The Viscount Who Vexed Me Giveaway

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250 thoughts on “The Viscount Who Vexed Me Giveaway

  1. My favorite type of hero for romance is wealthy, strong, silent, giving, good-looking, good at making out, determined, have a job, can be flirtatious, likes to work out.

  2. My all time favorite are the sensitive, giving, protective ones. I find the wealthy titled ones to be intriguing since they are so different than my real life.

  3. I love heroes that are strong, loyal and compassionate. They don’t need to be titled and as long as the story is captivating and he has a heroine that can match him.

  4. Since I enjoy all types of books, any hero is great. Of course, titled heros are even better than wealthy ones. Strong, silent types, hey, I’ll take any hero I can get.

  5. Alpha wounded warrior who doesn’t think any woman would love him or that he needs love or a woman in his life

  6. I like strong heroes that can take care of themselves! But i also like them to be able to accept help.

  7. I enjoy reading heroes who are average, every day guys who are sensitive and caring, and who face unique challenges.

  8. My hero would not be entitled but had to earn his success – vulnerable (but not weak) and loyal, honest and possessing a sense of humor.

  9. I like quietly competent heroes. You know, the kind of person who doesn’t demand attention but gets stuff done.

  10. Grumpy sunshine is my favorite! I love how complex the characters’ personalities are, and how it moves the storyline along at the perfect pace.

  11. My favorites heroes are tortured but are also honorable, kind, loyal, intelligent, and have a sense of humor.

  12. I prefer an alpha with a sensitive/caring side, but one that’s not obvious on first (second, third…) glance. Wealthy and titled is always a plus!

  13. Loyal, resilient and able to laugh at themselves are my favorite types of heroes. I love a character that can think themselves out of a dilemma while finding humor in the situation.

  14. Strong, skilled, loyal, imperfect but confident, sense of humor, loves animals, hates bullies, stupid rules & restrictions, & those who care more about appearance & wealth than duty & charity. Doesn’t show his soft side, likes to mock idiots, knows how to fight, ride, handle weapons w/ great skill. Rarely takes lovers but treats them honestly, respectfully, & enjoys giving as much as getting pleasure. Respects women in general. Has only 1 or 2 friends but they are like brothers. Mysterious due to being very private & cateful w/ his trust. Considered a black sheep of sorts for doing as he pleases, being brutally honest, & wearing what is comfortable & not giving a crap. Powerful enough to get away w/ it but still scandalous.

  15. I love when my hero are both strong and caring, caring and giving, but in the same time a little bit scroundel and mysterious.

  16. I love westerns/historical books….but…I am a reader of all but I am not really into murder mysteries.

  17. I prefer rich men but not aristocrats, ones who made there own money. I like big shoulders that do hugging well.

  18. Strong, sensitive hero who does not necessarily have to be wealthy or titled but who respects women.

  19. I love wounded warriors, and titled guys with a secret altruistic side. Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. I prefer a hero who is thoughtful and kind–whether he is macho or flirty or romantic or shy. He might seem haughty or roguish at first but ultimately needs to care.

  21. Wealthy but self made, either originally from the wrong side of the tracks or inherited an impoverished title and built up funds to support locals and family.

  22. I love the strong and very intelligent hero’s to rescue me with his brawn and all manly physique.

  23. I love heros who see women as equals, treat them with respect, and enjoys falling in love with the one. I don’t care if they are rich or titled or both.

  24. I like the strong titled heroes, that struggle with their emotions and have growth througout the book.

  25. I suppose my favorite would be the strong and silent on the exterior but caring on the inside. Thank you for this chance.

  26. All types of heroes appeal to me. Depending on my mood I like strong, silent, arrogant, caring, giving, loving, assy, wealthy, poor, I like them all!!

  27. My hero would be kind and handsome(of course)and love children and animals. He would be fun to be with and enjoy adventurous excursions but also be happy staying at home with me. He would be protective but not overly and would not dismiss my sometimes crazy ideas.

  28. I like a strong type with a sense of humor. One that is kind to children and sensitive people. But, is strong enough to protect his loved ones.

  29. I prefer sensitive and giving heroes. They suit me because I am sensitive and giving a a person. I would love to win the Princess books. I am romantic at heart. Thank you for a chance to win.

  30. I don’t mind someone with some snark, but not a hero who needs a heroine to do his emotional labor for him. The older I get, the less that interests me personally and literarily. =D

  31. My favorite hero is one who sees beyond the superficial, befriends those that are not deemed diamonds and finds love

  32. Mainly I am tired of Dukes of any stripe and would prefer to read more romances with the heroes Austen or Heyer wrote.

  33. Your characters are so well drawn I feel they could step off the page and I would know them. I love their flaws, which make them so real…rather than perfection which denies them believe ability.

  34. I love strong silent heroes that are there for the heroine from the start. It’s ok if he’s silent and a little aloof, but I hate it when he’s rude to her because he’s attracted.

  35. I love reading about a prince who has had a privileged life meeting someone who turned their world upside down by falling in love with them

  36. I like strong, caring with a cool demeanor and a sense of humor and a title could be an added touch, but not a necessity.

  37. My favorite hero is the one that doesn’t even realize he is a hero. He is just taking care of what needs to be done, no matter what it entails.

  38. Love all your heroes but the ones who are not jerks are the best – strong & silent, shy. sensitive or aloof is fine just not assholes who need redemption!!

  39. I love all your books. It’s hard to pick a certain title. I’m partial to dogs as I have had two. They are now resting peacefully in doggie heaven waiting for me.

  40. I prefer heroes who are hardworking, but know how to have fun and relax. He should be thoughtful and giving but able to express what he wants or needs.

  41. My heros are strong, not necessarily physically but has a clever, slightly humourous, slightly charming or boyish head on his shoulders. Sometimes sensitive or intuitive or observant (a trait could be: good with a variety of animals) 😍

  42. I love all of the above with a little comedy as well .. I love getting lost in whatever book I am reading and being there … I love great books that keep me waiting for more .. and series on by far the best ever until they end that is

  43. Strong, silent, sensitive and dark are my type 💕 Money and titles are nice but not required. Thanks for the chance to win 😁