being together for so long lends itself to experiencing one another’s hard times from the front row. I can’t think of anyone else with whom I’d want to share the good, bad, and ugly. I need to go find him and hug him to pieces! 🙂

  100. This year I was diagnosed with cancer and my husband has been my rock. He never hesitated once in being by my side during surgeries and radiation. He took time off of work and had plans in set to get me through it all. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

  101. I had a friend point out one time that I complained alot and then became my accountability partner to change my attitude…now I look at the brightside more often

  102. I have a guy friend who was always there for with a hug and words of “it is going to be OK” or just to talk to even if it was through a messenger app because he was a truck driver. He would get ahold of me whenever he had internet access at the truck stop he was at that particular day. He could always tell when something was wrong just by some of the things I was typing even though he could not see me. He was there for me to talk to no matter what it was (a death in the family, trouble with my kids, or boyfriend problems/breakups).

  103. Thanks for giveaway opportunity!

    I’d have to say one of my best friends from college and her unwavering support just whenever I was feeling down. Whether it was some ice cream, a nudge to go for a walk, or a late night trip to the shops, she always helped me get out of my own head when things got tough!

  104. I have been very blessed to have had a wonderful life but when my mother passed away unexpectedly it sent me into a spiral of depression. My friend Caryn was always there to lend me an ear and support me through my journey of sadness and acceptance. I had to put on a brave face at home with my husband, sons and father but I could be my real self with her. I can never thank her enough for being there for me.

  105. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter this contest. My mom was always there for me to listen, praise, comfort and share in all of the joys and sorrows of my life. I miss her every day.

  106. Since my beloved Mom passed away 2 years ago, I have relied heavily on the company of my dogs. She had 3 dogs and I had 5. There was never a question I would take in hers — you don’t give up on family. Plus they remain my link to my Mom and good times.

  107. On a very low day, I was struggling with groceries in my arms, trying to get out of the store fast, when I dropped something and started to weep. A lovely lady came up to me, picked up the item, and consoled me with a smile and a brief “Here, dear, let me help you.” Still remember this after about 10 years… No big deal, but it showed me how a smile and a hand can mean a lot.

  108. I had a beloved cat named Judah he helped me through 4 miscarriages and my last pregnacey. He wa with us for 13 years and was more human than any pet I have ever known.

  109. My aunt is the person who helped me through a hard time three years ago. Three years ago, my family almost became homeless if it wasn’t my aunt who offered us a place to stay in her house. Though, we now have our own place to live in, I still visit my aunt a lot and will be forever thankful to her.

  110. Faith in God and my family has helped me through many difficult situations. To be a good person you must be honest.

  111. I think your giveaways are great and they make for great entertainment for people to see who won.
    They also provide free books for people like me who are disabled and depend on books to help us get through our lonely days and who can’t afford a lot of books.

  112. My friend Drew. He helped me through withdrawls when I first quit drinking. Ive been sober now 101 days!

  113. 3 Long distance coworkers who were always at the end of a text message 24/7 and got me through surgery and rehab. No matter the time of day, they were there to cheer me on, support me, and to remind me of how strong I was! Still best of friends today

  114. My paternal grandmother always helped me on the darkest times. She was and continues to be my hero. She has been gone for 22 years but I feel her presence every day.

  115. I had to put my cat Michael to sleep a week before my mom died from major burns. A short time later a little girl allergic to cats gave me my baby Percy.

  116. My dad helped me when I was having a drinking issue. He called me out on it and them supported me when I quit. He is always there for me when I need it.

  117. I will always remember the time when I was recovering from a broken leg and my family took care of me until I was completely recovered.

  118. I had a terrible infection in my leg after a fall breaking my ankle. For over a year, my friend Ken drove me back and forth to hyperbaric oxygen treatments 5 days a week. I ended up having an amputation below the knee. After healing, he worked with me in the gym to help with my strength!

  119. I’m a server at a little cafe’ with great customer’s. When my husband had lung cancer they would buy me gas cards ,bring meals to warm up at night for us,plow my driveway and many other things. So They all helped me get through a nightmare!! They all are special!!!

  120. The person who helped me the most in all my tough spots in my life was my late Mom. Always there for me no matter what. Thank you for the opportunity.

  121. My four sisters and I have become closer since the death of our mother about a year and a half ago. Such a comfort to have sisters to help fill the gap of being an “orphan.”

  122. When one of my best friend died after more than a year of suffering from cancer I was reading the last book of the Twilight series. Although I was utterly dissapointed with its story, it helped me get through it.