The Princess Plan Giveaway

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333 thoughts on “The Princess Plan Giveaway

  1. Now that the Queen has a vacancy in her family (poor Andrew!)…
    I think she and I could swap family horror stories over a pot or two!
    BYOB – Bring Your Own Biscuits

  2. I would invite Jude Devereaux to tea. She was the first author that I read. The book was A Knight In Shining Armor. I fell in love with historical fiction, time travel and romance in that one book. It took me away to Scotland and England and various other places. I felt like I was right there standing there with the characters. Hence, began my love of reading.

  3. Dame Judy Dench. Loved her in As Time Goes By, even before she was in the Bond movies. She is such a wonderful actress. Dame Helen Mirren, another great actress. and to round it out for the ladies dame Maggie Smith. I’d also invite Benedict Cumberbatch and Hugh Jackman

  4. My grandma, she has been gone for over 40 yrs and I miss her dearly. I would love to sit down with her and listen to all her stories again.

  5. There’s 6 teacups, so in addition to my husband and myself, we can have four guests: actor/director Kenneth Branagh, actor Helen Mirren, makeup artist Rick Baker, and historical costumer Bernadette Banner. I think we’ll have a really great conversation!

  6. My Mom. She died in 2000 and I miss her so much. Runner-up is Jane Austen the best of the original Regency Romance writers.

  7. I don’t know. Not many men read romance novels. I’m sure there are a lot of lovely, lonely lady readers for you to have a tea party with.

  8. Julia London, Kathryn LeVeque,Cheryl Bolen, Victoria Alexander,
    Stephanie Laurens, and others.

  9. What a lovely tea set! I love to have tea parties with my daughter. She’s 28 now and we still love spending that time together.

  10. I would invite Oprah. Anything we would talk about would be interesting, from current events, to fashion, to books.

  11. I would invite my grandma who passed away 6 years ago so my daughters could meet their great grandma.

  12. My daughter and granddaughter would be my guests! We are all readers and can discuss our latest reads!

  13. A table full of my favorite authors. Julia Lonondon, Linda Howard, janet Evanovich, Emily Kimelman, Margaret Maron, Kristi Belcamino, Sandra Brown, Catherine Coulter, Diana Palmer, Carly Phillip, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Elizabeth Lowell, Karin Slaughter, Vickie Lewis Thompson, Kate White, Robyn Carr, J. A. Janice, Faye Killerman. Tea set not large enough for this group so I would like the gift card.

  14. My Mom who passed away 2 years ago. For years every Friday night most of my sisters and I plus our children would gather at my Mom’s house after work for a tea party. It was a time for us all to sit down, relax and enjoy each other’s company and have a few laughs at the end of each week. I would give anything to be able to have one more tea party with my Mom.

  15. I would adore having tea with organ transplant surgeon Dr. Joe Scalea M.D.
    He is creative, artistically talented, a gifted teacher.

  16. I would like to invite any lonely ladies to have tea with, am I the only guy on this contest?

    • I don’t know. Not many men read romance novels. I’m sure there are a lot of lovely, lonely lady readers for you to have a tea party with.

  17. Duchess Kate. She is so poised and well spoken, I feel like getting a chance to speak with her about world issues would really broaden my views. I would also invite Oprah, for many of the same reasons. Ellen DeGeneres could bring a much needed levity to the party as well.

  18. I’d invite George Clooney. Yes, partly because he’s handsome. But more because I love his dry wit and sense of humor and I think he would make the tea party most entertaining!

  19. I’d invite my mother. She’s deceased now, but since we’re wishing…. and I’d love to win this tea set! Enter me in the giveaway, please.

  20. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge if only to ask candidly, “What is it really like to go from being yourself to always being ‘ON'” Her public personna vs her true fun loving self.

  21. I would invite my husband first and then, if they were still alive, my mom and Princess Diana.

  22. I would invite Barbra Streisand as i have loved her for many years. I just love the way she sings and that she never chged her appearance!

  23. I would love to invite Lord Byron (though impossible) so that I could see if he was really as good looking as reported to be and have him read to me “She Walks in Beauty”.

  24. I would invite the Obama’s. I thing they are two of the neatest people and would love chatting with them.

  25. If I could ask anyone in the world to tea the first woman I would ask to tea I would ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg, My late grandmother Rose, Michelle Obama, Bette Midler, Sam Elliott, Grace Burrowes, J, K, Rowling, Lynsay Sands, Paula Quinn and of course you. I know, I would need a larger tea set but I am sure I could always find other tea cups to fill with tea because I have so many people I have met, wanted to meet, read or others I can’t think of because I am at an age where I have met or wanted to meet, so many people I have come to love.

  26. I would invite PJ Harvey, my favorite musician, and Joyce Carol Oates, one of my favorite authors, both of whom seem a little kooky and would be perfect party guests 🙂

    (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  27. I’d choose my sister to join me. I don’t see her very often, she is so busy, and to have her to myself for a tea party would be a luxury for me, and for her!

  28. A selection of authors and readers. Let’s just cap 5 authors. Although I would more likely invite 20!
    Julia London (of course), Anya Wylde, Annie Seaton, Jamie Davenport, Angie Fox
    Some readers:
    Peggy from MS
    Leila from Chicago
    Vanessa, Lisa, & Froggy in PN
    Wendy in Or
    I am sure I know another dozen plus – but these are some of my favorite online reader friends that would REALLY appreciate this.

  29. Mary Berry! Err… more like I wouldn’t mind to be invited to tea by herself, lol. Always drooling whenever Ms. Berry prepared tea party (on tv).

  30. Julie Andrews and my 33 year old daughter who adores her even though she’s not really Mary Poppins.

  31. I would love to invite Chris Hemsworth. He is my favorite actor and I would love to spend some time just getting to know him.
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway ❤

  32. I would love to have tea at my party with Queen Elizabeth of England. Of course, I would be so tongue-tied I probably would not be able to carry on a conversation

  33. I would invite Sandra Bullock, she seems pretty down to earth. Then I could get the “tea” on how it was working with Keanu Reeves! 😁

  34. Wow This was a hard question to answer. Since it’s a tea party I would invite the ladies from the View. Imagine sitting around a table and being able to talk about anything with them.

  35. Who would I like to have tea with? If it is someone from the past, I think it would be Marie Curie. First woman to be a Nobel Prize winner, only woman to win twice, brilliant scientist. If it is someone from the present, I would like to have tea with a group of my favorite authors, so that I could pick their brains about their characters and story lines.

  36. My female relatives! We are spread out over several states and it would be nice to all gather together.

  37. My mother and sisters. There were 5 of us girls but my middle sister passed away 15 years ago. I would dearly love to have tea with her. My mom and sisters used to have tea parties all the time.

    • Congratulations, Earlene!
      You’ve won this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be in touch shortly to get your info.
      Enjoy your prize!

  38. romance authors: julia london, julia quinn, jayne ann krentz, karen ranney, katharine ashe, lynsay sands, hannah howell and sabrina jeffries !!!! wow what a fun party!!! too many invites??? ($25 Amazon gift card)

  39. My Mom, sisters, nieces and some very close friends that I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.

  40. I would invite my father. I was young when my parents divorced and i never got to know him. I would love to talk to him now.

  41. I’d like to invite my students so they could see what a proper tea with with real china and manners is like.

  42. A grand tea party would include my grandmothers who have left us, my daughter who lives too far away and my mother who is nearby & a really good time.

  43. My friend Brenda . She lives in California now and I haven’t seen in her over 2 years.

  44. I would love to invite Kristen Bell to my tea party. She seems like such a nice person who would be a lot of fun.

  45. I would invite Adrian Paul. He is my favorite actor and I would love to visit personally with him regarding his varying roles, especially his series Highlander.

  46. I want to say Tom Hardy because he is just amazing to look at, but I think I would like to drink tea with Dr. Charles Stanley. He’s a pastor and he’s brilliant. I think it would be a lovely conversation.

  47. Queen Elizabeth. To be so wise and spunky at her age and the many things she’s seen would be so interesting

  48. I would invite my mother and grandmother who are no longer living. I would like to record family history and favorite recipes and just be with these wonderful women.

  49. I would have a tea party with my daughters. What better time to spend with my daughters!!!

  50. I’d invite the very nice female surgeon who removed my kidney that had cancer. She was so calming, caring, and thorough when explaining everything that was going on before the surgery and everything I needed to do after the surgery for the next three year. Thank You Doctor Katy Konkel.

  51. Hmmmm… Would love to have Keanu Reeves as my tea time guest with Aerosmith ( Yeah, baby, the whole band) playing live for us.

    • I would invite Queen Eluzabeth : I would love hearing all about her life . What it’s like bring royalty ( the behind the scene )

  52. As I’ve never had the chance to meet author Grace Burrowes yet I believe she would be awesomely interesting to visit with. I have chatted with several great authors at the HRR (including you) so that would be my choice this time.

  53. I would like to have tea with Monty Don the famous Britiah gardner. He seems like such a pleasant person and I do truly live plants

  54. I would invite my mother. She has been gone for eleven years now but I still miss her.

  55. Both sets of grandparents. I never got to meet my paternal grandparents. They died before my parents met.

  56. Agatha Christie. I have read all her Hercule Periot & Miss Marple mysteries. I loved the time periods of the stories & would have liked to visit St. Mary Mead. I would have liked to sit down with her & just visit & hear about her life & how she came up with these two characters.

  57. I would invite the author Jenna Blum because I love her books and I simply adore her. She is one of my favorite people on this planet.
    Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  58. I would invite my 2 daughters and my old neighbor Marlene to have tea with me and Duchess of Sussex and the Queen of England.

  59. I’d want to sit with, Jesus, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas Marie Antoinette & Barbara Stanwyck. What fun we’d have.

  60. So ok, I’d want to invite a couple people. Jesus, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas & Barbara Stanwyck. What fun we’d have.

  61. Oh, that’s hard! LOL.

    I’d like to invite my maternal grandma, I didn’t meet her very much before she died when I was little, and my Mom always tells me stories of her. I’d live to have a cup to tea to hear more of them and my Mom’s childhood in the country.

    No, if it were someone ‘famous’ I’ love to have tea with the women in English royalty (the Queen, Kate and Meghan). I’d love to hear their side of royalty and I’d feel so fancy! <3

    Thanks for the chance.

  62. Sorry, forgot to answer the question. lol
    I would invite my 4 young granddaughters, they haven’t had the privilege of tea parties like we used to have!

  63. I would invite Donna Hutto Edwards, wife of John Bel Edwards, and my mother to the tea party, Donna because she actively promotes education and care of children and my mother because of my love for her.

  64. If I could invite anyone to tea I would invite some of the active duty service men or women and Thank them for there service ,

  65. I would love to win these, my Republican Club has a Lincoln Day Tea honoring this President and it would be fun
    to bring them.

  66. My husband who left this earth 17 years ago. We loved to drink tea together and talk over the day.

  67. I’ld love to invite the Queen of England when I lived there I went to see Buckeningham palace and loved it

  68. Just a gathering of my daughter and friends would be special. And maybe if Mary Berry could show up…

  69. If I could choose anyone in the world to attend my tea party, I would choose Nadia Murad (2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner)

  70. I would invite The Delhi Lama to my tea. I would learn greater patience, ability to love more, forgive better and learn!!!!!!!

  71. I would invite Kate Middleton. I’d love to hear what life is like being a member of the Royal Family. She is always so elegant, regal and composed. I absolutely love this thoughtful Giveaway. I am a tea drinker and have been dying to read The Princess Plan. Thank you so much for the chance.

  72. I think for sure it would be Michelle Obama. I would love to meet her in person, she seems so smart and gracious and kind. I think tea with Mrs. Obama would be entertaining, educational, and life-changing.

  73. If I could bring anyone in the world to a tea party it would be my Dad. He was brought up the British way and enjoys his tea and scones.

  74. If I can invite anyone – living or dead – Thomas Jefferson, Queen Elizabeth, Walter Cronkite, Agatha Christie, Martha Washington, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter O’Toole and Sean Connery.

    I believe the conversations would be fascinating. Martha,Thomas, Elizabeth and Walter could talk about world issues, past and present. Agatha, Elizabeth, Peter and Sean could entertain with talk of entertainment. And all in all, I believe it would be lively.

  75. i would have a tea party with my best friend becky, who lives on the other side of the country. i miss her.

  76. I think I would love to invite Michelle Obama. Not for political reasons, but because she is so down to earth, intelligent, a great sense of humor and a kind heart. I think the conversation would be light and enjoyable. She could also bring her friend Ellen and the party would really be a “hoot”.

  77. I would invite the Queen of England. She has lived through so many exciting/interesting times, it would be wonderful to hear her perspective.

  78. I would love to have tea with Lacey Chabert! I watch and love every Hallmark movie she is in. She seems down to earth and such a sweet person.

  79. My friends who live far away and I have no space to host them. And they are few drinkers.😉

  80. I would invite my very lovely niece. She is in her twenties and is the nicest and sweetest woman I know. She has a heart of gold.

  81. I would invite my Mother. She dies 10 years ago and I miss her so much! I want her to share some of her recipes with me — her special cookies and how to make meatballs!

    I woul prefer the Amazon gift card.

  82. My grandma. I used to have tea parties with her when I was little. Still have the tea set she gave me.

  83. I would love to invite Julia London to tea! Ahh the questions already abuzz in my mind, with that thought. 😊

    Blessings sent to everyone

  84. I would love to have tea with Dame Margaret Natalie Smith CH DBE, also known as The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Crawley. She seems like a fun loving and fascinating person.

  85. I would choose my best friend Joyce. We have been friends for 50 years and I don’t get to see her very often as we live many miles apart.

  86. If we’re allowed to choose someone no longer living, I would choose my mom. She passed away seventeen years ago and I miss sitting down with her for a cup of tea, some soft molasses cookies, and a chat.

  87. thank you for having this contest,the tea set reminds me of one my mom had she was from england At 83 memories are very important to me

  88. If I could invite anyone in the world I would invite Idina Menzel. I find her to be an amazing singer, actress and person. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was a young teenager. I would love to sit down with her to talk about her stage productions, movies and music.

  89. I would love to invite the Duchess of Cambridge. I think it would be so amazing to sit down with her over tea!

  90. I think I would invite Melania Trump. She strikes me as a very intelligent, fashionable, and compelling woman. I would love to hear about her life up to becoming First Lady.

  91. If I could invite anyone in the world to a tea party I’d want to invite my top favorite authors Harper Sloan, Cheyenne McCray, Lori Foster, Rosalind James, and Susan Mallery. There’s no way I could choose just one 😊

  92. I would invite Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. To me, she is the epitome of grace, elegance, and class.

  93. I would invite some of my favorite authors, (you of coarse) friends that love to read and my daughter. I wished I could invite my Mom, Grandmothers,and Aunts that are no longer living. I would be the happiest person. What a wonderful dream.

  94. My grandma. We lost her in April and I would love to be able to sit down and have one more cup of tea with her and just chat.

  95. I’ve always thought it would be cool to meet Kathleen Woodiwiss or Rosemary Rogers

  96. Oh boy that’s a tough one , goodness , I would love to have Tea with Mother Teresa .

    Fictional Character , Joshephine March , from Little women. 😊💙

  97. I will invite some great authors to have tea with them and ask them milion questions about the books I love ♥️♥️♥️ You are invited to my Tea Party and you can bring your book characters, I have to meet them

  98. Having tea is so full of etiquette! I’d love to have tea with Emily Post or if there is a British etiquette expert such as Ms. Post. So I wouldn’t be there to chat or share on-dits but to understand the actions of having tea!

  99. Of all the people I think I’d love to have Tom Selleck come to tea. 😊
    What a beautiful tea set.

  100. If I was to invite my very own tea party it would be you Julia. I would also invite a few historical romance writers for example: Julia Johnstone and Madeline Martin.

  101. Well if it’s a tea party I need someone that appreciates tea! I would hope that Daniel Craig is a tea lover because I would love to have a cup with him!

  102. These cups and saucers are so delicate and just beautiful. How perfect for inviting a few neighbors/friends over for tea. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  103. I would invite my 85 year old mom. She has had a rough year. Her eyes, several falls. She deserves to sit down and relax. Drink some tea and have some pastries. She has always waited on everyone else. Now it’s het turn to be waited on.

  104. I would invite my Aunt Renee to my tea party. She’s only 6 years older than me and we would have so much fun having a tea party again 🙂

  105. Pope Francis would be my first choice. To talk and gain some wisdom. You of course!! and Nora Roberts my other favorite author to talk about your creative processes.

  106. Wow that’s hard. So many wonderful people including incredible authors. With my husband being English and myself never been to England I would love to have tea and biscuits with the Queen. Thank you for this truly remarkable chance.

  107. If I were to win these teacups, so I could have a lovely tea party (and serve some beautiful Scottish shortbread cookies I just found a recipe for), I’d invite you. I hope you like dogs.

  108. I would invite Martha from the bible. My mother has always said there needs to be more Martha’s in the world. I think she would be a very interesting person to share a cup of tea with, she would also help clean up!

  109. I would invite my sons class for a tea party. The class stresses etiquette so I am curious how they would react at a tea party and how serious they would be at showing and using proper manners and etiquette.

  110. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! Ooh, this is a tough one! I think I’d love to have an author that I admire for tea. Maybe Lynsay Sands?

  111. What a lovely choice! I think the cup set is best because $25 etc would disappear in a flash.

  112. Dead or Alive? I would love to sit down with Princess Diana. But Sir Elton John would be my next choice.

  113. I invite authors and their narrators. Especially Jennifer Estep/Lauren Fortgang, Molly Harper/Amanda Ronconi, and Patricia Briggs/Lorelei King.

  114. I would choose my sister in law who lives in California and I haven’t seen in almost 20 yrs. I love her and would to invite her for tea.

  115. I would invite my nieces. I never seem to have enough time to spend with them so a chance to sit and connect would be wonderful!

  116. I was pleasantly surprised to see the email that “The Princess Plan” was on my kindle. I can’t wait to read it. If I could choose anyone in the world to tea, it would be Megan Markle. I just want to give her a hug.

  117. My friends from nursing school, we often like to get together to have tea. These special cups fit for a princess would make our tea party extra special.

  118. I would invite my aunt and grandmother, because I moved to the other side of the country three years ago and we haven’t been able to do birthday tea parties since! I miss our old tradition!

  119. I would love to have a tea party with Mrs. Trump. I would like to get to know her. Thanks for the chance!